BDO KR Patch Notes November 28th - New Dream Horse Doom added



Ongoing Event: Black Friday Sales (3rd week)
  -  From Nov 14th to Dec 5th
  -  Items in the Pet and Function categories will be on sale.

New Event: Dignity of the Horse
  -  From Nov 28th to Dec 12th
  -  Collect the materials for Courser Awakening and get Doom, the new Dream Horse!

New Event: Cozy Winter Attendance Rewards
  -  From Nov 29th to Jan 2nd
  -  Enjoy the attendance rewards of December!

Black Desert FESTA will be held on Dec 1st.
  -  Dec 1st 13:00 to 18:00 (KST)
  -  You can watch the live stream from 15:00 via Kakao Game TV.



The time it takes for costumes to be applied on the characters has been reduced.

Fixed the issue where the characters would walk in place when moving backwards while on a ship.



Fixed the issue where the line between the skills Heilang XI and Heilang X was broken.

Fixed the issue where there were no shadow graphics for certain eye types.

Fixed the graphical glitch on Bheg’s Gloves.


[Witch and Wizard]

Magic Lighthouse will aggravate a maximum of 7 monsters instead of 4 monsters.



The Wizard will not wear a hat in the character customization screen.



Fixed the awkward display of the lines between skill icons in the main skills tab.



New gear, Riding Crop, has been added.

  -  Riding Crop will increase Training Mastery and the maximum speed when auto-pathing and running.
  -  The effects will not be applied when the durability of the Riding Crop is less than 100.
  -  The effects will not be applied on the horses that are connected to wagons.
  -  The effects will not be applied on horse skills.
  -  Riding Crop will give more Training Mastery when enhanced.
  -  Riding Crop can be equipped on the life skill tool slot.
  -  Manos Riding Crop can be Manufactured. (Materials: Kragdalo’s Origin Stone x1, Supreme Hard Hide x15, Manos x5, Magical Shard x50)
  -  You can obtain the Knowledge when you Manufacture Manos Riding Crop for the first time.
  -  Izaro Riding Crop and Loggia Riding Crop can be purchased from Izaro and Loggia.

You can now use Flare when you are in the ocean with Margoria Harpoon equipped.

The condition to craft Rich-Flavored Steak has changed to Cooking Professional 1 or above.

The following text has been added to the tooltip of Great Marni’s Stone.
  -  You cannot receive any exp by completing the sample, but will receive Marni’s Support Box as a reward.


Dream Horse Doom, one of the children of Krogdalo of Kamasylvia, has escaped from the darkness and has showed itself to the world.
  -  Doom uses the power of fire to perform powerful attacks. Doom can use great burst of strength to move faster.
  -  You can try to Awaken a Tier 8 Level 30 Courser through NPC Gula in Stonetail Horse Ranch when the training gauge is 200% by using Krogdalo’s Origin Stone.
  -  Doom will be affected by Physical training. If the course has higher Physical training, the chance of obtaining Doom will increase.
  -  If the Awakening succeeds, the courser will turn into either Doom, Dine, or Arduanatt If the Awakening fails, all training exp will be lost. (Only 50% will be lost if you use Cron Stones.)
  -  Doom can learn the following skills.

  -  Doom is born with the skills Courser's Spirit, Double Jump, and Trailing Flames. It also has a chance to learn the skill Dark Sprint later.
  -  Trailing Flames is a powerful melee attack that deals fire damage to nearby enemies.
  -  Dark Sprint can be used after learning both Instant Accel and S: Instant Accel. Dark Sprint allows Doom to sprint at high speed one more time while using S: Instant Accel.
  -  Dark Sprint can also deal damage to nearby enemies. Graphical effects of flame will appear on the area around the enemies. Doom can also deal damage by using S: Instant Accel is it has Dark Sprint.
  -  Doom is the only dream horse that has a chance of learning the skill Two-seater.

The following skills used in Node/Conquest Wars can now be used by guild leaders of the guilds that are in the Alliance.
  -  Lord’s Cry
  -  Shiver of Battlefield
  -  Frenzied Warrior
  -  Fierce Spirit

Fixed the issue where the cooking/alchemy would stop during continuous cooking/alchemy.

