BDO KR Patch Notes Jan 18th: 3D Mini Map, Marketplace changes, Artisan's Memory buff

※ New Guild Raid Boss, Ahib’s Griffon, was not added today due to technical issues.


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New Event: New Pearl Packages are here!

New Event: New Year’s Attendance Rewards

New Event: Great Attendance Rewards
  -  Special attendance rewards include Valks’ Advice, Memory Fragments, and Shakatu’s Precious Box



When hitting an enemy with a Matchlock, the graphics will be different based on the material of the target. (Not available with Frost Matchlock)

You can now right click or left click while your character is knocked down to get up quicker.

Fixed an issue where the following characters would “cheer” when obtaining a rare item while using Black Spirit’s Rage skills.
  -  Striker, Mystic, Lahn

The Mystic has been added as a PC Cafe Premium Class. (KR Exclusive)

When the character is invisible, the character’s buff graphics will be invisible as well.



Pressing directional keys consecutively in Awakening stance will activate Head Chase.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Purnado Armor.



Text errors in skill descriptions are fixed.



Amulet will be visible in non-combat stance and Awakening stance.



Pressing A/S/D consecutively in Awakening Stance will activate Leaves Dropping and then Flow: Gust.

Pressing W consecutively in Awakening stance will activate Legendary Beast’s Power.

You cannot use Leaves Dropping and Flow: Gust when your weight is over 126%.

Fixed the animation error when pressing Shift + T + W.



Pressing A/D consecutively in Awakening stance will activate Shield Chase.



Pressing W/S consecutively in Awakening stance will activate Chase.



Pressing A/D/S consecutively in Awakening stance will activate Sleet Steps.

Pressing W consecutively in Awakening stance will activate forward Chase.



Fixed an issue where the Wizard’s body would change to the old Wizard’s body after equipping Snowman Hat.



Fixed the graphical glitch with hair type 7.



Pressing A/D+RMB after Crouching Wolf will activate Flow: Mass Destruction first.


[Lahn] (Skill names are temporary translations. All skills below are Awakening skills.)

Pressing W+RMB after the first hit of Chain Wheel will activate Steps of Apocalypse.

Pressing Shift+LMB while using Earthen Scar will activate Rage.

Pressing S+RMB after Return to Naught while sprinting with the Elegance buff will activate Scream of Confinement first.

Death will recover 30 WP.

Steps of Apocalypse will be used before Chain Wheel when you press W+RMB while using Return to Naught or Piercing Heart.

Fixed the excessive graphics when attacking with Crescent Pendulum.

Graphics of Death and Soul Grasp have changed.

When you check the “remove other players’ graphics” option, the graphics of Crescent Pendulum skills will be optimized.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Purnado Armor.

Fixed the graphical glitch with dyed Desert Camouflage.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Yuhyeolbe Outfit while sitting down on an object.



Panzy the general goods vendor in Grana will sell Lanterns.

The selling prices of following items will be 70,000 silver.
  -  Basilisk Piece: Ring
  -  Basilisk Piece: Alignment Pin
  -  Basilisk’s Piece: Snake Skin Belt
  -  Cadry Piece: Blue Ring
  -  Cadry Piece: Ruby Ornament
  -  Cadry Piece: Obsidian Decoration

The phrase “additional damage to monsters” has changed to “additional AP to monsters”.

Descriptions on where to obtain the items and Enhancement have been added to the item descriptions of Asula Accessories with Lost Magic Power.

Enhancement option of Asula’s Crimson Eyes Accessory has changed to Fixed.

Descriptions on how to obtain the items and how to reform gear have been added to the item descriptions of Reform stones.

Artisan’s Memory will recover 4x more max durability instead of 3x max durability.

When you enhance an item to PEN(V), your family name will be imprinted on the item.
  -  This does not apply to the PEN items that you already have.
  -  The family name won’t show on the Marketplace, but will appear when you buy the item



Fixed an issue where you could not fish from some of the ponds in Navarn Steppe and Valencia City.

Node/Conquest War Changes
  -  Elephant Nursery will produce Elephants in 10 minutes.
  -  Large Siege Towers will produce Siege Towers in 20 minutes.
  -  Trina Demolition Axe will deal 20% more damage.
  -  Elephants will deal 50% more damage to Command posts, Forts, Gates, and Annexes.
  -  Cannons will deal 20% more damage to Command posts, Forts, and Gates.

When auto-pathing with mounts, “Automatically use mount stamina recovery food” option will be checked by default.

Marketplace Changes
  -  The chance where an item is pre-ordered has increased by 12.5%.
  -  Marketplace registration queue time will be 15 minutes.
  -  You can buy the item that you have placed a bid on even when a cheaper one is registered after your bid.



When your character is hit by the following monsters, blood physics will match the direction of the attack.
  -  Mutated Obsidian Monster
  -  Giath
  -  Green Orc Skeleton Warrior
  -  Moghulis
  -  Helm Raid Captain
  -  Ogre

Fixed the animation glitch with Helm Raid Captain.

