BDO KR Patch Notes June 8th: New Awakening Weapon Quests and the Militia system



An event for new and returning players has begun.
     - From June 9th to Sep 7th.
     - The attendance rewards for new and returning players have been upgraded.

The “Win Triple Crowns in Arsha!” event has begun.
     - Starts June 10th, 2pm
     - It is a PvP event associated with Arena of Arsha.

The name for the “Post War server” has changed to Arsha.
     - NPCs for Imprerial Delivery, Imperial Fishing, Imperial Crafting, and Imperial Trading will now            appear in the Arsha server.
     - World bosses and Field bosses will not appear.
     - Red Battlefield is available, and you will gain the same rewards as the other servers.

Different PvP settings will be applied in the Arsha server.
     - All characters’ DP will increase.
     - You can Guard by pressing Shift while you are knocked down. Damage intake will be reduced           while you are guarding.
     - You will be immune to all CC skills for a certain amount of time when you get hit by Knock                  down/Bound/Float/Stun/Grab skills 3 times.


The description for Penetrating Wind III, IV has been edited.
     - No Knock back/Knock down effect when on cooldown -> deleted.

The description for Dagger of Protection has been edited.

The rate of item durability reduction for Kamasylven Swords has slightly decreased.

The graphics for the Marod’s Stars costume under certain customizations have been improved


The description for Shield Push has been edited to match the actual skill damage.
     - Shield Strike damage *3 -> Shield Strike damage *1

The success rate for Grapple in Punishment has increased slightly.

You can now use Punishment with quick slots while in Lancia mode.


Fixed an issue where the feather part in the Lahr Arcien Helmet went transparent from time to time


The rate of item durability reduction for Sah Chakram has slightly decreased.


Fixed an issue where the Short Sword appeared when Ninjutsu: Concealment was used with Sura Katana.


The Spiritual Clone that appears while using Hell Break will deal slightly more damage.

Fixed an issue where the sounds for Awakening skills did not work properly.

You can now use the following skills with quick slots.
     - Decisive Blow, Hell Break, Helix Bullet, Explosive Strike

You can now switch to Gauntlet while using Fallout.

Fixed an issue where the cooldown for Decisive Blow was not applied properly when the skill is used during a left/right/basic attack.

Added “Super armor while in the air” to the description for Flow: Crosswind.

Fixed an issue where Hell Break was used instead of Chopping Axe, after Helix Bullet and Crouching Wolf.

Fixed an issue where Tornado Kick was used instead of Chopping Axe, after Decisive Blow and Explosive Strike.

After acquiring Flow: Prey Hunt and Awakening: War God Armor, you can now spend 30 shards and use Crouching Wolf in non-Awakening mode to summon the Spiritual Clone to deal additional damage.

The Striker can now transform himself as the Spiritual Clone by using the Spiritual Clone skill with 100% Black Spirit’s Rage.

You can now switch to Gauntlet more smoothly after using Massive Suppression in Awakening mode.

Awakening mode will now be maintained after guarding in the Awakening mode.

Fixed an issue where the Knock down effect for Massive Suppression did not work properly.

The CC effect for Flow: Prey Hunt has changed from Bound to Stiff.

The rate of item durability reduction has decreased when using Inferno Fall after Reckless Fight.

Fixed an issue where the durability for Gauntlet was reduced by using Inferno Fall.

The description for Decisive Blow has been edited to match the actual skill effect.

The description for Stalking Wolf has been edited to match the actual skill effect.
     - evasion 6% -> 15%


The ingredients and recipes for some processable items have changed.

You can check the changes within the description for each item.

The cooldown for the Altinova Tavern quest form has been reduced to 30 minutes (was 60 minutes).

The players who are not in a guild can now put cannonballs into the following cannons.
     - Practice Cannon
     - Vype Stoner Cannon

You can now sell the following items to NPCs.
     - Dried Common Minnow
     - Dried Spotted Barbel
     - Dried Miho Spine Loach
     - Dried Diamond Minnow
     - Dried Bleeker
     - Dried Stumpy Bullhead
     - Magic Tanning Knife

Added a description regarding movement speed to Silver Embroidered Sailor’s Clothes.

The description for Trainer’s Clothes has been edited.

