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As Inven Global has been posting KR Patch Notes translations every week for a while now, here is a list of previous weekly KR Patch Notes that were posted in BDO Inven Global for those of you who want to check the previous updates and which content was updated in KR when. Please note that the latest one will appear at the top of the list, so you will have to scroll down if you want to see the old patch notes. 

The list will be updated every week once a new patch notes translation is posted in BDO Inven Global. Thanks! 

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■ 2019

May 23rd - Big Damage Buff to Wizards and Witches

April 24th - Valencia Waragon Nest area reworked

April 17th - Combat UI mode and Exploration UI mode added

April 10th - Galley, Epheria Sailboat/Frigate buffed, New Conquest War item added

April 3rd - Horse Rental System added, Dream Horses buffed

March 27th - Item Collection Feature added, Node War Annexes Improved

March 20th - New Area&Items, Caphras Enhancement and Devour improved

March 13th - AP and DP cap added for Tier 1 Nodes in Node War 

March 6th - Warrior, Sorc, Valk, Ranger, Tamer, Musa, and Maehwa Skill Damage Buffs 

Feb 27th - Shadow Arena Spring Season begins, More money from Hose Fame Fund

Feb 20th - Base AP for Tamer, Wizard, and Berserker increased

Feb 13th - Skill damage changes for all classes, New Mediah quests

Jan 31st - New Content War Hero and Dark Rift added

Jan 23rd - Private Mode, Unrecoverable damage from Black Spirit skills 

Jan 16th - Integrated Marketplace added, Warrior/Tamer/Valkyrie buffs 

Jan 9th - Shadow Arena added, Enhancement success rate displayed 


■ 2018

Dec 26th - Archer's Rabam/Enhanced Skills added

Dec 19th - Unleashed Awakening Skills for Archer, Caphras Stone Extraction

Dec 5th - Archer Character Pre-creation begins, Imperial Delivery revamped

Nov 28th - New Dream Horse Doom added

Nov 21st - Changes on World Bosses, More Guild Skills added 

Nov 14th - New Guild Skills added

Nov 7th - Cooking Mastery added, Life Skill Mastery Accessories combined 

Oct 31st - Training Mastery added, New craftable Horse Gear added, Pet Exchange rework

Oct 24th - Alchemy Mastery added, Life Skill Mastery buff, New Alchemy Stones

Oct 17th - New Life Skill Mastery Gear, Hunting Mastery, and Sniper Mode added

Oct 10th - Changes to Black Spirit Skills, Manos Sailing&Fishing Gear added

Oct 4th - Black Spirit Skill changes, Great Marni's Stones, and Drieghan Box added

Sep 19th - Node War reworks, Beer Crate event begins 

Sep 12th - New Black Spirit's Rage skills for DK/Striker/Mystic/Lahn

Sep 5th - More Black Spirit's Rage Skills for Wizard/Witch/Kuno/Ninja

Aug 30th - Black Spirit's Rage Skills for Tamer/Musa/Maehwa/Valkyrie

Aug 23rd - Graphic/Audio Remaster, Ranger/Sorceress/Berserker Black Spirit Skills

Aug 16th - Warrior's new Black Spirit's Rage Skills, Savage Rift reworks 

Aug 9th - Guaranteed Enhancement from +13 to +15 added

Aug 2nd - New Kamasylvia Furnitures added

July 26th - Small changes to Protty Cavern and Sycraia Ruins

July 19th - Protty Cavern and Sycraia Underwater Ruins added

July 12th - Gathering Mastery, Manos Gathering Tools, Manos Gathering Clothes&Acc added

July 5th - New Epheria Frigate gear added, Epheria Frigate gear buffed

June 28th - Magical Manos Craft Clothes and Accessories added

June 21st - Musa&Maehwa buffs, New Kamasylvia Hunting Monsters

June 14th - Summer Update Prologue event begins

June 7th - Tamer buffs, new HP/MP bar UI added

May 31st - Node War rule changes, Item drop changes

May 24th - CC removed from main skills in PvP

May 17th - CC effect changes applied, Baby Dragon Pet added, World Boss changes

May 10th - Defense effect changes

May 3rd - Class balance changes, new changes made to Conquest War rules

April 26th - Damage Reduction buff, Changes to PvP damage based on Renown Score

April 19th - PvP balance and CC changes, NPC Dating system, Mount transfer system added

