BDO KR Patch Notes June 21st - Musa and Maehwa buffs, New Kamasylvia Hunting monsters



New Event: World Cup Event
  -  From June 21st to July 5th
  -  Collect red, green, and blue soccer balls to receive different in-game items and cheer for the national team!

New Event: Share your memories
  -  From June 21st to July 8th
  -  Send us screenshots with special memories of the three years you spent with Black Desert Online.

Secret Shop will require 50% less energy from June 21st to June 28th.



Fixed an issue where the characters switched to non-combat stance after getting hit by CC attacks in awakening combat stance.

Axes and Matchlocks can only be equipped when the character is in non-combat stance.

Your character does not have to be in non-combat stance to switch from Axes and/or Matchlocks including [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe to other gear.

When the character is using Pure Black Stone, a purple effect will appear around the character.

Typos in some skill descriptions have been fixed.



Fixed an issue where Flow: Sharp Feather and Flow: Kiss of the Wind inflicted the below effect when the Ranger has Absolute: Penetrating Wind.
  -  Deals 10% of max HP as additional damage (damage reduced in PvP)

Fixed an issue where Flow: Sharp Feather did not inflict CC during cooldown when the Ranger has Penetrating Wind III.

Flow: Kiss of the Wind will inflict CC only with the first hit.

Fixed an issue where Flow: Kiss of the Wind did not inflict Down Smash in PvP.

Fixed an issue where the damage of Flow: Kiss of the Wind was not reduced during cooldown.

The animation of the extra hit in Crescent Kick III,IV, and V will look more natural.

The extra hit of Crescent Kick III will inflict CC only with the first hit.



Fixed the awkward animation when the guard gauge of Cartian’s Protection is below 10.

Fixed the abnormal graphics in the arm part when equipping an off-hand weapon.



Fixed an issue where the speed at which the gauge charges during Flame Buster did not match the skill’s animation.

Fixed an issue where the sound effects of Flame Buster’s charge attack did not work when the skill was used with quick slots.

Flame Buster will not inflict knockdown when the skill is used with quick slots.

Fixed the abnormal camera angle when selecting Berserker in the character selection screen.

The damage of Flow: Shooting Mobility will be 1468% * 2, and will inflict Stiffness in PvP.

Sentences regarding critical hit chance, air attack, down attack, air smash, down smash, and reduced damage in PvP have been added to the skill description of Flow: Shooting Mobility.



Fixed an issue where Heilang would stop attacking enemies when the Tamer gets hit while using Heilang: Howling and Command: Attack.



Fixed the graphical glitches with Venslar Helmet.



Fixed an issue where Musa’s Spirit could inflict CC after the first hit.

Forward Guard in Crust Crusher will be maintained before the attack, and Crush Crusher will inflict knockdown in PvP as well.

Fiery Angel will consume 35 WP instead of 150 Stamina.

You can hold Q or press Q again after Counter Assassination to activate the extra hit, and a description regarding the extra hit has been added.

Counter Assassination will inflict Stun in PvP as well.

Flow: Dash Slash will be activated faster.

The cooldown of Flow: Dash Slash has been reduced from 14 sec to 8 sec.

If Counter Assassination is activated when the Musa is moving backward, the skill will deal damage only. (No cooldown, no resource consumed, and no CC)

All levels of Blind Thrust will consume 100 Stamina.

Flow: Foul Play will consume 50 WP instead of 250 Stamina.

Below the Belt II and III will consume less WP.
  -  II : 90 > 80
  -  III : 120 > 90

Fixed an issue where Quick Shot did not inflict CC when the skill was used from a far distance



The Maehwa can now use Chaos: Red Moon by pressing Shift + Q in awakening stance.

The Maehwa can now use Sleet Steps during Chaos: Red Moon.

Switching to awakening after Chaos: Red Moon will be faster.

The sentence “can be used in Blade stance” has been added to the skill description of Sleet Steps.

Royal Rage will consume less Stamina (150 Stamina), and will inflict Stun in PvP as well.

The cooldown of Royal Rage has increased from 4 sec to 6 sec.

Stigma will consume 50 WP instead of 150 Stamina.

Stigma will have Super Armor while moving backward.

Petal Drill will decrease the enemy’s movement speed on good hits.

All levels of Blind Thrust will consume 100 Stamina.

The cooldown of Flow: Cloud Stab has been reduced from 25 sec to 16 sec.



Fixed the graphical glitches on the Witch’s neck.


