BDO KR Patch Notes Feb 14th: Warrior,Musa,Striker buffs, Fairy companion, Savage Rift reward changes

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New Event: New Year’s Pearl Shop Sale
  -  From Feb 14th to Mar 8th
  -  New Year Hanbok, Special Packages, and Discount Coupons available at the Pearl Shop!

New Event: Valentine’s Day Event
  -  From Feb 14th to Feb 28th

New Event: Lunar New Year’s Holiday Event
  -  From Feb 15th to Feb 28th



Stamina consumption when running while holding Matchlocks has decreased.

Fixed an issue where Matchlocks would vibrate when the character fires the Matchlock while sitting down.

Fixed an issue where the characters’ frowning facial expression would not go away when holding the following items.
  -  Fishing Rods, Harpoons, Terrmian Coconut, Matchlock, Trina Siege Axe



AoE of Flow: Ankle Break will be a circle around the character.

PvE damage of Flow: Armor Break has increased.
  -  568% * 3 > 653% * 3

PvE damage of Merciless has increased.
  -  I: 856% * 3 > 1027% * 3
  -  II: 925% * 3 > 1110% * 3
  -  III: 992% * 3 > 1190% * 3
  -  IV: 1043% * 3 > 1252% * 3

Attack speed of Merciless has increased so that the Warrior can use the first hit of Merciless 16% faster than before.

Flow: Slashing the Dead will hit one more time. (Smash attack)

Balance Strike will recover 2x more WP than before.

Spinning Slash I-IV will deal more damage.

Spinning Slash IV with Black Spirit’s Rage and Absolute: Spinning Slash will deal more damage.

Fixed an issue where the last hit of Spinning Slash (with Black Spirit’s Rage) did not deal damage properly.

AoE of Ground Smash II/IV and Absolute: Ground Smash has increased.

Ground Smash (except for Absolute) will deal more damage.
  -  Ground Smash with Black Spirit’s Rage is not affected by this change.

Chopping Kick will have Super Armor.
  -  SA not available when the skill is on cooldown

Chopping Kick will recover more WP.
  -  I: 20>25
  -  II: 25 >30
  -  III: 30>35
  -  Absolute: 30>40

Connecting to other skills after Strike of Resonance has become easier.

“Hold RMB to use extra attack” has been added to the skill description of Merciless.

Fixed an issue where only the first hit of Flow: Slashing the Dead was applied when the Warrior has Grave Digging III.



Fixed the graphical glitch with Treant Camouflage.

Fixed the animation glitch of Heilang when the Tamer uses Allround Spinner.



Fixed the abnormal animation when the Valkyrie uses Flurry of Kicks consecutively while moving forward in Guard stance.

Fixed an issue where Sanctitas de Enslar was used first when the Valkyrie uses Divine Power and Righteous Charge after Holy Spear or Celestial Spear.

“Damage reduced in PvP” has been added to the skill description of Absolute: Glaring Slash.



Spinner will consume 10 less WP.

Musa’s Spirit will consume 50 less Stamina.

AoE of One Step Back has increased by 25% so the Musa can hit the target that is on the spot where the Musa lands.

Connecting to the following skills during Fiery Angel has become easier.
  -  Spinner, One Step Back, Below the Belt, Fiery Crevice, Flow: Backflow, Awakening: Haeam’s Crescent Blade

Flow: Dash Slash has been improved.
  -  The skill can be used with quick slots.
  -  Skill effect Bound has changed to Down Smash
  -  The skill will be quicker.

Fixed an issue where the Musa could not connect to awakening skills after using Fiery Crevice and One Step Back with quick slots in non-awakening stance.

Fixed the error with the skill video of Absolute: Roundhouse Kick.



Fixed the error with the skill video of Roundhouse Kick.


[Wizard and Witch]

Fixed an issue where Gorr/Marg/Arne could not be summoned.


