BDO KR Patch Notes Dec 21st: Lahn added, Ranger buffs, Free Maid, and other changes



New Event: Lahn Level Up Event
  -  From December 21st to January 11th.
  -  Level up your Lahn to receive tons of rewards!
  -  You will not get the Desert debuffs during the event period.

New Event: Christmas Event
  -  From December 21st to December 28th.
  -  Grow a Cron Tree and receive Grandpa Cron’s Gifts!

KR exclusive Events: Teen server event, Lahn buff event, and 3rd Anniversary event.



Enemies’ summoned creatures will not follow you anymore when you use Emergency Escape.

Fixed the graphical glitch with the lip part in the customization screen.

Pressing Q and W in non-combat stance will activate the “rolling” (escape) animation.

Weapons will not be visible during the “lying down” social action.

Blood physics in skill guide videos will appear as black.

Movement speed while holding Harpoons and Fishing Rods has increased.

Fixed the graphical glitches with the Santa Hat for the following classes.
  -  Warrior, Maehwa, Mystic, Tamer

Fixed the graphical glitches with the Grolia Hat for the following classes.
  -  Valkyrie, Sorceress, Kunoichi, Mystic

Damage that characters with 251 or more AP deal has increased.
  -  250 to 256 AP: 1.5% more damage
  -  257 to 259 AP: 2.6% more damage
  -  260 AP: 3.5% more damage
  -  261 to 262 AP: 4.5% more damage
  -  263 AP: 5% more damage
  -  264 to 266 AP: 5.7% more damage
  -  267 to 268 AP: 6.3% more damage
  -  269 and over: 7.2% more damage

Fixed an issue where you could not escape from an enemy’s grab with Emergency Escape.



The AoE of Reckless Blow will match the skill’s graphics.

Skill description of Great Sword Training has been edited.
  -  buff on good 2 horizontal slashes > buff on 2 horizontal slashes

Fixed the graphical glitch with Clead Armor.



Basic AP at Level 60 has increased by 9.
  -  PvE damage has increased as well.
  -  In order to keep PvP damage the same as before, PvP damage has increased by 2.8%.

Absolute: Evasive Shot will consume 100 stamina.

Aerial Evasive Shot will consume stamina in accordance with the skill’s rank.

Ultimate/SP/Absolute Charging Wind will have a skill cooldown.
  -  Ultimate/SP/Absolute Charging Wind will have Forward Guard when off cooldown.

You can now use Blasting Gust via entering additional key commands using Ultimate: Evasive Shot.
Press Q+W or Q+S while having Ultimate: Evasive Shot, and you will be able to use forward/backward Blasting Gust quickly.
  -  Blasting Gust used with the above commands will Knock Down enemies in PvP as well. (not available during cooldown.)

You can now use Ultimate: Descending Current by holding LMB after Descending Current.

Range of the following skills has increased.
  -  Tearing Arrow, Charging Wind, Pinpoint, Evasive Shot, Bow Skill, Razor Wind

Fixed an issue where the falling animation occurred when using Flow: Rushing Wind after Vine Knot.

Graphics of Nature’s Tremble and Regeneration were adjusted to match the skills’ actual AoE.

Fixed an issue where the target’s location was abnormal when the target was hit by Spirit’s Shackles.

Skill effect of Breezy Blade has changed.
  -  Invincible while moving > Invincible before attacking



Fixed an issue where the description regarding Super Armor was left out from Nightmare.

Fixed an issue where the “vibrating” effect after Dream of Doom with Black Spirit’s Rage was too long.

Fixed an issue where pressing the commands for Night Crow in Awakening stance after locking the skill activated Flow: Rushing Crow with an abnormal animation.



Fixed an issue where Rooting’s Bound after failing to grab did not work after learning Absolute: Rock Smash.

More graphics have been added when using Elastic Force after jumping.

Fixed an issue where the range of backward Giant Leap was shorter than intended.

The duration where the Berserker stays in the air after being pulled by an enemy while using Giant Leap has decreased.

Added a description to Rooting.
  -  Bound when the grab fails.



Fixed the animation glitch that occurred when switching to non-combat stance by pressing Tab in non-Awakening combat stance.



Fixed an issue where the description regarding Super Armor was left out from Elion’s Breath and Elion’s Blessing.

Fixed an issue where you could not use non-Awakening skills after using Divine Blow in Awakening stance.


[Wizard and Witch]

Mana Absorption, Blizzard, and Meteor Shower will now damage the area around the enemy that the Wizard/Witch targeted. (Except for Meteor Shower with Black Spirit’s Rage.)

Skill range of Mana Absorption, Blizzard, and Ultimate: Blizzard has increased.



Added a description regarding Accuracy to Sage’s Heart.

