Black Desert Online

BDO KR Patch Notes: May 25th - Striker Awakening and new quests available



Visit here for the trailer for Striker Awakening and the Striker's Awakening skills.




The Striker Awakening event has begun.

The Hell Blossom costume event has begun.
- Purchase Hell Blossom premium set to win cash coupons.

Regular monsters will now appear in the Post-war server.
- Boss monsters will not appear.
- The NPCs for Imperial Delivery, Imperial Fish Trading, Imperial Crafting, and Imperial Trading do not exist in the Post-war server.

The PvP setting for the post-war server will be different from that of the regular servers.
- All characters’ DP has increased.
- Press Shift to guard while you are knocked down.
- The players who get hit by Crowd Control skills (knock down/ bound/ float/stun/grapple) 3 times will be immune to all Crowd Control skills for a certain amount of time.

[Characters: general]

Fixed an issue where the characters’ hair looked awkward underwater in low graphic settings


The description for Flow: Reckless Blow has been edited.
- Knockdown when the skill hits -> Knockdown when charged attack hits

Fixed an issue where Doomsday Armor could not be dyed.


The graphics for the Stars of Marod costume have been improved.


Added a description about invincibility for Night Crow.

The description for Mark of the Shadow V has been edited.


Fixed the animation for Flow: Slugfest


Fixed an issue where the guard gauges for Lancia and Longsword decreased at the same speed


The graphics for the Red Peach Blossom costume have been improved.


The graphics for the Kibelius costume and basic underwear have been improved.


Fixed an issue where the Sah Chakram does not disappear when you use shortsword skills with skill shortcuts.


The description for Seamless has been edited.

Forward guard while using -> Forward guard during first hit


The Awakening Weapon for the Striker has been added.
- Complete the Awakening quest to obtain the weapon
- Awakening skills have been added.
- Press C to switch to Awakening weapon
- Awakening skills will be affected by the APs and accuracies for Awakening weapon, mainhand weapon, and crystals.

Fixed an issue where Flash Step could not be used with Shards of Fighting Spirit when the skill is on cooldown.

Fixed an issue where Revealed Claws did not decrease the targets’ DP when used with Fighting Spirit.


Fixed an issue where the set bonus for [Witch] Weeping Willow set did not work.

[Guild] Clearance Permit is now able to be sold in Guild shops.

Added a description stating that the Awakening weapon will not appear while in the costume for the following costumes:
- Splat Fisher’s Clothes
- Dadum Dadum Diving Suit
- Karki Suit
- Karki Costume Set
- Venia Riding Attire

Added a description for [Striker] Widan Gloves that state the costume will not appear when the Striker is wearing the Awakening weapon and the new Awakening costume.

The prerequisite for exchanging Token of Promise with Dim Magical Armor has changed.
- Complete the [Co-op] Witch hunting quest to exchange Token of Promise with Dim Magical Armor from Grandus, the armor merchant at Calpheon.

The damage descriptions for Hunting Muskets were edited to match the actual damage.


The ship that travels along the Epheria-Altinova-Ancado route will now travel from Epheria to Altinova and from Altinova to Ancado.
- To transport items from Epheria to Ancado, you will have to transport your items to Altinova first and then transport them again from Altinova to Ancado.

A new harbor is added in Altinova.

You can now change the team names in Arsha’s Spear.


Blue Whale will now attack more often.

Fixed an issue where Muraka’s name appeared on the mini map even when Muraka wasn’t actually there.

Some of the Centaurus between the Taphtar plain and Barhan gateway have changed to Centaurus scouts.

[Quest and Knowledge]

Striker Awakening quests have been added.
- Begin the quest by talking to the Black Spirit when you reach level 56.

A new title “Solitary Wilderness” has been added.
- Can be acquired by completing the Striker Awakening quests.

New Knowledge about the new Awakening weapon has been added.

You can now choose a specific quest for Necklace of Sealed Magical Power.

Choose one of the following quests after completing the “Necklace of Sealed Magical Power” quest.
- [Repeat] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power – Catfishman
- [Repeat] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power – Mansha
- [Repeat] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power – Rhutum
- [Repeat] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power – Treant
- [Repeat] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power – Calpheon Temple

An additional description on how to retrieve Magical Armor after you lost it has been added to the associated quest tooltip.

The following quests are now unavailable if you are below level 59:
- [Co-op] Collecting Evidences of the Raid on the Merchant Guild
- [Co-op] Punishment to Heretics: Destroying the Axe
- [Co-op] Punishment to Heretics: No Mercy
- [Co-op] Punishment to Heretics: Breaking the Bow
- [Co-op] Punishment to Heretics: That Glittering Stuff

You can now kill 1 of each Basilisk instead of 2 to complete the “Basic Etiquette” quest.

New quests have been added in the Valencia territory.

You can receive the following quests from Tanzine if you are over level 57:
- The lonely trade manager
- Food is the best remedy
- A heart-warming recipe
- You can’t get anything for free
- The ingredients
- You are not alone

New Knowledge added: Centaurus Scout.

[NPCs and Graphics]

Roses are blooming all around the world of Black Desert Online.

Trees will no longer appear near you when you are placing crops.

Fixed an issue where windows did not appear in Valencia 14-2 house.

Node managers Schutgen and Lecenin can now repair your gear.

[UI and System]

Fixed an issue where UI customization did not work properly.

Fixed an issue where the bargaining icon did not appear when the resolution was higher than a certain point.

A new menu where you can check the recent updates has been added to the main menu.


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