BDO KR Patch Notes 8.17 - Character reworks, Skill Enhancement, and more big updates


New Event: Life Skill EXP Transfer Tickets are on sale
 - From 8.17 to 8.31
 - Skill EXP Transfer Tickets for different Life Skills are available at a discount.

New Event: What happened in Terrmian
 - From 8.17 to 8.31
 - Submit video clips that feature Terrmian Water Park to win different rewards.

New Event: Travel with Rulupee Again
 - From 8.19 to 9.3
 - Travel to Mediah and Valencia to get different items, knowledge, and energy everyday.
 - You can still complete the quest after the event period, but cannot get the rewards after the event period.

“Enjoy BDO with Karlstein Costume” event duration has been extended to Sep 14th.


Fixed an issue where the Mystic and Maehwa switched to non-combat mode when knocked back.

The following characters will now consume the same amount of stamina when sprinting.
 - Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker, Tamer, Musa, Maehwa, Valkyrie, Witch, Wizard, Kunoichi, Ninja

Fixed an issue where characters below level 50 took damage from other characters while on a mount.

Rabam’s Enlightenment - Skill Enhancement has been added.
 - Skill Enhancement is a system where a level 56 or above character can combine 2 non-awakening skills to create a new skill.
 - Click “Skill Enhancement” at the bottom of the skill window and choose the skill you want to enhance.
 - You can choose one of the two available Enhanced Skills.
 - You will need Armstrong’s Skill Guide to change to the other Enhanced Skill.


The Ranger has been reworked to consume less MP in combat.

Breezy Blade will recover 10 MP per hit. (not applicable while the skill is used during cooldown)

Elven Rage will recover 15 MP per hit.

Flow: Disillusion will 20 MP per hit.

Wailing Wind will recover more MP per hit when not used on cooldown.

The graphics for the hair part have been improved.


The Berserker has been reworked to have higher Accuracy, higher damage, and less WP consumption.

Flow: Slugfest will have a 13.5% Accuracy buff.

Seizing Fear’s Critical Hit Rate has increased to 10% and 5% Accuracy has been added.

Devastation will decrease your enemies’ Movement/Attack/Cast speed for 10 seconds. (was 5 seconds)

The damage that Devastation deals has increased. (will deal less damage in PvP)

Lava Piercer I will consume 15 WP instead of 25

The skill description for Raging Thunder has been edited to include the skill effect regarding Air Attack.

Raging Thunder will consume less WP.

Raging Thunder will deal more damage.

Beastly Wind Slash will consume less WP.

Frenzied Destroyer will consume less WP.

Additional skill attack for Frenzied Destroyer will consume 20 WP instead of 40.

Additional skill attack for Frenzied Destroyer will now bound monsters.

Frenzied Destroyer will deal more damage.

Fixed an issue where Frenzied Destroyer IV, V, and VI dealt the same damage as Frenzied Destroyer III whole horse riding.

Fierce Strike will deal more damage.

Fierce Strike will consume less WP.

Fierce Strike will have higher Accuracy.


Fixed a graphical error where the Tamer’s facial expression did not change in the Customization mode.


The Valkyrie has been reworked to consume less stamina, have shorter cooldowns, and deal more damage in PvE.

Promptness will consume 100 stamina instead of 200.

The cooldown for Promptness has been reduced to 5 seconds.

Promptness will deal more damage. (will deal less damage in PvP)
 - 806% x2 -> 1048% x2

The cooldown for Hastiludium has been reduced.

Hastiludium will deal more damage.

The cooldown for Blitz Stab and Ultimate: Blitz Stab has been reduced to 8 seconds.

Blitz Stab will deal more damage in PvE.
- 567% x6 → 624% x6

Terra Sancta will deal more damage in PvE.
- 1475% → 1696% (Regular damage x 2, Wave damage x 4)

Fixed an issue where the description for Flow: Lucem Fluxum had stamina consumption in it.

Sacrum Ferit will be used faster.

Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae will deal more damage in PvE.


The description for Maneuver Training has been edited to match the actual skill effect.


