BDO KR Patch Notes Sept 28th -New Enhanced Skills, New Gear, Vell, and Valencia Buffs


[Major Updates]

New Enhanced Skills for Warrior/Tamer/Witch/Wizard

New Defense Gear for those who are adventuring around Calpheon

Vell, the new Ocean Raid Boss

Valencia Buffs 



New Event: Put Vell the Heart of the Ocean to rest
  -  From Sept 28th to Oct 19th
  -  Get some help on buidng a Sailboat and win different rewards.

New Event: Hangawi (Korean Thanksgiving) Pearl Shop Event
  -  From Sept 28th to Oct 19th
  -  New and returning Pearl items including Weight Limit +250

New Event: Full Moon of Hangawi
  -  From Sept 28th to Oct 12th
  -  Make some rice cakes and win different rewards. Also, win different in-game items from Shakatu's Precious Box (costs 50 mil) and Shakat's Rare Box (costs 10 mil).

New Event: Confronting Mammor, the dominator of the Earth
  -  From Sept 28th to Oct 12th
  -  Fight against Mammor and win some special furnitures.

New Event: Treasure Boxes and Training Manuals
  -  From Sept 28th to Oct 19th
  -  Play for 5 hours and get Golden Treasure Box.
  -  Training Manuals will cost half the original price, and the amount of EXP will double.

New Event: EXP and Drop Rate Boost in October
  -  From Sept 29th to Nov 1st
  -  Celebrating the long holidays, EXP and Drop Rate Boost hours are coming.



The graphical effects of some characters’ skills are improved.

Fixed the graphical glitch in walking animation.



New Enhanced Skills have been added.
  -  Must be level 57 or above to acquire the new Enhanced Skills.
  -  The new Enhanced Skills are separate from the old Enhanced Skills that could be acquired at level 56. You can choose one of the two following Skills.



Added a description in the skill tooltip for Devastation: Pulls the target on good hits (PvE only)

PvE damage for Ground Lifting and Flow: General Disarray has increased.

The damage for Ground Lifting while the skill is on cooldown has been adjusted.

PvE damage for Titan Blow has increased.


Titan Blow will now recover HP. (150 per animation while using the skill, 200 per animation while charging)

PvE damage for Flow: Ancient Wave has changed from the regular damage of Titan Blow to the charge damage of Titan Blow.

Added a description for Flow: Ancient Wave (damage reduced in PvP)

Flow: Earth Dividing will hit 6 times instead of 3.

The Berserker will be invincible during the 1st and 2nd hit of Flow: Slugfest. (PvE only)

PvE damage for Blasting has increased.


Fixed the graphical glitch with BD9 Helmet.



New Enhanced Skills have been added.
  -  Must be level 57 or above to acquire the new Enhanced Skills.
  -  The new Enhanced Skills are separate from the old Enhanced Skills that could be acquired at level 56. You can choose one of the two following Skills.



PvE damage for Crust Crusher has increased.


PvE damage for Fiery Crevice has increased.


PvE damage for Twister has increased.
  -  600% x 2 → 1000% x2



Fixed the graphical glitch with Order of the Apricot Armor


[Witch and Wizard]

New Enhanced Skills have been added.
  -  Must be level 57 or above to acquire the new Enhanced Skills.
  -  The new Enhanced Skills are separate from the old Enhanced Skills that could be acquired at level 56. You can choose one of the two following Skills.



Fixed the graphical glitch with Crevice Protection.



PvE damage for Flow: Execution has increased.
  -  742% x 4 → 892% x 4


[Dark Knight]

Fixed the graphical glitch with Hellet outfit and Sin Terrna Vediant.


[Striker and Mystic]

You can no longer use Flash Step/Silent Step/Double Flash when your weight is above 125%



The graphical effects that appear when WP is used have been improved.

Fixed some sound glitches with skills that consume Martial Spirit Shards.



