BDO KR Patch Notes Feb 1st: Mystic Nerf, Lahn Buff, Marketplace changes, Money&EXP from Quests

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New Event: Lunar New Year Event
  -  From Feb 1st to Feb 28th
  -  Enjoy exp boost hours and drop rate boost hours



Fixed an issue where the max grab resistance in PvP was not 60%.

The sentence that appears when a character sits down/crouches/walks will appear regardless of the character’s level.

The sentence “In order to move more easily, press Tab to switch to non-combat stance” will only appear when your character is below level 30.

Fixed an issue where the characters could go through the door at a residence.

Fixed an issue where Emergency Escape did not work when you use Emergency Escape while using other skills.

Fixed an issue where the following characters could use Black Spirit Illusion by pressing Z in non-combat stance while moving forward.
  -  Sorceress, Tamer, Valkyrie, Witch, Wizard, Kunoichi, Ninja, Dark Knight, Striker, Mystic, Lahn

Fixed an issue where Musa and Maehwa could use Black Spirit Illusion by pressing Z while moving in non-awakening stance.

Fixed an issue where the characters that are in Emergency Escape mode appeared as if they were walking in other characters’ perspectives.

Fixed an issue where the characters’ eyes would not follow the mouse in the customization screen



Fixed an issue where using Ultimate/SP/Absolute Charging Wind with Flow: Piercing Wind consumed the Ranger’s MP twice.



If you have Flow: Rushing Crow, the skill will be activated when you hold LMB+RMB after Dark Flame.
  -  The Sorceress will be switching to Awakening in this case.

Amulet and Talisman will be visible in Awakening stance.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Eckett Armor W.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Karlstein Outfit.



Fixed an issue where Bheg’s Gloves were visible on the Berserker’s left arm when you wear Bheg’s Gloves with Eckett Armor.



Fixed the graphical glitch with Atanis Helmet



Connecting to other skills after Holy Spear will be easier.



The phrase “can be used with quick slots” has been removed from the skill description of Ultimate Chaos: Red Moon.


[Wizard and Witch]

Fixed an issue where the Wizard/Witch could double jump in the air while switching from non-combat Aad Spheria/Godr Sphera stance to combat stance.

Fixed an issue where the Wizard/Witch could not use Awakening skills after switching to Awakening weapon from a Staff.

Fixed an issue where the Wizard/Witch could not switch to Awakening weapon while jumping.

Fixed an issue where the Wizard/Witch could not switch to Awakening weapon when the Wizard/Witch uses non-Awakening skills with key commands while switching.

Fixed an issue where the cooldown for the switch skill (C ) did not apply when the Wizard/Witch switched to Awakening while moving forward.

Fixed an issue where the Wizard/Witch could not switch to Staff while sprinting on some occasions.

Fixed an issue where using non-Awakening skills after switching to Staff while sprinting activated Awakening skills instead.



Fixed the graphical glitch with Grunil Armor that occured when the Witch is sitting down.



Left clicking while moving in Awakening stance with Target Chase buff on when Lunar Dash is on cooldown will activate Sah Chakram Training.

Fixed the graphical glitches with Eunyoo Armor, Cokro Shoes, and Sicarios Shoes.



Fixed the graphical glitches with Grave Keeper Clothes and Blue Tiger Gloves.



When the Striker uses the following skills above certain heights, the “falling” animation will occur.
  -  Flow: Landslide, Flow: Nimbus Strike



When the Mystic uses the following skills above certain heights, the “falling” animation will occur.
  -  Flow: Landslide, Flow: Sky Rammer

Fixed the graphical glitch with Rakshande Clothes.

The Mystic will deal 4.47%(min) to 7.46%(max) less damage to other players.

Absolute: Twisted Collision will deal 37.56% less damage in PvP.



Movement distance of Level 56 Rabam skills has increased by 5m.

AoE of Level 56 Rabam skills has increased by 0.5m.

PvE damage of Pa-Sun-Ahn (Level 56 Rabam skill) has increased.
  -  1st hit: 770% * 3 > 873% * 3
  -  2nd hit: 770% * 6 > 873% * 6

AoE of the following skills has increased, and the graphics will match the actual AoE.
  -  Level 57 Rabam skills, Rage, Flow: Kaleidoscope, Descent

Connecting to other skills after the first hit of Level 57 Rabam skills will be easier.

The chance of inflicting Bound with a Level 57 Rabam skill has increased

Dance of Death (awakening skill) will deal more damage.
  -  I : 1004% > 1104%
  -  II: 1253% > 1378%
  -  III: 1502% > 1682%

Dance of Death will recover 25 HP per hit.

AoE of the 2nd hit of Rage has increased by 1M.

Rage will recover 20 HP per hit.

Rage can be used when on cooldown.
  -  When used on cooldown, damage will decrease and skill effects (FG, Bound, etc.) will not work.

Descent can be used when on cooldown.
  -  When used on cooldown, damage will decrease and SA&Knock Down will not work.

