Black Desert Online KR Patch Notes June 29th - Kamasylvia Part 2 and new gears



New Event: Level up the Black Spirit and Get free Prizes
 - From June 29th to July 27th
 - Play Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 and level up the Black Spirit to receive special prizes.
 - The prizes include a Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX580 Gaming D5 8G (2 winners), BDO portable battery packs (10 winners), and BDO mouse pads (100 winners).

New Event: Show me your house in Grana
 - From June 29th to July 12th
 - Buy a house in Grana, the capital city of Kamasylvia, and show us your house through screenshots.
 - The prizes include a Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX580 Gaming D5 8G (1 winner) and BDO mouse pads (30 winners).

New Event: EXP Boost of July
 - From July 3rd to August 1st
 - Combat/Skill Exp Boost as well as Mount EXP Boost.


Weapons won’t appear anymore when the character is “cheering” for getting rare items.

Fixed an issue where the graphics for Venia Riding Attire looked unnatural in the customization menu.


Fixed an issue where the Kibelius, Doomsday, and Millet Fedora Helmet overlapped with glasses


The graphics for the Water Snow Flake costume have been improved.


The graphics for Epheria Marine Underwear have been improved.


WP recovery for Sharp Light has been adjusted to match the skill description.


Frost Pillars will now recover 20 HP per hit.

The graphics for the Peach Blossom Helmet under short hair have been improved.


Fixed an issue where Rektar Piercing could not be dyed.


The descriptions for all gear that increases Accuracy have been edited.
 - The actual item effect has not changed.

Fixed an issue where [Striker] Gentleman Mustache gave you a buff that increases the chance of getting higher Knowledge.
 - If you want a refund, please contact us via our 1:1 support menu.

The monsters at Manshaum Forest, Kamasylvia will have a higher chance of dropping Narc’s Ear Accessory.

The description for Jade Coral Ingot has been edited.

New defensive gear, Lemoria Armor/Helmet/Gloves/Shoes have been added.
 - Blue rarity
 - Set bonus (3 pieces): movement speed level +1 / critical hit level +1
 - Set bonus (4 pieces): skill exp +10%
 - Set bonus (5 pieces): attack speed level +2 / casting speed level +2
 - 5 pieces set bonus is applied when you equip 4 Lemoria pieces and a Liverto weapon.

New Kamasylvia Accessories have been added.
 - Obtainable through newly added quests
 - Set bonus (3 pieces): Max HP +50 / Max Stamina +50 / +5 damage against Kamasylvian race.
 - Unable to be enhanced and family-bound.

New Accessories have been added.

New Kamasylven food and elixirs have been added.
 - Spirit’s Tear Elixir shares cooldown with Perfume of Courage, Perfume of Swiftness, Elixir of Deep Sea, and Khalk’s Elixir.
 - The max HP increase and max Stamina increase buffs of the new food will not overlap with other food buffs of the same effect.
 - The following recipes are not the ultimate recipes. You can find your own golden ratio.



You can now use up to 5 items during Simple Alchemy.

The following coral can replace Prairie Green Coral when Processing Jade Coral Ingot.
 - Twilight Red Coral
 - Daybreak Blue Coral
 - Golden Sun Coral
 - Breezy White Coral

The amount of required materials and the amount of results for Plated Pine Plywood, Jade Coral Ingot, and Enhanced Flax Fabric have increased by x5.

The chances of getting additional Plated Pine Plywood, Jade Coral Ingots, and Enhanced FlaxFabrics have increased when you’re Processing level is above a certain level.

When only the defending guild is participating and the Militia does not have enough members, the Conquest War will immediately end with the defending guild’s victory.

Each member of the winning Militia will receive personal rewards.
 - 1000 guild activity points
 - 1,000,000 silver

When a defending guild owns a territory for a long period of time, the player capacity for the attacking Militia will increase.
 - 10 additional players can participate in the attacking Militia when the defending guild owns the territory for 2 weeks.
 - 20 additional players can participate in the attacking Militia when the defending guild owns the territory for 3 weeks.
 - 30 additional players can participate in the attacking Militia when the defending guild owns the territory for 4 weeks.

You can hire new Workers in the Kamasylvia region.
 - Artisan/Professional/Skilled Fapu Worker, Artisan/Professional/Skilled Fadus Worker
 - Talk to the NPC Skaviosa at Grana to hire the new Workers.

Imperial Delivery and Trading is now available in Kamasylvia.

New legendary horse Dineh has been added.
 - Dineh will give buffs to those around her.
 - You can acquire Dineh by awakening a level 30 Tier 8 horse that has reached 200% training. Talk to Gula at Stonetail Horse Ranch and use Krogdalo’s Origin Stone to awaken your horse.
 - If the awakening is successful, the horse will become either Arduanatt or Dineh. If the awakening fails, the training meter will be reset to 0. (If you use Cron Stones, only 50% of the training meter will decrease.)
 - Dineh can learn the following skills.

Dineh is born with Courser’s Spirit, Double Jump, and Earth of Life, and is able to learn Earth of Protection.

New wagon “Peridot Path Wagon” has been added.
 - You can build the wagon in the Grana 4 house.

Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 has been added.
 - Click Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 in the main menu to begin.
 - Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 is a board game where the Black Spirit adventures throughout Balenos to discover hidden treasures. The Black Spirit will spend 1 Movement Point per each movement.
 - Movement Points will be restored every hour; a maximum of 10 Points can be restored a day.
 - The Black Spirit will move to a different Node to explore, battle, gather, excavate, or rest. (Each Node requires a different action)


The monsters near Cyclops Land have been relocated so they won’t block the path anymore.

The Golden Sausan Wagon at Shultz’s Guard Garrison has been relocated.

The following Kamasylven monsters will now give less exp.
 - Loa Snake, Kamasylvia Brown Bear, Contaminated Bush Keeper, Contaminated Ivy Keeper, Lapis Lazuli Bison, Lapis Lazuli Crab, Lapis Lazuli Scale Iguana, Lavender Kuku Bird, Red Beak Devourer, Big Horned Lizard, Lapis Lazuli Margos, Lapis Lazuli Shard Spider, Lapis Lazuli Spider, Lapis Lazuli Tree Spirit, Kamasylvia Weasel, Kamasylvia Young Goat, Small Black Sand Mole, Kamasylvia Horned Deer, Kamasylvia Young Horned Deer, Kamasylvia Horned Doe

New grind spot, Polly’s Forest, has been added.
 - You can gather mushrooms with a hoe after killing the monsters at Polly’s Forest

New monsters, the Fadus, have been added.
 - The Fadus live in the Ring Tree Forest.
 - The Ring Tree Forest is similar in difficulty to Sausan Garrison. (Recommended AP: 100 to 180)

New monsters, the Forest Ronaroses, have been added.
 - The Forest Ronaroses live in the Tooth Fairy’s Forest
 - The Forest Ronaroses drop Forest Fury and Forest Ronaros Ring

New grind spot, Gaifinrasia Shrine, has been added.
 - Gaifinrasia Shrine is especially designed for party grinding. Maximum of 5 players can loot from one monster.
 - You can loot valuable items like Tungrad Belt and Forest Fury.

[Quest and Knowledge]

New daily quests that will give you the materials for the Epheria Convoy have been added.

You can receive the quests when your Fishing level is over Professional 5 and you have completed the Falasi Family’s Kindness quest.

If you complete a quest where you have to talk to the Black Spirit at the end, the Black Spirit will be summoned when you click the “auto pathing” button.

New quests, including dailies and repeatable quests, have been added for Kamasylvia Part 2.

Main quests for Kamasylvia Part 2 have been added.
 - Talk to the Black Spirit after completing the Token of Lemoria Guards quest to begin the main questline.

New quests that will give you the materials for the Peridot Path Wagon have been added.
 - Talk to the NPC Meryndola at Grana to receive the quests.

Knowledge associated with Kamasylvia Part 2 has been added.

Knowledge categories associated with Kamasylvia Part 2 have been added.
 - Merchants of Kamasylvia
 - Citizens of Kamasylvia
 - Spirits of Kamasylvia
 - Kamasylvia Forest
 - Kamasylvia Outskirts
 - The Fadus race
 - Ronaros, the guardian of the Forest
 - Polly’s mushrooms
 - Gaifinrasia
 - Sylvia’s legacy adventure journal
 - Kamasylvia adventure journal I
 - Kamasylvia adventure journal II
 - the Grand Library of Grana

[Graphical Effects and NPCs]

Puritora and Shurichi will not sell the design for Shroud Knights Armor anymore.

A New NPC, Colodu, has been added to Helms Post.
 - Colodu can repair gear.

New areas have been added for Kamasylvia Part 2.
 - Grana
 - Western Valtarra Mountains
 - Tooth Fairy’s Forest
 - Tooth Fairy’s Attic
 - Acher Guard Post
 - Western Acher Camp
 - Southern Acher Camp
 - Weenie Mountain Cabin
 - Looney Mountain Cabin
 - Ring Tree Forest
 - Polly’s Forest
 - White Branch Tree Forest
 - Flondor Lake
 - Southern Kamasylvia
 - Gaifinrasia Shrine
 - Trace of Krogdalo
 - Ash Gray Forest
 - Oggier River
 - Ianaros’s Stone

New NPCs have been added for Kamasylvia Part 2.

Log-in themes and loading images have changed to Kamasylvia Part 2 images.


An alert window will pop up when you have a Pearl Shop coupon but you are not using it when buying an item from the Pearl Shop.

The trash bin icon will not be highlighted anymore when you cancel the item by dragging with the RMB.

Fixed an issue where the info for a previously selected horse still appeared even after you switched horses.

Fixed an issue where some players were not able to open the guild menu.


If the game crashes while you are training your horse by auto pathing, the training will resume automatically when you re-login.

High resolution screenshots are now available when the character is lying down.

Customization modifications will be recorded.
 - Choose the modification record to go back to the specific customization.
 - A maximum of 50 modification records will be saved. If more than 50 modifications are done, the latest one will overwrite the oldest one.

Fixed an issue where the game crashed after sending an item link.

Fixed an issue where some NPCs could not say their voice lines correctly.

[Details on Kamasylvia Part 2 Features]

Black Spirit's Adventure 2:

Grana, the capital city of Kamasylvia:

New Kamasylvia accessory, Forest Ronaros Ring:

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