Fixed an issue where the Mystic could not deal any damage with [Hunting] Matchlock while horseriding.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Zebra underwear.



The drop rate for Asula’s Crimson Eye Accessories has increased.

Item drop locations for each Asula piece have been added in the item tooltip for each Asula piece.

Set Bonus has been added for Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch, Barhan’s Ring of Conquest, Manmehan’s Ring of Gold, and Saya’s Ring of Eternity.
  -  Wearing Sahazad’s Ring and Barhan’s Ring together or wearing two of the same ring will give you [damage against monsters +7]
  -  Wearing Manmehan’s Ring and Saya’s Ring together or wearing two of the same ring will give you [damage from monsters reduced.]

New item, “Alchemy Stone Fragment”, has been added.
  -  Alchemy Stone Fragments are obtainable by processing Alchemy Stones.
  -  You can synthesize 1 Alchemy Stone Fragment and 20 Black Stone Powder through Simple Alchemy to make 1 Black Stone (Armor).

New item, “Concentrated Magical Power of Vell” has been added.
  -  Obtainable by killing Vell.

New item, “Heart of Vell”, has been added.
  -  Heart of Vell is an Alchemy Stone that contains Vell’s energy.
  -  Alchemy Stone Buff: AP +8, Accuracy +10, Ignore all Resistance +5%, Attack/Cast Speed +5%
  -  Heart of Vell is obtainable by killing Vell (by chance), or can be synthesized with 1500 Alchemy Stone Fragments and Concentrated Magical Power of Vell. (requires Simple Alchemy)

New Accessory, “Rainbow Coral Ring” has been added.
  -  AP +5, Max Hp +100
  -  Enhancement effect: AP +2
  -  Obtainable by killing Vell. (by chance)

Memory Fragments changed to white-grade item.

Off-hand weapons will not appear anymore when using Matchlocks.

Fixed an occasional bug where you could not hit monsters with Matchlocks in Savage Rift.

The interior points that Fintomaria Sailing Prop Set have been adjusted.

All NPC weapon vendors will now sell Ornella’s Weapon.

NPC vendors will now sell the following Gathering Tools.
  -  Improved Lumbering Axe, Improved Fluid Collector, Improved Butchering Knife, Improved Pickaxe, Improved Hoe, Improved Tanning Knife
  -  The above tools have low max durability, but will increase gathering speed dramatically.

New Accessory Set, Treant Spirit Accessory Set, has been added.
  -  Treant Spirit Accessories are obtainable in Calpheon Territory, are family-bound, and cannot be enhanced. The Set Bonus also works with Root Treant Accessories.
  -  Set Bonus (3 parts): DR +5
  -  Set Bonus (5 parts): weight capacity +100 LT


New Accessories, “Root Treant Accessory Set”, has been added.
  -  NPC Grandus, the Armor vendor at Calpheon, will sell the below accessories. The Set Bonus also works with Treant Spirit Accessories.
  -  Set Bonus (3 parts): DR +5
  -  Set Bonus (5 parts): weight limit +100 LT


New defense gear, Ultimate Dobart Set, has been added.
  -  Ultimate Dobart defense gear can be purchased from Grandus, the Armor Vendor at Calpheon.
  -  Ultimate Dobart defense gear have high base DP, but can only be enhanced up to +5.


New Defense Gear, “Rour’s Lost Defense Gear” has been added.
  -  Rour’s Lost Defense Gear is obtainable in Calpheon territory, are family-bound, and cannot be enhanced.
  -  Set Bonus (2 parts): Movement Speed Level +1
  -  Set Bonus (4 parts): Attack/Casting Speed Level +1, Max MP/SP/WP +30


Patrigio will not sell Black Stone (Weapon) and Black Stone (Armor) (single black stone only; 5 stones packages are still intact) anymore.

