BDO KR Patch Notes May 3rd: Class Balance Change & New Changes Made to Conquest War Rules

※ The translation of names are temporary translations and will be changed when the official terms are released.


The Horse of May! Event will be added.
  -  Period: After the maintenance on May 3rd ~ Before the maintenance on May 17th
  -  Mount Experience +100% buff and Courser Awakening materials! An event for horses only!

The ‘It’s Raining Enhancements’ Drop Event will be added.
  -  Period: After the maintenance on May 3rd ~ Before the maintenance on May 17th
  -  The drop rate of Enhancement items will be increased!! Enjoy the bliss of good looting!

The ‘It’s Raining Enhancements’ Drop Event is an event for novice adventurers who enjoy playing Black Desert Online and was prepared in order to help lessen the burden of enhancing equipment and leveling while providing a variety of adventures within Black Desert Online.

You can obtain enhanced equipment and accessories by killing monsters in the grinding areas of each region during the event.

We hope that this event helps novice adventurers reduce the difficulty found in playing Black Desert Online and lets them find fun in growing and enhancing further throughout this event.

The ‘Caphras Stone GET!’ event will begin as a daily login reward.
  -  Period: From May 4th 12 AM ~ June 7th 12 PM
  -  Now is the chance to obtain the new May daily login rewards, Caphras Stone, and Courser Awakening materials!


Changed the way CC is applied during freeze.
  -  The CC effect will be calculated as being applied 1 time when hit by a skill with a freeze effect.
  -  When a CC effect is applied for the first time, you will be immune to the same CC effect for 1 second.
  -  When the total number of CC effects applied goes over 2, immunity to CC will be applied for 5 seconds, except for Smash.
※ Knockout/Knockback/Knockdown/Floating/Bound/Grab/Freeze: 1 time, Stun: 0.7/1

The damage increase rate of Air Attacks has been decreased from 250% to 200%.
  -  Air Attacks had a low chance to be activated before but now have become easier to activate due to the new change in the CC effect application. We changed the increase rate to go along with this although the decrease amount is not large since the requirement for activation remains.

  -  The damage increase rate will decrease by 30% from the above rate in PvP just as before.

The damage of the Grab skills has increased.
  -  Most of the Grab skills were designed to get the upper hand in PvP (especially in 1vs1), but that benefit decreased with the change to the CC effect application. Thus, they were changed so that their damage is increased and they can be used in a skill combo as damage inflicting skills.
  -  For more details, please refer to the descriptions for each class.

Changed the way the targets became bound by force upon failing to grab; to be applied only in PvE for the following classes:

Berserker, Valkyrie, Ninja, Kunoichi

※ We are trying to make an even more fair and fun PvP environment for adventurers by improving the CC effect application while reducing the gaps between classes. In order to do so, we would like to announce our plans for next week’s changes.


■ The Black Spirit’s Rage consuming effect (Z) will be changed to become the same for all classes.
  -  Different effects have been applied so far to go with each class’ characteristics. This was done so that each character’s unique traits would stand out; but in light of player opinion, we decided that promoted class gaps instead of reducing them. We will be applying the same effect to all classes when consuming Black Spirit’s Rage. We will go into details on the effect that will be applied in the next announcement.

■ It will be changed so that the CC effects will be activated only on the first hit of all skills and won’t be affected by the Evasion stat.
  -  The way CC effects are applied was designed back when the Accuracy stat was less influential than it is now in early Black Desert Online. In the current system, the target hit will ignore all damage, including the CC effect upon successful evasion. So, the characters that managed to increase the Evasion stat to an extreme point could move about freely even when fighting against several targets. In order to prevent this from happening, the CC effect was changed to activate individually on all skill hits, reducing the target’s evasion rate. Additionally, the attacker was able to get definite feedback for each attacking movement they made, which improved how the players felt about attacks.
  -  However, as time went by, the Accuracy stat for all became balanced through buffs, making most of the attacks valid and creating a different problem; it was hard to feel the actual resistance effect from the defender’s perspective compared to the stat, even if they had as high a CC Resistance as they could. For example, even if you got Knockdown Resistance to 60%, the actual Resistance rate would drop to about 12% when the Knowndown effect was activated 2~5 times for one skill. On the other hand, all Grab skills were reliant on 1 hit, making the value of their Resistance stat higher in comparison, and this would create a gap between certain classes that mainly used Grab skills.
  -  We thought that these unbalanced factors made the game even harder to play and decided to make a change. By making the CC effects be applied only on the first hit of the skill, there was a chance for players to counter enemy CC skills more efficiently than before. However, we thought that if the rules for the Evasion stat remained same, its efficiency would be too high, so we had to change it along with the new CC effect change.
  -  From now on, the attack damage will only be influenced by the Evasion stat, and the CC effect by the CC Resistance stat. This means that one of the two, damage or CC effect, will be valid, or both could be valid or invalid upon hit. However, in cases where you evaded the damage but were hit by the CC, the minimum damage (5%) set for the skill will be in effect together. We hope that you will be able to feel the difference between your choice of items and crystals through this, making the gear settings more fun for you.

