BDO KR Patch Notes July 27th - Mystic, new Kamasylvia quests, and new party system



New Event: Level up the Mystic and Collect Mystic’s Seal
 - From July 27th to August 17th
 - Level up with the Mystic to win a variety of rewards.
 - Collect Mystic’s Seals by looting monsters, gathering, and fishing then exchange them for Black Stones.

Summer Loyal Attendance has begun.
 - From July 28th 0:00 AM to August 31st

Guild Attendance Event has begun.
 - From July 28th 0:00 AM to December 31st 23:59 PM
 - Anyone who is a member of a Guild (Guild size Medium or higher) will receive additional Attendance rewards.


New Class, the Mystic, has been added.
 - The Mystic will use Gauntlets as her main hand weapon and Vambrace as offhand.
 - The Mystic has swift and smooth combos, powerful blows, and evasive movements.
 - The Mystic can use Martial Spirit Shards to deal additional damage and gain various buffs.

Fixed an issue where the character’s eyes failed to follow the mouse cursor in the Customization menu.

You can now check the special emotes for Venia Riding Attire in the Pearl Shop. (Kunoichi, Ninja, and Striker)

You can now check the special emotes for Venecil Dress/Karki Suit in the Pearl Shop. (Wizard, Witch, and Striker)

Fixed an issue where the Warrior and the Valkyrie were affected by Crowd Controls when they were attacked from their back while blocking. 


Fixed the clipping that occured when wearing Epheria Marine Hat.

Fixed the graphical error that appeared when modifying the jaw part in the default character template.


The graphics for Crown Eagle Shoes when the durability is low have been improved.

Fixed an issue where the Witch’s hair length was asymmetrical when wearing Epheria Marine Hat

[Kunoichi and Ninja]

Fixed an issue where Target Chase was not applied when the Kunoichi/Ninja uses Ghost Step after using Target Chase with Quick Slot.

[Dark Knight]

Fixed an issue where the forward rolling animation was different from that of the other characters.

Fixed an issue where the Dark Knight’s weapon was still out even in non-combat mode when wearing the Kibelius Costume.


The graphical effects for Flow: Strikethrough have changed.

The graphical effects for Flow: Landslide have changed to match the actual area of effect.


PC Cafe Premium Characters can now purchase Premium Weapon Boxes from NPC Haaz, the PC Cafe Premium Merchant.
 - The Box contains Ramones mainhand/offhand/awakening weapon for each character.

Ramones Helmet and Armor (PC Cafe Premium Character only) will not increase stamina and MP anymore.

The names for the Awakening Secret Book for the PC Cafe Premium characters have changed.

When PC Cafe Premium Characters use the Awakening Secret Book, their Breath/Strength/Health Level will increase to 30.

Pure Black Stone buffs will not disappear anymore when you die.


Savage Rift and Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 have been removed from the main (ESC) menu.

Fixed an issue where the Karma point dropped when the attacker hits another player at the same time the castle is destroyed.

Characters below level 50 are now able to use the Lynch Cannon.

Characters below level 50 are now not able to fire the cannons in Guild Galley, Epheria Sailboat, and Epheria Convoy.

The Unit System has been added.
 - A Unit is a type of party where players with same goal play together for a while.
 - Click the character’s name or family name on the chat window and select “invite to Unit” to invite a player to your Unit.
 - You can also type /inviteunit (Character Name) to invite a player to your Unit.
 - The players who are already in a Party or a Unit cannot be invited to your Unit.
 - One Unit can have a maximum of 20 players. You will be able to check your Unit member’s HP.
 - All Unit members’ locations will be displayed on the World Map and on the Mini Map.
 - Unlike with a Party, EXP will not be distributed among Unit members. You cannot change the Party Loot Rule.
 - Items obtained through Unit grinding cannot be sold on Special Deals.
 - Party buffs will be shared among Unit members, but Party Elixir buffs will not be shared.
 - You cannot use Summon Scrolls while in a Unit. (However, you can use Guild Summon Scrolls.)
 - Unit members can use party chat.

Some of the Tips that appear on the bottom left corner have been edited.


The monsters at the quest ares for the [Co-op] Defeat Ronin quest have been removed.

Some patterns for Ronin have changed.

The graphics when Urgon falls down have been improved.

Some patterns for Rour Lavi and Urgon have changed.

[Quest and Knowledge]

New Life Skill Quests have been added in Kamasylvia.
 - Talk to NPC Izella at Lemoria Guard Post with a level 58 or above character to receive the quests.
 - Even if you did not finish all Kamasylvia Part 1 main quests, you will be able to start Kamasylvia Part 2 main questline if you complete the following Life Skill quests.
 - A Visitor from Florin
 - Helping Lemoria Supply Unit
 - Old Wisdom Tree
 - A Cup of Vitality
 - A Plate of Vitality
- Vitality of Dried Fish
 - Shai rescued from the grasslands
 - Lemoria Fire Signal
 - Stella’s Alchemy Journal
 - Flondor Lakeside
 - Nature Samples from Kamasylvia
 - Stone of Ianaros
 - Sensing someone’s presence
 - Ronamin’s Signal
 - Ianaros Spirit
 - Legendary Herb
 - Valentine’s Reward

“A Visitor from Florin” has been added in the Recommended Quests menu.

New Knowledge “How to meet Ianaros Spirit” has been added in the Kamasylvia Adventure Journal I category.

New Knowledge “Ronamin” has been added in the Spirits of Kamasylvia category.

WP recovery potion and SP recovery potion have been added as the reward options for the following main quets.
 - Subduing the Rebels II
 - About Al Rhundi
 - Secret in the Underground Storage
 - Heidel Investigator
 - Surveying the Glish Ruins
 - Taking the Written Orders
 - Art of Persuasion
 - Bandit Punitive Force
 - To Calpheon!
 - Fear of Reyas
 - Delphe Outpost
 - To Florin…
 - Death Squad of the Wilderness
 - Suspicious Move

The goal for the “Catching Seaweed” quest has changed from giving Seaweed to obtaining Seaweed.

The auto pathing for [Special II] Kzarka Shrine (1/W) will now lead you to the entrance of the Shrine.

The icon for the “Mudster Specimen” quest has been edited.

Fixed an issue where the NPC’s name in the quest dialogue was not the name of the NPC you actually have to visit.

The description for “Lenok” Knowledge has been edited.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to acquire Sea Coral Knowledge by using the item.

Fixed an issue where some unrelated information was displayed as hints for the “Gatherable Items in Kamasylvia” Knowledge.


Fixed an issue where Wild Horses were stuck on some geographical features in Balenos Mountains and Treant Forest.

You can now visit NPC Nurio at Stonebeak Shore via autopathing.

The order of the logos that appear when the game starts has changed.

Fixed an issue where the candlelight on the Octopus Decoration Candlestand appeared to be white.

The area that the candlelight covers has decreased.


Fixed an issue where some buttons overlapped when you gift Pearl Items to your friends.

Previous dialogues will not overlap when you move the scroll bar to the default location.

Fixed an issue where the scroll bar in the chat window disappeared when going back to normal UI mode from simple UI mode.

A small mark that says “NEW” will appear on the Black Desert TV (BDO Live Streams) menu.

New descriptions about AP, Awakening AP, and DP have been added in the Equipment window


Fixed an issue where the same Customization change records were saved more than once.

Fixed an issue where the game crashed after sending an item link.

“Word Filter” system has been added.
 - Add the words you do not want to see and all sentences including the words will not appear on your screen.





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