BDO KR Patch Notes April 17th - Combat UI and Exploration UI mode added



Weekend EXP Boost Hours
  -  From April 17th to May 29th
  -  Combat EXP +200% and Skill EXP +40% buffs on the weekends!

Loyal Attendance Rewards
  -  From April 18th to May 29th
  -  Enjoy the attendance rewards of April and May!

Daily playhours Event
  -  From April 18th to April 24th
  -  Play BDO for 3 hours everyday and get Blessed Message Scrolls!
  -  1 Hour : High-Quality Food Box (Event)
  -  2 Hours : Cron Stone x10
  -  3 Hours : Blessed Message Scroll (100 min) x1



Red Battlefield has been improved.
  -  The amount of Combat and Skill EXP you can get from Red Battlefield has increased.

  -  GS cap for money rewards (GS 400 to 499 - 2 mil silver, GS over 500 - 2.5 mil silver) has been removed.

Red Battlefield reward has increased.
  -  Victory : 6 million silver
  -  Loss : 4 million silver

You can now craft more crystals with Red Seals, which you can obtain in Red Battlefield.
  -  Red Spirit’s Crystal
  -  Red Battlefield Crystal - Harphia
  -  Red Battlefield Crystal - Cobelinus
  -  Red Battlefield Crystal - Viper
  -  Red Battlefield Crystal - Hystria
  -  Red Battlefield Crystal - Carmae
  -  Red Battlefield Crystal - Addis
  -  Extra damage to Humans for Red Battlefield Crystal - Power has increased by 1.

AP/DP Limits for limited Red Battlefield has changed.

The maximum number of War Heroes that can participate in the Node War has been set.
  -  Tier 1 : 0
  -  Tier 2 : 3
  -  Tier 3 : 5
  -  Tier 4 : 10
  -  There are no limits on how many War Heroes can participate in the Conquest War.

When you fail to register an item to the Central Market due to Market Storage weight limit or network error, the time it takes to re-register the same item has decreased from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.

The message that is displayed when you fail to transfer items between inventory/storage to market storage will include the remaining seconds.


[All Classes]

The button to go underwater while swimming has changed to Q.
  -  A guide related to this function has been added.
  -  You can press Q to go underwater while floating on water as well.
  -  The button to recover Stamina while swimming has changed to F.

Swimming underwater will look more natural.

Fixed the issue where the Dark Rift was available when you have a Premium Character even when you don’t have any level 56 or above characters.



Fixed the issue where the Warrior switched back to non-combat stance after climbing up a wall in non-awakening combat stance.



Fixed the abnormal animation that occurred when pressing Q and E together while using Divider III.

Fixed the issue where Absolute: Cyclone Slash could not be used after Whirlwind Cut: Cyclone.

Fixed the issue where the cooldown of Whirlwind Cut: Cyclone was applied when you use Rising Storm by pressing S+LMB+RMB during Cyclone Slash.



The animation of Cyclone Slash used as a combo after Whirlwind Cut: Cyclone has changed.

Fixed the issue where an abnormal message was displayed and the character could not move when the Maehwa uses Maehwa’s Spirit in Tiger Blade stance.

Fixed the issue where an abnormal message was displayed and the character could not move when the Maehwa uses Roundhouse Kick after Blind Thrust I.


[Wizard and Witch]

When using Teleport, the falling animation will be displayed only when the landing spot is more than 10 meters above the ground.



The icons for Pearl costume sets will be different based on the type of the costume set. (Classic/Awakening/Premium/Functional)

Epheria Marine Weapon/Costume Set and New Year Hanbok Costume Set will be Orange-grade items.

Descriptions regarding cooldown have been added to the item tooltip of Archaeologist's Map and Explorer’s Map.

Fixed the typos in the descriptions of certain Pearl items.

The following text has been added to Striker and Mystic’s Fishing Suit and Diving Suit.
  -  Main weapon, sub-weapon, and awakening weapon will be invisible when this costume is equipped.

Matchlock mechanics have been improved. You can fire three times consecutively after loading, and the amount of damage you can deal within the same period of time has increased. However, you cannot use a matchlock without loading through quickslots anymore.
  -  All Matchlocks can be reloaded while the character is moving.
  -  Bullet UI will be displayed when you equip Quest/Hunting Matchlock. (Same UI as the Trina Matchlock Bullet UI)
  -  The maximum times you can fire a Matchlock has increased from 2 to 3. (Applied to mounted combat as well)
  -  Hunting Matchlock can be fired after loading.

