BDO KR Patch Notes Nov 23rd: Absolute Skills for Wizard&Witch, more numbers revealed, T9 Horse buffs


※ Translator’s Note: The term “Absolute”  used in this post is a temporary translation and is subject to change when the associated update goes live in the NA/EU server. The Korean word is 진(pronounced as Jin), and can be translated to Truth, Absolute, or Nature. Other terms/names used in this post are also subject to change.



New Event: Patrigio’s Discreet Discount
  -  From Nov 23rd to Dec 7th
  -  Enjoy up to 50% discount on rare items offered in Patrigio’s secret shop. Roulette will only cost 25 Energy.

New Event: Black Friday Sale
  -  From Nov 23rd to Dec 3rd
  -  Enjoy the Black Friday Sale for Pearl Items

The number of Cron Stones you can extract from costumes has increased.


Fixed an issue where the following characters’ off-hand weapons were still visible when holding a fishing rod.
  -  Berserker, Tamer, Dark Knight

Fixed an issue where the damage dealt to Hwacha, Flame Tower, Wooden Fence, and Wooden Fence Gate by summoned objects (Tamer’s Heilang, Striker’s Echo Spirit, Sorceress’ Blade of Darkness & Cartian’s Protection, Wizard/Witch’s Keepers, Keeper Arne’s Flow skills, Dark Knight’s Luscious Snare & Trap of Vedir, etc.) was higher than intended.


Graphical effects for Absolute: Spinning Slash and Absolute: Charging Slash have changed


Fixed the graphical glitch in the chest area of the Ram Horn Witch costume during the social action “Confidence”.


Fixed an issue where you were not able to cancel Rabam skills with Absolute: Midnight Stinger


Added a description for Fearsome Tyrant: HP not recovered during mounted combat.

Fixed an issue where Fearsome Tyrant did not recover WP as the skill tooltip says during mounted combat.

Fixed the graphical glitch with the Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit.


Fixed an issue where the effects of skill add-ons were not applied on Heilang: Roaring while riding on Heilang.


Fixed the graphical glitch with the chest area in non-combat mode while holding Lancia.

[Wizard and Witch]

The upgraded main skills, the “Absolute” skills, have been added.
  -  Absolute: Earthquake
  -  Absolute: Meteor Shower
  -  Absolute: Fireball
  -  Absolute: Lightning
  -  Absolute: Residual Lightning
  -  Absolute: Lightning Chain
  -  Absolute: Lightning Storm
  -  Absolute: Freeze
  -  Absolute: Frigid Fog
  -  Absolute: Blizzard
  -  Absolute: Multiple Magic Arrows
  -  Absolute: Concentrated Magic Arrows
  -  Absolute: Fireball Explosion
  -  Absolute: Dagger Stab
  -  Absolute: Earth’s Response
  -  Absolute: Staff Attack
  -  The Absolute rank for main skills is available after completing the Awakening Weapon Quests at Level 56.
  -  You need the maximum rank of each main skill to learn the Absolute rank of that skill.
  -  The Absolute skills have higher damage and higher number of hits than the regular skills do.

Ultimate: Blizzard can now be used during mounted combat.

The description for Ultimate: Blizzard has been edited to match the skill’s actual effect.
  -  986% * 7 > 986% * 12, max 3 hits

Added a line in the skill tooltip of Dagger Stab
  -  Pushes targets on successful hits (PvE only)

Deleted a line in the skill tooltip of Dagger Stab
  -  Cooldown will not reset

Fixed an issue where the last hit of Residual Lightning did not decrease enemies’ casting speed/attack speed.

Graphical effects for Blizzard during mounted combat have been adjusted to match the skill’s actual duration.

Fixed an issue where switching to awakening weapon while moving forward caused awakening skills to be activated slowly or not at all.

When switching to Aad Sphera/Godr Sphera while moving forward, the Wizard/Witch will now switch after an animation where the Wizard/Witch attacks forward.

Skill description for Awakening: Aad Sphera of Deneve/Awakening: Godr Sphera of Lord Red has been edited.

Forward Guard applied during transition > Forward Guard applied during forward transition


The AoE for Flow: Fire Breath Marg that automatically follows Cataclysm will now have the same AoE as Cataclysm.

