BDO KR Patch Notes Dec 7th: Musa buffs, Character Switch System, T9 Failstacks, Monster drop changes



New Event: Defeat Peak, the mysterious Yeti
  -  From Dec 7th to Dec 28th
  -  Peak the mysterious Yeti will spawn near Alejandro Farm.
  -  Peak is only killable with Hunting Matchlocks. You can also use a (Event) Frost Matchlock.
  -  You can get Forest Fury, Black Stones, Pure Forest Breath, Black Magic Crystals, and house decoration items from Peak.

New Event: Returning winter-limited Pearl items
  -  From Dec 7th to Dec 21st
  -  Snowflake costumes and Snowball Rosefinch will be available for sale.

New Event: Life skill exp boost
  -  From Dec 7th to Jan 2nd
  -  Daily life skill exp boost hours



While sitting down with trade items in the inventory, the character will now return to the default standing stance upon losing the trade items.

Fixed an issue where applying customization setting from past records changed the character’s in-game default facial expression.



Fixed the animation glitch that occurred when using Spinning Slash IV consecutively while not having Whirlwind Slash and Jump Slash.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Goyen Helmet and Teary Ear Cuff.



Fixed an issue where the Ranger’s “grabbing” animation still occurred after failing to grab with Spirit’s Shackles.



Fixed an issue where the graphics for Mark of the Shadow still remained after using the skill.

The description “PvP damage not reduced with extra hit” has been removed from the skill tooltip for Absolute: Dark Flame, and the skill’s PvP damage has increased 71.3%.

Fixed the system message error that occurred when using Absolute: Sinister Energy while using Absolute: Mark of the Shadow.

Fixed an issue where the explosion damage of Sinister Omen did not match the skill description.

Fixed an issue where if Midnight Stinger is locked, Awakening: Cartian’s Scythe was activated by right-clicking while sprinting in Awakening Combat mode.

You can now use Darkness Released and Low Kick while using Claw of Darkness III,IV, and Absolute.

Skill description for Ultimate: Dark Flame has been edited to match the actual skill effect.
  -  132% * 3 > 132% * 1

Fixed an issue where you were not able to see other players’ Dream of Doom effects.



Fixed an issue where the Critical Hit Chance buff was not applied on Beastly Wind Slash I - IV in PvE.

Absolute: Beastly Wind Slash will now have Critical Hit Chance +100%.

Fixed the animation glitch with non-awakening jump attacks.

Fixed an issue where the Berserker remained in the air after using Giant Leap and Flow: Jump Sequence.

The Berserker will now let go of the target immediately after failing to grab with Rooting.


[Musa and Maehwa]

Fixed an issue where the Musa/Maehwa moved further than intended when hit by Down Smash.

Dragon Bite will now have Forward Guard.



Added a sentence to the tooltip for Blooming: can be used immediately while using forward/backward Chase.

Basic attack has increased by 17 on average (based on Level 60)
  -  PvE damage has increased in accordance with this buff.
  -  In order to keep the PvP damage constant, PvP damage has decreased by 6.5%.

The animation delay of Flow: Backflow has been reduced.

Crust Crusher’s cooldown has been reduced by 5 sec.

Crust Crusher’s attack speed has increased.

Fiery Crevice can hit one more time.

Twister will now consume 150 stamina instead of 300.

Fiery Angel will now consume 200 stamina instead of 300.

Flow: Foul Play will now consume 250 stamina instead of 350.

Musa’s Spirit will now consume 200 stamina instead of 300.
One Step Back will now have Forward Guard from when the attack starts.

The AoE of Flow: Foul Play has increased, and the skill has been reworked so the AoE matches the graphics.

Flow: Foul Play will not have a cooldown anymore.



Fixed the graphical glitch with the Anemos costume.



The “hitting” animation in Tree Climb will only occur when the Tamer successfully hits the target



Fixed an issue where using Strong Defense in awakening mode made you switch to non-awakening mode.