Default Portrait, default customization, and default look in Pearl Shop have changed to face type #7. (Young appearance)


[Ninja and Kunoichi]

You cannot use Ghost Step with Shift + W anymore.



Fixed an issue where Gardbrace covered Blazing Inferno Gloves.



Fixed the graphical glitch with Dream Laced Underwear.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Banha Helmet in certain templates.

Fixed an issue where Bheg’s Gloves were visible when wearing the Kibelius Awakening weapon costume.



New class, the Lahn, has been added.
  -  The Lahn is specialized in AoE attacks and combos with her weapon, the Crescent Pendulum.

Face type #4 (Preset for Lahn TV commercial model) has been added.

Face types #1, 3, 5 have been edited to look more natural.



Good Feed and Organic Feed will now be Green items.

Cheap Feed will now cost 3,000 silver.

Organic Feed will now weigh 0.20 LT.

New Quest Scrolls for Hunting Bosses have been added.
  -  [Hunting] Boss White Wolf Quest Scroll
  -  [Hunting] Boss King Brown Bear Quest Scroll

White Wolf Trap and King Brown Bear Trap have been added.
  -  You can Manufacture the traps with meat and Crafted Trap.
  -  Right click on the Trap to see the location of the bosses.

Stuffed White Wolf Head and Stuffed King Brown Bear Head have been added.

Fixed an issue where you could not buy an Awakening weapon box from Patrigio’s Shop.

Descriptions on how to use the item have been added to Alchemy Stones and Spirit Stones.

Descriptions on how to craft Spirit Essence have been added to Spirit Stone Fragments.

Book of Combat will now give a Skill EXP +20% buff.
  -  Book of Combat items that you already have will be affected by this change as well.
  -  The buff will not overlap with Combat/Skill exp scroll buffs.

(Event) Character name change coupon will be account-bound instead of character-bound.

You can now exchange 30 of Shakatu’s Seals for a Kutum sub-weapon box.

Descriptions regarding obtainable items have been added for the following items.
  -  Ancient Relic Crystal Shard
  -  Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll
  -  Forbidden Book
  -  Cartian Spell
  -  Scroll written in ancient language
  -  Pila Fe Spell
  -  Manshaum Voodoo Doll
  -  Manshaum Narc’s Stone

Marni’s Stone is now purchasable and usable at levels 62 and 63.
  -  However, you will get a very small amount of exp when you turn in Marni’s Stone at level 62 or over.

The time it takes to remove Fence, Fort, Command Post, Cannon, etc. has been reduced to 15 seconds.

Item cooldown will not be applied when you are putting items in Patrigio’s Costume Bag and Morco’s Gear Bag.



You can now get decoration points by placing props on fireplaces.

Feeding your pets has become more convenient.
  -  “Feed All” function has been added.
  -  You can click on the button next to each pet’s hunger gauge and choose the type of food that you want to feed. You can either spend 1 food, or spend multiple food at once to get max hunger gauge.
  -  “Feed one food”will consume 1 food.
  -  “Feed until full” will spend multiple food at once so the pet’s hunger gauge will be full.

Fixed an issue where campsites were in the air.

Fixed an issue where the players who left Savage Rift before Round 4 still appeared on the Savage Contribution window.

Leaving from Savage Rift, Red Battlefield, and Guild Battle will take you to your original spot.

Fixed an issue where spectators were visible in Guild Battle Round 1 and 2.

Fixed an issue where speed of gathering water became faster as Farming level goes up.

You will lose a maximum of 10 types of Trade items when your character/mount dies.
  -  This does not apply when you have more than 10 of the same type of item.



New Hunting Bosses, White Wolf and King Brown Bear, have been added.
  -  You can lure them with a Manufactured Trap.

Kamasylvia Scrub Stoneback Crabs near NPC Milden have been relocated to the spot in between the rocks nearby.

Monsters in Kamasylvia that blocked the path have been relocated.

World Bosses will disappear when their HP does not drop below 70% after 15 minutes they have spawned.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to aggro more than 6 monsters in the Forest Ronaros region.

The following monsters can now be pulled/pushed.
  -  Fadus Double Wielder
  -  Fadus Archer
  -  Fadus Shaman
  -  Fadus Warrior

The animation when Saunil Mobile Catapult is destroyed has become more natural.

Fixed the animation glitch when attacking a Forest Ronaros Scout that is not aggravated by the player.

The animation of Forest Ronaros chasing players has become more natural.

Upper 80% of participants will be able to loot World Bosses. All players who are within the range will have an equal chance of getting Weapon Boxes.