■ Along with these changes, there will be more later:
  -  We will be reducing the gap between classes by changing the damage of Black Spirit’s Rage skills.
  -  The distance the character moves will be reduced during the Knockdown and Knockback effects.
  -  Improvements will be made so that a skill cannot have both a CC effect and Super Armor/Forward Guard in order to build a more circumspect PvP environment, (However, this will take a very long time)



Increased the damage and number of hits for Take Down.

The Stun effect forced on the target upon failing to grab will be applied only on PvE.

Due to the change made to the CC effect application, the name of Double Take Down has been changed to Strong Take Down and the skill has been changed as well.
  -  The skill animation has been removed, and additional damage will be automatically applied when using Take Down after learning Strong Take Down.
  -  Strong Take Down damage: 1324 x 1

Fixed the issue where Charging Slash I could be used during the defense stance.


The damage for Spirit’s Shackles has been increased.
  -  454% x 2 → 998% x 2

Added Forward Guard to walking backward during Awakening stance.

Fixed the issue where stamina was consumed twice when using Vine Knot.

Fixed the issue where the armor part of the Marod Star costume would appear awkward in certain customizations.

Fixed the issue where Ultimate: Evasive Shot could not be used consecutively in the air after using Evasive Explosion Shot.


Fixed the issue where the target would be healed upon using Midnight Stinger with Guilty Conscience and Eruption of Guilt learnt.


The damage for Smack Down has been increased.

The Smash Hit Damage for Rock Smash has been increased and the number of hits will no longer appear as 1 hit in the skill description.

The Dash Hit Damage for Absolute: Rock Smash has been increased.
  -  231% x 1 → 451% x 1

The damage and number of hits for Rooting have been increased.
849% x 2 → 1427% x 3

The damage for Corpse Storm has been increased and the word Damage in Extra Hit Damage has been changed to Maximum Damage.

The Knockback-related part of the description in Corpse Storm has been removed since the effect wasn’t applied.

Fixed the issue where only 4 hits of Flow: Ancient Wave would be applied.

The PvP damage for Flow: Slugfest has been reduced by 13.9%.

Added Forward Guard to walking backward when in Combat and Awakening stance.

The effect of the target hit will now appear properly when using Smack Down IV.

Changed so that the Skill Add-On effect for Smack Down II, III, IV will be applied only on the first successful hit.

You can now transition to other skills more smoothly when using Elastic Force while moving left or right.

Fixed the issue where Headbutt and Beastly Wind Slash could not be used consecutively after using Ultimate: Storming Beast.


The damage for Soaring Kick has been increased.



The damage and number of hits for Punishment have been increased.



The damage and number of hits for Flame Knot have been increased.
428% x 2 → 1027% x 3

Added Forward Guard to walking backward during the Awakening stance.

【Kunoichi & Ninja】

The damage for Suicide Fall has been increased.



The damage for Flash Bondage has been increased and the damage reduction effect in PvP has been removed.
  -  428% x 2 → 1027% x 3

Fixed the issue where the CC effect would be applied twice when using Flash Bondage.


The damage for Massive Suppression has been increased.

The damage for Hell Break has been increased.
  -  1138% x 1 → 1935% x 1

Fixed the issue where the back part of the head would appear awkward when wearing the Lahr Arcien Hat.


The damage for Binding has been increased.


The damage for Spirit Grasp has been increased.
  -  540% x 5 → 724% x 5

Fixed the issue where the CC effect would be applied twice when using Spirit Grasp.


The icon for the Rakshande Vambrace in the Pearl Shop has been changed.

Fixed the issue where the Barricades crafted in the Siege Weapon Workshop couldn’t be sold to Regular Shops.