Fixed an issue where the 1st hit of Ultimate: Sharp Light pushed targets.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to use pre-Awakening skills after getting hit by a CC skill while using Ellion’s Breath in Awakening mode.

Fixed the graphical glitch with the Lucirian outfit.


[Witch and Wizard]

Fixed an issue where the graphics for Lightning Chain were still visible while using another skill after Lightning Chain.

Fixed an issue where PvP damage was not properly applied after switching to awakening weapon while moving forward.

Magic Lighthouse will now aggravate monsters every 7 seconds. (The total number of times that the object aggravates monsters will still be the same.)



Fixed an issue where Fissure Wave could not be used when the Witch’s stamina drops below a certain point.

Fixed the graphical glitches with the Tritch Costume.

Fixed the graphical glitch at the back of the Witch’s hair. (Hair type #1)


[Ninja and Kunoichi]

Fixed an issue where the character’s afterimage was visible after using Concealment and Ninjutsu: Ghost Shadow.

Fixed the animation glitch with Shadow Clone that occurred after using the skill with quick slots when the Shadow Stomp buff is not on.

Fixed an issue where the main-hand and off-hand weapons were not visible after using Shadow Clone with quick slots when the Shadow Stomp buff is not on.

Fixed an issue where the AoE of Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp was different in each hit.



Murderous Intent will now recover 30 WP per hit instead of 20.

Murderous Intent will also recover WP in non-transition stance.

Drastic Measure has been reworked so the skill can hit in accordance with the skill’s physics.


[Dark Knight]

You can now connect to other skills or move after Ground of Vedir (Rabam skill) more quickly


[Striker and Mystic]

Fixed the graphical glitch with Absolute: Rage Hammer.



Fixed an issue where the Striker remained in the air after using Skull Crusher.

Fixed an issue where the WP recovery amount of Absolute: Taeback Kick (used in Awakening mode) did not match the skill description.

Fixed an issue where the buff from Flow: Prey Hunt was still applied when the Striker does not have the skill but used Crouching Wolf with Martial Spirit Shards.

Aggravating monsters with Crouching Wolf/Flow: Prey Hunt in Awakening mode has been revamped.

Twisted Collision can now be used in Awakening mode at any time.

Fixed an issue where the Striker remained in the air after using Flow: Nimbus Strike.



Fixed the graphical glitch with Roaring Tiger.

Awakening skill “Calm Wave” can now be used while sprinting.

Awakening skill “Rising” with Black Spirit’s Rage will not pull targets anymore. (PvP only)

Awakening skills will not give an Evasion buff anymore.

Awakening skill “Torrent” III and IV will now give 12 and 15 Evasion, respectively.



PRI to PEN main-hand and off-hand weapons (except for Kutum) will now have additional monster damage written on them.

Additional descriptions have been added for the following items.
  -  Hunter’s Clothes, (Costume) Hunter’s Clothes : Discovery range + 10m, Fall damage -50%
  -  Trainer’s Clothes, (Costume) Trainer’s Clothes: Mount exp +15%, Horse Taming success rate +15%, Mount skill exp +15%

Magic Crystals will now have small icons on them to show which part they can transfused into.

The following items can now be exchanged with silver.
  -  Rusty Helmet: 50 with 30,000 silver (Eastern Gateway)
  -  Black Dirt: 15 with 32,000 silver (Glish Village)

The following items that you get from the main quests are now sellable to NPC vendors.
  -  Delphad Castillion Weapons, Ultimate Delphad Castillion Weapons
  -  Cruhorn Helmet
  -  Red Orc Armor
  -  Amerigo’s Shoes
  -  Devourer Helmet
  -  Veteran Adventurer’s Shoes
-  Eagle’s Talon
  -  Kaia Necklace
  -  Exquisite Naga Ear Accessory
  -  Chimera’s Pupil Gem
  -  Cultist’s Black Ring

You can now exchange 150 of Shakatu’s Seals with the following new items.
  -  Main Weapon Exchange Coupon (7 days)
  -  Sub Weapon Exchange Coupon (7 days)

Fixed an issue where you could not set up Camp Tent when your Camp Container has items in it.

