BDO KR Patch Notes Mar 22nd: New World Boss, Reformed Nouver/Kutum, New Boss Gloves



Patrigio’s Special Offer Event
  -  From March 22nd to April 5th
  -  Patrigio will sell Magical Manos Hoe and Manos Processing Stones during the event period.

New World Boss Garmoth Raid Event
  -  From March 22nd to April 5th
  -  Kill Garmoth the new world boss, and win special rewards!

Cherry Blossom Event
  -  From March 22nd to April 12th
  -  Collect Cherry Blossoms and win different in-game items including a beautiful Cherry Blossom Coronet

Spring Blossom Costume Event
  -  From March 22nd to April 5th
  -  Spring Blossom Costume Set is back!



When a character is under the effect of an electric shock (speed debuff), only the debuff that decreases the character’s speed the most will take effects. (i.e. speed debuffs from electric shock will not overlap)

Characters cannot change to underwear when equipping musical instruments and matchlocks.
Fixed an issue where certain skills were able to spin targets in PvP, when the skill is supposed to spin monsters only.

Skill graphics will be visible while the lantern is on.



Fixed an issue where Burn and Bleed damage was not properly applied when the Warrior used Solar Flare after Head Chase.

The Warrior will not stop moving when switching to non-combat stance in non-awakening combat stance.



Fixed the graphical glitch with the Hanbok costume.

Skill description of Bloody Calamity has been edited to match the actual skill effect. (Accuracy -12% for 5 seconds)

Fixed an issue where Violation inflicted knockdown when the skill is used on cooldown.

Description regarding pushing has been added to Violation.



Skill graphics of Penetrating Wind when the skill is on cooldown have changed.

Description regarding MP per hit has been added to Dagger of Protection.



Fixed the graphical glitch on Tamer's hair while wearing the Lahr Arcien Hat that made the back of her head look empty.



Crescent Blade Training will recover 20 WP per hit.

Skill description of Crescent Blade Training has been edited to match the actual skill mechanics



Kerispear Training will recover 20 WP per hit.



Fixed the graphical glitch with the Witch’s hair when wearing the Lahr Arcien Hat.



When customizing the character, the “upstyle hair” checkbox will be checked off when you change the face type after checking the box.

The Wizard’s ears will be symmetrical during character customization.



Graphical glitches with certain costumes have been fixed.


[Dark Knight]

Absolute: Darkness Burst will properly knock back enemies that are close to the DK.



Fixed the overlapping issue when equipping both Bheg's Gloves and Blazing Inferno Gauntlet at the same time.



Description regarding pulling targets has been added to Dragon’s Rip.

Fixed the issue causing a chain to appear on the Le Vladian Underwear (No Stockings) when it shouldn’t.



Regular monsters that drop Blue or higher Accessories will drop PRI or DUO Accessories by low chance.
  -  Shrine Guardian Token, Orge Ring, Tree Spirit’s Belt, Token of Friendship, Witch’s Earring, Mark of Shadow, Blue Coral Earring, Red Coral Ring, Blue Coral Ring, Red Coral Earring, Mesto Earring, Outlaw’s Ring, Belt of Shultz the Gladiator, Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator, Nert Ring, Scarla Necklace, Ancient Guardian’s Seal, Bensho’s Necklace, Ridell Earring, Gartner Belt, Ancient Weapon Core, Basilisk’s Belt, Ring of Cadry Guardian, Serap’s Necklace, Centaurus Belt, Laytenn’s Power Stone, Ring of Crescent Guardian, Tungrad Necklace, Sicil’s Necklace, Narc’s Earring, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, Tungrad Belt, Forest Ronaros Ring, Ring of Gaktum’s Obedience, Orkinrad’s Belt, Pupil of the Ruin Ring

The following items will be fully built after an hour, the the prices have changed due to the materials being deleted.

The weight of trash loot that monsters in Balenos/Serendia/Calpheon has decreased to 0.01 LT.

Nouver/Kutum off-hand weapons can be Reformed.
  -  Summon the Black Spirit, click on the Reform button, and Reform your Nouver/Kutum off-hand using “Reversed Heart of Garmoth”.
  -  Nouver/Kutum off-hands can be Reformed at any enhancement level. Durability and crystals will remain the same.
  -  Reversed Heart of Garmoth can be obtained by heating one Reversed Energy and one Heart of Garmoth.
  -  Blazing Nouver/Kutum (reformed Nouver/Kutum) will have the following additional stats: Max HP 150, Max stamina +100, Special Attack Evasion +10%.

The price and duration of Guild Accessories have changed.

  -  The duration will be 7 days long, instead of 15 days.
  -  Your Guild Expense must be higher than the price of the accessories in order to purchase them.