Flow: Slash will deal more damage in PvE.
  -  788% * 10 > 927% * 10

Flow: Slash will recover 40 HP per hit.

AoE of Flow: Kaleidoscope has increased by 0.5M

Flow: Kaleidoscope will recover 25 per hit.

The Lahn can now use non-awakening skills that follow Pendulum Waltz (mobility skill) while using Flow: Pendulum Waltz in non-awakening/awakening stance.

Fixed the animation glitch when moving forward in awakening stance after using High Elegance.

Fixed an issue where Flow: Slash did not inflict Down Attack.

Additional command added: Press W + RMB while moving forward after using High Elegance to use Steps of Apocalypse.
  -  If Chain Wheel is not on cooldown, Chain Wheel will be activated first.



You now have to click on the item you want to exchange when exchanging Peridot Leaves/Petals instead of pressing R in front of NPC Variel.

Fixed an issue where the description regarding restoring max durability was written on the item tooltip of Lanterns.

The chances of getting each item will be equal for the following boxes.
  -  Fishing Boat of Abundance Part Box
  -  High Quality Wagon Part Box

New Guild items have been added in the Guild Shop.
  -  [Guild] Fresh Orange Juice, [Guild] Fresh Raspberry Juice, [Guild] Fresh White Grape Juice, [Guild] Golden Bell
  -  Only the guild leader can buy [Guild] Golden Bell.
  -  You can buy Orange/Raspberry/White Grape Juice if your rank is Quartermaster or higher.
  -  Only Quartermaster or higher members can take out the Guild Juices from the Guild Storage, but everyone can use them. (Putting the items in the Guild Storage is available for everyone.)
  -  The Guild Juices will increase the character’s Health, Breath, and Strength exp by a great amount. (Item can only be used if the character’s Health/Breath/Strength level is less than or equal to 29)

The following items’ ranged/magic evasion has decreased by 50%, and the decreased ranged/magic evasion will be replaced by melee evasion.
  -  Vangertz Shield, Saiyer Ornamental Knot, Leather Vambrace.

A descriptive sentence that says “You will need 100 of these” has been added for the following items.
  -  Kzarka’s Latent Aura, Nouver’s Latent Aura, Karanda’s Latent Aura, Ancient Kutum’s Latent Aura, Offin Tett’s Light Fragment.

Fixed an issue where the outfit set bonus did not work when wearing the following life skill clothes.
  -  Alchemist’s Clothes, Craftsman’s Clothes, Cook’s Clothes, Farmer’s Clothes

New item, Adventurer’s Ancient Book, has been added.
  -  Obtainable via Black Spirit’s Gift (Adventurer’s Ancient Book), a Black Spirit quest for level 53 or above characters.
  -  If you complete the quests that give you Porgnil’s Silver Bars (new item), the amount of silver bars you get will increase by 20%.

The money you receive when you sell an item via Marketplace pre-order will increase.
  -  When you sell an item by pre-order, you will receive 20% of the difference between the pre-order price and the registered price as a bonus.
  -  The difference cannot be more than 2x the registered price.

Blue or higher PEN(V) items will always be sold by pre-order first.
  -  If the item is not pre-ordered, it will go to bidding.
  -  The prices of PEN items were lower than the actual value of the items. We decided to make this change, rather than changing the max price, so you can set the price of the best items in the game yourself.

When an item is sold by pre-order, the recent price of that item will show the pre-order price instead of the registered price.

Descriptions of the following items have been edited.
  -  Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch: Additional damage to monsters > Additional AP against monsters
  -  Saya’s Ring of Eternity: Damage from monsters slightly reduced > Damage from monsters reduced

Yona’s Shards (material for crafting Yellow Accessories) will be dropped at all times from now on (used to be an event-exclusive item).
  -  The drop rate has decreased by 50%.

The amount of Yona’s Shards required to craft Yellow Accessories in Tier 5 Accessory Workshops has changed.
  -  Ring of Crescent Guardian, Ring of Cadry Guardian, Serap’s Necklace: 15
  -  Sicil’s Necklace: 17
  -  Basilisk Belt, Centaurus Belt: 20

The cooldown of some Elixirs has changed to 10 seconds.
  -  The cooldowns of Whale Tendon Elixir, Elixir of Deep Sea, and Perfume of Courage will remain the same.

Super Elixirs and Cron Meals will be buffed.



The amount of farming byproducts that is required to make Stonetail Fodder has changed.
  -  You will need any 2 types of farming byproducts, 20 of each.
  -  Stonetaile Fodder can be searched in crafting notes.

Mounts will not get any exp by teleporting with you when you teleport to other places by using the main menu.

If you move further than a certain distance after calling a Horse, the Horse will stand by at its original spot.

The conditions to give out Guild Incentives has changed.
  -  Even if your guild does not own a node/territory, you can give out Guild Incentives if your guild has more than 30 members.
  -  Guild Incentives can be given out once per 7 days. A maximum of 40% of the total guild fund can be given out at a time.
  -  Guild Incentive day will be reset.