The Terrmine Wagon costume will now have fish physics.

“Vision range increases” written on some item tooltips has changed to “exploration discovery range increases”.

New summon scrolls have been added in the loyalty shop.
  -  [Loyalty] Moghulis summon scroll
  -  [Loyalty] Agrakhan summon scroll
  -  [Loyalty] Ancient Puturum summon scroll
  -  [Loyalty] Manshaum Chief summon scroll
  -  [Loyalty] King of Navarn Steppe summon scroll
  -  [Loyalty] Forest Ronaros summon scroll
  -  [Loyalty] Gyfin Rhasia Raid Captain summon scroll



Fixed an issue where the cooldown for Archaeologist’s Map was on after using the item when your mount has trade items.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to return to a village with Archaeologist’s Map while riding on a Miniature Elephant.
  -  You cannot use Archaeologist’s Map when you or your mount has trade items.

Fixed an issue where disconnecting while changing channels with Rich Merchant buff on made the buff disappear when you reconnect.

The maximum number of Whale Tendon Elixirs you can get from Alchemy has increased to 2.

You will not change channels when you click on the Savage Rift or Red Battlefield button while riding on a mount.

Guild Battle has been reworked.
  -  Guild Battle will have three rounds: normal battle, 1vs1 battle, and all-out battle.
  -  You cannot exit once the Guild Battle starts. A guild will lose the battle if the one who applied for the battle (the “applicant”) does not show up or disconnects before the battle is over.
  -  A maximum of 20 members from each guild can participate in the guild battle.
  -  Battle preparation period will start when the applicant chooses the players who will participate in the normal battle.
  -  If the applicant does not choose 20 players within the designated time, 20 random players will be selected from each guild.
  -  If a guild has less than 20 members, all members will be selected.
  -  You will have 1 minute to prepare before the battle.
  -  The players who are not selected to participate in the normal battle will be invisible to the participants, so they can freely walk around to spectate the battle.
  -  Each round ends when one side has no one left.
  -  For the 1vs1 battle, the applicant must choose 5 players to participate in the round.
  -  After choosing 5 players, the applicant must choose 1 player who will be playing in game#1 among the 5.
  -  After a brief preparation period, 1 player from each side will be teleported to the 1vs1 arena in the middle.
  -  The 1vs1 arena is surrounded by flags and soldier NPCs.
  -  You should stay in the middle, as you will receive a loss for being outside of the arena if you move too close to the soldiers.
  -  The one who kills his/her opponent first will win. If both players are alive after the game time is over, the one who has more HP left will win.
  -  The winner will go on, and the loser’s guild will select another player to fight among the remaining 4 members.
  -  The guild that does not have any members left to fight will lose Round 2.
  -  If the remaining HP of the last participants from each side is equal, Round 2 will end in a tie.
  -  If the total score is 1:1 after Round 2, Round 3 will begin.
  -  All players who participated in the Guild Battle will fight in Round 3.
  -  The guild that kills all participants from the opposing guild or the guild that has more participants left after the designated time period will win. If both guilds have the same number of players left, Round 3 will end in a tie.

A system message that says “You can try later” will appear when you are on cooldown for Guild Battle Registration.

Balenos and Serendia Tax Wagons will disappear as they enter Calpheon.

Patrigio will now sell Urugon’s Shoes and Griffon’s Helmet in the Secret Shop.
  -  Kutum weapon will be added next week.

