BDO KR Patch Notes August 2nd - New Kamasylvia Furnitures added



New Event: Old Moon Accessory Event
  -  From Aug 2nd to Aug 30th
  -  Complete Old Moon Guild quests and get Faint Old Moon Accessories.
  -  If you enhance Faint Old Moon Accessories up to TRI, you can exchange them with other Accessories.
  -  TRI Faint Old Moon Ring: TRI Crescent Ring
  -  TRI Faint Old Moon Earring: TRI Narc’s Earring
  -  TRI Faint Old Moon Belt: TRI Basilisk Belt
  -  TRI Faint Old Moon Necklace: TRI Ogre’s Ring
  -  The enhancement success rate will not be affected by failstacks. Also, you will not get any failstacks from unsuccessful enhancements.
  -  Faint Old Moon Accessories will not be destroyed even if you fail an enhancement.

New Event: Yvrug Fishing
  -  From Aug 2nd to Aug 16th
  -  Find seagulls around Weita and Iliya Island and fish Succulent Yvrug

Ongoing Event: 3rd week of 3rd Anniversary special sales

Ongoing Event: BDO teenage server will always have the following buffs.
  -  Combat exp +200%, Skill exp +30%, Life skill exp +200%, Mount exp +30%, Item obtain chance +50%
  -  Drop rates for Black Stone/Memory Fragment/Hard/Sharp increase



Skill Levels of passive skills will be displayed in the skill window.

Further improvements have been made to fix the graphical awkwardness in the hair part upon wearing the Coco Hat.



Fixed the issue where Stiffness effect would not be applied to distant targets upon using the skill Stigma.


[Dark Knight]

Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the ear part that occurred when wearing [Event] Seahorse Diving Hat.



Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the head part that occurred when wearing [Event] Seahorse Diving Hat.



Fixed the issue where [Event] Fox Maxk was visible from the other side of the Mystic’s face.

Fixed the issue where the string band part of the Vadabin Diving Mask appeared to be embedded in the neck part upon equipping it.

Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the skirt and body upon wearing Marine Romance outfit.



Required amounts of Concentrated Magical Black Crystals when enhancing Magical Manos Craft Clothes have been reduced.
  -  DUO: 2 > 1
  -  TRI: 3 > 1
  -  TET: 4 > 1
  -  PEN: 5 > 1
  -  All players who have entered the game at least once after the maintenance on June 28th will receive 3 Concentrated Magical Black Crystals.

Fixed the issue where Level 57 characters were not able to buy or turn in some Marni’s Stones.

Fixed the issue where item tooltip of Marine Romance Costume Box did not include the sentence that says Lahn cannot use the item.

Fixed the typo in the item tooltip of [Striker] Lahr Arcien Costume Set (15 days).

Fixed the typo in the item tooltip of Scale of Ancient Creature.

Fixed the issue where Clorince’s Travel Bag and Eileen’s Travel Bag could not be used.

The below sentence has been added to the item tooltip of Black Spirit’s Claw.
  -  You will only be able to equip crystals gained from heating craftable costumes tailored with Equipment Tailoring Coupon.

Diving duration +15 seconds effect has been added to Seahorse Diving Hat and Vadabin Diving Mask.

New costume Blub-Blub Water Goggles have been added.
  -  You can craft the costume in Tier 2 Costume Mill in Heidel.
  -  Materials: Translucent Crystal x10, Silk x10, Iron Ingot x5, Trace of Wave x10, Black Stone Powder x35
  -  Effect: Diving duration +20 seconds
  -  Will give pearl outfit set bonus.

The weight of Apprentice's Five-Grain Chicken Porridge Cooking Box has been decreased from 90LT to 80LT.

The “obtainable via” part in the item tooltip of Black Crystal/Black Crystal Shard/Concentrated Magical Black Crystal has been edited.
  -  obtainable via grinding > obtainable via hunting

Fixed the typo in the item description of Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Alchemy].

Descriptions regarding how to use the items have been added to the item tooltip of the below items.
  -  [Guild] Sailor Contract Renewal, Sailboat Contract Renewal, Frigate Contract Renewal

The name of the NPC that will exchange the below items will properly be displayed in the item tooltip of the items.
  -  Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stone
  -  Grade 3 Armor Reform Stone

New furnitures obtainable by hunting Kamasylvia monsters have been added.
  -  Stuffed Belladonna Elephant Head
  -  Stuffed Baby Belladonna Elephant Head
  -  Stuffed Gazelle Head
  -  Stuffed Black Leopard Head
  -  Stuffed Feather Wolf Head
  -  Stuffed Phnyl Head
  -  Stuffed Ferrica Head
  -  Stuffed Ferrina Head
  -  Griffon Chandelier

  -  Above screenshots were taken in the remastered graphics. You can check the remastered graphics in the game after the graphical remastering update.



Fixed the graphical awkwardness of Black Hood Cat pet.

Reach Level 64 Challenge has been added.
  -  You can get Capotia Necklace as a reward.
  -  Capotia Necklace has the same stats as TRI: Ogre Ring and cannot be enhanced.

New Challenges for BDO Teen World (teenage server) have been added.
  -  You can get Tranan gear as rewards.
  -  The Tranan gear have the same stats as boss gear and can be enhanced up to TRI.
  -  Enhancement and durability repairing require Black Crystal of Time, which is also a reward for Challenges. When moving to the teenage server, TRI or less gear will be transferred. (Higher grade gear will be deleted.)

Fixed the issue where transporting items from Altinova to Ancado Harbor was impossible.

The default setting for Morning Star (Fairy Skill) has changed to “off”.

Fixed the issue where the tax from the territory that you formerly had Forts built was collected automatically after removing the Fort and building another Fort in another territory.
  -  The tax collected due to this issue has been properly removed and distributed to the right guild.