The Musa has been reworked to have shorter cooldowns.

The cooldown for Below the Belt has been reduced.

The cooldown for Fiery Crevice has been reduced, and the skill will have Forward Guard.


The Maehwa can now use backward Chase more smoothly after Blind Thrust.


Tett’s movement will look more natural while using Flow skills.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Rakshande Helmet.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Acher Guard Armor and Jasmine Garter Belt Underwear.


The Wizard can now use Lava Field while moving.

When the Wizard switches to non-combat mode while sprinting, he can now continue to sprint and switch to non-combat mode.


Target Chase’s duration and sprint speed buff has increased.

The sentence that said “completely immune to attacks” has been removed from the skill description for Ninjutsu: Concealment.


The Kunoichi has been reworked to connect skills more smoothly.

Wheel of Wrath will be activated faster.

Wheel of Wrath can be more smoothly connected to Flow: Indignation.

Sah Spree of Sonan will be activated faster.

Danse Macabre can be more smoothly connected to other skills.


Fixed an issue where the Ninja’s shaved hair change to another hairstyle during combat.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Yurei Helmet.

[Dark Knight]

The Dark Knight is the only class capable of being invincible for a long period of time by connecting different skills. A lot of data evaluation, tests, and balance updates took place to fix this issue, but there is still room for improvement. Our devs are aware of the issue, and released the following rework for the DK.

Dusk and Chain: Dusk can now be used when the skills are on cooldown, in which case the DK will not be invincible. Also, Smokey Haze will not make the DK invincible anymore but will give Super Armor instead. The overall gameplay will not change much, but more precise control is necessary to play the DK in PvP. There will be further analysis and tests for the character, and more balance patches in the future.

Smokey Haze will have the Super Armor effect instead of Invincibility.

Dusk and Chain: Dusk will consume 250 stamina.

Dusk and Chain: Dusk can be used on cooldown, in which case the skills will consume 50 stamina and will not make the DK invincible.

Stamina will not regenerate while using the following skills.
- Twilight Dash, Spirit Hunt, Trap of Vedir, Shattering Darkness, Flow: Bombardment, Smokey Haze


Some skill effects have been adjusted to fit the Striker, not the Mystic.

The Striker will not collide with others while using Flow: Mass Destruction, and the skill can be used while still on cooldown.

Connecting to Flash Step, Silent Step, and Flow: Mass Destruction after using Gauntlet or Gardbrace skills has become more smooth.

The following skills will decrease the opponent’s MP/SP/WP when the hit lands and Martial Spirit is on.

Ultimate Crush, Spiral Cannon, Flow: Crosswind, Fallout, Ferocious Assault

Martial Spirit will consume 25 WP per 3 seconds instead of 50 WP.

Fixed an issue where the evasion buff from Wolf’s Cry was not applied properly.

Fixed an issue where the dye for Blazing Inferno Gloves did not work when the Striker is wearing Tree Spirit’s Armor.


Fixed the graphical glitch with Treant Armor.


The Mystic can now open [Event] Larh Arcien Weapon&Outfit Box (7 days).

Fixed an issue where the Mystic was not able to exchange Token of Promise with Dim Magical Armor.

Fixed an issue where you could not register Peridot Wagon in the Stable.

Fixed the graphical glitch with the Belle Epoque Ferry Set.

Fixed the graphical glitch with the Coral Shine furniture in the Pearl Shop.

The maximum amount you can put on the Marketplace for the following items has increased.
 - Ingots, Crystals (not Transfusable Crystals), Gems, Plywood, Reform Stones, Supreme Hide/Fur/Plume, Blood, Oil, Some food, Mount potions, and Traveler’s Map

You can use Manshaum Narc’s Stone in the following area.
 - Fleme Hills
 - Abandoned Land
 - Gorgo Rock Belt

New gear has been added.
 - The new gear cannot be enhanced or sold at the Marketplace, and has two sockets.
 - The new gear is obtainable from the monsters at Mediah region, or by completing a newly added quest chain.