You can now connect to another skill after Aqua Jail Explosion 0.2 seconds faster than before

[Striker and Mystic]

Fixed an issue where the costumes looked unnatural after using Traveler’s Map while riding on a Horse.


The default animation in the Pearl Shop has changed.


Damage numbers for “additional damage” (additional damage to humans, additional damage to all species, etc.) will now be written on all items. 
  -  Details can be found here.

Fixed an issue where the additional damage effects for Green and Blue Awakening weapons were not applied.

The additional damage that Green and Blue Awakening weapons inflict has been buffed.

Dandelion weapons that are Enhanced above +6 will now have additional damage to Humans.

The item effects that are already written below the item’s AP/DP have been removed from tooltips.

You can now stack Mysterious Seeds into one inventory slot.
  -  If you have more than one Mysterious Seeds in your inventory, put them in the storage and then send them back to your inventory.

Descriptions regarding guild promotion have been added for the following Lord costume.
  -  Silver Mane Horse Crown
  -  Blue Lion Crown
  -  Golden Eagle Crown
  -  Asula’s Crown
  -  Crown of Aal

Item descriptions for the following Elixirs/Food will now include the exact number for buff effects.

Cron Meal with Seafood will now decrease Cooking/Alchemy time by 0.5 seconds instead of 0.3 seconds.

The “Max HP increases” effect for Horse/Camel gear will now give 300% more max HP.

Marketplace prices for the following items have increased.
  -  Panacea of Verdure, Panacea of Beast, Panacea of Giant, Cron Meals 

New recipes for Panacea have been added.

Fixed an issue where the buffs from party elixirs were not applied to your party members when you use party elixirs while Panacea buffs are on.
  -  Party elixir buffs will not be applied to you in this case.

The icon for Capotia Belt has changed.

New item, Bird Meat, has been added.
  -  Bird Meat is obtainable by hunting Seagulls, and can replace Chicken meat.

New Hunting item, “Giant Brown Bear Trap”, has been added.
  -  The item is obtainable via a new quest.
  -  You can summon Giant Brown Bear if you use the item in Baremi Island.

Old Moon Camp Container has been added.
  -  You can purchase Old Moon Camp Container from Old Moon Managers. The Camp Container costs 2,500,000 silver, and is available for 1 week.
  -  You can place the Camp Container in your Campsite, and you will be able to store a maximum of 16 items. (200 LT Max)
  -  Old Moon Camp Container cannot be placed with Napart Camp Container at the same time.
  -  When Old Moon Camp Container expires, you will be able to take out your items from the Container but will not be able to store any more items.


You can now get Fairy’s Power when gathering under the ocean.

You can now get multiple types of items when gathering bare handed or with a hoe from the following objects.
  -  Bush, Thicket, Shrub, Wild Herb

HP of Tier 1 to 8 horses have increased by 200% to 300%. (Different according to the horse’s tier/type)

HP of Dream Horses have increased by 300% to 400%.

Arduanatt’s DP will now be 150% higher than that of T8 horses.

Dine’s DP will now be 225% higher than that of T8 horses.

Dine’s Earth of Protection will now give +10 AP for 30 seconds.

The cooldown and healing for Dine’s Earth of Life has been adjusted.
  -  Cooldown: 5 minutes > 3 minutes
  -  Healing: +200 HP per 3 seconds for 30 seconds, MP/WP/SP +100 > +300 HP per 3 seconds for 30 seconds, MP/WP/SP +300

The prices for Tier 1 to 8 horses (Horse Market, Imperial Horse Delivery, and Selling Price) have increased up to 50%. (Prices vary according to the horse’s tier, level, and acquired skills)

The prices for Dream Horses (Horse Market, Imperial Horse Delivery, and Selling Price) have increased up to 20%. (Prices vary according to the horse’s level and acquired skills.)

The durability of Wooden Fence and Wooden Fence Gate has decreased by 20%.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to choose Enhancement options for certain Green items.
New Title has been added.
  -  The Best Hunter in Balenos
  -  Obtainable by completing a newly-added Hunting quest.

Fixed an issue where the auto-pathing to Chenana in Rock Post did not work properly.

Additional areas where you can install Barricades have been added near the pond in Savage Rift.

You can no longer use Archaeologist’s Map when your mount has Trade items.


The monsters on the castle wall in Sausan Garrison have been redistributed.

