BDO KR Patch Notes Feb 27th - Shadow Arena Spring Season begins, More money from House Fame Fund



Loyal Attendance event for New and Returning Players
  -  From Feb 28th to Apr 2nd
  -  Play BDO for 100 minutes to get Blessed Korean National Flag (daily achievement)
  -  Blessed Korean National Flag (100 min) : Combat exp +300%, Skill exp +300%, Duration 100 minutes, Cooldown 100 minutes

Special Achievement for March 1st
  -  From Feb 28th to Mar 6th
  -  Play BDO for certain hours and receive [Event] Magnolia.
  -  [Event] Magnolia: Selling price (to NPC vendors) 500,000 silver, also obtainable from grinding/gathering/fishing, stackable in the inventory and not character-bound.

Gather Magnolia to commemorate The March 1st Movement
  -  From Feb 27th to Mar 13th
  -  Collect Magnolia from fishing, grinding, and gathering.



The amount of tax which is applied in the Central Market will be reduced based on the House Fame.
  -  1000 to 3999 : reduced by 0.5%
  -  4000 to 6999 : reduced by 1%
  -  Above 7000 : reduced by 1.5%

The amount of daily House Fame Fund has changed.

New Titles obtainable from winning the Node/Conquest War and killing other players as a War Hero have been added.

Guild members that are being protected cannot participate in the war as a War Hero.

Beginner’s Horse has been buffed.
- Speed and Acceleration increased by 20%
- Turn and Brake increased by 10%


[Shadow Arena]

Shadow Arena Spring Season has begun.
  -  Individual records and ranks during the pre-season will be refreshed.

Maehwa, Ninja, and Striker have been added. (Base skills and obtainable skills are listed below this section.)

Red Nose, Giath, Bheg, and Muskan boss will spawn.
  -  You can obtain the below buffs by defeating each boss monster.
  -  Red Nose : Red Nose’s Armor, natural HP recovery +15 (3 min)
  -  Giath : Giath’s Helmet, All Resistance +30% (3 min)
  -  Bheg : Bheg’s Gloves, AP +30 (3 min)
  -  Muskan : Muskan’s Shoes, Max Stamina +300 (3 min)

Practice Game has been added.
  -  A maximum of 50 players can participate in the Practice Game.
  -  All skills will be available to use when you possess a character in the Practice Game.
  -  There are no “black veil” in the Practice Game, and the game will end in 25 minutes.
  -  A monster named “Contaminated Man” will appear in the Practice Game. The monster does not die easily, so you can practice your skills on the monster.

The Rhutums have appeared in Waragon Cave. You can obtain better gear if you kill them during early game, but the monsters are powerful and the Black Spirit will spawn after certain hours.

The tower with black spheres will change its appearance and be higher as time passes. Powerful monsters will spawn around the tower when the tower changes its appearance.

The amount of Memory Fragments obtainable from Black Rocks has been halved, and you will get Cron Stones instead. The amount of Cron Stones will be the same as the amount of Memory Fragments that has been reduced.
  -  Kamasylve Boxes will give Cron Stones as well.

Single-command combos for Maehwa, Striker, and Ninja have been added.

Single-command combos for each class in the Shadow Arena have been improved.
  -  Skills will be used as a combo if you hold Space+LMB during the basic attack.
  -  Only the skills you learned will be used.
  -  If you have all the skills, skills will be used in the following order.

Background music when you are a Black Spirit has been added.

The background music will change when the black veil starts to shrink.

Sudden missions regarding the new classes are added.

Sudden Mission - Kill 15 players has changed to Sudden Mission - Kill 10 players.

The chance of getting the Sudden Mission “end the game in 10 minutes while being one of the top 5” has decreased by 50%.

“Enter Again” button has been added on the Shadow Arena Result window.
  -  When you have entered the Shadow Arena as a party, you can click on the Enter Again button the re-enter the game with your current party members.
  -  The function is available in both individual and team games.