New Boss Gloves, Livre’s Gloves, have been added. (Details on the item can be found here)
  -  Use Red Wolf Captain Summon Scroll to summon Livre and get Livre’s Gloves.

Fixed an issue where “exchange in multiple quantities” window would open when exchanging Asula’s Weakened Magic Accessories.

Blue Whale Molar Earring and Fugitive Khalk’s Earring have been added to the Crafting Notes.

When pre-ordering items through a marketplace maid, you will use the money inside the storage located in the large city of the territory.

Mount death penalty system has improved, and Mount Resurrection Reset coupon can be used unlimited times.

Fixed an issue where the Ahkum Armor Set could not be Reformed.



You do not need to send workers to build Field HQ, Fort, and Command Post to build them during Conquest/Node Wars anymore.
  -  The buildings will be completed an hour after you placed them. They cannot be deconstructed after they are complete.
  -  You can only build and/or cancel the buildings until 2 hours before the start of the Conquest/Node War. (i.e. you can build and/or cancel the buildings until 18:00 if the war starts at 20:00) 
  -  The buildings will appear on the world map even when they are not complete. Hover over on each node in the world map to see the construction status.
  -  Workers will not have “construction” knowledge anymore. This feature will be replaced by something else in the near future.

“Volatile Rift”, a new object where you can interact to get Fairy’s Wing, has been added.
  -  The Volatile Rift will appear on random spots in Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan.
  -  You can spend Special Honey Jar on the Volatile Rift to get Raira’s Petal or Fairy’s Wing by low chance.
  -  You can only put 1 honey jar at one rift.
  -  Chances of obtaining Raira’s Petal from grinding, gathering, fishing have decreased by 50%.

A new system where you can upgrade your Fairy has been added.
  -  If you successfully upgrade your Fairy, your Fairy’s grade will go up. (Fairy skills and Fairy level will be refreshed.)
  -  If your Fairy reaches the max level, you can upgrade your Fairy. You only get one chance, so if the upgrade fails, the Fairy has to reincarnate to get another chance of an upgrade.
  -  In order to upgrade your Fairy, you need Sweet Honey Wine or Onetea Dark Honey Wine. If you spend more materials, the success rate will increase.
  -  There were some errors with the Fairy skills, which was updates on Feb 14th. Related patch notes have been edited to reflect the correct information.

Fairy Reincarnation has been added.
  -  There are two types of Fairy Reincarnation, Level and Personality.
  -  If you choose Level Reincarnation, the Fairy’s level and skills will be reset, and the Fairy will get one more chance for an upgrade when she reaches the max level again.
  -  If you choose Personality Reincarnation, the Fairy’s personality type will change while her level and skills remain the same.
  -  An item called “Dominion of the Fairy Queen” is required.

Fairy Skill “Fairy’s Tears” (no death penalty and instant res) can be used for Res in nearest town/node as well.
  -  Not available during Conquest/Node Wars and Savage Rift.

Mount death penalty system has been improved.
  -  The number of death will not affect horse breeding or the result of the breeding.
  -  Max stamina of mounts will not decrease.
  -  You can still check the number of deaths, and can reset the number.
  -  Mount Resurrection Reset coupon will be a loyalty point/mileage item. You will be able to get a refund if you have have the item in your inventory.

You can get gathering exp by gathering the following items with a Shabby Shovel.
  -  Violet Crystal
  -  Blue Crystal
  -  Melted Vanadium Shard

You can now properly get fishing/processing exp from the fishes in Drieghan.

A world notification will pop up when you gather a perfect (0% damaged) Primal Lakiahro.

You can still gather Lakiahros via mini games when the durability of the hoe is 0. However, enhancement effects will not work.



New World boss, Garmoth the Red Dragon, has been added.
  -  Garmoth will appear on every Tuesday, Thursday (22:30), and Saturday (23:30) in every servers except for Olvia, Patrigio, and Arsha server.
  -  When the world notification pops up, Gaktums and Gaktum Statues will be summoned. Garmoth will appear when certain number of Statues are destroyed.
  -  Garmoth will be un-summoned when it is not in a “combat” mode 30 minutes after it is summoned.
  -  When Garmoth’s HP drops below certain points, a random statue will go alive. If 30 minutes pass after a statue becomes alive, Garmoth will be un-summoned.
  -  Garmoth has a lot of patterns while airborne and its skills have a large area of effect.
  -  When it is defeated, Garmoth will fly away after leaving certain items. If you have contributed to the raid, you will be able to loot different items including Heart of Garmoth.

A new type of monster “Traitor’s Jail” has been added in Red Wolf Town, Drieghan.
  -  When you destroy the jail, an NPC called Gaktum prisoner will escape from the jail and follow you for 1 minute and give you a random buff that lasts for 30 seconds. (Maximum of 10 NPCs can follow you at a time.)

