BDO KR Patch Notes Mar 29th: Lahn buffs, Dine buffs, +15 to +14 Gear Downgrade System



April Fools Day Event: the Shepherd Boy
  -  From March 29th to April 5th
  -  Same event as this one

Attendance Rewards of April
  -  From March 30th to May 3rd

2016 Limited Costumes are back for a short time!
  -  From March 29th to April 12th
  -  This is your last chance to get the costumes that have been out of the Pearl Shop since December 2016!



Animation optimization for the Warrior/Sorceress/Ranger is now complete. Other classes’ animations will be optimized as well in the near future.

Fixed an issue where some characters that were on the ground appeared as if they are swimming.

Fixed an issue where characters were able to be in combat stance after using Rage Absorption/Fury Transfer in Underwear mode.



Fixed the issue where the cutting motion with controls would not show while using Sideways Cut IV and Absolute: Sideways Cut.

Fixed the issue where the Warrior’s skill Charging Thrust was being applied as the skill Kick while Sprinting in combat stance.

Fixed the issue where skill combo with RMB was unavailable while using the skill Ground Roar



Using Scattering Shadow after Midnight Stinger will be smoother.

Switching to Scythe after Dark Flame, Ultimate: Dark Flame, Absolute: Dark Flame, and Storming Crow will be smoother.

The Sorceress can now consecutively use Night Crow from a height.

Dark Split will recover the proper amount of MP that matches the skill rank.



Tearing Arrow will be fired more smoothly without any additional controls during the first charging animation.

Fixed an issue where the first charging animation for Tearing Arrow did not consume any stamina.

Fixed an issue where the cooldown of Evasive Explosion Shot was refreshed and consumed 2x more MP after using Flow: Call from Sky.

Razor Wind will recover MP properly.

Air Attack has been added for Will of the Wind.

The damage of Will of the Wind will not decrease when the skill is on cooldown.

Fixed an issue where Flow: Air Explosion Shot consumed MP twice.



Fixed the graphical glitch on the other hand of the Berserker when having Bheg’s Gloves equipped



The graphics of Crosscut have been improved.



The graphics for all Awakening skills have been improved.


[Wizard and Witch]

Fixed an issue where the Wizard/Witch would be in non-combat stance after being knocked down and getting up in combat stance.



Fixed the graphical glitch when switching weapons.



Added the description regarding Super Armor to Ninjutsu: Blade Spin.


[Dark Knight]

Added the description regarding Forward Guard to Slanted Balance.



Fixed an issue where Super Armor was not properly applied for Rising Wolf Fang.

Fixed an issue where Blazing Inferno Gloves were disappeared when putting on Blazing Inferno Gauntlet.



Tidal Burst IV will recover Martial Spirit Shards properly.

Fixed the unnatural appearance of the Mystic’s New Years Hanbok when the costume was wet.



Pendulum Waltz ([Shift+Space] mobility skill) will have smoother animation, and the cooldown has decreased from 35 sec to 18 sec (Skill Level I) / 15 sec (Skill Level II and III). The cooldown of Flow: Pendulum Waltz has decreased from 3 min 3 seconds to 35 seconds.

Pendulum Waltz and Flow: Pendulum Waltz will decrease fall damage for 10 seconds.

Some Pre-Awakening combos have become easier.

Flow: Pendulum Kick [F] will not have any cooldown.

Flow: Divine Dance will deal more damage, and the AoE has increased.

Since the Lahn will have more mobility with the buffed Pendulum Waltz, PvP damage of the following skills has decreased by 5%.
  -  Earthen Scar, Apocalyptic Step, Flow: Cutting, Hysteria, Flow: Caleidoscope, Chain Wheel, Dance of Death, Descent, Flow: Sinister Strike, Divine Moon Dance, Soul Grasp, Scream of Confinement, Piercing Heart (Awakening skill)

Chain Wheel (Awakening skill) can be used during cooldown.

Damage will be reduced, and there will be no FG/SA, Stun, or HP recovery when the skill is used during cooldown.

Chain Wheel will consume more WP.
  -  I: 15 > 30
  -  II: 25 > 40
  -  III: 35 > 50

The Lahn can travel 1.6x more distance with Dance of Death.

The graphics of Phantom Dance have been improved.



Trina Demolition Axe has been reworked.
  -  You can press LMB to use basic attack, RMB to use shoulder tackle, and LMB+RMB for a powerful blow.
  -  LMB: 1st hit will be a normal attack, and 2nd hit will be a swing attack
  -  RMB: 1st hit will have Forward Guard
  -  “Rolling” with Shift + directional keys will be faster.
  -  Damage has decreased by 50%.

Fixed an issue where you could cook Couscous with Teff Flour, not with Teff Flour Dough.

You can now get the set bonus from the Lemoria Armor Set and the Ahkum Armor Set with 2/3/4 pieces (i.e. without the weapons).

When the boss monster of Advanced Altar of Training disappears, the items that the boss dropped will disappear as well.