The Warrior’s skill damage in the Shadow Arena has been adjusted.
  -  Shield Strike : damage increased by 100%
  -  Sideways Cut : damage increased by 20%
  -  Scars of Dusk : damage decreased by 7%
  -  Ground Smash : damage decreased by 20%

The Sorceress’ skill damage in the Shadow Arena has been adjusted.
  -  Sinister Energy : damage increased by 65%
  -  Sharp Nails : damage increased by 150%
  -  Mark of the Shadow : damage decreased by 10%

The Berserker’s skill damage in the Shadow Arena has been adjusted.
  -  Elastic Force : damage increased by 4%
  -  Corpse Storm : damage increased by 20%
  -  Rock Smash : damage increased by 20%

The Valkyrie’s skill damage in the Shadow Arena has been adjusted.
  -  Shield Strike : damage increased by 200%
  -  Forward Slash : damage increased by 13%
  -  Sideways Cut : damage increased by 175%
  -  Divine Power : damage increased by 10%
  -  Sword of Judgment : damage increased by 13%

Black Spirit’s direction guide and possession guide has been added for the following situations.
  -  When flying as the Black Spirit after the game starts
  -  When you are not possessing any characters after the game starts


[Shadow Arena - Maehwa]

Base skill : Slice, Whirlwind Cut, Upper Kick

Obtainable skill : Cyclone Slash, Blooming, Red Moon, Blind Thrust, Stub Arrow, Blunt Kick, Carver, Chase


[Shadow Arena - Ninja]

Base skill : Wind Slash, Shuriken Throw, Sky Stepping, Throwing Kick

Obtainable skill : Ninjutsu: Concealment, Smokescreen, Blade Spin, Shuriken: Malice, Beheading the Dead, Ankle Cut, Shadow Stomp, Fatal Blow, Shuriken: Flight


[Shadow Arena - Striker]

Base skill : Heavy Fist, Triple Flying Kick, Fist of True Strength, Taeback Kick

Obtainable skill : Wolf’s Fang, Massive Suppression, Adamantine, Rage Hammer, Twisted Collision, Sweeping Kick, Flash Step


[All Classes]

The character will now stop swimming when you don’t press any keys while underwater.

The character’s movement when you press Q while underwater will be more natural.

The speed when the character gets on a mount while in combat stance will be faster.



The Warrior can now use Forward Slash and Shield Charge while using Slash (basic attack).

Connecting to other skills after the last attack of Slash will be faster.



The Sorceress can now use Night Crow while airborne up to 3 times consecutively in Scythe stance.

The damage of Ultimate: Dark Flame will now be the same as the damage of Dark Flame.

Fixed the issue where the damage of Dark Flame (all levels) was reduced when the skill is on cooldown.



Left-clicking during Feral Rage (Shift + X) will activate the last hit of Feral Rage.

The speed of the animation when the Berserker starts sprinting in main weapon stance will be faster.

The Berserker can now connect to Ground Lifting by pressing Spacebar after the additional hit of Predatory Hunt, Headbutt, or Frenzied Destroyer.

Pressing W+F+RMB while using forward Giant Leap will activate Flow: Jump Sequence before other skills.

Pressing A/D+LMB/RMB after Ultimate: Fierce Attack will activate sideways attack or Shake Off before other skills.

Pressing A/D+LMB+RMB after Shake Off will activate the last hit of Raging Thunder before other skills.



Flash Slash will be activated faster.

Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp (III to Absolute) will have Forward Guard during the animation before the skill deals damage.

Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp will immediately deal damage when the Kunoichi is hit during the animation before the skill starts dealing damage or during the Forward Guard.

Ninjutsu: Shackles will be activated faster.



Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp (III to Absolute) will have Forward Guard during the animation before the skill deals damage.

Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp will immediately deal damage when the Kunoichi is hit during the animation before the skill starts dealing damage or during the Forward Guard.

Ninjutsu: Shackles will be activated faster.



The Maehwa can now use Petal Drill by pressing Shift+LMB in main weapon stance.


[Dark Knight]

Stamina will be recovered while using Shattering Darkness, Trap of Vedir, and Flow: Bombardment.