A new monster Gaktum Chief Guard has been added in Red Wolf Town, Drieghan.
  -  Gaktum Chief Guard will be summoned when 5 or more prisoners are following you.
  -  Gaktum Chief Guard will summon 15 Guards. If you kill all of them, you will be able to fight the Chief Guard. If you don’t kill the Guards within certain period of time, the Chief Guard will be un-summoned.

Animations of Saunil Immobile Catapult and Gyfin Rhasia Crusher will be more natural.

Desert Iguana and Gorgo Cobra near the node manager in Gorgo Rock Belt have been placed in a different location.

Fixed an issue where you were able to get exp from the summoned bosses during the main quests


[Quest and Knowledge]

New Special Quest has been added in Drieghan.
  -  [Special VII] Defeat Livre (1/w)
  -  Talk to the Black Spirit after completing the Drieghan main quests.

Unobtainable Knowledge in Serendia Adventure Journal V has been removed.

Some of the quests where you have to escort an NPC will be unavailable for a brief period of time for reworks.

5 Repeatable quests have been added in Drieghan. You can accept the quests after completing the Drieghan main quests.

Awkward sentences in some Knowledge/Quest descriptions have been fixed.

Quest objective errors for certain quests have been fixed.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Cherry Blossoms are blooming in the world of Black Desert Online.

Fixed an issue where some rocks in Marni’s Lab were airborne.

Fixed the camera angle error when talking to some NPCs in Pilgrim’s Sanctum.

Fixed an issue where the names of some Heidel citizens appeared as Serendia Soldiers.

Awkward lines of some NPCs have been fixed.

Fixed an issue where some rocks near Heidel Castle were airborne.

The NPCs in Calpheon Slum will look more natural when you interact with them.

Fixed an issue where the locations of some furnitures were awkward in some houses.

Awkward geographical features in Night Crow Post have been fixed.

Fixed an issue where the characters were able to go through the rail in front of Grana 11.

Characters will be able to walk over some flower pots in Grana smoothly.



Fixed an issue where the “upstyle hair” checkbox would not be checked off when you click on one of the previous modification records.

Your ship will have a special graphical effects so you locate your ship easily.

The message “enhancement success chance is very low” will not appear when you are forcing enhancement.

Fixed an issue where the “enhance” button would not work after clicking on the “extract failstacks” button.

In the Dye(J) menu, a character that is holding an awakening weapon will show the stance for the awakening weapon.

Simple Game Setting Preset will change the Texture Quality.
  -  Low Quality Normal/Siege: Low Texture Quality
  -  Medium Quality Normal/Siege: Medium Texture Quality
  -  High Quality Normal/Siege: High Texture Quality
  -  Highest Quality Normal/Siege: High Texture Quality

When you reset the whole game setting, the texture quality will be medium by default.

Fixed the issue where Yuria/Bares weapons did not appear in the list of droppable items for Loopy Tree Forest from the Item Drop (ESC) menu.

Fixed the overlapping text issue with the Purchase Weight Limit button and Weight Limit text



A new system where the GMs can check illegal software/bots has been added.
  -  The GMs can use this feature on the characters who are suspicious of using an illegal software/bots.
  -  If the GMs decide that the player is using an illegal software, the player may be suspended.

If you delete someone from your friends list, you will be deleted from his/her friends list as well.

A system message will pop up when your game controller is disconnected.

Fixed an issue where the game crashed while cooking or doing alchemy.

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    level 1 ShimrraFiril

    Thank for the path notes. Will you write a guide on the Fairy to regroup all features about it ?

  • 0

    level 1 That_Guy


    This change to Fort Construction seems very bad imo. Everybody is going to be scouting in a nodewar area 2hrs before the war starts because there is such a small window to place your fort. On top of the fact that you still have to place all of your forts defenses and such, which you can't do while being attacked. This is going to cause a lot of problems.

    • 0

      level 1 Banchou


      Totally agree.

    • 0

      level 1 That_Guy


      I'm thinking that there has to be some kind of mistake or maybe typo in translating these patch notes. Because if we can only build a fort 2hrs before the nodewar starts that gives us only a 1hr window to get our fort placed. Due to the fact it takes 1hr for it to build and it obviously has to be built before the nodewar starts.

    • 1

      level 1 Yullie


      Hi, sorry about that confusing line under [Content]. I added a sentence to make it sound more clear. Hope this helps =) Thank you!

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      level 1 Connor_Murphy


      The way I interpreted this was 2 hrs before was the cut off now vs 1hr before. U can still place as you could before.

    • 0

      level 1 That_Guy


      Ok I see now. So it should say something like "You're fort must be completed prior to 2hrs before the start of war".

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      level 1 Yullie

      @That_Guy Yes, that is correct :D
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