Fixed the issue annex buildings were airborne during Conquest War.

Dream Horse Dine’s horn will be right on the middle of Dine’s head.

Camera angle when riding on a wagon will be more natural.

Fixed the awkward animations of Bellucian Wagon Set decorations.

The messages that are displayed when Arduanatt or Dine is born will be different for each horse.

A new message will be displayed when Doom is born.


[Quest and Knowledge]

New quests for new and returned players have been added.
  -  You can accept the following quests from Cliff in Western Guard Camp after completing [Boss] Witch Hunt.

  -  You can choose one of the following weapons as a reward: Cliff’s main weapon box (+15), Cliff’s sub weapon box (+15), Cliff’s Awakening weapon box (+15)

Fixed the typo on the button that appears during the quest Principles of Cooking.

Fixed the issue where it was hard to interact with the quest objective during the quest A Ship in Distress in the Peyon Sea.

Fixed the issue where interacting with the quest objective during the quest The Lost City consumed 8 Energy.



The color of the filter button at the top right corner of the world map has changed.

Fixed the issue where the button for batch Shaking was not in the Processing window.

Item Reform window will match the location of the inventory window.

Fixed the issue where some vertical texts were awkwardly displayed.

Silver coin reward and base reward will be displayed separately for guild missions that have silver coins as rewards.

The check mark that appears when you hover your mouse over the checkbox in the Add Friends UI will not appear anymore.

Fairy UI has been redesigned.
  -  Fixed the awkward location of the exp bar.
  -  Morning Glow on/off button will appear next to the skill name.
  -  The area for the checkbox in Fairy Rebirth window has been enlarged and more descriptive texts have been added.
  -  The color of skill names has changed so it would be easier to distinguish skill names and skill descriptions.
  -  Fixed the issue where a question mark appeared when you close the Fairy Growth window.

Fixed the issue where the title bar of the guild rank window and the Militia status window looked awkward.

The area between the “Change Mount” button and “Return to Conversation” button in the Trade NPC window has changed.

Fixed the issue where the size of the text on the NPC Dialogue button was not properly aligned with other texts.

The vertical size of the following buttons will be larger: Marketplace, Repair, Stable, Wharf

The area of the Renown Score tooltip has increased.

Fixed the issue where the tile of the skill tooltip went outside the tooltip box.

Fixed the issue where the buttons at the bottom of the screen were not aligned in the middle when you enter the following screens: Extract, Repair, Stable, Wharf, Marketplace, Campsite Repair

A system message will appear when you try to dye your gear without selecting a dye area.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Optimization process for Calpheon Trina Fort has been completed.

Fixed the typos in some NPC lines of the NPCs in Altinova Extraction Mill.

The image that is displayed when Courser Awakening fails has changed.

Fixed the graphical glitch on Dine’s horn.

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Comments :7

  • 1

    level 22 Moist

    Truly hope it doesn't take another half a year for Doom to arrive in EU/NA, I really want to use all my stocked up mats and get a T9 already.

  • 0

    level 3 Anna_Naito

    I hope Doom is joinen EU/NA in the next few month. Its the only T9 I want and for something I need to use that failstack on my T8. Doom forever <3

  • 0

    level 3 Anna_Naito


    What does this mean? - The effects will not be applied on horse skills.

    Will the horse run faster afk but will not gain more skills? That would be bad for horse training.

    • 0

      level 1 Maxsw3ll


      the speed of skills will not be increased such as Instant Accel

  • 0

    level 2 destinyterror

    DOOM , as far as i can tell would be a good horse to level up low level characters ? but still rather have a unicorn or a flying horse ..

  • 0

    level 1 Kapi_Heartlilly

    Now to wait... and keep stocking those mats up :/

  • 0

    level 1 fiser

    Mucho caballo, pero el juego muere, menos buffar la AFK, y más poner grupos de contenido, RAID, un juego por el jefe etc

    el juego está muerto de 1 año pero no dura

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