April 14th - Guild Alliance system added, Small PvE balance changes

April 12th - New Enhancement system, Bonus stats from GS, AP cap removed, Node War changes

April 5th - Processing success rate boost numbers revealed, New mode for Arena of Arsha

March 29th - Lahn buffs, Dine buffs, Gear Purification system added

March 22nd - New World Boss, Reformed Nouver and Kutum gear, New Boss Gloves

March 15th - Changes to Lahn and Mystic, New Gathering tool for gathering mini game

March 8th - Drieghan, New gear, Gathering mini game, New Crystals, New Meals&Elixirs added

Feb 28th - New Guild Accessories added, Drieghan teaser website opens

Feb 22nd - Guild Accessories added, Marketplace notification improvements

Feb 14th - Warrior/Musa/Striker buffs, Fairy Companion added, Savage Rift reward changes

Feb 8th - Lahn 2nd reworks, Wizard/Witch mechanic changes

Feb 1st - Mystic nerf, Lahn buff, Marketplace changes, Money&EXP from quests

Jan 25th - More damage for 160-243 AP characters, New guild raid, New life skill quests

Jan 18th - 3D mini map added, Marketplace changes, Artisan's Memory buff

Jan 11th - Lahn Awakening, Sorc buff, Valencia&Kama AP cap removed, Asula Acc enhancement

Jan 4th - Berserker base AP buff, Costume set bonus rework, Valencia&Kamasylvia AP cap 


■ 2017

Dec 28th - Maehwa Base AP buff, New World Boss and New Boss mainhand Offin Tett weapon

Dec 21st - Lahn added, Ranger buffs, Free Maid gift for everyone

Dec 14th - General's Accessories added, Kuno&Ninja buffs, Lahn pre-creation begins

Dec 7th - Musa buffs, Character switch system, T9 horse failstacks, Monster drop changes

Nov 30th - DK/Mystic/Striker Absolute skills, Savege Rift Report system added

Nov 23rd - Wizard/Witch Absolute skills, more numbers revealed, T9 Horse buffs

Nov 16th - Tamer/Valkyrie Absolute skills, Accuracy and Evasion numbers revealed

Nov 9th - Musa/Maehwa Absolute skills, Cron Meal and Draught added

Nov 2nd - Kunoichi/Ninja Absolute skills, New Fence for Farming, Notepad UI

Oct 26th - Berserker/Sorceress Absolute skills, More exp for level 56-60 characters

Oct 19th - Big class reworks, Warrior/Ranger Absolute skills, DK/Striker/Mystic Rabam skills 

Oct 12th - Gold bars from main quests, New quest that gives a T5 Horse

Sept 28th - Warrior/Tamer/Witch/Wizard new Enhanced skills, New gear, Vell, Valencia buffed

Sept 14th Part 2 - Mystic reworks and the Camp system

Sept 14th Part 1 - Ranger/Valkyrie/Musa/Maehwa new Enhanced skills

Sept 2nd - New optimization settings

Aug 31st - Sorceress and Berserker new Enhanced skills, Ninja buffs

Aug 17th - Rabam's Enlightment (Skill Enhancement) and Character reworks

Aug 3rd - Skill reworks and new accessories

July 27th - Mystic added, new Kamasylvia quests, new party system(Horde)

July 13th - Changes in the Karma system and 2nd Anniversary events

July 6th - Savage Rift added

June 29th - Kamasylvia Part 2 and new gear

June 15th - new grind spot Shultz Guard added 

June 8th - New Awakening weapon quests and the Militia system

June 1st - Striker buffs and new events to gain additional exp

May 25th - Striker Awakening

May 18th - New event to get Kzarka gear, Loyalty Point Shop reworks 

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    can you do same weekly Patch Notes translation for Black Desert Global Lab


    thank you in advance

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      @Anex Hi :)

      All the patch notes in the global lab are updated in the KR server as of today (Feb 13th) so you can find them in our weekly KR patch notes translations. Also, we'll discuss about translating global lab patch notes within Inven Global later. Thank you!
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    can you do same weekly Patch Notes translation for Black Desert Global Lab


    thank you in advance

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