Guild Tax rate when your guild fund has more than 20 billion silver has changed.
  -  20 billion to 29.9 billion: 7% > 10%
  -  30 billion to 49.9 billion: 10% > 15%
  -  50 billion to 89.9 billion: 15% > 20%
  -  If your guild has more than 90 billion silver, the tax rate will be 20%.

House fame fund for combat fame has increased by 20%.


[Individual Battle Changes]

You cannot enter the Individual Battle with a character that has debuffs on.

A warning message will pop up when you leave the battle area during a battle.

You will lose the battle by leaving the battle area if you are out of the battle area for more than 5 seconds more than 3 times.

You will be warned for leaving the battle area if you are out of the battle area for more than 5 seconds. If you receive 3 warnings, you will lose the round for leaving the area.

If the team leader leaves the battle area, the team will lose the round.

A player with a winning streak in the 1vs1 battle will receive a max HP debuff.
  -  The debuff will be stronger as your winning streak continues.
  -  The debuff will be weaker if you win a battle fast.
  -  The debuff will be weaker as the damage you take from the enemy is lower.

Rewards have been added.
  -  Combat exp and Skill exp
  -  10G for winning, and 1G * 5 for losing



Resting Rhutum, the node manager at Rhutum Outstation, will not be attacked by monsters anymore.

More Lava Tukars have been added in Roud Sulfur Works.

Vodkhan and Elten in Hystria Ruins will not inflict speed debuffs anymore.

HP of the monsters in Hystria Ruins has increased by 15%.

DP of the monsters in Hystria Ruins has increased by 3%.


[Quest and Knowledge]

The following quests will give 5 to 10 Porgnil’s Silver Bars. (20,000 silver each)

Typos and awkward sentences for certain quests have been edited.

You cannot receive the following boss quests from the Black Spirit immediately after acquiring the associated Knowledge. (You can receive the quests the day after.)
  -  [Special V] King of Navarn Steppe (1/w)
  -  [Special IV] Manshaum Mutant (1/w)
  -  [Special VI] The Rules of the Forest (1/d)
  -  [Special VI] The Mightiest Warrior (1/w)

Upon completing the following quests, you will get the Knowledge of the associated boss.
  -  [Special I] Possessed Giants (1/d)
  -  [Special I] Stop the Rite (1/d)
  -  [Special I] Mediah’s Exiled Force (1/d)
  -  [Special I] Secret Cultist Research (1/d)
  -  [Special I] Wicked Atmosphere of the Ruins (1/d)
  -  [Special II] The Terror Revived (1/w)
  -  [Special II] A scheme under the monastery (1/w)
  -  [Special II] Kzarka shrine (1/w)

You will get combat/skill exp from some repeatable quests.

During the quest “The Incompatible ones”, you can talk to NPC Abdul Jaum to get the Knowledge on Sezec Hunter.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Some awkward NPC lines have been edited.

The location of the NPC for Black Spirit’s Training (afk leveling) in each city will appear on the world map.

Fixed the unintended falling animation at the edge of the bridge near Heidel.

The geography of Hystria Ruins has been improved so there are no awkward animations.

Fixed an issue where it appeared as if you were underwater in certain areas of southern Kamasylvia.

Fixed an issue where NPC Rumbling Spirit occasionally disappeared.

An additional object has been placed near Mediah castle so you can get on top of the roof next to the castle game more easily.



The ? button will not appear in the camp storage menu.

Fixed the awkward graphics with the scroll bar in the “Find Party” menu.

Some sentences will be written in different colors in the Journal menu.
  -  Title acquired, Level achieved : Yellow
  -  Failed enhancement, Death : Red
  -  Successful enhancement : Blue

Some sentences will be written in different colors in the Guild History menu.
  -  Guild foundation, Guild Incentive : Blue
  -  Guild War, Guild member joined/left : Yellow

The list of the Epheria Frigate parts that can be crafted in Epheria 1-4 2nd floor (T4 Ship Parts workshop) will match the actual name of the items.

When you are talking to NPC Freharau, the “Exchange with Black Stones” button will only appear when you have Black Seals in your inventory.

The 3D mini map will show guild member’s location with a flag when you turn on the function.

A new function, Mix and Match Outfits, has been added in the Pearl Shop.
  -  When you turn on the function, clicking on outfit sets will not change the outfit of the character.
  -  When you click on a single piece, only the piece that you selected will appear on the outfit preview.



Auto-pathing has been improved.
  -  When you click on a spot, you can either take a safe route or a shortcut, which might be unsafe due to monsters, mountains, and combat zones.
  -  Taking a shortcut has been added to the Quick Hotkey menu.

▲ Shortcut off
▲ Shortcut on

The Quick Hotkey function will work when the world map is on.

Fixed an issue where the way that the world map opens was different from the way that you set in the Settings-Game-Opening the World Map menu.

Marketplace and Guild War notifications will not appear on top of the screen when you are in the Individual Battle.

Fixed the character’ abnormal location when the character is too close to Wooden Fences during a Conquest War.


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