The marketplace prices of the following craftable furniture have been adjusted.
  -  Heidelian Handcrafted High-Quality Drawers
  -  Velian handmade High-Quality Drawers
  -  Calpheon Handcrafted Drawer
  -  Mediahn Handcrafted Drawers
  -  Mediahn Handcrafted Bedside Table
  -  Heidelian Handcrafted High-Quality Bedside Table
  -  Velian Handcrafted High-Quality Bedside Table
  -  Calpheon Handcrafted Cabinet
  -  Valencian Handcrafted Drawers
  -  Valencian Handcrafted Bedside Table
  -  Heidelian Handcrafted Wardrobe
  -  Velian Handcrafted Wardrobe
  -  Calpheon Handcrafted Wardrobe
  -  Mediahn Handcrafted Closet
  -  Valencian Handcrafted Wardrobe
  -  Heidelian Handcrafted Dining Table
  -  Velian Handcrafted Dining Table
  -  Calpheon Handcrafted Dining Table
  -  Mediahn Handcrafted Dining Table
  -  Mediahn Handcrafted Table
  -  Mediahn Handcrafted Chair
  -  Mediahn Handcrafted Sofa
  -  Calpheon Handrafted Sofa
  -  Valencian Handcrafted Chair
  -  Calpheon Handcrafted Table
  -  Valencian Handcrafted Dining Table
  -  Valencian Handmade Table
  -  Heidelian Handcrafted Chair
  -  Velian Handcrafted Chair
  -  Calpheon Handcrafted Chair
  -  Heidelian Handcrafted Sofa
  -  Velian Handcrafted Sofa
  -  Heidelian Handcrafted Bed
  -  Velian Handcrafted Bed
  -  Calpheon Handcrafted Bed
  -  Mediahn Handcrafted Bed
  -  Valencian Handcrafted Bed
  -  Cotton Drapeless Curtain
  -  Fleece Drapeless Curtain
  -  Silk Drapeless Curtain
  -  Cotton Tab Drapeless Curtain
  -  Fleece Tab Drapeless Curtain
  -  Silk Tab Drapeless Curtain
  -  White Sheep Hide Cushion
  -  Red Sheep Hide Cushion
  -  Blue Sheep Hide Cushion
  -  Round Pottery
  -  Quagmire Pottery
  -  Long Pottery
  -  Ruby Gourd-Shaped Bottle
  -  Fancy Sapphire Vase
  -  Emerald Gourd-Shaped Bottle
  -  Fancy Topaz Kettle
  -  Beautiful Opal Vase
  -  Golden Hand Vase
  -  Imperial Platinum Kettle
  -  Loria’s Hand Mirror
  -  Onion Pickle Jar
  -  Olive Pickle Jar
  -  Green Herb Pot
  -  Florin Dawn Wall Carpet
  -  Florin Autumn Leaves Wall Carpet
  -  Florin Sunset Wall Carpet
  -  Tarif Gourd-Shaped Bottle
  -  Tarif Pot
  -  Yisar Pjetyo Amulet
  -  Allan Serbin Amulet
  -  Scuffling Letusa Amulet
  -  Tarif White Cedar Jewelry Box
  -  Tarif Blue Stone Jewelry Box
  -  Desert Fogan Flower Pot
  -  Desert Fogan Lamp
  -  Arehaza Semicircle Carpet
  -  Arehaza Round Carpet
  -  Over the Rocky Mountain
  -  Arehaza Town Scenery
  -  Areha Palm Forest Scenery
  -  Intermediate Alchemy Tool
  -  Advanced Alchemy Tool
  -  Intermediate Cooking Utensil
  -  Advanced Cooking Utensil
  -  Serendia Traditional Alchemy Tool
  -  Calpheon Traditional Alchemy Tool
  -  Serendia Traditional Cooking Utensil
  -  Calpheon Traditional Cooking Utensil
  -  Valencian Handcrafted Sofa

A sentence that says “Wizard Gosphy cannot have the appearance of Gosphy via pet breeding” has been added to the item description of Wizard Gosphy.

Red Wolf Chief Summon Scroll will look the same as the other summon scrolls.

The Red Wolf Chief Summon Scroll obtained from the [Special VII] Defeat Livre quest will have a 7 day duration.

The marketplace prices of the enhanced Ahkum/Ultimate Ahkum Armor Set has increased.



Dream Horse Dine can freely move and use all her skills in the Desert.

The graphics when Dine moves or uses skills have been improved.

A new system where you can downgrade your +15 gear has been added.
  -  You can downgrade your +15 gear to +14. Max durability and current durability will remain the same.
  -  Downgrade will always be successful, and will cost 100,000 silver.
  -  Downgrade is available from Ottavio Ferre (Velia), Eil (Heidel), Leona (Calpheon), Zigmund (Altinova), Saya Nesser (Valencia), Merindora (Grana), and Durghef (Duvencrune).

