BDO KR Patch Notes November 21st - Changes on World Bosses, More Guild Skills Added



Ongoing Event: Black Friday Sales (2nd week)
  -  From Nov 14th to Dec 5th
  -  Mount and Decoration items will be on sale on the 2nd week of Black Friday Sale.

New Event: 1,000% EXP Time
  -  Nov 23rd, 24th, and 25th 19:00 to 21:00, 23:00 to 01:00 (next day)
  -  Enjoy a 4-hour-long 1,000% exp boost for 3 days!
  -  Olvia 5 and Olvia 6 will change to Kamasylvia 4 and Kamasylvia 5 temporarily for the event.



Fixed the awkward camera movement when the character is sitting down or standing up.

You can now lock each Black Spirit’s Rage skills separately.

The maximum number of monsters that a character can aggravate has increased from 7 to 10.

“Summoned beings” will be divided into two groups, “summoned objects” and “summoned creatures”. During combat, a summoned object can aggravate a maximum of one monster, and a summoned creature can aggravate a maximum of four monsters. (Summoned objects that are summoned by Black Spirit’s Rage skills or have a very short duration will not be affected by this change.)
  -  Summoned Object: Sinister Omen, Blade of Darkness (Sorceress), Toxic Flood (Witch), Lava Field (Wizard)
  -  Summoned Creature: Heilang (Tamer), Magic Lighthouse (Witch and Wizard), Gorr, Tett (Witch), Marg, Arne (Wizard)

You can now use Enhanced (Rabam) skills in Awakening stance by pressing Shift+Z or Shift+X.
  -  You will be switching to non-Awakening stance after using Rabam skills.
  -  Musa and Maehwa will remain in Awakening stance after using Rabam skills.

Fixed the issue where the graphical effect of Pavila outfit was not displayed after Awakening for the following characters: Berserker, Dark Knight, Lahn



Fixed the issue where only the first hit of Absolute: Heavy Strike was applied during mounted combat.

Fixed the issue where the “falling down” animation was displayed while using Black Spirit: Solar Flare and Head Chase from low altitude.



Fixed the issue where Longbow was not displayed when the Ranger moves backward after getting off from a horse.

Fixed the issue where the “falling down” animation was displayed while using Wind Step from low altitude.



Fixed the issue where the damage from previous levels of Violation was applied to the damage that Violation’s downward slash deals.



Fixed the issue where the “falling down” animation was displayed while using Hastiludium and Death Line Chase from low altitude.



Fixed the issue where the cape in Crown Eagle Armor disappeared during the following animation: switching to main weapon while moving left and right, using Rock Smash via skill quickslot in Awakening stance.



Fixed the awkward display of Shortsword while moving left, right, or backward after getting off from a horse.

The Tamer’s animation has been improved so that she can move in diagonal directions while lying down.

Fixed the issue where there was a black line behind the Tamer’s neck.



Fixed the issue where the “falling down” animation was displayed while using Chase from low altitude.



Fixed the issue where the Witch’s hair was visible through Karstein Hat.

Fixed the issue where the “falling down” animation was displayed while using Teleport from low altitude.



The Wizard will be in the sprinting motion while moving forward after getting off from a horse. Fixed the issue where the “falling down” animation was displayed while using Teleport and Hellfire from low altitude.



Fixed the graphical glitches on the Epheria Marine costume when armor durability is low.



Fixed the issue where Gorca Swimsuit and Marine Romance costume overlapped when wearing the two costumes together.


[Kunoichi and Ninja]

Fixed the issue where the message “Please wait” appeared and the character stopped moving when you don’t have enough stamina after using backward Ninja Evasion.
  -  Ninja Evasion will not be activated if you don’t have enough stamina.


[Dark Knight]

Fixed the issue where the “falling down” animation was displayed while using Smokey Haze from low altitude.


[Mystic and Striker]

Fixed the issue where the “falling down” animation was displayed while using Flash Step and Double Flash from low altitude.



Fixed the issue where the Striker’s animation stopped after getting off from a horse while moving forward without equipping a mainhand weapon.



Additional damage reduction effects from skills have been reduced by 10.

Fixed the graphical glitch on Roaring Magical Armor.



Fixed the issue where the “falling down” animation was displayed while using Bloody Stride from low altitude.



Marketplace registration price of Caged Owl has increase 6.5 times.

The character will not “cheer” after obtaining Black Crystals.

The weight of [Guild] Blood Oath has decreased from 0.3 LT to 0.01 LT.

Graphical effects have been added around the eye part of the Lion King Helmet.

The size of Krogdalo Barding has been adjusted.



New Social Actions have been added.
  -  Holding Beer
  -  Holding Broomstick
  -  Holding a Book
  -  You cannot move during the new Social Actions. If you enter additional keys you can see a special animation.
  -  The new Social Actions are obtainable via newly added quests.

Fixed the issue where Drift was not displayed on the Horse Skill Guide after using Drift by pressing S+D.

