BDO KR Patch Notes Feb 28th: New Guild Accessories added, Drieghan teaser website opens


This week’s patch notes are released a day earlier due to a national holiday (March 1st) in Korea



New Event: Drieghan Expedition Party Recruit!
  -  From Feb 28th to March 8th
  -  Get 3 Rulupee’s Flags from Rulupee. If you use the Flag in Drieghan, you can get 3 Drieghan Treasure Boxes.

New Event: EXP and Drop rate boost in March
  -  From Feb 28th to April 5th

New Event: Attendance rewards for new and returning players
  -  From March 2nd to June 7th
  -  Special attendance rewards are waiting for new and returning players!



Keyboard Commands for Rage Absorption and Fury Transfer can be locked.

PvP damage system in the Arsha server will work the same as the PvP damage system in regular servers.
  -  PvP defense system will still be different from the PvP defense system in regular servers.



Fixed the graphical glitch with Marod Star Armor.


[Wizard and Witch]

Graphics of Meteor Shower and Blizzard in low graphical settings have been improved.



Fixed the graphical glitches with tied up hairstyles.

Fixed the graphical glitch that occured when wearing Deneve Armor and Tritch Shoes together



One Asula’s Weakened Magic Accessory can be exchanged with other types of Asula’s Weakened Magic Accessory from the following NPCs.
  -  Yisar Pjetyo (Tarif)
  -  Lasmin (Rock Post)
  -  Belgar (Altinova)
  -  Vinbane (Sand Grain Bazaar)

You can exchange multiple Asula’s Weakened Magic Accessories at once.

Item description of the Black Essence that you can exchange with Imperial Seals has been edited to be more clear.

Item descriptions of mount gear that can be enhanced with Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) have been edited to be more clear.

New Accessories have been added in the Guild Shop.
  -  Red Shadow Ring
  -  Red Shadow Earring
  -  Red Shadow Belt
  -  Red Shadow Necklace
  -  Red Shadow Ring/Earring/Belt: 11 AP, 6 Accuracy, costs 250,000,000 silver
  -  Red Shadow Necklace: 20 AP, 12 Accuracy, costs 500,000,000 silver
  -  Every guild member who has enough Guild Expense can purchase the items. The items last for 15 days.



Fixed an issue where the Fairy did not use the Fairy skill “Cheer Up” in some occasions.

Fixed an issue where the message “You don’t have enough training hours to complete Black Spirit’s Training” appeared while afk leveling.

Imperial Miniature Elephant License can be registered at Stables.

Fixed an issue where Dineh’s mane was covered by the gear that Dineh is wearing.



The monsters that used to block the passage from Ancado Harbor to Shakatu have been relocated.

The monsters at Fadus will drop Yuria weapons, Bares weapons, and Swaying Wind Shards.

The camera vibration when Degraded Old Tree Treant and Degraded Ruin Tree Treant move has been reduced.

World Boss Karanda’s AoE attack will hit 66% less times, and the damage of a single hit has increased by 200%.

Fixed an issue where characters would get stuck inside Argos Artifact Repository and Helm Mine.

Changes in Shultz Guard Post:
  -  Recommended AP has changed to 130-190.
  -  Monsters’ HP has decreased by 50%, and DP has decreased by 14%.
  -  Combat exp from the monsters has decreased by 20%.
  -  Amount of trash loot has decreased.

Chances of looting the following items from the monsters at Shultz Guard Post have decreased by 20%.
  -  Forbidden Book
  -  Grunil Helmet/Armor/Gloves/Shoes
  -  Heve’s Strength Shoes
  -  Black Stone (Armor/Weapon)

The range of Tutuka’s regular attack has increased by 30%.

Fixed an issue where Narc Brishka’s attack was concentrated at the center when Voraro is resummoned.

The monsters at Hystria Ruins will have higher HP/AP/DP.
  -  HP: increased by 15%
  -  AP: increased by 3%
  -  DP: increased by 7%

The speed of the monsters at Hystria Ruins when they chase you has increased, and all monsters except for Elten and Tukar will not inflict ranged attacks.


[Quest and Knowledge]

The zoom in/zoom out buttons (Q/E) will not appear during the quests where you have to check objects like Oyun’s Shards.

The conditions to accept the following quests have changed, so you cannot proceed with all three of them at once.
  -  [Exchange] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power
  -  [Exchange] Necklace of Concentrated Magical Power
  -  [Exchange] Necklace of Dim Magical Power

“Chuck Laurie the Hunter” will be a normal quest, instead of a daily repeatable quest.

Fixed an issue where a question mark appeared on Mirumok Ruins on the mini map when you don’t have Old Treant Tree Knowledge.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Fixed an issue where some rocks near Manes Hideout were airborne.

Fixed an issue where some resources near the place that Ancient Puturum is summoned could be gathered twice in a row.

Fixed an issue where some trees inside the open arena could be gathered twice in a row.

Fixed an issue where some big trees in Balenos Forest could not be gathered.

Fixed the awkward lines of the villager at Dias Farm.

Fixed an issue where the graphics of the Rift in Savage Rift were not visible on some occasions.

Fixed an issue where less than 6 monsters were aggravated in some occasions.

Fixed an issue where the graphics for sunrise were not visible on the horizon during sunrise.

Fixed an issue where the dark shadows at Trina Fort were too close to the ground.

Fixed an issue where characters would appear as they are underwater on certain spots in Gyfin Rhasia Temple.

Fixed an issue where the location for Arena of Arsha would not properly be displayed when entering Arena of Arsha.



In the Marketplace, a new button “Registration Notification” will appear below an item’s name that is not registered at the Marketplace at the moment.
  -  Simply click on the button to set up the notification for that specific item.

A new button where you can redeem all money at once has been added in the Marketplace.
  -  If multiple quantities of an item were registered and only some portion is sold, the money for the sold amount will be redeemed and the remainder of the items will remain at the Marketplace.

A new function where you can keep the latest registration notification has been added.
  -  If you check the option, the latest notification will not disappear.
  -  If you have set up the notifications for multiple items, only the notification for the most recently registered item will show.

If an item that you have set up the notification for registration was sold by pre-order, a message window that says the item has been sold by pre-order will appear.

Marketplace registration records will not be erased after the screen has been reloaded due to character change, server change, etc.

Fixed an issue where the cursor was not visible after opening the “Find nearby NPC” window with simple hotkey.

Fixed an issue where information regarding preceding skills were left out in the mount skill window.

All guild members except for the Guild Master can see his/her own Guild Expense.

The phrase “available Guild Expense” in the Guild Shop has changed to “My Guild Expense.”

Fixed an issue where you could not sort horses by gender in the Horse Market.

Only the buttons for current page, previous page, and next page will appear at the bottom of the Beauty Album page.

Fixed an issue where the Equipment window would open after closing the inventory while the Processing window is open.

Fixed an issue where summoning the Fairy while the inventory window is open would close the inventory window.

The Fairy’s personality (voice type) will be written on the Fairy info window.

Fixed an issue where the following characters’ Charles Rene costume set appeared as the Anemos costume set in the Pearl Shop.
  -  Sorceress, Ranger, Tamer, Valkyrie, Maehwa



Turn on/off Fairy’s voice has been added in the Game Settings>Sound menu.

Show/Hide Fairy has been added in the Game Settings>Game menu.

Fixed an issue where the Save/Load Settings function did not work properly after changing the screen filter.

The camera angle will move closer to the character when your character is sitting on a back seat of a two-seater horse.


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