BDO KR Patch Notes Mar 8th: Drieghan, New Gear, Gathering mini game, New Crystals, New Meals&Elixirs



New Event: Drieghan Expedition Party
  -  Get Drieghan Treasure Boxes in Drieghan and win rare items!

New Event: New semester, new Bags!
  -  New Bag items including Clorince’s Travel Bag will be available for sale in the Pearl Shop.

New Event: Life Skill boost hours in March
  -  Gain additional mount exp and Training exp, and turn in horses for Imperial Training to win bonus items!



Fixed an issue where the following characters’ costumes had graphical glitches during a certain animation.
  -  Sorceress, Ranger, Maehwa, Valkyrie, Witch, Kunoichi, Dark Knight

The skills that cannot be used by quick slots will not be used by quick slots even when they are put on the quick slots.



Graphics for Penetrating Wind have changed.

Fixed an issue where Penetrating Wind could not deal damage properly when there were geographical features behind the player.



The phrase “will push monsters on good hits” has been removed from the skill description of Feral Push. (The effect was never actually applied.)



Fixed an issue where letting go of the Shift key too early during Trembling Area made the Tamer use Rage Transfer and cancel Trembling Area.



Fixed the graphical glitches with Sileshi Underwear and Kibelius Armor.


[Dark Knight]

Fixed an issue where Vedir’s Heart recovered 10 HP and MP even when the skill did not hit.

Fixed the awkward graphics in non-combat awakening stance when wearing Heidel Masquerade Dress.

Fixed the graphical glitches with Sin Terrna Armor and Heled Shoes.



Fixed an issue where the Striker could not get 30 Martial Spirit Shards.



Fixed an issue where Kibelius Gloves had multiple parts for dying.

Fixed the graphical glitches with Kibelius Armor and Le Vladian Underwear.



The items for Valentine’s Event can only be used by Level 16 or over characters.

Chenga - Sherekhan’s Wisdom Tome, an upgraded version of Magic Tome, has been added.
  -  Mix Crystal of Chenga Wisdom and Faint Glowing Magic Tome via Simple Alchemy to get Chenga - Sherekhan’s Wisdom Tome.
  -  Cryatal of Chenga Wisdom is obtainable by completing a newly added quest, “the Song of Hum”.
  -  You can accept “The Song of Hum” after completing the quest “Black Spirit’s Gift (Faint Glowing Magic Tome)” from NPC Aljai at Makalod Hills.
  -  Chenga-Sherekhan’s Wisdom Tome will give a buff that will grant you additional buffs for certain quests. The buff will give 30% more combat exp, 20% more prognyl’s silver bars, and 150m longer exploration distance.

New Marni’s Stones have been added.
  -  Marni’s Stone (Gaktum)
  -  Marni’s Stone (Sherekhan’s Grave - Day)
  -  Marni’s Stone (Sherekhan’s Grave - Night)
  -  Marni’s Stone (Tshira Ruins)

New item, Fossil of a Dragon’s Scale has been added.
  -  Obtainable anywhere in Drieghan
  -  You can exchange 30 Fossils with +20 Valks’ Advice from NPC Valks in Calpheon.

New craftable Awakening weapons, Hugol weapons (Blue) and Dragon Slayer weapons (Yellow), have been added.
  -  Hugol weapons and Dragon Slayer weapons can be crafted at Duvencrune 5.
  -  Blueprints for Dragon Slayer are obtainable by completing a daily quest given by Hugol, the blacksmith in Duvencrune. (Must be level 16 or over)
  -  Materials other than the blueprints are obtainable by crafting.

New Blue Armor set, Ahkum Armor Set, has been added.
  -  Ahkum Armor set will drop in Drieghan, and will have the same level of defensive features as the Grunil or Rocaba Armor sets.
  -  Ahkum Armor set will have set bonuses with blue awakening weapons.
  -  3 pieces: All Evasion +5
  -  4 pieces: Max HP +150, All DR +5
  -  5 pieces: All AP +7
  -  Ahkum Armor set can be reformed with Ultimate Armor Reform Stones.

New type of Magic Crystals, Set Magic Crystals, have been added.
  -  Set Magic Crystals can be added to all sockets, and will have set bonuses when 2 pieces and 4 pieces are equipped. (You can get the set bonus for 4 pieces on top of the set bonus for 2 pieces.)
You can craft (simple alchemy) 1 JIN/BON/WON crystal and 3 Gamos’ Scales together to get a more powerful Set Magic Crystal, the Power/Kang Set Magic Crystal. (Gamos’ Scales are obtainable by grinding in Drieghan.)

  -  The Power Set Crystals will have additional unique stats on top of the regular Set Crystals’ stats.