[Ninja and Kunoichi]

Ninjutsu: Shadow Clone will recover more HP.
  -  I: 20>35
  -  II: 25>40
  -  III: 30>45
  -  Absolute: 35>50

Fox Claw will recover 50 HP per hit.

Ninjutsu: Shackles will be used more quickly.

AoE of Ninjutsu: Shadow Clone will not increase gradually anymore. The AoE will be fixed to its maximum AoE.


[Dark Knight]

Fixed the error with the skill video of Flow: Spirit Blaze.

Fixed the graphical glitch with the cape part of Rosa Cassius Clothes.



Martial Spirit will be a passive skill.
  -  Using the below skills after learning Martial Spirit will give you Movement Speed(+30%) and Accuracy(+6%) buffs for 5 seconds.
  -  Fist of True Strength, Triple Flying Kick, Crimson Fang, Knee Hammer, Spiral Cannon, Rampaging Predator
  -  Using the below skills after learning Martial Spirit will decrease target’s WP/MP/SP by 5 per hit.
  -  Adamantine, Fist Fury, Somersault, Crimson Fang, Flow: Explosive Blow, Taeback Kick, Hidden Claw, Ultimate Crush, Spiral Cannon, Flow: Crosswind, Fallout, Ferocious Assault

The Striker can use Flow: Mass Destruction with A+RMB or D+RMB in awakening stance more smoothly.

Right clicking while moving backwards in awakening stance will activate Fallout.

The Martial Spirit buff will work on Taeback Kick when used in awakening stance.



Fixed the graphical glitch with the dagger part of Ahon Kirus Armor.



“Damage reduced on cooldown” has been added in the skill description of Earthen Scar.

Fixed the glitch with the Lahn’s hands in the customization screen.



Lahn’s Seals cannot be sold to NPC vendors.

Fixed an issue where the Desert Disease Resistance +50% buff in Desert Camouflage Armor did not work.

New item, Sweet Honey Wine, has been added.
  -  Obtainable by Cooking (Mats: Top-quality cooking honey*2, Full-bodied Exotic Herbal Wine*4, Sugar*10, Fruit*2)
  -  4 Full-bodied Exotic Herbal Wine can be replaced by 24 Exotic Herbal Wine.
  -  Sweet Honey Wine is used in leveling up your Fairy companion.

New item, Special Honey Jar, has been added.
  -  Obtainable by Alchemy (Mats: Top quality cooking honey*2, Fruit of Abundance*5, Essence of Liquor*1, Purified Water*2)

You can rent Practice Matchlock from NPC Dikzipo in Grana.

Fixed an issue where the Guild Supply Manager did not sell [Guild] Elephant Trap.



Kzarka/Nouver/Kutum/Dandelion Box and Sealed Book of Combat (1 day) have been added in the Night Vendor Roulette (Patrigio’s Secret Shop).
  -  Separate boss weapons are still available, and the chances of getting each weapon are still the same.

Fixed an issue where characters from other parties appeared on your screen while using a summon scroll.

The Mix and Match button in the Pearl Shop will now work for Accessories and Underwear.

Savage Rift reward system has changed.
  -  You can get Skill exp.
  -  Money rewards will be in silver, not in gold bars.
  -  Silver will be sent to you via your mailbox, and will be different based on your contribution score.

Fixed an issue where the warning message when you are inactive in Savage Rift did not pop up.

Blue or higher PEN items will always appear in the Marketplace, even if they were never sold in the Marketplace, so you can set up registration notification for them and pre-order them.