PC Cafe Premium characters can be created outside of PC Cafes, and can enter all servers.
  -  The premium characters can only use open arena, Red Battlefield, Arena of Arsha, Team Battle, and Savage Rift, and cannot enter the servers that Conquest/Node War is going on.

A new function where you can check your storage in other towns via the Storage Keepers in each town has been added.
  -  Talk to the Storage Keeper in each town to check your storages in other towns.
  -  You can transfer the items to another town, but cannot bring them to your inventory.

When your bid on an item that has multiple quantities registered is successful, you can now use the “Buy All” button to purchase all of the item.

Fixed an issue where you could not summon your maid after being disqualified for a horse race.

When you use Life Skill EXP Transfer Coupon on a character, the associated Achievements will be unlocked.

Fixed the awkward location of the cows in Velia when the cow milking mini game starts.

Fixed an issue where some resources in Mediah Northern Highlands could be gathered twice in a row.

Fixed an issue where pets would not loot.

The cooldown of Emergency Escape will be refreshed after each round in Arena of Arsha.

Fixed an issue where characters would switch to non-combat stance after they’ve finished gathering.

Fixed an issue where some Annexes were built below the geographical features in rocky areas.

Fixed an issue where Friended players were not able to use 1:1 chat after the March 22nd maintenance.

When your mount has Trade items, you cannot use Archaeologist’s Map and the Come Together button even when you are not on the mount.

Fixed an issue where the “get ready for the Team Battle” window would pop up after leaving the Team Battle.

Fixed an issue where you could see the glowing effects of other players’ ship.

Characters below level 7 who have not completed the tutorials will be able to use the auto navigation function.



Fixed an issue where [Guild] Muskan of Madness Summon Scroll did not work.

Quest boss Garmoth will not be summoned when World Boss Garmoth is summoned.

Quest boss Garmoth will disappear when World Boss Garmoth appears.
  -  In this case, you can receive the summon scroll again from the Black Spirit.


[Quest and Knowledge]

A new quest chain has been added in Valencia. (Level 54 or higher)

New quest chains have been added in Drieghan (Level 58 or higher)

Awkward lines of NPCs and dialogue during certain quests have been fixed.

You can get the Knowledge “Altinova Arena” from Abdul Jaum at Altinova when Amity is over 301.

The following tutorial quests will be added to the quest window as main quests, so you can re-accept the quest after canceling the tutorials.
  -  Finding Akan
  -  Learn Skills from Buntt
  -  Noisy Grass Beetles

A sentence that says “Crystals will be destroyed when you change the Black Abyssal Weapons back to Black Abyssal Weapon Boxes” has been added to the quest description of Black Abyssal Weapon Exchange quest.

Image cards of some Knowledge have been edited to match the actual appearance of the monster.

Awkward lines in some Knowledge descriptions have been fixed.

If you did not get the associated Knowledge from the quest Bandit’s Treasure Chamber, you can talk to the node manager of Biraghi Den to obtain the Knowledge.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Fixed an issue where some NPCs in Drieghan overlapped with background objects.

Fixed an issue where some NPCs in Kamasylve Temple were airborne.

NPC Maghed in Gahaz Bandit’s Lair will not appear as a question mark on the minimap anymore.

Fixed an issue where the musical instrument that the clown NPC in Velia is holding would disappear.

Fixed the awkward animation and voice lines of certain NPCs.

If your Amity with Maudi Budar at Rumbling Land is over 251, you can still get the Amity-related Knowledge from him even when you meet him somewhere else.

Fixed the graphical glitches with some geographical features.

Fixed an issue where characters could go through certain geographical features.

Fixed an issue where water reflection would not show in the highest graphical settings.



“Registration Notification” and “Pre-Order” buttons for unregistered items will only appear when you right-click on the item.

The Friends window will be reloaded when you accept a friend request.

Opening the Processing window (L) while your inventory and container/maid is on will not close your inventory anymore.

The location of the graphical effects when you gain a CP has been relocated.

Fixed an issue where it appeared as if you have obtained the Knowledge after failing to purchase the Knowledge from an NPC’s Amity Shop.

When selling a transfused item to NPC vendors, an additional button where you can cancel the transaction has been added.

The Black Spirit icon that will lead you to the guide on weight limit will disappear when your weight drops below 100%.



In order to reduce the lag during Node/Conquest Wars, the following changes have been implemented.
  -  PvE: Monsters will not appear during Node/Conquest Wars. Summoning monsters will be unavailable as well.
  -  PvP: All other types of PvP will be unavailable during Node/Conquest Wars.

New Voices have been added for female characters.

The walking mode has been improved.
  -  When the ScrollLock button is on, the characters will always walk.
  -  When the ScrollLock button is not on, holding the CapsLock button will make the character walk. If you let go of the CapsLock button the character will start running again.

Fixed the graphical glitches with the weapons of some soldiers in the Western Guard Camp.

New menu, Fairy Voice Setting, has been added.

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    level 1 BdoChoice

    I love the Lahn buffs, hope the class gets more buffs in the future. Thank you for the patch notes.

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