BDO KR Patch Notes April 10th - Galley and Epheria Sailboat/Frigate buffed, New Conquest War item added



Florin Village Flondor Festival has begun.
  -  From April 10th to April 24th
  -  Enjoy Flondor Festival and collect Flondor Eggs!

Defeat Mischievous Raccoon event has begun.
  -  April 10th to April 24th
  -  Hunt Mischievous Raccoon and get special rewards!
  -  Items you can get : Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast (1 to 2), Raccoon Meat (5 to 10), Raccoon Hide (5 to 10), Raccoon Blood (5 to 10)
  -  Mischievous Raccoon will appear in a random area except for Valencia, and will despawn after 10 minutes.
  -  Mischievous Raccoon can be killed with a Hunting Matchlock.

Breezy Conch drop rate event
  -  From April 10th to April 24th
  -  Higher chance to get Breezy Conch to get from Fishing



New items Dark Contract: Ogre and Dark Contract: Troll have been added.
  -  Dark Contract: Ogre/Troll will summon an Ogre/Troll that you can control by possessing it during Conquest War.
  -  Only the attacking side can use the Ogre/Troll during Conquest War.
  -  Anyone can possess the summoned Ogre/Troll.
  -  All summoned Ogre/Troll will despawn when the Conquest War ends.
  -  An icon to call the Ogre/Troll will be displayed at the top left corner when the Ogre/Troll is summoned.
  -  The Ogre/Troll’s location will be displayed on the world map when the Ogre/Troll is summoned.
  -  A guide on how to control the Ogre/Troll by possessing it will be displayed at the bottom right corner.
  -  The Ogre/Troll will die when it goes underwater.

Craft formula for [Conquest] Dark Contract: Ogre has been added.
  -  Ogre’s Crystal of Darkness x1 + Ogre Blood x50 (Simple Alchemy)
  -  Ogre’s Crystal of Darkness can be looted from Muraka or the Ogre in Mansha Forest by low chance.

Craft formula for [Conquest] Dark Contract: Troll has been added.
  -  Troll’s Crystal of Darkness x1 + Troll Blood x100 (Simple Alchemy)
  -  Troll’s Crystal of Darkness can be looted from Quint or the Trolls in Quint Hill.

Savage Rift rewards, Red Battlefield rewards, and attendance rewards will be sent to you via Black Spirit’s mailbox.

The effective area for festivals in Terrmian Beach and Demi River near Heidel will be larger.
  -  You can catch different types of fishes during the festival preparation period.
  -  The change will be effective until the festival preparation period ends.

As noted before, Shadow Arena has been removed as of today.
  -  [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve will be sent to your mailbox as a thank you gift for playing the Shadow Arena.
  -  A button to enter the Shadow Arena has been removed from the menu.


[All Classes]

Description regarding Accuracy has been added to the tooltip for the following skills.
  -  Warrior : Take Down
  -  Ranger : Spirit’s Shackles, Rooting
  -  Sorceress : Flow of Darkness, Blade of Darkness, Nightmare, Black Spirit: Cartian’s Protection
  -  Berserker : Flow: Shooting Mobility, Rooting
  -  Tamer : Stretch Kick, Soaring Kick, Cloud Stomping
  -  Musa : Blooming, Counter Assassination
  -  Maehwa : Blooming, Sticky Snowflake
  -  Valkyrie : Punishment, Wave of Light
  -  Witch : Mana Absorption, Toxic Flood, Flow: Voltaic Tett, Flow: Rage Tett, Flow: Gorr Launch, Flow: Gorr Roll
  -  Wizard : Mana Absorption, Lava Field, Flow: Fire Breath Marg, Flow: Fire Fist Marg, Flow: Arne’s Stream, Flow: Arne’s Guidance
  -  Ninja: Flash Bondage
  -  Kunoichi: Ninjutsu: Sinew Cut, Assassin’s Trail, Delighted Blast
  -  Dark Knight : Luscious Snare
  -  Striker : Massive Pressure, Hell Break, Echo Spirit, Flow: Bite Off
  -  Mystic : Binding, Dragon’s Pit, Infinite Fortitude
  -  Lahn : Soul Raid
  -  Archer : Black Spirit: Radiant Explosion, Righteous Fire

You cannot jump while carrying tradable items if the weight limit is over 125%.



Fixed the issue where the graphics for jump attack were not displayed when the Warrior jump-attacks while sprinting in awakening stance.



Fixed the wrong description of Flow: Cry of Darkness that was written on the skill description for Blade of Darkness.


[Musa and Maehwa]

Fixed the wrong description regarding Accuracy on the skill descriptions of Backstep Slash and Blind Thrust.



IMMUNE text will not be displayed when using Soaring Kick.


[Witch and Wizard]

Fissure Wave and Black Spirit: Fissure Wave will be able to hit the targets that are located lower than the Witch.

The Witch/Wizard can now use Teleport while sprinting in non-awakening stance.

Fixed the abnormal animation and message that were displayed while using Teleport.

Skill description for Magic Lighthouse has been edited to describe the skill better.



Fixed the issue where the damage of the 1st and the 2nd hit of Glissade was not properly applied.



