BDO KR Patch Notes July 26th - small changes to Protty Cavern and Sycraia Ruins



New Event: Hunting and Gathering Event
  -  From July 26th to August 9th
  -  Hunt Blue Whale and Khalk to get Hunter’s Stamps. Also, chances of obtaining Concentrated Magical Black Crystals and Black Crystals from Blue Whale and Khalk will increase during the event period.
  -  Serbianca’s Voucher will be dropped.

Ongoing Event: 5th week of Summer Special Sales
  -  From July 26th to August 2nd
  -  Items in the Mount category will be on 20% sale.

Ongoing Event: 3rd Anniversary
  -  From July 19th to August 9th
  -  3rd Anniversary Pets, Pearl payback, discounts, and more!

New Event: 3rd Anniversary Attendance Rewards
  -  From July 26th to Sept 6th
  -  3rd Anniversary Attendance Rewards include Value Package and Shakatu’s Luxury Box.



Fixed the graphical issue where the hair would go outside the helmet or disappear when putting on Garnier Troupe Garb and Giath’s Helmet together with a female class.

Fixed the graphical glitch that occurred when the following classes wore Queen Heart Underwear and Marine Romance Outfit together.
  -  Valkyrie, Kunoichi, Dark Knight

Fixed the issue where the characters’ outfit would look unnatural upon unequipping swimsuit while having on certain items on the Main Weapon slot in Equipment.

It has been changed so that any items other than Main Weapon and Fishing Rod would not be equippable while setting underwear/swimsuit.



Fixed the issue where the skill effects would look different for the caster and the spectator upon using the skill Heavy Strike.

Graphical effect has been added to the skill Charging Slash.



Fixed the typos in the skill tooltip of the following skills.
  -  Dagger of Protection I, II, III, Absolute: Dagger of Protection



Fixed the issue where the skill Frenzied Destroyer could not be used intermittently when the skill was performed continuously while moving left or right.

Fixed the awkwardness in the text of the skill tooltip of the following skills:
  -  Frenzied Destroyer I, II, III IV, V, VI, Absolute: Frenzied Destroyer
  -  Giant Leap I, II, III

Fixed the issue where CC skill effect would be applied even in PvP during Charge state when using the skill Giant Leap I, II, III to the rear.



Fixed the issue where detailed customizing of character could not be done when choosing the 1st hairstyle in character customization.



Fixed the issue where the outfit would look awkward when wearing Epheria Marine outfit with certain underwear together.

Fixed the graphical glitch that occurred when Mystic wore the Marine Romance Outfit and Zebra Underwear together.



Fixed the issue where the outfit would look awkward when wearing Epheria Marine outfit with certain underwear together.

Fixed the graphical glitch that occurred when holding Crimson Glaives while wearing Florie Armor



When exchanging multiple items at once by talking to an NPC, cancelling the exchange after entering the amount will not result in successful exchange.

Descriptions regarding the results of combination have been added in the item tooltips of the below items.
  -  Ancient Power - Red Fragment
  -  Ancient Power - Black Fragment
  -  Ancient Seal - Red Fragment
  -  Ancient Seal - Black Fragment
  -  Fragment of Deep Sea
  -  Scale of Ancient Creature

The condition to use Trina Grand Master’s Supply Box has changed to Level 60.

When opening Kzarka/Nouver/Kutum/Dandelion/Dragon Slayer weapon box, the character will show the cheering animation.

The below gear will receive more effects from Caphras Energy Levels in PEN.
  -  Giath’s Helmet, Red Nose Armor, Bheg’s Gloves, Muskan’s Shoes, Tree Spirit’s Armor, Livre’s Gloves, Urugon’s Shoes, Griffon’s Helmet

Fixed the wrong descriptions of the below items.
  -  Valks’ Gloves (Evasion) (14 days)
  -  Valks’ Shoes (Evasion, Stamina) (14 days)



When your character is not slowed due to the Fairy skill Feathery Steps, the weight limit warning icon will not be displayed.

The necklace that the Black Hooded Dog is wearing will look more natural.

The Leader Duel will not take place during Conquest Wars.

Fixed the issue where Peridot Forest Path Wagon would stop while auto-pathing.

Fixed the issue where the number below the decimal point would not be calculated when placing items in Naphart Camping Container.



Fixed the overlapping issue of the name and HP of Cox Prison.

Chances of obtaining the below items in Protty Cavern and Sycraia Underwater Ruins have increased by 40%
  -  Fragment of Deep Sea
  -  Essence of Abyss

The following items will be dropped in Sycraia Abyssal Ruins.
  -  Adventurer’s Map
  -  Ancient Spirit Powder
  -  Caphras Stone

Fixed the issue where Sycrid could not be looted.

The following changes were made to the new boss Sycrid.
  -  Memory Fragments will be dropped
  -  Drop rate of Ancient Seal - Red Fragment has been doubled.
  -  Ancient Seal - Black Fragment has been removed.

HP of Young Candidum, Young Black Rust, and Young Nineshark has increased by 50%.


[Quest and Knowledge]

When completing the “Seal of the Sycraia Underwater Ruins” quest, you will receive two Trace of Ancient Seal.