Character Switch system has been added.
  -  Click on the Character Switch button at the top left corner to set up the character you want to switch to (left click) or switch character (right click).
  -  You can set up the character you want to switch to only in villages, except for in Kusha, Abun, and Muiquun.
  -  You cannot switch characters in the Ocean and the Desert.
  -  You cannot switch characters during Node War and Conquest War.
  -  The cooldown for switching characters is 4 minutes. However, you can still change to other characters via the “Select Characters” window.
  -  The two characters that are tagged will share an Emergency Escape cooldown. Also, you cannot switch characters immediately after changing channels. (4 min cooldown applies)
  -  The characters that are tagged cannot buy/sell trade items or send trade items to storage/mount inventory.

The Failstack system has been added for Courser Awakening.
  -  You will get 1 failstack when you fail to awaken your T8 Courser.
  -  Failstacks will increase the chance of successful awakening by a certain amount.
  -  You can check your failstacks in the Mount Profile window or Courser Training window.
  -  Failstacks will not be shared among different horses.
  -  Players who have failed to awaken their T8 Coursers before today’s update will receive failstacks based on their T9 attempts.
  -  Failstacks accrued on a horse will be gone if the horse is sold to a different player.

Level 1 to 49 players can now get combat/skill exp by winning or losing in Red Battlefield (Limited).

Silver coins have been added as a reward for Red Battlefield.

Players with more than 100 Savage Rift Contribution points cannot be reported.

Players who exit from Savage Rift before Round 4 will not appear on the Savage Rift Contribution list.

You can now get Trout from the coast of Balenos.

The EXP you get from Black Spirit’s Training (afk leveling) will be affected by all exp boost buffs.
  -  Night time exp, Exp Boost hours, pet buffs, Book of Combat, Elixirs, etc.
  -  Skill exp from Black Spirit’s Training will not be affected by exp buffs.

Fixed an issue where some Annexes could not be built inside Calpheon/Mediah/Valencia Castle.

You can now build Annexes while holding the Trina Matchlock, Trina Demolition Axe, and Savage Matchlock.
  -  You can also upgrade Barricades.

A “Rolling” animation has been added while equipping Trina Demolition Axe.

You can now summon Cannons and Medium/Large Siege Towers while holding the Trina Matchlock, Trina Demolition Axe, and Savage Matchlock.

You can now get Imperial Delivery Seals by delivering Nouveranto Net.

You can get the title “A Hunter better than Likke Behr” by obtaining Fugitive Khalk’s Shiny Claw three times.

Fixed an issue where Pet Kuku moved too far away when not in combat.

Fixed an issue where you could not get on your horse.



Ocean Monsters will not recover HP instantly as they return to their original spots.
  -  Returning monsters will wait 1 minute before they recover their HP.
  -  If they are not aggravated again within 1 min, they will recover their HP.

Manshaum Totem will not inflict DP debuff on players anymore.

Manshaum Totem will heal other monsters.

Manshaum Totem and Manshaum’s HP has decreased by 50%.

Guild Raid boss Ancient Puturum’s graphics have changed.

Fixed the graphical glitch with the Margoria Phantom Ship.

The types of miscellaneous loot from the monsters at Serendia and Calpheon have been simplified. New drops are as follows:
  -  Altar Imp Food Wagon : Broken Wooden Fragment
  -  Wheat Field Lookout, Scarecrow Ghost : Rusty Iron Shard
  -  Swamp Hermit Crab, Fan Flamingo, Poisonous Swamp Plant, Thorn Tentacle, Poisonous Thorn Tentacle, Black Thorn Tentacle, Red Thorn Tentacle : Oxidized Plant Stem
  -  Personal Guard, Personal Escort : Rusty Helmet
  -  Mudster : Black Dirt
  -  Swamp Fogan Warrior : Fogan Webfoot
  -  Cultist Giant Warrior : Old Hood
  -  Orc Large Cauldron : Orc’s Red Mushroom
  -  Trained Wolf : Bandit’s Bandana
  -  Shadow Wizard, Shadow Priestess : Rusty Longsword
  -  Serendia Shrine Wizard, Serendia Shrine Priest, Serendia Shrine Priestess : Broken Longsword Fragment
  -  Khuruto Elite Soldier : Old Longsword
  -  Plantation Stone-shelled Crab : Giant Shell
  -  Contaminated Dwarf, Contaminated Butcher, Contaminated Wizard, Contaminated Witch, Contaminated Butcher : Brand Token
  -  Ancient Ruins Guard, Ancient Ruins Defender, Triangle Ruins Tree, Face Ruins Tree : Ruins Rock Fragment
  -  Surrendered Khuruto Elite Soldier, Surrendered Khuruto Soldier : Huge Spear
  -  Mad Scientist Cannon, Mad Scientist Bomb : Shimmering Green Liquid
  -  Treant Stub, Scream Treant, Rooted Old Wood Treant : Hard Tree Bark
  -  Skeleton Wolf, Witch Tower : Sharp Bone Fragment
  -  Other miscellaneous loot (Scarecrow Ghost Log, Altar Imp’s Flag, etc. will not be available from the above monsters anymore.)

