Additional Patch Notes on April 14th: Guild Union System added, Small PvE balance changes

The Guild Union System has been added in Black Desert Online KR along with some small PvE balance changes. Below are the translated patch notes regarding the Union system and the PvE changes.



Guild Union System has been added.

  -  9 or less Guilds that have 10 to 90 members can unite and form a Union that consists of a maximum of 100 members. The Union can participate in Node/Conquest Wars together.

  -  Guilds that already own a Node or a Territory cannot join a Union. Also, players cannot join a Union when a Node/Conquest War is going on.

  -  The Guild that formed the Union will be the Chief Guild. The Leader of the Chief Guild can set the name of the Union, set up the tax distribution ratio, and invite players to the Union.

  -  The Leader of the Chief Guild can purchase [Guild] Guild Emblem Certificate on every Monday and register an emblem for the Union. The Emblem and the name of the Union will only be visible to others during Node/Conquest Wars.

  -  The Leader of the Chief Guild and the Leader of the invitee guild must be in the same channel to send/receive an invitation to the Union. The sum of the tax distribution ratio must be equal to 100% in order to form a Union.

  -  When inviting a Guild to a Union, the Leader of the Chief Guild cannot assign less members to the Union than the current members of the Guild.

  -  After accepting an invitation, the invitee guild cannot have more members than the assigned members.

  -  For example, if Guild A has 45 members and the Chief Guild assigned 50 members to the Union for Guild A, Guild A cannot have more than 50 members when it is in the Union. If Guild B has 20 members and the Chief Guild assigned 20 members to the Union for Guild B, Guild B cannot have anymore members.

  -  Extra Large Guilds can form a Union as well. However, the number of assigned members cannot be less than the actual number of members in the guild.

  -  The invitation will disappear when you disconnect or change channels while the invitation window is open. A Union will only be formed when everyone agrees. In order to send an invitation again, the Leader of the Chief Guild must cancel the previous invitation and then send it again.

  -  Anyone in the Union can disband the Union, but the Union cannot be disbanded if it owns a Node/Territory.

  -  Members of the Union cannot join the Militia. If a Guild has a player who registered as the Militia, the Guild cannot join the Union.

  -  Forts, Command Posts, and Field HQ can only be assembled by Officers or higher members of the Chief Guild. Annexes can be built by anyone in the Union who is a Quartermaster or higher in each Guild. When purchasing the buildings, the guild fund in each Guild will be used.

  -  All members of the Union can use the Annexes, but only the members of the Chief Guild can use the Elephant Nursery. Elephants that the Chief Guild took out from the Elephant Nursery can be used by anyone.

  -  Guild Galleys and Guild Elephants owned by the Guilds other than the Chief Guild cannot be used during the Node/Conquest War.

  -  When the Guilds that are in the same Union declare war on each other, the members will be able to attack each other if a Node/Conquest War is not going on.


PvE balance changes for the below grind spots have been updated. The HP of the monsters were lower than intended, so re-adjustments were made with today’s update. However, grinding will still be 20 to 30% smoother compared to before (prior to April 12th).

  -  Aakman Temple: HP doubled, AP +10%, Accuracy +4%

  -  Hystria Ruins: AP +6%, Accuracy +3%

  -  Mirumok Ruins: HP x1.5, AP +10%, Accuracy +4%

  -  Gyfin Rhasia Temple: AP +10%, Accuracy +4%

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  • 0

    level 1 OpieOP


    The system seems to only benefit smaller guilds to come together and do node wars.
    • 1

      level 1 beatnikhero


      I imagine that is is primary purpose.

  • 0

    level 1 beatnikhero


    How grinding be 20-30% smoother somewhere; when the mobs have become generally stronger in those regions. Especially Aakman where their HP is doubled.

  • 0

    level 1 Isteria


    I am sorry but this is confusing, can you please clarify the below:

    Guild A has 50 members. Guild A forms an union with 50 slots open.
    Guild A wants to invite Guild B. Guild B is a small guild with 25 members out of which 10 are inactive.
    Guild A must allocated 25 slots to Guild B even though Guild B can bring max 15 people?
    • 0

      level 1 Pate


      Maybe Guild B should kick that 10 in-active. :D

    • 0

      level 1 Isteria

      @Pate Even then, not many guilds can pull 100% attendance. Some guilds keep less active people to maintain the guild size. 
  • 0

    level 1 Yuhme


    Thanks for the info :) Do you have some reaction about the Union? And with the last patch does the Union systeme disapeare? The Pay Out systeme with 10 postion is still up? Does it still consume only 30% of the guild money?

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      The Guild Union system is not used much in KR. Large guilds still participate in Node Wars with their own members, and small guilds don't want to participate in Node Wars. Also, the rehearsal for Conquest War Season 5 ended last week so there are no wars using the Union system even though the system is still intact.

      The payout is from 10% to 40% of the guild fund, and 10 or more members should be online to receive the guild welfare money. (Actually I didn't quite get this question. If this is not what you asked, please let me know. My apologies :/)

    • 0

      level 1 Yuhme


      Thanks a lot for your answer :)

  • 0

    level 1 LumiNotOP

    - Aakman Temple: HP doubled

    Yikes o_o. Seems a bit much.

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