New item “Training Manual” has been added.
 - Training Manual is a system that allows you to gain a small amount of combat EXP through the Black Spirit’s training.
 - Training Manual can be purchased from Jemmy Dricker, an NPC in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, and Valencia.
 - Use the Training Manual you have purchased in your inventory and the buff icon will appear.
 - When the buff is active, interact with training dummies in each town to start training.
 - You cannot do anything else while training. The amount of EXP will differ according to the character’s level.
 - Only characters level 50 or above can use the Training Manual, and the maximum amount of EXP you can accumulate is 99% EXP of the current level.
 - The Training Manual buff does not overlap, and cannot be used with other EXP boosts.
 - The Training Manual buff will not be extended because of regular or emergency maintenance.

Fixed an issue where you could not sell the Mystic’s Seal to NPC shops.

Jarette’s Accessories will have a set bonus with 3 and 5 parts.


Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 has been officially added.
 - The chance for an event to take place has increased.
 - The chance of obtaining item cards has increased, and new types of cards have been added.
  The Black Spirit can find pieces of treasure maps while exploring.
 - If the Black Spirit finds all four pieces, a treasure box will appear.
 - Boss monsters will appear when the Black Spirit defeats an enemy.
 - The boss monsters will drop rare items, but will only appear once a day.
 - Some rewards for Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 have changed.

New recipes to get higher-grade potions using lower-grade potions have been added. (Simple Alchemy)

Franco Russo, the Marketplace Manager at Calpheon, will now have a Luxury Goods Auction House.
 - Rare items will be sold at the Auction House.
 - The auction will be announced via world chat, and Franco Russo will start accepting bids once the auction starts.
 - The current bid will be displayed.
 - When another player bids for a higher price, the new bid will be displayed.
 - When another player bids for a higher price within one minute, the auction will be extended for one minute.
 - When the auction ends and you are the final bidder, you will pay the money and get the item.
 - When you are not the final bidder, you will get your money back.
 - The first auction will take place on Friday August 18th, 6pm.

The Cron Stone Energy system has been added.
 - You can add Cron Stone Energy to the gear enhanced beyond TRI.
 - You can add Cron Stone Energy by checking the box that says “add Cron Stone Energy” in the Enhancement window.
 - Adding Cron Stone Energy will not fail, and there will be no Enhancement level drop or durability loss.
 - Gear that has Cron Stone Energy will have additional item effects.
 - 1 Cron Stone Energy will be accumulated when an Enhancement fails and Cron Stones are used. 1 to 3 Cron Stone Energy will be accumulated when an Enhancement fails and the gear already has Cron Stone Energy added.
 - When adding Cron Stone Energy to a piece of equipment, the number of required Cron Stones will be determined by the price capacity of the item. (The total price of necessary Cron Stones must equal 20% of the price capacity of the item.)

Fixed an issue where the time it takes to repair Forts in Node/Conquest Wars was not reduced according to life skill levels.

The time it takes to repair Forts and extend Barricades will be reduced by maximum 50% according to the character’s life skill levels.

The conditions for purchasing/building a Field HQ have changed.
 - Any Guilds who are participating in the Conquest Wars taking place in Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia can purchase/build a Field HQ.
 - The Guilds who want to participate in Conquest Wars must occupy more than one T2 or T3 nodes.

You will not be removed from Rift of the Barbarian for inactivity if the game has not started yet.

Progress Level for Rift of the Barbarian will be 0 if the game is still in setup.

New title “Glory of the Wilderness”, and new social action “Martial Arts Training” have been added.
 - You can obtain the new title and action by completing the newly added quest chain and talking to the Black Spirit.

New titles have been added.
 - Black Emperor: obtain Griffon’s Helmet from Ahib’s Griffon Reward Bundle.
 - Steel Claw: obtain Urgon’s Shoes from Urgon Reward Bundle.


Kutum’s ranged attacks will aim for the original spot even after the target changed its location.

Kamasylvia Scrub Stoneback Crab will summon other Stoneback Crabs when its HP drops below a certain point.