The monsters in the below Valencia and Kamasylvia grind spots will now drop “Trace of X” items.
  -  Bashim Base : Trace of Earth
  -  Basilisk Den : Trace of Memory
  -  Cadry Ruins : Trace of Death
  -  Centaurus : Trace of Hunting
  -  Titium Valley, Desert Naga: Trace of Savagery
  -  Crescent Shrine : Trace of Death
  -  Gahaz, Pila Ku Jail : Trace of Violence
  -  Roud Sulfur Works : Trace of Chaos
  -  Navarn Steppe : Trace of Forest, Trace of Ascension
  -  Manshaum Forest : Trace of Hunting
  -  Polly Forest : Trace of Forest
  -  Fadus : Trace of Battle
  -  Forest Ronaros : Trace of Origin


[Quest and Knowledge]

The Yianaros Spirit quest will become easier.
  -  Yianaros Spirit’s attack damage has been reduced 97%.
  -  A warning message will appear when Yianaros Spirit notices the player.
  -  Yianaros Spirit will attack the player 10 seconds after the warning message.

New story quests available in Velia have been added.
  -  Available after completing the “Why did the Goblins run away?” quest.
  -  Can be accepted from NPC Santo Manzi with a level 46 or above character.
  -  Total of 9 quests in chain.
  -  Upon completing the quest chain, you will get a new knowledge in Balenos Adventure Journal I category, Santo Manzi’s Letter.

Fixed an issue where the Black Spirit showed quests you cannot accept after completing the “Altinova Wharf Manager” quest.

The conditions to accept the “Magic Bullet Marksman” quest have changed.
  -  Need to have completed or currently have the “Incarnation of Illezra” quest.

Fixed an issue where quests you cannot accept appeared on the recommended quests list.

The following quests are now available per character, not per family.
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Amerigo’s Shoes
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Eagle’s Talon
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Caesar's Gloves
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Exquisite Naga Ear Accessory
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Cultist’s Black Ring
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Red Orc Armor
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Cruhorn Helmet
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Veteran Adventurer’s Shoes
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Wind Crystal Gloves
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Chimera’s Pupil Gem
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Devourer Helmet
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Castillion weapons
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Kaia Necklace
  -  Black Spirit’s Gift : Ultimate Castillion weapons
  -  You can complete the above quests with your alts even if you already have the items.

New Guild Subjugation missions have been added for the Kamasylvia region.
  -  Navarn Steppe, Manshaum Forest, Loopy Tree Forest, or Polly Forest


[NPCs and Physics]

The “Exchange” buttons will only appear on a NPC when you have the associated items. (Horse race seals, Shiny Golden Seals, etc.)

You can now learn skills and add skill add-ons from NPC Sarma Anin at Altinova.

NPCs at Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon will talk to you more friendly if you build up Amity with them.

Fixed the graphical glitch with soldier NPCs at Velia.