[Quest and Knowledge]

New daily quests that you can accept by spending Token of Hunter have been added.
  -  You will need 60 Tokens for 1 quest scroll.
  -  You can use the scroll to accept the newly added daily Hunting quests.
  -  [Daily] Boss White Wolf
  -  [Daily] Boss King Brown Bear
  -  You will need to Manufacture a luring Trap to summon the bosses.

The required Trade level needed to accept the quest chain that starts with “To the Wild Desert!” has changed to Artisan 1.

The NPC that gives the “To the Wild Desert” quest has changed to Ashim.

Quest objective of “Have you ever done this before?” has changed to acquiring certain Knowledge by talking to Ashim.

New Knowledge, Token of Desert Trading, has been added.

New Black Spirit Quest that gives a free Maid has been added.
  -  Talk to the Black Spirit with a character that is level 52 or over.
  -  You can choose between Storage Maid Fairy Irene and Transaction Maid Fairy Irene.
  -  You cannot change the type of Maid once you have selected one.
  -  The quest is available once per account.

The condition to accept the General’s accessories quest has changed to between level 53 to 61.
  -  Quest objective has changed, and new Knowledges associated with the quest chain have been added.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Some NPCs are dressed up in winter costumes.

Winter-themed loading screens and graphics have been added.

Fixed an issue where the screen became dark upon entering certain areas near Valencia castle.

Fixed the unnatural gauge animation when training a Courser.

Fixed an issue where the gatherable objects near Heidel Arena were not visible.

Graphical effects will be optimized in accordance with Graphic Settings.

Fixed an issue where water was visible on land.

Wooden fences in Trina Fort have been removed for better movement.

Fixed an issue where you could not auto-path to Altinova Wharf manager.

Fixed an issue where the character occasionally swam near the wall in Mediah Castle.

Fixed an issue where certain spots in Glutoni Cave appeared as if they were under water.

Fixed the flickering Christmas decorations.

Christmas music will be playing in major cities.



Pressing F1 will now open Wiki instead of keyboard shortcut guide.

Using Beer with quick slot will now open the Worker menu.

Fixed an issue where Margoria appeared as a Node War area on the World Map.

The “Purchase” button in the Marketplace window has become larger.

Fixed an issue where the “Enhance” button was active when no materials were added.

Fixed the text error in the Enhancement menu.
  -  Sub-weapons can be enhanced up to +5 safely > Sub-weapons can be enhanced up to +7 safely



Teenage Server has been added.
  -  It is a separate server where only 15 to 18 year olds can play.
  -  The teenage server is only open from 6:00 to 24:00.
  -  The teenage server has some differences from the regular servers, like less blood physics. Certain costumes are not available in the teenage server.

Fixed an issue where the class icon on the screenshot in the Beauty Album did not match the actual class.

A system message will pop up when you use Pet Food when your pets have full hunger gauge.

New sound effects have been added when you try to enhance an item, when enhancement fails, and when enhancement is successful.

Friendly keepers will not appear as a “powerful monster” on the mini map.

You can now auto-path to Hope Ferry.


MORE BDO READS: Lahn Skill Videos - How far will she go using her Pendulum Waltz



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    level 1 Constantin83

    You can now exchange 30 of Shakatu’s Seals for a Kutum sub-weapon box. Took them some time to add that. But hey, good that we have it now. Also, thanks a lot for the great work you guys are doing ! Merry Xmas and happy new year!

  • 0

    level 1 Kapi_Heartlilly

    Ranger Buffs, I must be dreaming, hopefully they help fix the core issue, and that is, Our bow sucks too much to even risk currently, hope to see some video's soon from Korea.

  • 0

    level 1 Ravengaard


    Can we please have some clarification on what this section meens:

    You can now use Blasting Gust via entering additional key commands using Ultimate: Evasive Shot.
    Press Q+W or Q+S while having Ultimate: Evasive Shot, and you will be able to use forward/backward Blasting Gust quickly.
    - Blasting Gust used with the above commands will Knock Down enemies in PvP as well. (not available during cooldown.)


    Will this replace the cameralock Q-spam for movement forward and backward?

    Will the spam knockdown? (First in a series of attacks with the first one not on cooldown)

    • 0

      level 1 That_Guy


      Yes it replaces the camera lock technique, and the skill stays on cooldown if you spam it, so only the first Q will knockdown, but because you're spamming it it will never go off cooldown.

  • 0

    level 1 mario9785ify


    That's nice and all, but can lahn get T H I C C like ranger and dark knight?

    • 0

      level 1 jameswol


      sadly no, Ran cant be THICC :S

  • 0

    level 1 Lightbulb01

    Did the hunger recovery for Cheap Feed change or does it still only recover 12 hunger even though it costs 6 times as much now?

  • 0

    level 1 That_Guy

    Would it be possible to get some info on these "crafted traps" and the Hunting boss traps? Like what materials are used to make them, etc...

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