A Fateful Choice can be sold to NPC vendors. (10,000 silver each)

Fiery sub-weapons can be dyed now.

You can obtain Cron Stones by chance from the following boxes: Box of the Desperate Dead, Box of the Distorted Dead, Box of the Silent Dead
  -  Cron Stones are obtainable only from the boxes that are acquired after today’s maintenance.

You can now obtain 5 Lump of Pure Mana by Manufacturing 1 Debris of Crevice and 1 Black Spirit’s Claw.



The monsters in Star Grave will attack or chase the character when they are attacked while in non-combat stance or when they are being aggravated.

When monsters are being summoned from the Dark Rift, the Dark Rift will be displayed on the screen. (will not affect the combat in any way)

An animation where the soldiers that were captured by Red Orcs fight with you will be displayed when you destroy Red Orc Prisons.

World bosses will spawn in Patrigio server (PC cafe-exclusive server) as well.



Movement speed of the Camel skill Quick Steps in the desert has increased by 40%.

Movement speed of the Miniature Elephant skill Quick Run has increased by 65%.

Fixed the issue where reduced fall damage buff was not applied when you hold S while the Arduanatt is using Wings of Wind or Wings of Freedom.

The speed of Arduanatt when he is landing by pressing S while gliding has increased.

Fixed the issue where horses could not use Drift after using Accel, S: Accel, or Dark Sprint (Doom).

Galley, Epheria Sailboat, and Epheria Frigate will turn more smoothly while moving or using Ram, Abrupt Turn, or Smooth Turn.

Turn and Brake stats for Galley, Epheria Sailboat, and Epheria Frigate have been buffed.
  -  Galley :
  -  Turn 100% > 110%
  -  Brake 100% > 110%
  -  Epheria Sailboat :
  -  Turn 100% > 110%
  -  Brake 100% > 110%
  -  Epheria Frigate :
  -  Turn 110% > 120%
  -  Brake 110% > 120%

Fixed the issue where controlling the ship with a gamepad made the ship to turn abnormally quick.


[Quest and Knowledge]

The condition to complete the quest “Trading with the Shen Merchant Guild #2” has changed.
  -  Before : Craft Apprentice Alchemy Box via Imperial Alchemy Packaging.
  -  After : Turn in Clear Liquid Reagent
  -  Before : Get silver by turning in Apprentice Alchemy Box to Imperial Crafting Delivery manager.
  -  After : Turn in Pure Powder Reagent

The amount of Energy required to investigate the surroundings during the quest “Investigating the Case” (new Mediah main quest) has changed to 0.

The quest [Daily] To become Karlstein has moved from “Recommended” tab to “Repeatable” tab.

The location where the boss monster is summoned during the quest [Boss] Black Spirit and Giant Imp has changed from Velia coast to Altar of Agris.

Camera angle during the quest [Craft] Black Star Weapon will be more natural.

The condition to accept the quest “Welcome to Altinova” has changed.
  -  Level 52 or over > Level 52 or over and has completed “Bridle of Destiny”.
  -  This change will only apply to those who are going through the new Mediah main quests.

Desert guide has been improved so you can have more exciting adventure in Valencia Desert.
  -  If you are level 55 or higher, you can accept the quest “Miniature Elephant, a cute porter in the Desert” from the stable manager NPC in Sand Grain Bazaar. The quest will guide you through getting a miniature elephant, an elephant that can walk across the desert fast even with heavy load of goods.
  -  Trade manager in Sand Grain Bazaar and Node manager in Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sharing will now guide you through “Token of Desert Trading”, an item that will increase the profit from Desert Trading in great scales.

Fixed the issue where the players who have completed the quest chain “History of Margoria, the Mysterious Sea” before the March 27th maintenance could not complete the quest “Things that are found, things that are not found”.
  -  If you have the above quest, the quest will be forfeited. You can accept the quest “First time in Margoria” from the Black Spirit to complete the related quest chain.
  -  You will not get any additional rewards by completing the quest “First time in Margoria” if you have completed the quest chain before March 27th.
  -  The condition to complete the quest “Things that are found, things that are not found” has changed. You can now talk to NPC Bindo to complete the quest and recover Old Relic.
  -  The quest “First time in Margoria” has been added to the recommended quest tab.
  -  A warning sentence has been added for the quests “Treasure of the Ancient Shrine I to VI”.



You can now read all announcements together.

You can now leave the game by clicking on the cancel button while the game is trying to reconnect automatically.

Quickslot icons will be visually more distinct so you can find it better.

Fixed the issue where the game was shut down when you click on the “Red Battlefield Resurrection” multiple times in the Red Battlefield.

Some Knowledge buttons will not be displayed once you obtain the Knowledge.

Some UIs will not take memory anymore.



Maid cooldown will not be applied when you register your first maid.

You will still be attacked by the members of the guild that your guild is currently at war with even when you are taking a vacation from your guild.
  -  However, you cannot attack them.

You can take guild vacations only in a safe zone.

When you turn on the option “NPC details in distance”, monsters in large cities will appear in black silhouette when they are loading.

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