The durability of Margoria Phantom Ship has decreased 95%.

Margoria Phantom Ship will not summon Spectre of Margoria anymore.

New Hunting monsters have been added to the islands in the Balenos Sea.
  -  Raccoon, Weasel, Seagull, Small Humpback Whale, Naughty Raccoon, Wolf Chief, Giant Brown Bear
  -  Small Humpback Whale is a quest-only monster, and will not give you any rewards for killing it.
  -  Giant Brown Bear can be summoned with Giant Brown Bear Trap.

[Quest and Knowledge]

The conditions to accept the following delivery quest have changed.
  -  Pilgrim’s Water Bowl: can receive the quest from NPC Samaya when you have accepted “A Special Request” or have finished “A Special Request” and “To the Original Form”.
  -  Valencian Elder Bookshelf: can receive the quest from NPC Marzana when you have accepted “A Special Request” or have finished “A Special Request” and “Truth Never Sinks”.
  -  Mediahn White Cedar Royal Dining Table: can receive the quest from NPC Sarma Anin when you have accepted “A Special Request” or have finished “A Special Request” and “An Answer from an Old Friend”.

New quest chain where you can get “Kamasylve Flower Pot” has been added.
  -  You can accept the quest after completing “The Center of Kamasylve”, which is one of the main quests for Kamasylvia Part 2. (9 quests in the chain)

New quest chain for Hunting has been added in the Balenos Islands.
  -  You can receive the quests from Chuck Laurie when you are over level 45 and have completed [Daily] Hunter’s Honor. (23 quests in chain)

The following Life Skill quests will now give reformed gathering tools and Energy as rewards.
  -  [Gathering] Introduction to Production
  -  Sealus, the Timber Expert
  -  Fox Meat First
  -  Befriending Vongole
  -  Workers of the Guard Camp
  -  Snack for a hungry soldier
  -  Desperate soldiers
  -  An Iron-naire

You can now talk to Edana’s Slate to teleport to the Ancient Stone Chamber during the following quests. (Quests not available in NA/EU yet)
  -  Back to that place…
  -  Great Expectations

You cannot use certain content/functions after teleporting to the Ancient Stone Chamber during certain quests.
  -  Content that changes the character’s location (Red Battlefield, Savage Rift)
  -  If you Escape or re-enter the game, you will be moved to your former location.

The quests where you have to escort an NPC are being reworked, and will be unavailable for a certain period.

Knowledge on NPC Baman has been added.

[Graphics and NPC]

New NPC “Centaurus in a Battle” has been added in Barhan Gateway.

Blood effects will not be displayed anymore when the Galley, Sailboat, and Frigate are hit.

Game loading speed in large cities has been improved.

Fixed the clipping candle lights in the Pearl Shop.

Fixed an issue where the characters were “swimming” in the geographical features that are not river/ocean.


The “Close” button in the shopping cart tab in Pearl Shop has been removed.

Descriptions for newly-acquired Knowledges will not appear in the World Map anymore.

Fixed an issue where the materials for Forced Enhancement were not properly displayed when Enhancing the gear to over +15.

A new sentence has been added in the Enhancement UI when Enhancing defensive gear.
  -  You can Enhance safely up to +5.

Trade UI has been improved.
  -  The arrangement of Imperial Delivery items has been adjusted.
  -  A new function where you can check the Imperial Delivery items by their names has been added.

▲ New Trade UI
▲ You can check the Imperial Delivery items by their names instead of images.

Fixed an issue where the icon for Imperial Delivery was not visible.

A new message that says “the character’s portrait in the My Profile menu and Disconnect menu will change” will appear when you take a portrait of your character.


A new menu where you can check item drops has been added.
  -  You can check which items are obtainable in which grind spot using the menu.

▲ Recommended AP is displayed at the top right corner. You can navigate to the spot by clicking on the button at the bottom.

Fixed an issue where a system message says “the guild does not exist” appeared for those who are not in a guild.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to apply templates from Beauty Album.

You cannot delete a character that has an item in a Comp Container.

Your character will not stop anymore when you enter a spot where the geographical features have not been fully loaded.

Fixed an issue where the game crashed occasionally.

Fixed an issue where the game crashed if your CPU is Windows 64bit Octa-Core.

Fixed an issue where the game crashed while exchanging pets.

[Additional Damage numbers revealed]




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