BDO KR Patch Notes April 3rd - Horse Rental system added, Dream Horses buffed



Attendance rewards for new and returning players!
  -  From April 3rd to May 28th

Save the Treant Spirits
  -  From April 4th to April 10th
  -  Save the Treant Spirits from Contaminated Tree Spirits and get special rewards!



Horse Rental system has been added.
-  You can now let other players to rent your horses or rent other players’ horses.
-  You can rent a horse for 7 days by paying 100,000 silver. The owner can retrieve his/her horse at anytime if the horse is at the stable or the borrower is offline.
-  You cannot change the gear of the horse that you’ve rented, but the horse will have the bonus stats from the gear.
-  The maximum tier of the horse that can be rented is 8.


[Quest and Knowledge]

Sudden missions in Mediah and Valencia have been buffed.
  -  The rewards have changed to 300% combat exp buff and 100% skill exp buff.
  -  The number of monsters you have to kill has decreased, and destroying objects will also count towards the mission.
  -  The frequency of sudden missions has decreased.

More items that will count towards Deve’s Encyclopedia have been added.
  -  Chapter 1, Book 2
  -  Chapter 2, Book 1

Quests regarding the Black Star weapon will have the header “Black Star Weapon” in front of the quest titles.

Black Spirit button for “Disappeared Basteer weapon” quest will only appear to the characters who are below level 45.

Black Spirit’s guide for the quests for new and returning players that will give Cliff weapon has been added.

Some Shadow Arena missions will be easier to complete.
  -  Defeat a certain class 2 times > Defeat a certain class once
  -  Defeat other players 3 times > Defeat other players 2 times
  -  Complete Shadow Arena in 10 minutes and reach rank 1 to 5 > Complete Shadow Arena in 12 minutes and reach rank 1 to 12

The description for the Knowledge “The Weakness of Azunak’s Guardian Snake” has changed so the description would go with the related quest better.

The navigation during the quest “Isolated People” in Star Grave area has been improved to take an easier route.


[All Classes]

When you first log in to the game, the character will be looking at the front.

New quest widget has been added.
  -  The Black Spirit will stick next to the quest widget and tell you about the quest.
  -  The Black Spirit will give you some hints about the quest.

Server optimization has been done.
  -  Other characters’ actions will be displayed slowly and there are too many characters around you.



Fixed the issue where the damage of the basic attack when left-clicking with W after the jump attack in awakening stance was not applied.

The animation when sprinting in non-awakening stance has been improved.


[Central Market]

Since the opening of the Central Market, not many purchases have been made for reformed blue gear and the price gap between regular blue gear and reformed blue gear was gradually increasing. In order to resolve this issue, the following changes have been made.
  -  All reformed blue gear will be a yellow grade gear from now on.
  -  Reformed yellow gear cannot be registered at the Central Market. You will have to extract Reform -  Stone from the gear first to register the gear at the Central Market.
  -  To extract Reform Stones, you need 1 Reversion Stone which you can buy from Blacksmith/Armor vendor NPCs. (1,000 silver each)
  -  You can only reform your gear to yellow using Grade 1, 2, and 3 Reform Stones.
  -  You can only craft the original gear and the reformed (yellow) version of the gear in houses.

New graphical and sound effects when the Reformation fails or succeeds have been added.

When trying to Reform a gear, the enhancement level of the gear will be displayed.



Items obtainable from Golden Treasure Box, which appears in the Black Desert world randomly, have changed.

Descriptive sentence regarding what the item is for has been added to the tooltip of the item “Debris of the Rift”.

Descriptive sentence regarding how to obtain the item has been added to the tooltip of the item “Lump of Pure Mana”.

Item description for Illusion of Calamity has been edited to read better.

You can also obtain Lump of Pure Mana by harvesting Magical Seeds and Mysterious Seeds from your garden.

You can obtain Lump of Pure Mana by low chance when the growth percentage is over 100%.

The amount of Tomato you can harvest from Magical Tomato Seeds has increased.

Added Garnier Troupe Garb to the list of items that will give Ancient Spirit’s Crystal - Swiftness when Heated.

Added Delphe Knights Clothes to the list of item that will give Ancient Spirit’s Crystal - Valor when Heated.

Item description for Polished Gemstone Bundle has been edited.

Different types of fishes will be obtainable from Terrmian Beach and Demi River next to Heidel Storage during the festival period.

New Achievement where you can get +15 Liverto Weapon Box by reaching level 55 has been added.



You can now obtain Lump of Pure Mana by butchering Blue Whale and Fugitive Khalk by low chance.

Moghulis summoned from the Dark Rift will use the spin attack when it is close to the adventurers.

The distance where the monsters in Star Grave chase the characters has increased by 50%.

The chance where the monsters nearby are killed immediately when the Unstable Debris of Stars in Star Grave is destroyed has increased by 30%.

The condition to open Dark Rift has changed.
  -  Before: At least 1 character in the family that has completed Awakening.
  -  After: At least 1 character in the family that is level 56 or over.



When you do not have any mounts in the stable and you are registering a mount for the first time, the mount you have registered will be taken out immediately.

Dream Horse Arduanatt, Dine, and Doom have been buffed.
  -  Arduanatt:
  -  The character’s animation when Arduanatt is using Wings of Freedom and Wings of Wind has been improved.
-  Arduanatt can use Wings of Wind or Wings of Freedom while falling after jumping.
-  Arduanatt can land quickly by pressing S while using Wings of Wind or Wings of Freedom.
  -  Dine:
  -  Connecting to Charge after Earth of Life or Earth of Protection will be faster.
  -  Dine can use Earth of Life or Earth of Protection while moving.
  -  Dine can use Earth of Life or Earth of Protection immediately while using Sprint, Instant Accel, or S: Instant Accel. (Casting animation will be canceled in this case.)
  -  Doom:
  -  Doom can use Dark Sprint while using S: Charge.
  -  Doom can use Dark Flame Steps while using Instant Accel or Dark Sprint.



The animation that is displayed when you obtain the reward for Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log has changed.

“View as lists” or “View as grids” option in the Central Market will not be refreshed when you leave the Central Market.

You can now choose Tier 1 nodes in the Node War info tab within the World Map.

When you leave the stable after taking out your first mount, descriptive sentence will be displayed under the mount icon at the upper left corner.

The area for the scroll button has increased for all UI.

Some UI will not take memory anymore.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

NPC Barudil in Western Calpheon Camp will now extract gear.

Awkward NPC lines for certain NPCs have been fixed.

The bushes in Star Grave that are awkwardly placed have been removed.

NPC voicelines for early game quests have been added.



Fixed the issue where the game would crash when you are downloading your game setting preset from the Settings Archive.

The feature where different content would open in a specific order has been removed.

The button will be refreshed immediately when the War Hero clicks on the “Enter Node War” button.

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