The imps in Altar of Agris has changed to Steel Imps.

The number of soldiers in Cron Castle has decreased.

The duration of Quint’s attack where Quint attacks by repeatedly jumping in the same place has been reduced by 60%.

Tree Spirits will appear in the area slightly far from the node manager at Forest of Seclusion.

Fixed the awkward movements of the monsters in Sycraia Underwater Ruins.

Golden Treasure Boxes will randomly appear in the world of Black Desert.


[Quest and Knowledge]

The sentence “available once per family” has been added to the quest description of the quest “Garmoth the Red Dragon”.

Added a few more lines for the quests Tears of the Wind and Small Breaths for better flow.

Small Four Leaf Clover has been added as the reward choices for the quest [Daily] Lara’s grand discovery and bread.

During the Valencia Part 1 and Kamasylvia Part 2 main quests, the sentence “you cannot proceed with the quest if you have Trade items in your inventory” has been added to the quest description of the below quests.
  -  The Leader, Edana’s Descendant, There and Back Again, Great Legacy

Fixed the issue where the quest “Treasure of Gardaka” could not be done.

Camera angle during the quest “Eyes of the Deep Sea” has changed.

Quest objective of the quest “The Purpose of the temple” has changed from Ancient Weapon to Ancient Ruins.

You can now enter the top floor of Sycraia Underwater Ruins by interacting with Ancient Ruins


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

You can now swim inside Sycraia Underwater Ruins if there is water.

Moving and grinding in Sycraia Underwater Ruins will be smoother.

You cannot call your horse using a Horse Flute inside Sycraia Underwater Ruins.

Fixed the issue where you could not summon things inside Sycraia Underwater Ruins and Protty Cavern.

Fixed the issue where summoned beings could not use skills properly inside Sycraia Underwater Ruins and Protty Cavern.

Fixed the issue where you could not interact with the Sealed Device to enter Sycraia Abyssal Ruins.

The animation where some NPCs that are sitting down on a chair salute to the Lord has been removed.

Fixed the issue where the Griffon that travels from Velia to Iliya Island (and vice versa) did not depart.



Fixed the issue where the Conquest War status window was not properly displayed.

Fixed the issue where the Guild emblem was displayed in the Conquest War status window instead of the Guild Alliance emblem.

The size of Craft Notes and Beauty Album window will change in accordance with the screen resolution in full screen mode.

The fish graphics on top of the character’s head will not be displayed when you successfully catch a fish via auto-fishing.

Fixed the issue where the location info of a switched character that has been switched via Character Selection window would not be updated.



Fixed the issue where the client minimized to tray after a long uptime of the game would crash.

Changed that the High-End Mode (Beta) can now be set via Performance Settings > Graphics & Textures > High-End Mode (Beta).

Fixed the issue where abnormal screenshots would be taken when changing Crop mode setting.

Fixed the issue where the shadows would look abnormal when changing Settings > Display Settings > Display Quality > Graphics.

Boss Vision Range has been fixed to not be affected by another World Boss that spawns in a different territory.

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  • 6

    level 2 AnarchyInUK

    Tada-a-a-am! 1 vs 10? Easy! No resurrection at sieges? Goo-o-o-od! Nice PA, Nice!

  • 0

    level 2 Frank

    How difficult is it to get the old moon accessories?

  • 6

    level 2 AnarchyInUK


    Tada-a-a-am! 1 vs 10? Easy! No resurrection at sieges? Goo-o-o-od! Nice PA, Nice!

    • 0

      level 1 Godspeed


      You forgot to say about time. This person plays on RU only 3-4 months. Bought 19/4 and made 20+/5.

    • 0

      level 1 Paul_Roggan


      how does he have 5 ap and 40 dp more than possible with that gear? :O

    • 0

      level 13 Tiri


      Caphras Stones enchanting makes it easy :D

  • 0

    level 1 HAISAN


  • 0

    level 1 Gardowin


    they give away free III accessories???? hope this does not come to EU/NA I worked my ass off to get my ogre to III getting it now for free would be a punch in every players face that achieved softcap!

    could someone may explain it? Is is time based for guild members like a 7 day item or really a free III Ogre 25 ap 16 acc??????

    • 1

      level 1 humantres


      They don't just give it to you. You receive a scroll you turn in for a quest. You complete the kill quest and get a ring. Then you have 8 chances a day to attempt enhances on a ring. It's by no means a free TRI+. There are plenty of people so far who have not been able to hit TRI. I myself am at 32 attempts with no TRI to speak of.

    • 0

      level 2 Harry_Wilson


      In my day we walked 25 miles to school 5am in the morning in ice storms. It was uphill both to and from and we had to fight off wolves the whole time. That's what your post reminded me of...old people's exaggerated stories about when they were young...versus how easy kids have it now. So what if it was extra crappy just getting a tri accessory for you. You're saying it should always be extra crappy for everyone for all time? You're saying they should never improve the process, because they didn't do it in time for you? This logic by certain gamers is really annoying. You do realize that the others aren't the only ones to profit from this event right? You will also be able to participate and also EARN the tri accessory...which you can then either use as a back up when attempting TET or sell for profit.

  • 0

    level 1 Anita


    Hello, what happens to the Manos accessory on failure? it is destroyed as a normal accessory?

    • 0

      level 1 julianzxd


      dont broken. Just dont upgrade.

  • 0

    level 2 Harry_Wilson

    Why not just change the current process with accessories completely and not destroy them on failure. You wouldn't have to do an event or do handouts if you implemented this old moon process with all accessories. Its clear that you are trying to get players to gear up to a minimum standard...just stop with the half way measures and change the enhancement process.
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