BDO KR Patch Notes: June 1st - Striker buffs and new events to gain additional exp



The Marni’s Stone event has begun.
- From June 1st to June 22nd.
- Loot Marni’s Stone Sample from the monsters to gain additional exp.

The Golden Age event has begun.
- From June 1st to July 3rd.
- Gain additional combat/skill exp, as well as more chances of farming silver.

Some of the rewards for the Black Spirit’s Adventure have changed.

[Characters: General]

Fixed an issue where the icons for the Striker’s Martial Spirit and the Dark Knight’s Vedir’s Dogma were not properly displayed.

Fixed an issue where the graphics for the Crown Eagle costume for the following characters looked unnatural.
- Valkyrie
- Kunoichi
- Maehwa


Fixed an issue where the graphics for the Marod’s Stars costume looked unnatural while riding a horse.


Fixed an issue where the graphical effects for Bloody Calamity showed the wrong color.

[Dark Knight]

The graphics for Puff Mini Armor have been improved.


The target will now fall down from a horse when the Striker hits the target with Spiritual Clone and/or Hungry Beast, if the skills are used with Black Spirit’s Rage.

The AoE for Spiritual Clone and Hungry Beast used with Black Spirit’s Rage has increased.

The skill add-on for Decisive Blow, “attack speed increases by 4% for 5 seconds”, has changed to “critical hit rate increases by 10% for 9 seconds.”
- One memory fragment is given to those who have a Striker so they can change their skill add-on.

You can now “guard” when you get attacked while moving backward in Awakening mode.

“DP increases by 15 for 60 seconds” effect will be activated when you “guard”.

If you use one of the below skills when you have 30 shards, you will now use up 10 shards to increase the damage of the skills.
- Reckless Fight
- Beastly Attack
- Flow: Crosswind

The following skills will now recover WP per hit after you use Crouching Wolf with 30 shards.
- Reckless Fight
- Beastly Attack
- Flow: Crosswind

Fixed an issue where the damage and CC effect for Inferno Fall did not work properly.

The damage and number of hits for Spiritual Clone have changed.
- 751% * 8 hits -> 454% * 16%

Reckless Fight will now stiffen the targets on the second hit.

The combo between Reckless Fight and Inferno Fall will not be smoother.

Fixed an issue where the attack speed buff after basic attack was not applied.

The damage for all Awakening skills have increased. (PvP only)

Fixed an issue where the skill add-ons for Beastly Attack and Flow: Denial were not applied properly.

The graphics for the Hell Blossom costume have been improved.


The Luxury Vendors will now sell Farmer’s Clothes

The cooldown for the following items will no longer be reset anymore after you re-spec your skills.
- [Guild] Bountiful Basket
- [Guild] Breezy Crystal
- Breezy Crystal
- [Guild] Origin of Wind
- Origin of Wind
- [Event] Cold Draft Beer


Fixed an issue where Epheria Sailboat did not take any damage when the owner was attacked by another player on the boat.

You can no longer turn on the “placing mode” if you have a furniture piece that is still being placed.
Fixed an issue where the curtains looked like they are already placed in the house when they are in your shopping cart.

Your guild will now have to pay an additional tax in accordance with the amount of money your guild has.
- The tax will be automatically deducted from your guild fund on every Monday at 0:00 A.M.
- You do not have to pay the tax if your guild fund has less than 1 billion silver.
- The amount of money you have to pay is as follows:

Your guild will now receive “guild welfare” in accordance with your guild size.
- Your guild will receive the money on every Monday at 0:00 A.M. The money will be automatically added to your guild fund.
- Your guild will only receive the money when 10 or more members are online at the moment. If less than 10 members are online on Monday 0:00 A.M., your guild will not receive the welfare for that week.



Life skill advancement quests will now appear on the quest widget.

The “Secret Transaction” quest you could receive from Epil Tanbu, the Smuggler at Tarif, has been deleted.

A new quest you can receive from Sugarsh, the dock manager at Tarif, has been added.
- You can start the quest after you complete the “Make Elixir of Frenzy” quest.

The prerequisites for the following quests have been modified so that you can proceed with one quest at a time.
- The real opponent
- Break through the weakness of the big ones
- Bandit extermination I&II
- Assess the Khurutos’ military strength
- Mysterious energy
- Cutting down the numbers
- Smash II
- Marni’s experiments
- Get rid of the Giants
- Incarnation of revenge
- Eastern gateway situation report

Fixed an issue where you were not able to start the quest about Necklace of Sealed Magical Power


Fixed an issue where the NPC Kuniteah appeared in different places.

The graphics for far away objects have been improved.


A new menu where you can check your character’s records for monsters killed, items gained by fishing, and rewards received has been added.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to adjust the transparency.


A new function where you can reverse your customization or reload the customization you’ve done has been added.

A new function where you can tag a player has been added.
- Type @character’s name to tag a player.
- The tagged player will receive an alarm.

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