Fixed the excessive graphics of Harpies in Delphe Knights Castle.


[Quest and Knowledge]

Fixed an issue where NPC Tess would flicker during the “Illezra’s Five Rings” quest.

Fixed an issue where recommended level was written on the title of the “The Master of Survival” quest.

Fixed the quest objective error in [Supply] Energizing Meal

The chance of getting Platinum for the “Harder with Platinum” quest has increased greatly.

Route guidance for [Fishing] To the Next Stage! will lead you to the right quest objective NPC.

If you do not have the Knowledge Monarch of Darkness Belmorn after completing the “To Epheria…” quest, you can talk to Freharau in Epheria Port to gain the Knowledge.

Fixed an issue where certain characters could not accept Black Spirit’s Gift II.

Typos and sentence errors are fixed.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Some awkward lines of certain NPCs are fixed.

The city guard who was walking between the soldiers in front of NPC Valks has been removed.

When Grana guards are attacking negative karma players, they will go around the objects to attack the players behind the objects.

You can now talk to NPC Lonely Galieva in Valencia Desert.

Fixed the abnormal location of the villager near Grana 15.

When an enhancement fails, the notification message will have red graphics.

Fixed an issue where the resource near Calpheon training dummies and Calpheon castle could be gathered twice in a row.

Fixed an issue where there was no fire in front of the NPC who is cooking a fish in Port Ratt.

Fixed an issue where boats could not move smoothly in certain areas near the Kuit Islands.



“Display Awakening weapon” option will be automatically on when you choose premium outfit sets in the Pearl Shop.

The “coupon book” button will return to its original location when you exit the Pearl Shop after changing the location of the coupon book button.

The menu that pops up when you right click on certain items in your inventory will not be bigger than the game screen.

Descriptions regarding life skill levels will be more precise.

Descriptions regarding pet breeding will be more precise.

Descriptions regarding how to find pets by groups have been added in the pet menu.

The “Feed All” window will disappear when you close the pet window by clicking on the X button.

Fixed an issue where some letters were outside the UI in the item transfer screen.

Item Transfer Status window in the World Map will have longer width.

Skill Add-on window will remain after you add an option to a skill.

When you receive a Pearl gift, the sentence “there is an item attached to the letter” will appear at the bottom.

Fixed an issue where the “lock” icon would remain on the same spot after switching your gear from a locked item to an item that is not locked.

Fixed the icon image error when using campsite storages.

You can now put your mouse over the ? button in the Knowledge (Ecology) screen to check how many points you have and what buffs you are getting from the points.

Daily Attendance rewards window will open before the event window.

The names of each Node will be written on the Node icons in the World Map.

The names of the Nodes you have not found will not appear.



You can now upload your template to the Beauty Album from the Customization screen if you have not created the character.

You can now change the key binding for the walk/run key.

Notification messages for world bosses Nouver, Kutum, and Karanda will be in different colors.

3D Mini map has been added.

  -  Click on the 3D icon at the top left corner of the mini map to switch to 3D mini map.
  -  Click on the same button again to switch back to the original 2D mini map.
  -  The mini map mode will remain the same after you disconnect and re-enter the game.
  -  The 3D mini map will show the 3-dimensional display of the area nearby. You can check the area near you in 360 degrees.
  -  The Desert and the Ocean will have 3-dimensional geographical elevation. However, buildings are not displayed on the mini map.
  -  The 3D mini map doesn’t show the location of party members and direction of quest objectives.
Marking quest objective areas and certain portions on the mini map highlighted by pet skills will be added later.
  -  You can turn on the Settings-Game-Others-Rotatable Mini Map option to use the 3D minimap better.

The guide video for the World Map will open in a separate web window.

Fixed an issue where the character will perform the action of the changed key bindings when changing key bindings.

New Watermark (Turkey) has been added.


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    level 1 Konokolicious


    pc cafe premium is not a kr exclusive
    • 0

      level 1 Konokolicious


      and what the point of increasing axe dmg? its already insane, enemy just tp on you and while invincibility lasts destroy your tower...

  • 0

    level 1 OpieOP

    Do Koreans not really use the axes? They are already insane right now and with a 20% damage increase that seems extreme. 
  • 0

    level 1 Bloodeagle


    Hello and thank you for the translation,

    Can you elaborate on:

    You can now right click or left click while your character is knocked down to get up quicker.

    I see someone saying that it's the same as previous key combinations to get up "quicker" but another saying that it's newly implemented.

    Thank you in advance! Great work as always.

    • 0

      level 1 Meii


      Hi! When you got knocked down, you could get up quickly by rolling while pressing WASD keys. On the other hand, you could still get up on the spot without pressing any keys but it would take some time for you to stand up.

      The right/left click key combination added this time lets you get up quicker on the spot when you are knocked down. You could see it as a different key combination from the original rolling key combination. Hope this helped!

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