BDO KR Patch Notes Oct 12th -Gold Bars from main quests, New quest that gives T5 horse



New Event: Trick or Treat - Spooky Halloween
  -  From Oct 12th to Nov 9th
  -  Meet the new and returning seasonal Pearl items



Fixed the graphical glitch with Audria Hat (This costume is not available in NA/EU yet)



New item, Mysterious Seed, has been added.
  -  Mysterious Seed is obtainable when harvesting/breeding/pruning/curing blight Special Seeds or Hypha.
  -  You can obtain Mysterious Crop Seeds by Processing (Shake) Mysterious Seed and Special Seed/Hypha.
  -  Mysterious Crop Seeds can be planted in gardens. Mysterious Crop Seeds will take a space 5x larger than normal seeds use.
  -  You will get 3 to 4 Fruits when you breed Mysterious Crop Seeds, and will get a high amount of crops when you harvest them.

New gatherable item, Fairy’s Powder, has been added.
  -  Fairy’s Powder can be sold to NPC vendors to give you some extra income when gathering.

Your character will “cheer” when you obtain the following items. (Below items are not available in NA/EU yet.)
  -  Rour’s Lost Helmet/Armor/Gloves/Shoes
  -  Treant Spirit’s Joy Necklace
  -  Treant Spirit’s Whisper Earring
  -  Treant Spirit’s Echo Ring
  -  Treant Spirit’s Wish Belt

The following items’ effects have been adjusted. (Items not available in NA/EU yet.)

When an item’s max durability drops below 50, a description about repairing max durability will appear at the bottom of the item tooltip.



Peridot Forest Wagon (Kamasylvia Part 2 Wagon) will now have a new skill, Instant Acceleration.
  -  Instant Acceleration will consume the character’s Stamina and increase the wagon’s speed for a moment. It will be activated when you press Shift + W. (Will not work when you don’t have enough Stamina.)
  -  The character’s Stamina will be fixed to 1000 when on Peridot Forest Wagon. The Stamina will return to the character’s original Stamina once the character gets off the Wagon.

Auto pathing in the following regions has been adjusted so you won’t have to go too far when doing the main quests.
  -  Castle Ruins, Bree Tree Ruins, Khuruto Cave, Delphe Knights Castle, Delphe Outpost, Karanda Ridge



Fixed an issue where Vell disappeared in the middle of the raid.

Fixed an issue where you were able to aim at the summoned boss monsters before they are fully summoned during the level 1 to 50 main quests.

The summoned boss monsters during the level 1 to 50 main quests will now have higher HP.


[Quest and Knowledge]

The order of the following Special quests that the Black Spirit gives has changed.
  -  [Special I] Confronting Bheg
  -  [Special I] Confronting Giath
  -  [Special I] Confronting Red nose

New quest that gives a T5 horse has been added.
  -  The Black Spirit will give you the quest after completing “While Preparing for Mediah”.
  -  The T5 horse is a female horse that has Instant Accel and Sprint (training meter 100%)

The following repeatable Valencia CP quests can now be checked in the Repeatable Quests section of the Quest menu (O).
  -  Manure Delivery
  -  Delivering the Miscellany from the Oasis
  -  Deliver Camel Feed
  -  Box Full of Water Bottles
  -  Sack of Figs

Large number of Gold Bars has been added in the rewards for the main quests from Balenos to Calpheon.

Small number of Gold Bars has been added in the rewards for some regular and life skill quests in the Balenos to Calpheon region. (Except for a few Special quests and daily/repeatable quests.)

Along with Contribution Points, you can now earn some money from the quests.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to begin the following Kamasylvia quests from Guardian of Edana.
  -  Returning to the place
  -  Revealed Past
  -  The Great Expectation



Halloween Event has begun in the world of Black Desert Online.

The world of BDO is decorated with Halloween-themed ornaments. Also, a big, red moon will rise during the event period.



Notifications for Achievement Rewards will now appear at the top right corner, next to the Level/Skill Points info.

The color of the Savage Rift button in the main menu has changed to match the actual color of Savage Rift.



“No Watermark” option has been added in the Setting-Screen-Watermark menu.

Guild Recruitment Chat has been added.
  -  Guild Leaders and Officers can click the “Guild Recruitment” button at the bottom of the Guild menu to use the Guild Recruitment Chat.
  -  Guild Emblem/Guild Name/Guild Description will appear in the chat window. This will consume 50 Energy.

A function where you can click a guild member’s name and directly whisper to him/her will be added soon.

Fixed an issue where your character’s voice in the customization menu was affected by other players’ sounds.


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  • 0

    level 1 That_Guy


    What do you do with the fruit from the new Mysterious Crop?

    • 0

      level 1 Vorbeck

      @That_Guy "Fruit of X" are already in the game, farming is the best way to reliably obtain them. So this is presumably just a great boon to their droprate. It's been a while since I've farmed for fruit but before I believe you would only get 1-2 Fruits for the corresponding crop you had planted, if any at all. Most of the fruit tends to be always sold out on the marketplace. (Especially Magic Power & Crimson Flame because of the alchemy daily)

      So it sounds like this event will be a great time to farm so you can stockpile alchemy materials.
  • 0

    level 1 That_Guy


    Another question..

    Guild Recruitment Chat has been added.
    - Guild Masters and Vice Masters can click the “Guild Recruitment” button at the bottom of the

    Does this mean KR actually has Vice Guild leaders? Or are they just talking about Officers? Because this game really needs some sort of rank below GM to take care of GM duties when the GM isn't online...

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie



      the "Vice Masters" in that line is just talking about Officers. I'm sorry about the confusion there :(

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