BDO KR Patch Notes June 15th: new grind spot near Sausan and new monsters

Details on newly added features (click the titles to visit each page):

Epheria Convoy

New Pearl Costumes

Shultz's Guardians



[Pearl Shop]

New costumes for the Ninja and Warrior are added. (Click here for details) 



The “Hunt for golden treasure boxes” event has begun.
▶From 6.16 (Fri) to 6.29 (Thu)
▶Receive special rewards every 30 minutes. Don’t forget to collect the Sealed Golden Treasure Box at the end!
▶[Week 1] You can get 5 Black Stones (Armor), 1 Valks’s Cry, 1 Hard Black Crystal Shard, 1 Gold Key, and 1 Sealed Golden Treasure Box everyday. Items are given to you every 30 minutes in the above order. (180 minutes of gameplay required in total.)
▶[Week 2] You can get 1 Memory Fragment, 1 Artisan’s Memory (event), 1 Sharp Black Crystal Shard, 1 Gold Key, and 1 Sealed Golden Treasure Box everyday. Items are given to you every 30 minutes in the above order. (180 minutes of gameplay required in total.)
▶You can obtain one of the following items from the Sealed Golden Treasure Box.
▶Sharp Alchemy Stone of Destruction, Sharp Alchemy Stone of Protection, Gold Ingot 1000G, Dandelion Weapon Box, Nouver’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box, Basilisk’s Belt, Tungrad Earing, Ogre Ring, Sicil’s Necklace, Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience, Polished Alchemy Stone of Destruction, Awakened Spirit’s Crystal, Black Magic Crystal - Harphia, Polished Alchemy Stone of Protection, Polished Alchemy Stone of Life, Gold Ingot 100G, Black Spirit Crystal, Ring of Crescent Guardian, Tree Spirit Belt, Blue Whale Molar Earing, Witch’s Earing, Ancient Guardian’s Seal, Mark of Shadow, Golden Coealcanth, Hard Black Crystal Shard, Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Cron Stone

The Burning Attendance Event has begun.
▶From 6.16 (Fri) to 7.6 (Thu)
▶Gain additional attendance rewards, including Shakatu’s Seal.
▶Rewards include Black Stones, Cron Stones, Memory Fragments, Hard/Sharp Black Crystal Shards, Advice of Valks, Accessory Box, and more.


[Character - general]

The motion when the character “cheers” for obtaining rare items has changed.

The graphics for the Valkyrie and the Kunoichi’s Crown Eagle Costume has changed to cover more areas around their eyes.



The description for Punishment has been edited.

Can be used with Lancia -> Can be used with Quick Slots while in Lancia mode.


[Witch and Wizard]

The graphical effects for Lightning Chain have been improved to follow the targets more smoothly



Fixed an issue where the graphics for Robert Boxer Briefs looked unnatural with Face Type #7



Fixed an issue where the description for Shuriken: Malice did not match the actual effect.

Critical hit rate 80% -> 100%



The “weight capacity -25LT” item effect has been removed from all Elsh Weapons. The descriptions for Elsh Weapons have been edited also.

The icon for [Guild] Galley Plan has changed.

Fixed an issue where the preview for [Jukebox] A Quintet for Spring did not work.

Fixed an issue where the dye for [Maehwa] Kibelius Kerispear was not displayed properly.

You can now collect the samples for Marni’s Stone even though the Stone is in a locked inventory space.
▶You cannot exchange the Stone that is in a locked inventory space with EXP.



You can now choose one of the following options for your daily exp boost.
▶Mercenary’s Experience (60 min): combat exp +200%
▶Mercenary’s Experience (120 min): combat exp +100%
▶Mercenary’s Skill (60 min): skill exp +30%
▶Mercenary’s Skill (120 min): skill exp +15%

The level restriction for “Combat Reputation Rewards - one for faster growth” has changed.
▶Level 15 to 55 -> Level 15 to 56

New personal ship, the Epheria Convoy has been added. (Click here for details)
▶You can build the ship in Tier3 Shipyard, 3-5 Epheria Port.
▶The Epheria Convoy comes with 4 cannons, which makes it stronger than the Epheria Sailbot in ocean battles.

New Processing patterns have been added.
▶Plated Pine Plywood: 10 Coconuts + Pine Playwood (Heating)
▶Jade Coral Ingot: 5 Melted Titanium Shards + Prairie Green Coral (Heating)
▶Enhanced Flax Fabric: Flax Fabric + Shining Powder (Drying)
▶The new Processing patterns require Skilled level in order to be processed.

New Titles are available to get by killing Hunting monsters.
▶Graceful Figure
▶Just Hit!
▶Sneaky One
▶Lone Wolf

The victory conditions for Calpheon/Mediah/Valencia Conquest Wars and the war procedures have changed.
▶The defending guild will win if the outer Fortress Gate is not destroyed after 2 hours.
▶The defending guild must defend the castle for 30 more minutes every time one gate is destroyed.
▶For example, if the outer Fortress Gate is destroyed at 9pm, the defending guild must defend the castle until 10:30pm, instead of 10pm.