Fixed an issue where the damage for the following items was not properly dealt when you change your camera perspective immediately after using them.
     - [Guild] Fire Shot
     - [Guild] Poison Shot
     - [Guild] Flashbang

Fixed an issue where Marni’s Stone could not collect samples.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to exchange Token of Promise with Dim Magical Vambrace from Ronatz, the weapon merchant at Calpheon.


You can no longer participate in a horse race when more than one person is sitting on the horse.

Fixed an issue where the durability for the ship was displayed when you board on the Galley or Epheria Sailboat.

The rules for Siege Wars have changed.
     - Conquest War will be held on every Saturday, 8pm to 0am, as usual.
     - If the defending guilds in the Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia territory successfully defend the          Command Post (Field HQ) for 2 hours, the War will end with the defending guild’s victory.
     - If the defending guild’s Command Post (Field HQ) is destroyed, the guild that destroys all the            other guilds’ Command Posts (Field HQs) will win the War.
     - If no guild wins the War until 0:00 am, the territory will be liberated.

Public Test for the Militia system will now begin.
     - The Militia system allows the players who are not directly involved with the Conquest War to              participate and enjoy the War.
     - 50 players will be drafted for each side (100 total per territory) on every Saturday 7pm to 7:45            pm, in the Calpheon 1, Mediah 1, and Valencia 1 servers.
     - If there are only defending guilds, the Militia can only participate in the attacking side. A                     maximum of 100 players can participate.
     - Only the guilds who have a Node within the associated territory will be able to participate in the          Militia. If less than 50% of the maximum players are participating, you will not be able to join the        Militia.
     - You cannot re-request to join the Militia once you cancel your request.
     - You cannot join the Militia within a liberated territory.
     - The Militia will fight as either a defending team or an attacking team, from 8pm to 10pm.
     - The defending team wins when the defending guild wins, and the attacking team wins when the        defending guild’s Command Post is destroyed. The members of the winning team will receive            20 million silver. (Rewards are subject to change.)
     - When you die while in a Militia, you can respawn either in a village or in a designated spot.                 Respawn time will be the same as other Conquest War participants.
     - The players who are participating in the Militia will be able to use “the Militia Chat”.
     - The Militia can only attack the enemy team and guild, but the guild members participating in the        Conquest War are able to attack the enemy guild and all Militia. (e.g. defending Militia cannot            attack defending guilds, but defending guilds can attack defending Militia.)

The following Houses have increased in sizes. (Furnitures installed in the house are in the storage.)


The Sandceratops in Iris Canyon that were located in the puddle are moved to the ground.

Rookie Soldiers in Cron Castle will now make the sound of clashing metal when hit.

The animation for Mask Owl Warrior has been improved.

Fixed an issue where the Sacrament disappeared when you reconnect during Altar of Training

[Quest and Knowledge]

The reward for the Awakening Quest has changed.

You will gain one “blue” Awakening weapon and one +10 “green” Awakening weapon.

New quests have been added.
     - [Awakening Weapon] Artisans of Mediah
     - [Awakening Weapon] Enhancement
     - [Awakening Weapon] Repairing max durability
     - Above quests are available upon completing all the Awakening Weapon quests.

The reward for Defeat Valencia Centaurus (medium) [guild quest] has increased.


Fixed an issue where the Spiritual Clone summoned during the [Striker] Advent of the War God quest could not move.

The Spiritual Clone summoned during the [Striker] Advent of the War God quest will now move more smoothly.

Fixed an issue where the graphical effects for newly-created Tamers’ skills were not displayed properly after choosing Pose #1.


UI settings will return to the previous settings when you set your customization to the previous version.

Fixed an issue where the “go back” button appeared with the screenshots you took within the Customization menu.

Fixed an issue where the “Portrait” button appeared in the character creation menu.

For the “enter the number of items” window, you can now set the default number to be the maximum number in all windows. (not just in the Storage window.)

You can now check the hours played in Profile - Journal.

Fixed an issue where the weight for obtained silver was not recorded in Profile - Journal.

You can now adjust the animation for the dialogue window.

Turn on the animation to make the dialogue to appear more smoothly.

Turn off the animation to make the dialogue appear without any animation.


You will now have to wait 1 sec in between the screenshots when you are taking screenshots in the Customization menu.

The waiting time will not be applied when you take the screenshots using the PrintScreen button

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