Ultimate Delphad Castillion’s Carnage Weapons are added.
  -  Obtainable by processing Delphad Castillion’s Carnage Weapons are Targark Steel Piece together.
  -  Ultimate Delphad Castillion weapons have two crystal sockets and cannot be enhanced.
  -  Base AP: 52~60
  -  Item Effects: Attack/Casting Speed Level +1, Critical Hit Level +1

You can exchange Latent Aura (of world bosses) with Memory Fragments after completing the Latent Aura quests.

You can exchange the following items (lootable from the monsters in Calpheon territory) with off-hand weapons.



You can no longer activate PK while on a Guild Elephant.
  -  You can still activate PK during Node/Conquest War.
  -  PK will automatically disabled if a character who activated PK gets on a Guild Elephant. (not applicable during Node/Conquest War)

New Tier 9 Legendary Horse, the Nightmare of Arduanatt, has been added.
  -  Nightmare of Arduanatt is a rare black pagesus with black wings.
  -  Nightmare of Arduanatt is obtainable through the Luxury Auction.

Arduanatt can now use Double Jump immediately after using S: Charge.

Tier 1 to 5 horses now have more chances of learning new skills.

Fortresses can no longer be built in Sarma Post, Mediah.

Queue system has been added for Savage Rift.
  -  You will be queued for the next Savage Rift in your current server.
  -  The queue system only works for a single player.
  -  Maximum of 10 players can be queued for a game in one server.
  -  A message will pop up for 1 minute when the queued player can join the next Savage Rift.

You can get a Weight Limit Buff from Black Spirit.
  -  Weight Limit +200 LT for 24 hours after completing the “Black Spirit’s Gift III” quest.
  -  The quest is not repeatable and can be completed once per family.

You can now get EXP even the level difference of you and your party member is more than 10.
  -  However, you cannot get any items.

New titles obtainable in Calpheon territory have been added.
  -  Subjugated the Mansha
  -  Subjugated the Rhutum
  -  Subjugated Treants



Desert Naga Temple has been buffed.
  -  Desert Naga Combatant will drop Serap’s Necklace.
  -  Desert Naga Combatant will drop Black Stone (Armor), instead of Black Stone (Weapon).
Monster population has increased.

Titium Valley has been buffed.
  -  Monster population has incrased and some monsters have been relocated.
  -  The drop rate for Serap’s Necklace has increased.
  -  Desert Fogan Seer and Desert Fogan Fighter will drop more Deser Fogan Helmet Fragments.
  -  Desert Fogan Hoppity will move faster, and will attack players on sight.
  -  Desert Fogan Fighters’ HP has decreased.
  -  You will no longer get Desert Disease in Titium Valley.

The monsters at Roud Sulfur Mine will drop different type of Black Stone.


Some Kamasylvian monsters were relocated so they do not interrupt auto pathing.

New Boss Monster, Vell, has been added.
  -  Vell appears in Vell’s Territory, north of Lema Island, in servers Epheria 1/2/3 on every Sunday from 22:00 to 24:00.
  -  A system message will pop up in Epheria server, and Vell will appear 30 minutes after the message pops up.
  -  A huge spray of water will damage players in Vell’s Territory before Vell appears.
  -  Vell can only take damage from cannons, and will summon “Rhoptus” to attack the ships that are shooting at Vell. Rhoptus can be killed with Hunting Matchlocks.
  -  Everyone in the party will be considered as a contributor. Even if you did not damage Vell and just controlled the ship, your contribution to the raid is not less than that of the other party members.
  -  There is no death penalty for dying while attacking Vell. You can respawn in either Lema Island (town) or the ocean nearby (node).
  -  Vell’s Fragments will remain at the location where Vell was killed. The party that dealt enough damage to Vell will be able to obtain the item. (obtainable while on a boat.)

Fixed an issue where Harpies could not fly in Savage Rift.

The number of Catapults and Phnyls has decreased in Savage Rift.

Attacking monsters with Matchlocks has become easier in Savage Rift.