Fixed the issue where the effect of Adventurer’s Tome was applied on Life Skill Mastery Accessories.

In order to fix the issue where Conquest War annexes became visible during Node Wars when building Node War Forts after building Conquest War annexes and Fort/Command Post/Field HQ, building Node War Fort will be disabled after building Conquest War Fort/Command Post/Field HQ.

New Guild Skills have been added.



AP of the following world bosses have increased, and their patterns have changed.
  -  Kzarka: AP increased by 13%, Smash damage increased by 50%.
  -  Nouver: AP increased by 15%, Tail smash when Nouver is changing direction will deal damage
  -  Karanda: AP increased by 4%

You can obtain “Relic from a dead Adventurer” by killing the following world bosses: Kzarka, Nouver, Karanda, Kutum, Quint, Muraka
  -  The chance to obtain better items will increase when your contribution is higher.

You can obtain one of the following Accessories from Relic from a Dead Adventurer. (The maximum enhancement level of the Accessories is TET.)
  -  Ogre Ring, Laytenn’s Power Stone, Eye of the Ruins Ring, Orkinrad’s Belt, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, Narc’s Earring, Basilisk’s Belt, Ring of Crescent Guardian

Monsters in Abandoned Castle have been relocated.

Sensitive Big Horn Deer will not run away after seeing seagulls.

When enhanced Accessories drop from monsters, the maximum enhancement level you can obtain will now be TET.


[Quest and Knowledge]

The condition to accept the quest “Emergency Patient” from Sycraia Underwater Ruins quest has changed. (A Gift for a Hero > Token of Lemoria Guards)

The quest objective NPC for the quest “The God of Protty” and the NPC that gives the quest “Returned Current” has changed. (Ancient Ruins > Core of the Ruins)

Typos and item image errors in certain quest descriptions are corrected.

Fixed the abnormal amount of guild exp from guild missions.

Guild exp lost from the above issue will be given to guild leaders after the regular maintenance on November 28th.



A new function where you can see all the Crystals transfused into your gear has been added.

You can now scroll down to read a long quest summary.

The following UI will be selected when you click on he text within the window.
  -  Chat window setting, Quest, Quest setting, Dye all gear, Guild Bonus button, Storage transfer status, Worker market, Marketplace notification, Friends, Repair max durability, Dispose low grade items when fishing, Cooking/Alchemy, Add friends

The outlining of a reward that you selected for a quest will be in blue.

Fixed the issue where the enhancement window and transfusion window overlapped with the dialogue window in low screen resolutions.

The following text will appear when extracting crystals: Extracted crystals will be destroyed and will not be restored.

Fixed the issue where you could not drag and drop in Cooking/Alchemy window.

Fixed the awkward display of Life skill exp gauge in My Profile menu.

New tooltip where you can check the effects of the gear that you are equipping has been added in the Equipment window.

Bonus stats from Renown Score and from AP/DP will be displayed separately.



Fixed the issue where the background music in Velia Chapel did not play.

Disconnection issues during large scale PvP, Node War, and Conquest War have been fixed.

Fixed the issue where the game froze when you select Premium characters in the character selection screen.

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Comments :4

  • 1

    level 1 lunamoonraker


    Thanks as ever for the EN translation of the KR Patch Notes. So useful.

    I noticed that one item appears to be missing from the [Items] section, the first from the original notes;

    기묘한 물고기는 동일한 이름과 생김새를 가지고 있어 구분하기 어려운 부분을 개선하기 위해 물고기 설명에 어획지를 유추할 수 있는 문구가 추가되었습니다.source :
    - 2018-11-21 13:28:13

    Relating to the new Mysterious (?) fish that were added in the last patch. Something to do with descriptive text added to their tooltips?

    I have yet to read any post or further information about these new fish species/ items. Do you have any more than the vague description from the last patch notes? or are they so rare that no one has fished any yet in the ocean?

    • 1

      level 23 Yullie


      Hello, thank you for letting me know about the missing part. It's saying that the Mysterious Fishes have the same name and the same appearance so it is hard to distinguish between the fishes, so a text describing where to get them was added to the tooltip. There are a few people who caught Mysterious Fish but it seems like no one has combined the fishes together yet :(

    • 0

      level 1 lunamoonraker


      Thanks for the details. Yes, I saw some posts today on the forum and players still guessing. Hopefully we will find out what they make and what the effect is.

    • 1

      level 1 lunamoonraker


      From the Patch Notes from Global Lab today 22 Nov 2018, it appears the these fish items will be used to make some form of boss summon scroll. Doesn't mention if it is sea or land boss just some details. So assume the items will be rare drop but not really rare for players to make the scrolls;

      The creature awakened by the mysterious fishes in Black Desert can be defeated by all adventurers. Contribution for fighting this creature is not shared within the party. Each adventurer will need to damage it individually to loot it. Higher amounts of damage dealt increase the probability of getting better loot.source :
      - 2018-11-22 21:30:58
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