The prices of the items sold by the NPC Guild Military Supplies Manager have been changed due to the balance change on Node War/Conquest War.
  -  [Guild] Siege Defense Tower: 150,000 → 500,000 Silver
  -  [Guild] Wooden Fence: 100,000 → 500,000 Silver
  -  [Guild] Barricade: 25,000 → 50,000 Silver

4 new furniture you can obtain by butchering after hunting have been added.

Changed the name Item Collection Increase Scroll to Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 minutes).

The cooldown for Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 minutes) has been changed to 30 minutes.

Item Collection Increase Scroll (30 minutes) has been added.
  -  You can change 1 Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 minutes) into 2 Item Collection Increase Scroll (30 minutes) using Production - Simple Alchemy.
  -  You can change 2 Item Collection Increase Scroll (30 minutes) into 1 Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 minutes) using Production - Simple Alchemy.
  -  However, you cannot change event items.
  -  Both Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 minutes) and (30 minutes) will share the same cooldown, and the current effect will be overlapped by the effect of the latest used item.


There is now no gap between the storage and the character when the character is leaning on it while on the Epheria Frigate.

Fixed the issue where the Mount summoned by other character does not appear in the Stable.

Fixed the issue where the effect did not appear when using horse’s Instant Accel and S: Instant Accel.

The movement speed of the Medium/Large Siege Tower available for use during the Conquest War has been increased by 50%.

Made an improvement so that the Incentive level paid out before will be saved for each guild member in the Guild Incentive Payout Window.
  -  The saving will start with the Incentive paid out after today's patch.

180 days and 365 days have been added to the duration when signing and renewing guild contracts.

Fixed the issue where you could actually take out items over 100 LT unlike the Storage Maid’s item description.

Items obtained when killing the boss monster in the Savage Rift and rewards are given out in boxes through mail after the Savage Rift is completed. (The basic Silver rewards are given out separately)

The following items have been removed from the list of items that can be obtained after killing bosses in each level of the Savage Rift while the amount of Silver gained has been increased, and the drop rate for Black Stone and Mutant Enhancer has been increased.
  -  Imp Amulet Ornament, Imp’s Torn Ornament, Red Nose’s Blade Fragment, Broken Goblin Amulet, Giath’s Mask Fragment, Altar Imp’s Trumpet, Altar Imp’s Flag, Bheg’s Iron Mace Fragment, Fogan Webfoot, Red Orc Nose Ring, HP Potion (Medium), Metal Armor Fragment

The rehearsal for the Conquest War Season 5 will be open again on May 6th.

The rules for the Conquest War Season 5 have changed.



Poacher and Treasure Chest has been added to following areas in Kamasylvia.
  -  Polly’s Forest, Fadus Garrison, Navarn Steppe, Manshaum Forest, Ancient Mirumok Ruins, Tooth Fairy Forest, Gyfin Rhasia Temple
  -  A message that says ‘Poachers are moving suspicious chests nearby’ will appear for nearby players when the Poacher and Treasure Chest appear.
  -  You will be able to obtain one of the following reward items including Silver when killing the Poachers and destroying the Treasure Chest, and each item can be exchanged for Peridot
Fruit or Tree from NPC in Grana.
  -  Valtara Halidom Fragment: Peridot Fruit x 1
  -  Crogdallo’s Tear: Peridot Fruit x 10
  -  Gyfin Rhasia Earth Statue: Peridot Tree x 1
  -  Kamasylve Fruit of Harmony: Peridot Tree x 10
※ You can sell Peridot Fruit and Tree for 100,000 and 10,000,000 Silver to NPCs.

Fixed the issue where the Nybrica appearing in Sherekhan’s Grave during the daytime does not move sometimes.

A new Chief Gatekeeper, Kvariak, had been added to Tshira Ruins in Drieghan.
  -  Hunting in a party is recommended since Kvariak is very powerful, and up to 5 people can obtain rewards.

New hunting animals have been added to Drieghan.
  -  South of Himutt Lumber Camp: Drieghan Male Goat, Drieghan Female Goat
  -  West of Dorman Lumber Camp: Yaak, Llama

You can randomly get Stuffed ornaments by butchering the hunting animals.

The location of certain animals has been changed.

Skinning Drieghan Goats will now net you tough hide instead of soft hide.

The Griffin’s and Jaguar’s detection range has been decreased by 20%.