The conditions to enter the Militia has changed.
▶All guilds can participate in the Militia.
▶However, only the guilds that have a Node in the associated area can participate as the defending side.
▶The attacking guild and the attacking Militia are considered as they are on the same team, thus unable to attack each other. Same rules apply for the defending guild and the defending Militia.
▶However, the guild members who are participating in the Conquest War are able to attack the other players and the Militia when they activate PK first.
▶The Militia cannot attack the participating guilds even if they activate PK.
▶Karma will not drop during Conquest War, even if you PK another player.

The respawn spot for the defending Militia has changed to a spot outside the castle.

Fixed an issue where the players in the Militia and the players in the Conquest War could not attack each other.

You can no longer remove an item from your inventory by dragging & dropping it outside of your inventory.
▶You must drag & drop the item you want to remove to the “trash can”.

Fixed an issue where some furniture could not be selected in placement mode when the resolution was below certain value.



The monsters in the following Mediah regions will now give more EXP, and the Elite monsters’ HP has decreased.
▶Abandoned Iron Mine
▶Manes Hideout
▶Wandering Rogue Den
▶Helms Post
▶Elric Shrine

“Green” rarity Magic Crystals will not be dropped in the following Media regions anymore, and the drop rates for Black Stone(Armor) and Hercules’s Might Armors have increased.
▶Abandoned Iron Mine
▶Manes Hideout
▶Wandering Rogue Den
▶Helms Post
▶Elric Shrine

The monsters at Sausan Garrison have been relocated.

New monsters, Shultz’s Guardians, will appear in the shore area of Sausan Garrison. (Click here for details)

The name of the monster you have to kill to complete the [Boss Subjugation] Mirumok Watcher Offin quest has changed to Mirumok Destroyer Offin.


[Quest and Knowledge]

Design: Epheria Convoy has been added to the reward choices for the Falasi Family’s Kindness quest.

The icon for the Fishing Trip? Try Mackerel Pike! quest has changed to a mackerel icon.

Life skill advancement will no longer appear in the recommended quests section when your character is below level 20.

You can now arrive at the well in the Biraghi Den by auto pathing during the Bandits’ Treasure Chamber quest.

Fixed an issue where you could not deliver Worker’s Elixir to Sugarsh during the “For tired Workers” quest.

The following quests have been added.

New quests related to Sausan Garrison have been added to the Sarma Outpost. You can receive the quests from NPC Narava Rakum when you are over level 58. (Click here for details)
▶The recon party defeated by Sausan people
▶Strange movement
▶Shultz’s Guardians are back
▶Shultz’s coffin
▶Mission Report: Sausan people’s whereabouts
▶Adish witnesses something
▶Shultz the Gladiator, the secret behind his death
▶Gongklad’s suggestion
▶Gongklad declares war
▶[Repeat] Besiege Shult’z Guardians

The following Knowledges have been added in the Mediah Ecology - Sausan Garrison category.
▶Shultz’s Guardian Gladiator
▶Shultz’s Guardian Sniper
▶Shultz’s Guardian Heavy Armor Warrior

The below Knowledge has been added in the Mediah Journal - Mediah Adventure Journal II category.
▶Corpse of Shultz the Gladiator
▶Obtainable during the “Shultz’s coffin” quest.

Mirumok Destroyer Offin Knowledge has been added.
▶Obtainable from Anbelif, the NPC at Kamasylvia. Build Amity with her and engage in a conversation to obtain the Knowledge.

The Black Spirit will now show the path guide for obtaining Skilled Processing Knowledge.



The name for the NPC Yan’s Assistant in Valencia has changed to Shahin.



The description in the Militia window has been edited.

Fixed an issue where the texts for some quests were not properly displayed in the quest window.

The scroll bar for a new dialogue window will now move more naturally.

Fixed an issue where the cooldown for changing servera was not displayed properly.



A new menu called “Monster Ranking” has been added in the main menu.
▶You can check for the guilds who rapidly defeated Mirumok Watcher Offin and Mirumok Destroyer Offin.
▶Time Attack starts as soon as the guild interacts with Offin, and the guild will make it to the ranks when the members defeat Offin within a limited time.
▶The rank will not be updated real time. The rank will be updated in the Ranking menu after a certain time.
▶Only the best record will be on the page, even if the same guild is successful in the time attack multiple times.

Fixed an issue where no changes were saved when you click the go back button or the go forward button in the customization menu.

Fixed an issue where the go back button did not work when customizing the character’s body part.

Fixed an issue where the keyboard shortcuts for the back button and the forward button worked while entering customization file name.

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