[Dark Knight]

Fixed an issue where Unveiled Dagger inflicted CC when the skill is on cooldown if the skill was used after Dusk.

Fixed the graphical glitches with Flowery costume.



Echo Spirit will not appear when Ultimate Crush is used during cooldown.



The cooldown and the effect duration of Flashbang and [Guild] Flashbang have changed.
  -  Cooldown: 5 sec > 10 sec
  -  Duration: 10 sec > 5 sec

Fixed an issue where the pet skill of Snowball/Snowflake Rosefinch was written as Desert disease resistance. (should be Detect rare monsters)

The following items will be family-bound instead of character-bound.
  -  [Event] Level Achievement Pearl Box - 1600+600
  -  [Event] Level 20 Achievement Pearl Box - 50
  -  [Event] Level 40 Achievement Pearl Box - 50
  -  [Event] Level 50 Achievement Pearl Box - 100
  -  [Event] Level 56 Achievement Pearl Box - 100
  -  [Event] Level 60 Achievement Pearl Box - 300

The Lahn can now open [Event] Lahr Arcien Weapon, Costume Set (7 days).

Fixed an issue where Trina Matchlocks dealt higher damage than intended to ocean monsters.
Trina Matchlocks will not deal additional damage to Node/Conquest War Elephants.

When exchanging trash loot items with sub-weapon boxes from NPC Ronatz, you can only exchange one type of item at a time.

Premium characters can purchase the following items with 1 silver from the free arena NPC. (only premium characters can use them)
  -  [Battlefield] Exquisite Cron Meal
  -  [Battlefield] Giant’s Draught
  -  [Battlefield] Perfume of Courage
  -  [Battlefield] Body Enhancement

The NPC that will exchange Hunter’s Seals with other items in Tarif has changed to Thyshelle Arms.

Guild Elephant gear will increase DP instead of HP.



The background music now changes during the Guild Leader Duel.

The flag on the Wooden Fence Gate for Guild Leader Duel has been removed.

Players will now be transported to the nearest village if they are stuck in the castle during Node/Conquest Wars.

Fixed the issue where the Siege Defense Tower did not show up for the union members.

Changed the Guild Craft Information menu to Guild Craft in the Guild tab.
  -  You can now use guild craft from the menu without having to send workers to the Guild House. 
  -  The requirements for the Guild Skills and Guild House needed for guild crafting will remain the same.
  -  The materials for the items that were in the middle of crafting before the change was applied on the guild crafting will be sent back to the guild storage. The stored materials and returned materials will not be automatically put together. In this case, you can transfer the returned materials to your inventory then back to the storage to solve the problem.

You cannot disband the guild if you are in the middle of bidding on a Guild House or did not take back the silver for unsuccessful bids.

Fixed the issue where the tax was not automatically collected to the guild that won the Conquest War when the amount of the tax for the area was over a certain amount.



Fixed the issue where you could not hit Refugee Camp Jar in the Abandoned Land, Calpheon.

Added new hunting monsters in Kamasylvia.
  -  <Wild> Gazelle
  -  <Wild> Black Leopard
  -  <Wild> Ferrica
  -  <Wild> Ferrina
  -  <Wild> Belladona Elephant
  -  <Wild> Baby Belladona Elephant
  -  <Wild> Feather Wolf
  -  <Wild> Phnyl
  -  The Ganelles in Kamasylvia may partially permit hunting if it is needed but are fundamentally against it since they love nature and animals. You will lose Karma by 5 for each of those monsters you hunt.

Changed the spawn area for World Boss Offin.
  -  You can now encounter Offin in the Holo Forest. You can check out the detailed location using the world map.
  -  Thus, the geographical features nearby the Holo Forest have been changed, and some monsters in Mirumok Ruins have been removed.

Removed the CC effects from Voraro’s attacks except for the attacks during its consecutive leaps when summoning Narc Brishka with Manshaum Narc’s Stone.

Tutuka, which could not move due to being stuck to the pillar in Hystria Ruins, was moved to a normal location.


[Quest & Knowledge]

Fixed the issue where the foothold in mid-air did not appear during the Aznak’s Test: Memory quest frequently.

You can now see the quest objective beforehand through the quest description even if you did not accept the guild quest yet.

Added daily quests about <Wild> Ferrica and <Wild> Ferrina.
  -  You can accept the quests with characters over level 58 and hunting level Professional 1 from Jasmine, the Archer Blacksmith at the Acher Guard Post.