Fixed an issue where Narc Brishka disappeared when attacked by summoned Keepers.

The graphical effects of Narc Brishka’s attacks have been improved.

The monsters at Mediah will drop the following items at a low chance.
 - Abandoned Iron Mine: Veia’s Gloves of Black Magical Power
 - Helms Post: Mediah Merchants Association Helmet
 - Helm Tribe Mine: Asula’s Crimson Eye Earring, Asula’s Crimson Eye Ring, Mediah Merchants Association Helmet
 - Elric Shrine: Derek’s Hardened Leather Shoes

Bheg and Titium’s HP has decreased in Rift of the Barbarian.

The number of monsters that appear in Rift of the Barbarian rounds 15 to 25 has decreased.

Fixed an issue where the monsters in Rift of the Barbarian attacked a single character all at once

[Quest and Knowledge]

Shabby Shovel has been removed from the rewards for “Meals are not to be skipped.”

[Boss Subjugation] Mirumok Watcher Offin has been removed from guild quests and changed to a repeatable quest (guild leader only).

[Boss Subjugation] Mirumok Watcher Offin (guild leader only) is available once every 3 days and obtainable from the Black Spirit.

The reward of the above quest is Ancient Contract: Mirumok Watcher, which is an item that can wake up Offin by interacting with it.

Ancient Contract: Mirumok Watcher can be placed in guild storage.

Anyone who is in the same guild as the one who woke up Offin will be able to participate in fighting Offin and get rewards.

New quests to get the Weapon of Black Veil have been added.
 - The questline starts from Kona, the NPC at Altinova Arena. You have to be level 55 or above.
 - The questline is available once per family.
 - You will get one Weapon of Black Veil Box upon completing the questline.
 - The good old days…
 - Legendary fighters
 - Shultz’s old friends
 - His special meal
 - Boiling blood
 - Kunga’s recommendation
 - The battle god
 - The best comrade?
 - A rival
 - Brothers of Steel
 - A legendary fighter, Shadow
 - The final members
 - Death Arena I
 - Death Arena II
 - Death Arena: final match
 - A legendary fighter

New quests to get Derek’s Hardened Leather Shoes have been added.
 - Talk to Theo Dango at Highland Junction with a character level 53 or above.
 - The questline is available once per family.
 - You will get Derek’s Hardened Leather Shoes upon completing the questline.
 - An urgent problem
 - I miss my brothers
 - Doors slammed in my face
 - How to find the missing ones
 - Strange power, strange man
 - Grave keeper
 - The whole story has been revealed
 - Looking back at one’s past
 - Unveiled
 - Atonement
 - Carrying on with the faith

New quests to get Mediah Merchants Association Helmet have been added.
 - Talk to Kesir Baum at Abun village to start the questline. (must be level 54 or above)
 - The questline is available once per family.
 - You will get Mediah Merchants Association Helmet upon completing the questline.
 - Kesir Baum’s big plan
 - Brondo identifies the ore
 - Back to Kesir Baum
 - Too early to be disappointed
 - Information from the Crow Merchants Guild
 - A rich man who is visiting Altinova
 - Shakatu Merchants Guild
 - Acquiring a Mediah Rowboat
 - Building a Rowboat: White Cedar Plywood
 - Building a Rowboat: Brass Ingot
 - Building a Rowboat: Lodgings and Workers
 - Special tradable goods from an island
 - Shakatu’s Trade Pass
 - Assisting Mediah Merchants Association

New quests to get Veia’s Gloves of Black Magical Power have been added.
 - Interact with the book located at the back of the storage at Tarif village to start the quest. (You must have completed [Co-op] Awakened Black Spirit.)
 - The questline is available once per family.
- You will get Veia’s Gloves of Black Magical Power upon completing the questline.
 - Illezra’s threat
 - Investigating the Abandoned Iron Mine
 - Collecting information
 - Halidom of the ring finger
 - The trade manager at Tarif
 - Preparing for the deal with the Shen Merchants Guild #1
 - Preparing for the deal with the Shen Merchants Guild #2
 - Halidom of the index finger
 - Back to Tarif
 - Where the halidom is hidden
 - A lucky coincidence
 - Halidom of the thumb
 - A useless investigator
 - Faith of Eternity
 - Punishment for the thieves
 - A weakness of a living legend
 - A triumphant return to Tarif
 - My dearest
 - To Elric Shrine
 - Illezra’s incarnation
 - Finlin
 - Der Freischutz
 - A valuable thing
 - Purification

A new description regarding the death of a mount has been added to boss summon quests.
 -  You will not receive any penalty for death, but park your mount somewhere safe.

