BDO KR Patch Notes Dec 14th: New PvE Accessories, Kuno&Ninja buffs, Ran Pre-Creation starts


[Ran Preview]



New Event: Ran Pre-Creation Event
  -  From Dec 14th to Dec 21st
  -  Create a Ran during the event period and receive 100G Gold Bar, 3 Item drop scrolls, 10 Valks’ Cry, and Horse Flute (7 days)

New Event: Winter Sale
  -  To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary, different Pearl items will be on sale every week until Jan 11th.

New Event: Feel the PEN: General
  -  From Dec 14th to Jan 4th
  -  Enhance General Accessories to PEN and win a Black Spirit USB flash drive!

New Event: The Black Spirit’s 3rd Anniversary Event
  -  From Dec 14th to Dec 28th
  -  Collect event items by gathering, grinding, and fishing.
  -  Combine the items, and sell the combined item to NPC vendors to receive 1mil silver.
  -  All players will receive Shakatu’s Rare Box and Shakatu’s Precious Box everyday by playing the game for 1 hour.

New Event: 3rd Anniversary Loyal Attendance Reward
  -  From Dec 15th to Jan 18th
  -  2x more Shakatu’s Seals and 2x more Fine Accessory Boxes



Fixed an issue where the following characters could not use evasion (rolling) while sitting down.
  -  Sorceress, Valkyrie, Tamer, Ninja, Kunoichi, Wizard, Witch, Dark Knight

Fixed an issue where the following characters could not use Evasion (rolling) consecutively while sitting down.
  -  Warrior, Valkyrie, Musa, Maehwa, Ninja, Kunoichi, Striker, Mystic

Fixed an issue where the following characters did not stop when pressing W while auto-pathing.
  -  Warrior, Sorceress, Valkyrie, Striker, Mystic, Kunoichi, Ninja, Witch, Wizard

Fixed an issue where the following characters did not land on the ground after using certain skills.
  -  Berserker: Giant Leap
  -  Striker: Twisted Collision, Flow: Fatal Smash, Flow: Landslide, Skull Crusher
  -  Mystic: Twisted Collision, Flow: Fatal Smash, Flow: Landslide

Crown Eagle Helmet will fully cover the following characters’ face and neck.
  -  Valkyrie, Kunoichi

Fixed an issue where getting hit by a CC skill in Awakening stance made you switch to non-Awakening stance.

Max character slots have increased to 16.
  -  However, you will not get an additional free slot.



Fixed an issue where the Warrior could not use Spinning Slash I smoothly after Chopping Kick



Fixed an issue where you could not see other players’ graphics for certain skills.

Graphics for Flow: Heavenly Knot have been improved.

Fixed the animation bug that occured when using Flow: Rushing Wind in low geographical elevation



Fixed an issue where you could not see other players’ graphics for certain skills.

Cartian’s Protection with Black Spirit’s Rage will have different graphics when used by an enemy



Facial expressions during Fearsome Tyrant has been improved.



Fixed an issue where moving back and forward while sitting down altered the character’s height



Fixed the graphical glitch with Jousting Helmet.


[Musa and Maehwa]

Stamina has been removed from the preconditions to use Retaliation



Fixed the animation error when attacked by Down Smash.


[Ninja and Kunoichi]

Basic AP at Level 60 has increased by 21.
  -  PvE damage has increased in accordance with this change.
  -  In order to keep PvP damage constant, PvP damage has decreased by 7.8%.

You can now use Ghost Step with Shift + W.



Movement distance of Ghost Step I,II,III (in non-Awakening stance) has increased. (Not applied for backward step, aerial step, or during Concealment.)

Left and right movement distance of Ghost Step III (in Awakening stance) has increased. (Not applied for backward step, aerial step, or during Concealment.)

Fixed an issue where Shortsword was visible after using Lunar Dash with quick slot.



Movement distance of Ghost Step I, II, III (in Awakening stance) has increased. (Not applied for backward step, aerial step, or during Concealment.)

Drastic Measure will be activated immediately after the last hit of Sudden Decapitation when you use

Drastic Measure after Sudden Decapitation. (Not applied for Sudden Decapitation after Seamless.)

Drastic Measure will pull monsters when charging.

Flow: Mach Explosion and Sura ChaoSpree will be used more smoothly.

Fixed the graphical glitches with Blue Tiger Armor and Marine Romance Shoes.


[Dark Knight]

Fixed an issue where Absolute: Sudden Attack only hit 7 targets at max.
  -  Absolute: Sudden Attack can hit 10 targets at max.


[Striker and Mystic]

The Striker&Mystic can now immediately switch to combat stance while auto-pathing in non-combat Awakening stance.