Some monsters near node manaters in Calpheon territory have been relocated.

Fixed a bug with Marni’s Stone where samples were not collected.


[Quest and Knowledge]

New repeatable quests have been added in Kamasylvia Part 2 region.
  -  [Repeat] Arrogant Fadus
  -  [Repeat] Subjugate the leader
  -  [Repeat] Total War
  -  [Repeat] Feather of Ronaros
  -  [Repeat] How to use Spirit Stone Fragments
  -  [Repeat] A vicious protector of the forest

The following daily quests will not give Skill EXP.
  -  [Daily] Argos Black Crystal
  -  Pila Ku Jain Extermination
  -  Desert Fogan Extermination
  -  [Daily] Tasaila’s Message
  -  [Daily] Shandi’s Message
  -  [Daily] Atosa’s Message
  -  [Daily] Dudora’s Message
  -  [Daily] Oberin’s Message
  -  Mark of a Secret Organization
  -  [Daily] Bluish Sulfur
  -  [Daily] Power Engine of Ancient Weapons
  -  [Daily] Lost Piece of a Forbidden Book

New Daily quests have been added in Valencia.
  -  [Daily] A hostile species
  -  [Daily] To reclaim this land
  -  [Daily] Unforgettable Grudge
  -  [Daily] Time for some action
  -  [Daily] Suppression
  -  [Daily] Derangement
  -  [Daily] Deep Grudge
  -  [Daily] For Bolero
  -  [Daily] Order of the mine
  -  [Daily] Endless Threat
  -  [Daily] Overwhelming Power

The following quests will now give Combat EXP.
  -  [Defeat the Catfishmen II] Bigger means stronger, right?
  -  [Defeat the Catfishmen III] The bizarre Catfishman
  -  [Defeat the Catfishmen IV] Accepting Defeat
  -  [Defeat the Treants II] Odd Trees?
  -  [Defeat the Treants III] Huge Treants
  -  [Defeat the Treants IV] In order to prevent future damages
  -  [Abandoned Abbey I] Just say you’re scared
  -  [Abandoned Abbey II] An enemy who can use magic
  -  [Abandoned Abbey III] Call this a rescue?
  -  [Calpheon Shrine I] A dangerous patrol
  -  [Calpheon Shrine II] The vestiges of Kzarka
  -  [Calpheon Shrine III] Reduce their power
  -  [Hexe Sanctuary II] The truth behind the Witch Tower
  -  [Hexe Sanctuary III] A strong Skeleton
  -  [Hexe Sanctuary IV] Purifying Hexe Sanctuary

New series of “Black Spirit’s Gift” quests have been added.
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift II (Ultimate Castillion Weapon)
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift III (Weight Limit Buff) (once per family)

You can now accept the following quests at level 51.
  -  While preparing for Mediah
  -  A prophet of Altinova

“Leader of Altinova” (Mediah main quest) will give you Asula’s Crimson Eye Ring as a reward.

Life Skill quests in Balenos and Serendia will now give 2x more CP EXP. (not applicable to daily/repeatable quets.)

Only the guild leaders who have completed all Kamasylvia Part 1 main quests will be able to receive the [Boss] Watcher of Mirumok Ruins quest.

The “Watcher of Mirumok Ruins” quest will now appear as a repeatable quest.

During Awakening Quests, you now have to kill Manes instead of Wilderness Golems.

You can use the social action “Tasting Wine” after completing the “Trading Begins” quest or the “What I can do” quest.

Boss Summon Scrolls for Level 1 to 50 main quests will now glow when you open your inventory.

The auto path for the “Bring a Water Bottle” quest will now take you to a correct location.

Fixed an issue where you could not build another boat when you have completed the “Collecting Mediah Rowboat” quest.

You can now acquire Ferrina and Ferrica Knowledge by building Amity with Varielle (the Stable Keeper at Old Wisdom Tree)

Derek Nims will not appear as a question mark on the mini map even of you don’t have the knowledge.