New quests about Protty Cavern and the ancient weapons in Sycraia Underwater Ruins have been added.
  -  You can receive the first quest in chain from the NPC “Severely Injured Person” in Epheria if you are level 58 or over and have completed Drieghan main quests.
  -  The monsters in Sycraia Underwater Ruins have been redistributed according to the order of the quests.

When defeating Damaged Laykinn, you can loot up to 3 Damaged Power Stone of Ancient Weapon.

The following guild missions will give 12,000 guild skill exp instead of 8,000.
  -  [Subjugation] Protect the Villagers (Medium): Defeat Margoria Sea Monsters (3)
  -  [Subjugation] Protect the Villagers II (Medium): Defeat 2 Hekaru and 1 Nineshark

Awkward sentences in some Knowledge descriptions have been fixed.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

NPCs near Nurse Phirea have been relocated.

Marni’s Stone NPC has been added in Weita Island and Iliya Island.

Fixed the abnormal path that the liner at Ancado Inner Harbor followed.

An NPC that will exchange the trash loot from Protty Cavern and Sycraia Underwater Ruins with Ancient Token of Deep Sea has been added in Protty Cavern and Sycraia Underwater Ruins.



The display of the following icons in the old ESC menu has changed.
  -  The NEW notifications on Quick Hotkey, Item Drop, Setting Archive, and Known Issues have been removed.
  -  NEW notification has been added on Boss Alarm.

The display of the following icons in the new ESC menu has changed.
  -  HOT notifications have been added to Savage Rift, Team Battle, Quick Hotkey, Item Drop, Imperial Auction House, and BDO TV icons.
  -  The NEW notifications of Social Action and Notepad have been removed.

Fixed the issue where Conquest War status would not be updated properly.

Fixed the issue where numbers were not properly displayed in item descriptions when you reconnect to the game while equipping gathering item obtain chance items.

Fixed the issue where the routes to Protty Cavern and Syraia Underwater Ruins were not displayed in the Item Drop window.



Fixed the issue where pressing all 3 filtering buttons on top right corner of the Inventory (I) would cause duplicate sounds.

Guild Alliance chat mode has been added. (Alt + 7)

A new function to give an alarm message if there is a locked item when exchanging items with NPCs has been added.

Fixed the issue where abnormal message would be displayed upon using normal or Awakened Giath Summon Scroll.

Fixed the awkward arrangement of sentences in the character transport function.

Fixed the issue where the game screen turned purple.

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  • 4

    level 1 AnarchyInUK

    Unlimited donation + new Caphras bonuses. No pay to win at all.
  • 2

    level 2 Anex

    Pearl Abyss please balance Valkyrie

    Valkyrie need movements effect change

    1. Shield Chase change effect from ( Forward Guard) - to (Super Armor) , but better to (Invincible) because skill is limited in cast with 3 times reuse and its main Valkyrie iframe.

    2.Death line Chase major stamina cost from 150 to 200

    3.Heaven's Echo change using MP to stamina 100

    4.Promptness change stamina using to MP and change Stiffness and Floating effect to (work only in PVE) but add back Super Armor effect even when skill is on cooldown.

    5.Celestial Spear give back Super Armor effect . Bound
    (work only in PVE)

    6.Sacrum Ferit - Critical Hit rate major from 20 , to (20% on lvl-I ,40 % lvl-II, 60 % lvl-III and 80 % lvl-IV ) but reduce buff time from 9 second to 5 second and skill goes on Cooldown only after second hit animation finish

    7.Sanctitas de Enslar more naturally transition and more smoothly (make them animation instantly) to skills Shield Chase , Celestial Spear , Punishment after Valkyrie hit the ground

  • 2

    level 1 Tash

    More PtW? So amazing! Yesterday our money bags was 300.340, today they 300.355. What next? Thank you PA. You turned game in ugly PtW shit.

  • 1

    level 1 IlIlllIlI

    Again tons will be toxic and only trashtalk about updates XD
    Dem haters why u even play the game ? In the end you are just a player who have 0 experiance in game making and marketing ....
  • 0

    level 1 Mizukami

    plz buff the Valkyrie ,need more resistance and need back some cc.

  • 0

    level 2 Anna_Naito

    Trina Grand Master’s Supply Box is the worst thing every....I mean come on....we worked 2 years for our 550 Gearscore...and now for 1 week nodewars will be trash. Every mansha Guld with 80 ppl in it will be f***ing strong...

  • 4

    level 1 AnarchyInUK


    Unlimited donation + new Caphras bonuses. No pay to win at all.
    • 0

      level 1 Nestor


      Almost same shit.

    • 0

      level 1 Xocide


      Hey, what do you mean by "Unlimited donation?"

    • 0

      level 2 AnarchyInUK


      You can buy unlimited amount of pearls. Then unlimited amount of costumes. Then you sell all of them.

    • 0

      level 1 Xocide


      Ok so... you buy pearls, then you buy outfits with said pearls, and as a bonus you get Caphras Stones? Or do you sell the outfits for silver to buy stones? If so, how many outfits did you have have to buy to get full pen?? O.o

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