Imperial Auction NPCs in each village (except for Calpheon) have changed to new NPCs. (Associated Knowledge will also change.)
  -  Velia : Garcia
  -  Heidel : Charlotte Penwood
  -  Altinova : Den Shamir
  -  Valencia : Ahina
  -  Grana : Ernia



Fixed an issue where the “sort by gender” button was unintentionally clicked on within the Horse Market window.

Fixed an issue where you could not click on the Pet Group 2 and Pet Group 3 buttons.

Required amount of materials for Cooking/Alchemy/House Crafting will be displayed in the Craft Notes.
  -  You can still successfully craft an item even if you don’t put a lower amount of materials.

If you don’t have a character above level 50 in your account, the Chat window will appear when you have a character above level 7.

Fixed an issue where the description at the bottom of the Wharf menu was covered by other windows in 1280 * 720 resolution.

Fixed an issue where you had to put Black Stones every time when you are trying to enhance Horseshoes.

Fixed an issue where you could check the “Force Enhancement (Use Cron Stone)” checkbox when trying to enhance PRI items.
  -  This function is only available when trying to enhance equipment that is DUO or above.

Fixed an issue where the icon for “Force PvP” did not appear on the character after activating PK.

The icon for wagons that appear on the world map/mini map has changed.

Fixed an issue where the descriptions for buffs were covered by the buff icons.

Fixed an issue where the “Leave Platoon” button was covered by the “Platoon member list” and could not be clicked when there are more than 11 members in the Platoon.



Auto-pathing in Altinova has been improved.

Item drop info for Valencia and Kamayslvia has been added in the Item drops menu.


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Comments :8

  • 0

    level 1 rDuck


    Are those mystic nerfs for real? class dident even seem particularly strong to begin with

    • 0

      level 1 BlackRuins


      Damage wise it wasn't that strong. However mystic had vacuum on their ult which allowed them to constantly CC a group of people. It changed the KR meta in way that mystic would vacuum a bunch of people and the wiz/witch would ult ontop of the, wiping out a lot of people. Also since they are tanky they could get hit, charge up 100% and almost always have 100% up.

    • 0

      level 1 rDuck

      @BlackRuins I see, but whats the point to a class thats does no damage, provides no utility and isent tanky anymore, perhaps the nerf is justified, but it has to be compensated somehow
  • 0

    level 1 MrStewFox


    Yes, how much you can reduce the damage in pvp musa. He's already weak in f***ing pvp. Here it is necessary PvE damage? NO! He always fine grind, but not fatty monsters but still good, do not need it in PVE damage as possible to emphasize the bloody PVE. He needed damage PVP. Decreased stamina consumption is good, but it is still not enough with so much skill on stamina.

    • 0

      level 1 viciousshark


      Please learn to read the whole sentence.....

      "In order to keep the PvP damage constant, PvP damage has decreased by 6.5%."

  • 0

    level 1 MrStewFox

    그렇습니다, 얼마나 당신이 Pvp 무사의 피해를 줄일 수 있습니다. 그는 이미 망할 pvp가 약하다. 여기 PvE 피해가 필요합니까? 아니! 그는 항상 괜찮지 만 좋지는 않지만, 지방의 괴물은 필요하지 않습니다. 피의 PVE를 최대한 강조하기 위해 가능한 한 PVE 데미지를 입 힙니다. PVP에 피해가 필요합니다. 체력 감퇴는 좋지만 체력으로는 충분하지 않습니다. from korean dev

  • 0

    level 1 That_Guy


    So can anybody tell us more about this guild battle thing? I understand the rules of it but how do you initiate a battle? Is it spontaneous like how guilds can dec on each other? Is it something only set up by the GMs? Or is it just something that can be pre arranged by two guild masters?

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      Hi, sorry for the delayed response. :( Guild Battle was added in KR on Oct 19th. Guild Leader/Officer can start the guild battle. The leaders/officers from two guilds can register their guilds for the guild battle, and the members of the two guilds will be moved to the guild battle arena. Guild battles are spontaneous, and can be arranged by two guild leaders. Unlike declaring a war on each other, both guilds have to agree :)

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