Added a daily quest about <Wild> Belladona Elephant.
  -  You can accept the quest with characters over level 58 and hunting level Professional 1 from the Archer guard at Acher Guard Post.

Added daily quests about <Wild> Gazelle and <Wild> Black Leopard.
  -  You can accept the quests with characters over level 58 and hunting level Professional 1 from Aniki in Western Valtarra Mountains.
  -  However, you cannot accept the quest if you cannot talk to Aniki; in this case, you will have to finish the main quest for Kamasylvia Part II.

Added daily quests about <Wild> Feather Wolf and <Wild> Phnyl.
  -  You can accept the quests with characters over level 58 and hunting level Professional 1 from Lucielle Monet in Acher Guard Post.

Fixed the issue where the Knowledge description for Mamott Trap and the name of the actual item did not match.

Added daily quest where you can now obtain Knowledge for Balenos Sea Islands.
  -  You can obtain the quest with characters over level 14 that have completed either one of the [Boss] Frightening Witch or Crafting Fishing Ship quest by talking to Igor Bartali in Velia.
  -  If you obtain all Knowledge about the quest, related islands, and Node Manager when you do not have any Knowledge about Balenos Sea Islands and its Node Manager, your max energy will increase by 6.


[Gameworld, NPC & Effects]

Fixed the typo in the first conversation with Kio.

Fixed the typo in the lines of the Karmasylve Priest NPC in the Southern Calpheon.

Fixed the issue where the other player’s skill effects were seen unnecessarily overlaid.



Fixed the issue where icons for other items would appear instead of Advice of Valks in the extract window when using Blacksmith’s Secret Book while the failstack is over 100.

Changed the word for pet.

Fixed the issue where the conquered Nodes did not appear in the guild information tab.

Added location for following World/Field bosses in the information filter on the world map.
  -  Mirumok Destroyer Offin
  -  Red Nose
  -  Dastard Bheg
  -  Giant Mudster
  -  Dim Tree Spirit
  -  Katsvariak



Fixed the issue where an abnormal message would sometimes appear when grinding with pets summoned.

Fixed the typo in the system notification that appears when players are restricted from switching servers during the World Boss spawn.

Fixed the issue where players could not save their often-visited server and enter the game properly in the server menu.

The basic setting for background music volume has been changed from 62% to 100%.

Optimized the objects placed on main routes.

Fixed the issue where contouring that included shadows appeared awkward.

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    level 1 Wasilij

    여보세요. 불행히도, 나는 한국어를 말할 수 없다. 죄송합니다. 나는 유럽의 Tamer 커뮤니티에 글을 쓴다. 우리는 게임 제작자에게 도움을 요청하지만 그들은 듣지 않습니다. 2 년 수리가 필요합니다. 우리 좀 도와 줄수있어? 부디.
    Please InvenGlobal forward tamers call for help. There is so much to be done.

  • -1

    level 1 BollREEE

    guess the devs are retarded.

  • 1

    level 2 ReymuuS


    Why buff Musa so much when Musa was already one of the average to above average classes whereas Maehwa which was one of the below average classes get touched so little? I just don't understand. Are the dev's years behind in game feedback and are only now reading all the memes posted about Musa being weak? Holy shit what are they actually doing? Guess another class joins the rank of being godtier. Just fking delete Maehwa and give me a Weapon exchange coupon. Why the fk should anyone play Maehwa or why should Maehwa even exist in this game when Musa does everything so much better and are less stamina dependent as well. Please just delete Maehwa from this game thanks.

    • 1

      level 1 Fallout


      Ridiculous isn't it? They're even going back against their plan to remove SA's from CC skills and CC's from SA skills.

      Still no sign of them nerfing stealth classes into the f***ing ground either.

  • -1

    level 1 NineNTG

    well at least they are trying..

  • -1

    level 2 Suyino


    Really like the new character changes as it's going to make switching to weapons from axes way easier. Musa/Maehwa changes seem a bit lackluster though, but it's a step in the right direction.

    • 1

      level 1 Fallout


      That's not a buff to axes, it's a nerf. The note about "your character does not need to be in non-combat stance to switch back" is related to the above note that you have to actually press Tab to put away your weapon to switch to the axe now. As if it wasn't already awkward enough to switch already...

  • -1

    level 1 Rike

    wtf? wizards and witchs still nerfed?? i guess the devs are retarded, really.

  • -1

    level 1 Nmad2112

    Really like buffs for musa and maewha, they deserved it

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