[Graphical Effects and NPC]

Fall leaves have come to the world of Black Desert Online.

Franco Russo, the Luxury Auction Manager, has been added to Velia, Heidel, Altinova, Capital Valencia, and Grana.
  -  You can use the money in your storage to participate in the auction.

Fixed the glitch that happened while talking to the NPCs in Heidel.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Guardian of Edana.

A new graphical effect will show up when your Max HP, Skill Points, Energy, and Contribution Points increase.

Tafu, a wandering merchant who works for Shakatu, is selling Shataku's Precious Box (50 mil) and Shakatu's Rare Box (10 mil) in major cities. (KR-exclusive seasonal event)
  -  Shakatu's Boxes include random rewards such as enhanced accessories, boss gear, memory fragments, and alchemy stones. 



Added descriptions in the Social Action menu describing how to get certain social actions.

Information of the grind spots in Kamasylvia has been added in the worldmap.

The locations and size of certain buttons in the “Edit UI” menu have changed.

You can now customize the main menu.
  -  New players will start the game with the new main menu. Old players can use the customizable main menu by clicking the “Switch menu” button.

▲ When you click this button
▲ The main menu will change to look like this.


You can now find all storage keepers (except for the one in Valencia) using the “Find NPC” function



You can now purchase Weight Limit Increase coupon directly from your inventory.

The item is used up immediately after purchase, and non-refundable.

An allert message will pop up when the durability of your Matchlock goes low or you don’t have enough bullets.

The default setting for “Displaying Pets” has changed to “See my pets only”.

Fixed an issue where decreasing other players’ skill sounds also lowered your own skill sounds.

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Comments :9

  • 1

    level 1 BlackRuins


    Rip my hope for some musa buffs. @INVEN is there a a forum for KR, are PA listening to any suggestion for Musa buffs, let alone for any other class buff suggestions?  Also any ETA for inven Na/Eu where BDO comments from the western side are translated to korean so that the Devs can read out problems/suggestions too. 
    • 0

      level 1 BlackRuins


      *read out problems/suggestions too?

    • 0

      level 1 N0rthWind


      Exactly. I've been waiting for Musa buffs for over a year now. To hell with that, I'm rolling a Striker now. Let's just hope that they don't get nerfed just as much as Musas don't get buffed. -.-

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      I'm sorry for the delayed response :(

      Although not exactly the same, there is a page in BDO KR's official website that works as the Forum in the BDO NA/EU's official website.

      PA has mentioned in the recent developers' notes they are aware that certain classes are underpowered, and there will be some reworks for them in the near future. Unfortunately, it is not easy for us to directly contact the devs at PA, so we are trying to deliver the players' opinions (both KR and NA/EU) via different posts/articles since KR community and non-KR community have same opinions towards class balances. The devs are always checking the players' opinions, and Musa buffs are in the pipeline! I hope those buffs will arrive soon and work our really well :D

      Below is the link to the news where the devs mentioned Musa (and other classes too) buffs.

    • 0

      level 1 BlackRuins


      @Yullie, No problem, without Inven us western BDO players would be like clueless chickens not knowing the roadmap of BDO. All I can do is hope i guess, if I have any that is :^(

  • 0

    level 1 lunamoonraker


    Thanks a lot as ever for these English version KR Patch Notes. Really appreciated.

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie

      @lunamoonraker Thank you! Feedback, suggestion, and compliments are always welcome :) 
  • 0

    level 1 Akire_Satori


    Guys, how can I get that +200Lt buff? I don't have it at the black spirit menu.
    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      The buff is only available in the KR server atm. It lasts for 24 hours and available once per family. Look under "Quest" in the Black Spirit Menu, and you can find a quest named "Black Spirit's Gift III (weight buff)." You have to finish all the quests related to Calpheon to get this buff.

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