The weight limit buff for [Guild] Enhanced Plating and Enhanced Blue Plating has changed.


The Dark Rift will be located slightly higher from the original spot, so it doesn’t block the sight during combat.

New pattern have been added for the following quest boss monsters.
  -  Biraghi, Kelcas, Dim Tree Spirit, Black Mane, Illezra’s Servant, Mad Scientist’s Assistant, Kavali

Griffon’s scratch and continuous scratch attack will not cause knock back anymore.



When Arduanatt lands by pressing S while using Wings of Wind/Wings of Freedom, he will land immediately without jumping into the air.

The damage that Siege Ogres/Trolls deal to Horses has decreased.

The animation of Siege Trolls when they are summoned will look more natural.

HP of guild mounts (Elephant, Ballista, Siege Tower, Ogre, and Troll) will be synchronized when the combat starts.


[Quest and Knowledge]

Quest description for [Villa] Freshly Scooped Cold Water has been added.

Trading quests are removed.

The Knowledge “Seal of Caphras”, which was unable to be obtained due to the renewed main quests, will be obtainable.

You can obtain the knowledge as a reward for the quest “Thing he left”.
  -  If you have completed the quest already, talk to NPC Philance in Caphras Cave.

The condition to get Adventurer’s Tome again from the Black Spirit has changed.
  -  If you have completed the quest “Black Spirit’s Gift (Adventurer’s Tome) and do not have the item, you can receive Adventurer’s Tome again from the Black Spirit with any characters above level 1.

Fixed the issue where the Knowledge button was still displayed when talking to certain NPCs even when you have the Knowledge.

Awkward dialogues of the NPCs in Ahib Conflict Zone have been fixed.



When you create a character, 5 recommended skills will be automatically added to quickslot #3 to #7.

  -  Skills you haven’t learned will still be added, and will be active when you learn the skill.
-  You will be able to change the location of the slots.
  -  Skills that are in the skill guide widget will be the skills that are added to quickslots.

Combat Mode and Exploration Mode have been added.
  -  In the Combat Mode, only the minimum necessary UI will be displayed so you can focus on action better.
  -  In the Exploration Mode, all UI will be displayed at the top so you can see better when exploring different area of Black Desert.
  -  You can also apply photo filters for better visuals.
  -  You can set the mode in Menu > Edit UI.

▲ Combat UI Mode
▲ Exploration UI Mode

The icons for certain guild buffs have changed.

The message windows that are displayed in the following situations have been redesigned.
  -  When new skills are available
  -  When new skills are acquired
  -  When Skill Enhancement is done
  -  When a higher-grade item is obtained
  -  When new area is discovered
  -  When a node is activated
  -  When new Knowledge is obtained
  -  When your mounts level up
  -  When your mounts have learned a new skill
  -  When Contribution Points are obtained
  -  When Workers are hired
  -  When Processing/Crafting is successful
  -  When your life skill level increases
  -  When skill points and guild scores are obtained
  -  When new guild skills are acquired.

When purchasing Pearls, Pearl Items, and Loyalty Point items, the name of the item and the amount of the item will the notification window will be visually clearer.

The size of the text at the top of the screen when playing wagon mini game has been adjusted.

A new feature where the Black Spirit guides you through the main quests you haven’t received yet has been added.

Extract Failstacks button will be displayed on the Enhancement window only.

The window for Lakiaro mini game has been redesigned.

A responsive graphical effect will be displayed on the skill guide widget when you use the skills that are on the widget.

More UIs have been improved to not take any memory.

Fixed the issue where the icon for the Conquest War monsters summoned through Dark Contract were still visible on the areas that are liberated.

The function to see what items are in the ships/wagons by clicking on the icon will be disabled temporarily.

The amount of remaining silver in the Market Storage will be displayed at the bottom of the Central Market window after purchasing an item.

The location of the “Find in Pearl Shop” button has moved to the top of the “Purchase” button.

The size of the scroll bar in the Central Market has been adjusted.

Fixed the issue where the icon for Luanwulf costume was not properly displayed in the Web Central Market.

You can now zoom in, zoom out, and spin the characters in the character selection screen.
  -  Use the mouse wheel and RMB.

In Arsha server, the location of the Red Battlefield Icon will change as you turn on or turn off the mini map.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

The title of NPC Izella has changed from Herb Vendor to Innkeeper.

Navigation to NPC Nerman has been disabled.



You can now send your horse to the stable at Northwestern Gateway.

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