The following stats on the Griffin and Jaguar have been increased: Life by 20%, Attack by 6%, and Defense by 8%.

Now Knockdown is applied on the first hit and no CC effect is applied on hits afterwards when Narc Brishka’s Voraro, summoned with Manshaum Narc’s Stone and Awakened Manshaum Chief Summon Scroll, uses consecutive jumping attacks.

【Quest, Knowledge】

Fixed the issue where the quest icon for ‘Luck Test II’ in Mediah does not match the quest summary.

Knowledge for Kvariak, a new Chief Gatekeeper in Tshira Ruins in Drieghan, has been added.

【Gameworld, NPC & Effects】

Fixed the issue where the character would abnormally move into the stone in Gavinya Volcano Zone.

Changed the awkward part in the lines of certain Drieghan NPCs.

Fixed the issue where the camera angle on certain NPCs in the Marak Farm appeared awkward.


Ultimate Akum Armor’s description on “Repair to Max. Durability” has been corrected.

The icon for Transportation - Cargo ship has been changed.

When declaring a guild war, the notification that warned you of possible penalties will no longer appear.


Even when you’re not at 100% health, if your internet connection is interrupted in unnatural ways, the game will attempt to reconnect.

The bug which disconnected you when attempting to move from the in-game menu to character-selection screen has been fixed.

When logging into a character in possession of a fairy with the “Feathery Steps” skill, you will no longer be warned that you’re over-encumbered.

The bug which classified a guild member’s death as a union member’s death in Node Wars has been fixed.

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    Thank you for the hard work !

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    level 1 davidiven

    1v1 GM is stupid imo considering how unbalance 1v1 is right now

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    are any news about global official web site for feed back in class balance where players can writeе their suggestion??

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      I'm sorry but there is no official website where players can leave feedback on the class balance yet T^T Perhaps you could try leaving a post in the official website forum ( or send them an e-mail to…

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    BDO the game where they didn't think evasion was dead enough so they kicked it while it was on the ground. And they make every class the same, bye bye diversity.

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    I'm glad that such big changes and fixes are happening once again ????

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    thanks for the translation. I wait to see all changes and final version. Now, I have the impression that they go from ideas to ideas without necessarily following a way.

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    So, they could make evasaion a accuracy relevant again by making the cc only aply in the first hit.... but then they make that if u dodge u can get cced anyway....
    so yeah, y dodge the atack, but suddnely i'm stuned or on the ground... makes no sense.

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    Dafuq is this DK pic?There arent even dk changes in the patch noted!

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      no dk change for about half a year already ffs. yet dk pics are everywhere, but class is ded

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      Apperantly KR believes DK is good class design O.o

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    Keep on destroying the game. Way to go Kakao / Pearl Abyss. Thats not balancing the Classes thats make PVP casual and destroying the game for Combo classes like Sorc/Tamer/Ninja/Kuno. Everyone is rerolling to a brawler class right now like Warrior/Valk/Striker/ Mystic.


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    Seriously, who is asking for all these extremely awful changes they keep making? If it's KR, please stop listening to them because they have no clue what they're talking about. Listen to the regions with bigger player bases please like NA and EU.

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    Just stop D:

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    i dont know way but every class gets a buff only sorceress gets noting what is that ! ????

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    i like how resist crystals now has value, but they are really butchering the pvp system

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    Dang those pvp changes...also rip sorc.

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    Hello, please tell us about the rehearsal of the war on Saturday

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    Can you let us know what's the kr reaction to the suggested changes where they plan to make each skill have either cc or sa/guard?
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    Why not leave the CC-System like it used to be and get rid of this Mystic Class?!

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    I think many people don't get that those changes are just a part of the entire balancing course. With ttodays update we have 2 out of the 4 changes they want to implement and I think it's goingin the right direction. Next they want to reduce the amount of CC skills.
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    @meii pls tell me the tier pvp list in kr now!

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      Since updates including balance changes and CC changes like Super Armor keeps coming so it’s hard to come up with a pvp tier list right now. There probably will be another balance update next week so we might have to see. Please wait!

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    excited to see where this goes

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    These f***ers clearly don't know what they're doing. They're taking away all the fun elements of black desert and they turn this game into a "newb" friendly game, which is NOT the purpose of an MMO. Maybe read the forums once in a while and see what the EU/NA community has to say about it. You people who agree to these changes are not well in the head.

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