Fixed an issue where you could not switch to non-combat stance by pressing Tab while moving forward.



Fixed an issue where the video guide for Somersault was a video for another skill.

The Mystic can now use Evasion (rolling) consecutively while holding Trade items.



Item name change
  -  [Warrior] Epheria Marine Underwear > [Warrior] Epheria Marine Briefs

Buff icons for the following items will be condensed in one icon.
  -  Perfume of Courage
  -  Perfume of Swiftness
  -  Khalk’s Elixir
  -  Elixir of Deep Sea
  -  Spirit Perfume Elixir

Graphical effects will be added to characters that have buffs from the following items.
  -  Khalk’s Elixir
  -  Elixir of Deep Sea
  -  Spirit Perfume Elixir

Item description for Cron Stone has been edited to include information on the following content.
  -  Accessory, Course Awakening

Right-clicking on the following items will show you the way to NPC Ronatz.
  -  Sharp Bone Fragment
  -  Broken Rhutum Tooth
  -  Metal Armor Fragment
  -  Hard Tree Bark
  -  Corrupt Crystal

Fixed an issue where Awakening Weapon Exchange Ticket (7 days) could only be applied on Dandelion weapons.

Cron Stone Energy effects added to Defensive Gear have been buffed.

Exact number of additional Evasion added to Defensive gear and Off-hand weapons by adding Cron Stone Energy will be written on the items.

New Accessories have been added.
  -  General’s Earring
  -  General’s Ring
  -  General’s Belt
  -  You can get one of the above Accessories by completing newly added Black Spirit quests.
  -  The General Accessories will get additional PvE damage as Enhancement level goes up.
  -  The General Accessories can only be Enhanced with Fierce Spirit Fragment Stone.
  -  Enhancement success chance is 100%. The Accessories can be Enhanced up to PEN(V).

New item, Fierce Spirit Fragment Stone, has been added.
  -  Used in Enhancing General Accessories
  -  Obtainable via Black Spirit quests.

Ship Repair Material, Ship Repair Kit, and Emergency Ship Repair Kit will now repair 2x more durability.

Selling prices for Magical Seeds/Hypha have been adjusted.

Patrigio’s Secret Shop changes
  -  Kutum off-hand weapons added.
  -  Blue Awakening weapons will now be sold in Awakening Weapon Box. When you open the box, you will get a Blue Awakening weapon that matches the character that opened the box.



Fixed an issue where Wall Ornaments could be placed on top of other ornaments.

Materials for Artisan’s Precious Alchemy Box have changed.
  -  15 Elixirs of Thorn + 15 Elixir of Will > 15 Elixir of Spells + 15 Elixir of Will

You can now start a camp inside a building (e.g. Monastery building) and a cave.

Fixed an issue where Workers were working inside a village or on a road.

Trade level required to get Token of Desert Trade buff has been reduced.
  -  Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sharing - Trade Artisan 2 or over
  -  Ibelab Oasis: Trade Artisan 1 or over

Fixed an issue where the character stopped cooking/synthesizing when a Cooking/Alchemy time reduction buff ended.

Fixed an issue where the area that traps can be placed appeared as an area where traps cannot be placed.

Ladders have been added around the Command Post at Calpheon Castle. Annexes can be built on the area above the ladders.

Spectator’s summoned creatures will not appear in Guild Battles.

Fixed an issue where Resurrection skill did not work during revival cooldown.

The in-game word “Siege War”  has changed to “Node/Conquest War”.

Minimum players required to start Red Battlefield has changed to 2.

Speed of harvesting, breeding, curing blight, and pruning will become faster as Farming level goes up.



Fixed an issue where monsters teleported occasionally.

Evasion of the monsters at Bashim Base has decreased by 10%.

Drop rate of “Trace of X” items has decreased by 50% in Kamasylvia and Valencia.

Gyfin Rhasia Flamen will react more naturally when attacked from the back.

4 Demols and 4 Burmols have been added in the area between the north of Ibelab Oasis and the northeast of Ibelab Oasis.

Fixed an issue where Loure Ravi moved underground.


[Quest and Knowledge]

Conditions to accept [Combat Promotion] Uncomfortable Otter have changed.
  -  Level 55 or above characters who have not completed the quest.

Conditions to accept the “Wagon gone” quest have changed.
  -  Level 41 or above characters who have completed “The Magnanimous Dwarf”.

New story quests that will teleport you to Aakman/Hystria have been added.
  -  After completing the quests, you can pay 1 Black Spirit’s Claw to NPC Atosa to teleport to Aakman/Hystria.