The auto pathing for [Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness will now properly lead you to Sebastian.

You can now talk to the node managers at Kamasylvia to acquire the knowledges of the associated area.

New images have been added for the knowledges about NPCs Finlin, Ekta, and Lucy Benkum

[NPCs and Graphics]

There has been a strange current at the Terrmian Water Park beach, and ocean fish can be found in the beach now.

Kamasylvia Part 2 loading images have been removed.

Fixed a bug where the Old Wisdom Tree was located at an unintended spot.

Fixed a bug where the cat in Kasula Farm was inside of a well.

Fixed a bug that prevented you from interacting with other NPCs after the NPC you were talking to had left.

You can no longer swim in certain geographical features in Titium Valley.

Fixed a bug where some Terrmian Wagons were overlapped in Velia.

Fixed a bug where Grana 1 appeared as Grana 5 and Grana 5 was unavailable.


If you press ESC while all storage, mount inventory, and inventory windows are open, only the mount inventory window will close.

Press ESC again to close storage and inventory windows.

You can close the attendance rewards window by pressing ESC while playing mini games.

You can now open the Enhancement menu by right clicking a Cron Stone in your inventory.

Fixed an issue where the guild introduction messages still remained even after you deleted them.

Fixed an issue where you could not properly drag the guild introduction message.

Fixed an issue where the descriptions for the buff icons at the top left corner did not disappear.

A new message that says “no coupons available” will pop up when you purchase an item from your shopping cart.

Fixed an issue where some buttons did not work in the Pearl Shop.

A new message will pop up when you fail to switch to another server.

The “NEW” icon on the Black Desert TV menu will now flicker.

Fixed an issue where certain system messages appeared in the wrong colors when they are too long.

Fixed a bug with the scroll bar in the pet window.

Fixed an issue where hiding all UI while the world map is on made the whole screen black.


When you are disconnected, the game will automatically try to reconnect for a few minutes.

The game will not try to reconnect when you intentionally leave the game.

Fixed an issue where the game crashed right after an Arena of Arsha match began.

Fixed an issue where the game crashed when trying to register a mount through the guild stable manager at Said Grain Bazaar.

Fixed the issue that might have caused a delay in processing the game sound.

[Details on Rabam's Enlightenment: Skill Enhancement]


* Please note that the terms/names used in this article are not official and are subject to change when the associated update is released on the NA/EU server.

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  • 0

    level 1 Tung_Lam_Le


    Ok, this is enough. I quit. I thought that PA would give ninja some love because the class had second lowest KDA according to the chart ( the lowest is Berserker but we all know their main work is grabbing people and tank so it was understandable) but they just keep ignoring ninja players and give us some same bs "graphical fixes" as always. Well done PA u just help me make my final decision, I will never touch BDO again. Call me rage quit if u want, it's true, I'm rage quitting.

    • 0

      level 1 Clorox_Bleach



      Thanks for the laugh.

      You must suck at ninja.

      Glad you're gone.

      Bet you joined when the game released on Steam.

    • 0

      level 1 Ginrou


      I main Ninja and I've been around K/D rate 5-10 average on tier 1-3 node wars. It's pretty clear that NJ needs some rework, especially the awakening.

  • 0

    level 1 Sescho


    The Guilds who want to participate in Node Wars must occupy more than one T2 or T3 nodes

    u mean castle siege ?? or im misunderstood here :O

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      Thank you for the correction! That part is supposed to be Conquest Wars not Node Wars. It's been fixed now :)

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