New Accessories have been added.

▲ TRI: Ring of Gaktum's Obedience

New Crystal, Dark Red Fang Crystal, has been added.
  -  Mix Gaktunak and Black Magic Crystal - Armor/Valor together via Simple Alchemy to get Dark Red Fang Crystal - Armor/Valor.
  -  Gaktunak can be looted in Red Wolf Village, or can be crafted via Alchemy.
  -  Dark Red Fang Crystal-Armor: Damage Reduction +7, All Resistance +2%
  -  Dark Red Fang Crystal-Valor: Critical hit chance +2, AP +5

New Gathering Tool, Magical Manos Hoe, has been added.
  -  Magical Manos Hoe is required when gathering Lakiahro, a newly added item.
  -  The materials are 1 Shining Steel Hoe, 50 Magical Shards, 15 Metal Solvents, and 5 Manos. (Can be crafted by Manufacturing)
  -  Magical Manos Hoe can be enhanced up to PEN using Black Stones (Weapon) and Concentrated Magical Black Stones (Weapon).
  -  As Enhancement level goes up, the root of the Lakiahro will be damaged less, and you will have a higher chance of clearing the soil in the Lakiahro gathering mini game. Max durability of the Magical Manos Hoe will increase as well.

New Drieghan Meals and Elixirs have been added.



The required CP exp when your CP is below 500 has decreased.

You cannot withdraw CP from a node in which a worker is currently working at.

Resurrection cooldown during Conquest Wars has changed to 1 minute.
  -  The maximum resurrection cooldown will still be 2 minutes.
  -  Recovery Center will reduce the time from the maximum resurrection cooldown.
  -  The Resurrection cooldown during Node Wars will remain the same.

When a Node/Conquest War begins, the characters that are in the territory (that the character will be participating in the war for) will be moved to the Command Post/Fort of their Guilds.
  -  You will only be moved to the Command Post/Fort when you are far away from the building. (More than 90m away)
  -  Members of a defending guild that owns Calpheon/Mediah/Valencia castle will not be moved when they are inside the castle. If they are outside the castle, they will be moved to the Command Post.
  -  If you are not at the territory that you are going to participate in the war for, you will not be moved to the Command Post/Fort automatically. In this case, you will have to use the Come Together! button.

Fixed an issue where Fairies could not level up.

Guards will properly attack the characters who have failed to steal.

Fixed an issue where the characters that are carrying Trade goods were not able to board Galleys/Epheria Sailboats/Epheria Frigates/Old Bartali Sailboats using ladders.

New region, Drieghan, has been added.
  -  New Nodes and NPCS have been added, and new Knowledge has been added as well.
  -  Drieghan is open to everyone, but it will be easier for you to explore the area if you have already explored Kamasylvia.
  -  You will not get any desert debuffs in Drieghan.
  -  There are hot springs in Duvencrune, the capital city of Drieghan. There are indoor hot springs and outdoor hot springs, and you can get a special buff when you enter the hot springs.
  -  Maximum of 5 people can enter the indoor hot spring, and maximum of 10 people can enter the outdoor hot spring.
  -  If you are over level 58 and have completed the quest “The Center of Kamasylve”, you can receive a new quest [Drieghan] A Letter from the Queen.

A new system where you can Process multiple quantities of items at once has been added.
  -  You can spend multiple materials at a time to get multiple results at a time.
  -  The materials that cannot be “stacked” cannot be processed in multiple quantities.
  -  A new item called Magical Manos Processing Stone is needed. The type of Manos Processing Stone will be different based on the type of Processing.
  -  Equip Magical Manos Processing Stone, and then open the Processing window to use the new function.
  -  You cannot Process materials in multiple quantities if the maximum durability of the Manos Processing Stone that you are using is not 100.
  -  Magical Manos Processing Stones can Process 10 materials at a time. The time it takes will be the same as the time it takes to Process 1 material 10 times.
  -  If you Enhance the Magical Manos Processing Stone, you can Process a greater amount of materials at a time. (35 at max) However, the time it takes will still be the same as the time it takes to Process 1 Material 10 times.
  -  Magical Manos Processing Stone can be enhanced up to +15 using Black Stones (Weapon). It will use Concentrated Magical Black Stones (Weapon) from PRI to PEN. Max durability can be repaired with the same item or with Memory Fragments.