Fixed the typo in the skill description of Spirit Hunt and Twilight Dash.



Fixed the issue where the graphical effect of Eye of the Phoenix was not displayed when the skill was used after certain skills.

The following skill effect has been added to Blood Moon Twist.
- All DP +10 for seconds upon using skill

Right-clicking while holding W+Shift during Bloody Stride or sprinting will activate Flailing Blades before other skills.


[Central Market]

“Sort by grade” button has been added.

You can now search one syllable in the Central Market.

Accumulated number of purchases will be displayed when you search for an item.

The price of special deal items will change in accordance with the current marketplace price.

Fixed the issue where the “auto alignment” button in the inventory was unchecked when you open or close the Marketplace Storage.

Fixed the issue where the “Favorite” window was above the Selling/Buying window in the Central Market.

Notifications for the following will be displayed on the bottom right corner of the Central Market.
  -  When items queued for buying are purchased
  -  When items queued for selling are sold

Fixed the issue where the location of the scroll bar in the Marketplace Storage was unnecessarily refreshed.

Fixed the issue where the message “Exceeded the maximum number of items that can be searched at once” would appear and you could not search for any items.

Fixed the awkward display of the items in which the price is decreasing drastically.


[Quest and Knowledge]

The hint which you can read when you do not have certain knowledge has been edited.

Descriptions of some knowledge have been edited due to the renewed Mediah quests.



The following items can be registered at the Central Market.
  -  Master’s Stuffed Animal Head Furniture, Pan with a Fried Egg

Level restriction for Katan Greatbow has been removed.

You can now exchange one Asula’s Crimson Eye accessory with two Asula’s Weakened Magic accessories.
  -  Yisar Pjetyo (Tarif)
  -  Lasmin (Rock Post)
  -  Belgar (Altinova)
  -  Binvane (Sand Grain Bazaar)

You can now exchange PC Cafe Token II in Valencia and Duvencrume as well.

[Event] Adventurer Settling Support Box I has been added.
  -  Value Package (30 days) 60% discount coupon, [Event] Sealed Book of Combat (7 days), [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 days), Gold Bar 100G, Black Stone (Weapon) x10, Black Stone (Armor) x10



AP of the boss monsters summoned from the Dark Rift will decrease more as time passes.

Goblins around the Node Manager at Cron Castle had returned to their village.

The chance of obtaining Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical Hit from Manes Hideout has increased by 50%.

You can obtain Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical Hit from the following areas in Mediah.
  -  Elric Shrine
  -  Soldier’s Grave
  -  Marni’s 2nd Lab



You can now downsize the Conquest War status.

Click on the [-] button within the Conquest War status window. You can click on the [+] button to enlarge it again.

You can now turn on or off the Dark Rift info option within the world map.

You can now skip animation when purifying gear.

A new function where you can turn off all the filters except for the filter you selected by right-clicking has been added within the world map.

Optimization (beta) menu has been deleted from Game Setting - Performance tab. The options in the deleted menu had moved to the Optimization menu.


[Background, NPC, and Graphics]

Soldiers are being sent to the area west of Calpheon, which was forbidden to enter.



Notices from the GM will be displayed on the screen for a certain duration.

The speed of automatic brightness adjustment after selecting the Remastered mode will be faster.

Right-clicking on Gold Bars will now show the navigation to the nearest storage manager.

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Comments :3

  • 2

    level 28 Moist


    Life fame capped at 901, while special fame that's much harder to get goes all the way to 1501, which is not even possible to reach with the current amount of knowledge in the game and contribution caps. I don't understand this, these two should be swapped to make it possible to get the maximum amount of daily family fame funds.

    The special fame chart also seems to be wrong, seeing how the last tier says 901+ while previous one is 1251~1500.

    • 0

      level 1 Yonko

      @Moist In addition to this i think the Combat Fame cap is pretty hight too. 6000 would take 20 characters at lvl 60.
    • 0

      level 28 Yullie


      Hi, thank you for letting me know. As you said, the special fame chart is wrong. The last one should say Above 1501, not 901.

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