New Black Spirit quests have been added.
  -  Must be Level 53 or above to accept the quests.
  -  You can get one of the General Accessories by completing the “Growing Thirst” quest.
  -  You can get Fierce Spirit Fragment Stone, the material for Enhancing the General Accessories, by completing the following quests.

New Knowledge, “Awakening, recognizing my true power”, has been added.
  -  Obtainable by completing Awakening weapon quests.

You can get the Knowledge “Altinova Arena” by completing the “Legendary Fighter” quest.

You can no longer buy the Knowledge you already have from NPC vendors.

Knowledge descriptions of Edana and Gyfun Rhasia have been edited to read better.


[Game World, NPC, and Graphics]

There will be less seagulls in the sky above Velia.

The names of certain areas near Calpheon and the Northern Wheat Plantation have changed.
  -  Near NPC Harden: Northern Calpheon Trading Area
  -  Near NPC Lindsiyana: Eastern Calpheon Trading Area
  -  Near NPC Wolfgang: Southern Calpheon Trading Area
  -  Combat zone near Northern Wheat Plantation: Northern Plantation Area

Some unnatural geographical features in southern Kamasylvia have been improved.

Stone walls in Velia will look more natural.

Fixed an issue where a stone statue in Calpheon Parliament was gone.

Fixed an issue where a swimming animation occured in the regions without any water.

Fixed an issue where there was a Warrior’s Flag object in front of the castle gate in Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia.



Skill Add-on effects will appear on the Skill Add-on window immediately.

Fixed an issue where pressing F7 in certain situations made a system message appear.

Fixed the flickering family name and HP above your character in certain situations like riding on a horse.

Maximum amount of an item you can purchase will automatically change in accordance with the money you have in your inventory/storage. Fixed an issue where the icons for the following items were not visible in the crafting notes.
  -  Ship License: Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate: Dragon Prow, Epheria Frigate: Enhanced Black Plating, Epheria Frigate: Zafina Cannon, Epheria Frigate: Black Breeze Sail, Design: Epheria Sailboat, Shabby Wagon Badge, Strong Wagon Badge, White Wagon Badge, Farm Wagon Badge, Trade Wagon Badge, Merchant Wagon Badge, Noble Wagon Badge, Desert Wagon Badge, Forest Path Wagon Badge, High-Quality Four Wheeled Wagon Badge

Background color of buff descriptions will become darker so the descriptive sentences will appear clearly.

Sparkling effect on a newly obtained item in the inventory will not disappear after scrolling down.

Fixed an issue where the skill cooldown UI could not be moved naturally after changing the game’s resolution.



Fixed an issue where your character was standing on a different spot after changing servers.

The default option for the Worker option in the Setting menu has changed to “hide workers”.


[Pre-Creation for Ran, the latest class]



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Comments :13

  • 0

    level 1 Ruler21


    Can you give more infos about ninja changes ? Like how Sudden Decapitation > Drastic Measure work and how "smooth" is the Flows.

  • 0

    level 1 Flood_Machine


    Hi! Can You tell them (Devs PA) that Sura ChaoSpree (ninja awakening skill) needs full animation's duration block, cause the skill animation so long.
    They must rework Mach Explosion (ninja awakening skill) or buff skills damage, cause its not worth the risk being killed. The rework is: to make independent animation before explosion. I mean if ninja moves after sword swing animation, there will be no explosion. And because of that 99% players dont use this skill.
    PA devs nedds to buff Ghost Step and add 0,5 sec SA on this skill after use.
    They need to add frontal block to skill "Serpent Ascension".
    And of course buff skills damage in PvP.
  • 0

    level 1 Iveldion


    So its pvp buff for kuno ninja or not?

    • 0

      level 1 Flood_Machine


      as a matter of fact, yes. buff is about 10%-11% in PvP damage.

    • 0

      level 1 Iveldion


      R u sure? There is magicial 8% modifitier, and rew ppl think itd only pve

    • 0

      level 1 Flood_Machine


      There is a magical tool in the world, called calculator.

      For example:

      Skill "Seamless":

      575% * 9 hits = 5211% damage total.

      Before this patch u had 200 Attack power, 200 AP * 5211% = 10422 total damage to enemy

      After patch u will have +21 AP, ((200+21) * 5211%) - 7,8% = 10617 Total damage.

      2% total boost to damage. But if u have 100 AP there will be 10% boost to damage in PvP.

      Less AP = More boost in PvP.

    • 0

      level 1 Iveldion


      So if im stronger, this buff give me less dmg bost. I buy it. Thx

  • 0

    level 1 Keldorn_Corbec


    Great work Yullie! This translation is something PA should do themselves. KR changes effect all other versions too.

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie

  • 0

    level 1 Vrain


    what exactly are the effects of the new General’s Accessories?

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