New Gatherable item, Lakiahro, and a Gathering mini game has been added.
  -  Lakiahro appears in random spots within Drieghan. There are five types of Lakiahro, Young/Thin/Thick/High-quality/Primal.
  -  The difficulty of the mini game will be different based on the rarity of the Lakiahro.
  -  You need a Magical Manos Hoe to start the gathering mini game. The Manos Hoe can be Manufactured.
  -  The goal of the mini game is to dig out the Lakiahro from the ground without damaging it, or to remove all the soil and small rocks around it.
  -  Left click to dig out a large amount of soil, and right click to dig out a small amount of soil. If you left click on a grid and there is a Lakiahro root under, the root will be damaged. Right clicking will not damage any Lakiahro roots, but the number of right clicks you can use per mini game is limited. (The number will increase when the Manos Hoe is enhanced.)
  -  The reward will be different depending on how damaged the Lakiahro is. If you successfully gather a perfect Primal Lakiahro, the reward will be 100,000,000 silver.
  -  You will not be attacked during the mini game.
  -  A tutorial for gathering Lakiahro is available from NPC Doster at Duvencrune.

▲ The mini game will look like this.

You will get a new Title if you have more than 3501 Knowledges.

31 new Titles have been added for Drieghan.

If you collect the money for partial sales, the remainder of the items will still remain at the Marketplace and only the money for partial sales will be collected.



The following boss monsters can be looted for 10 minutes after their deaths.
  -  Kzarka, Nouver, Karanda, Kutum, Muraka, Quint, Offin, Offin Tett
  -  Items that are not looted will disappear with the boss monster after 10 minutes.

New Monsters have been added at Sherekhan’s Grave, Tshira Ruins, and Red Wolf Village.

All monsters in the world of Black Desert Online will drop “Remains of Black Energy.”
  -  The drop rate is slightly higher in Drieghan.
  -  Remains of Black Energy is a material for Refined Remains of Black Energy, which is a material for Hesed Crystal and for repairing the max durability of Dragon Slayer weapons.


[Quest and Knowledge]

Fixed an issue where the quest objective of “The First Sailboat that went to Margoria” in the description was different from the actual quest objective.

Fixed an issue where some quests where you have to place an item and then the quest objective has to interact with it did not work properly.

The quest “Chuck Laurie the Hunter” will be refreshed. You will have to receive the quest again if you want to proceed with the quest.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Fixed an issue where certain objects in Luivano Island were airborne.

A roof has been added at the top of Mediah Castle gate so an awkward animation will not occur anymore.

A low wall has been added near Valencia Castle so the gate will open more naturally.

Fixed an issue where some trees looked awkward in low graphical settings.

Fixed an issue where some trees in Heidel could be gathered twice in a row.

You cannot fish Tuna in Balenos Sea anymore.

Fixed an issue where some trees and rocks in Tungrad Forest were airborne.

Awkward geographical features near Castle Ruins have been fixed.

Tier 4 to 5 Wild Horses have been added in the following spots in Drieghan.
  -  Gervish Mountains, Sherekhan’s Grave, Dorote Hills, ShereKhan Mine Path
  -  The wild horses in Drieghan will have different appearances. All wild horses in Drieghan are at least Tier 4.

Wacky Toshi has been added in Red Wolf Village, Tshira Ruins, and Sherekhan’s Grave.

Guild Supply Manager has been added in Tarif and Sand Grain Bazaar.

Game loading images have changed to Drieghan’s screenshots.



The number of Marketplace notifications you have not checked will be written on the notification icon.

Marketplace notification windows can be closed with the ESC button.

Fixed an issue where, when Enhancing an Awakening weapon, it said that “the item can be enhanced up to +5 safely.”

Fixed an issue where the skill cooldown UI would open when the screen reloads after changing character, channel, etc.

Information regarding guild fund and guild expense will not be visible to the players who are not in a guild.

Fixed an issue where you could not close the World Map when the Horse Training mini game begins.
  -  You can now close the World Map with ESC or M.

Resource Nodes in Kamasylvia and Drieghan have been added in the Resource Node Search.

The Quote information will include the quote information of Margoria, Drieghan, and Kamasylvia.

The exact percentage of your life skill exp for each life skill will show when you hover over each life skill name in the profile menu.



You cannot change channels if there is a character in your account that is reading a book.

If you switch characters while reading a book, a system message that says “You can only enter the server that the character is currently reading a book is in” will appear.


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    level 1 steven_h


    "The required CP exp when your CP is below 500 has decreased."

    what happend to the cp the players had, was it the same as before the patch or did they get cp points based on what they already had in total cp exp?

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      level 1 Yullie


      Actually a lot of KR players asked the same question also. And unfortunately, you don't get any bonus CP points :( So it's the same as before the patch.

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    Do you plan on posting an article focusing on the new processing stones anytime soon? I know its a hot topic for players outside of KR wondering the specifics on them, and at what point do they become useful.

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