New Achievement, 3000 hours played II, has been added.
  -  Reward is [Event] Golden Bell

Fairy companion has been added.
  -  Use “Sealed Fairy’s Wing” to obtain a Fairy, which is obtainable by completing a newly added quest chain.
  -  Sealed Fairy’s Wing is obtainable multiple times by completing a repeatable quest.
  -  You will get a Fairy with random tier (1 to 4). You can register the Fairy underneath the Young Kamasylve Tree in Kamasylve Temple.
  -  If you leave Young Kamasylve Tree, the registration will be canceled.
  -  A Fairy can be summoned by clicking on the Fairy icon next to the Maid icon at the top left corner. You can summon, level up, and let go of the Fairy.
  -  You can only have one Fairy at a time. In order to get a new Fairy, you need to let go of your old Fairy first.
  -  When you let go of the Fairy, you will get Fairy Powder based on the Fairy’s tier and level.
  -  All Fairies have Luck +1 has a base skill, and will get 1 additional skill as its level goes up by 10. Skill rank will be between I to V (will be random), and you cannot change the rank of an acquired skill.
  -  Fairies have higher max level in higher tier, which means that Fairies have higher number of maximum skills in higher tiers. Also, Fairies in higher tiers can learn skills with higher ranks.

▲ Fairy Tiers
▲ Fairy Skills

(Edit: The cooldowns for Fairy's Tears will go 12, 6, 3, and 1 hours instead of 24, 18, 12, and 6.)



Fixed an issue where Hunting monsters did not take damage from Practice Matchlocks.

Hunting Matchlocks will deal massive damage to Beehives.
Beehives will take small damage from normal attacks.


[Quest and Knowledge]

Fixed an issue where skill exp given to you from some repeatable quests was lower than intended.
  -  Compensation gifts were sent to you if you have completed the quests before today’s maintenance.

Fixed an issue where certain repeatable quests gave more Prognyl Silver Bars than intended.

New quests to get Sealed Fairy’s Wing have been added.
  -  Teia the Fairy Queen
  -  Sweet Honey the source of my strength
  -  Dive into a sweet honey jar
  -  Scattered Raira’s petals
  -  A Mysterious companion
  -  The above quests are available from the Black Spirit after completing the quest [Boss] Frightening Witch.
  -  You will get a Fairy of random tier by using Sealed Fairy’s Wing.

New repeatable quest to get Sealed Fairy’s Wing has been added.
  -  [Repeat] A Mysterious companion
  -  Quest is available after completing the “A mysterious companion” quest.

Fixed the awkward sentences in the item description of Magic Crystal of Infinity - Resonance.

You can obtain the Knowledge “Ancient Puturum with regained power” by killing Ancient Puturum


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Fixed an issue where the character would swim in the cave behind the a waterfall.

Fixed the graphical glitches with the leaves in Mediah Coast.

NPC Firecracker Expert will appear in Velia, Heidel, and Calpheon during the event period.



In the Learnable Skills window, you now have to click on the skill to emphasize the skill on the Skill window.

Fixed an issue where the Revive button could not be clicked in certain resolutions.

Fixed the awkward alignment of letters in the Set Bonus UI.

Item details that appear when you click on an item on the Pearl Shop will disappear with smoother animation.

Some categories in the Pearl Shop have changed.



Setting Preset menu has been added in the main menu (ESC).

Fixed an issue where certain bindings remained after removing them in the Gamepad Setting menu.

The system message that appears when removing Haystack for Elephant has changed.

The camera will rotate more smoothly when auto-running.


More on BDO: Kzarka Boss Raid in BDO Mobile - video included 


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Comments :20

  • 0

    level 1 Keldorn_Corbec


    One day to early. Anybody know why?
    • 0

      level 1 Derprume


      Lunar New year

  • 0

    level 1 Zecallion

    Give back 20% ms on martial spirit for Striker REEEEEE

  • 0

    level 1 Konokolicious


    fairys... what next? hello kitty?

    • 0

      level 1 felix_stahelin


      It fits the game

  • 0

    level 1 That_Guy

    can we use regular cooking honey, but like 10 of them, instead of 2 of the top-quality cooking honey?

  • 0

    level 1 Sescho


    do the fairy skill "cheer up" shared cooldown with manual pot ?

    • 0

      level 1 Dreyfuss


      that's my question too, if it share then this fairy is useless

    • 0

      level 1 That_Guy


      The max rank fairy lowers the cooldown of potions by 1 second, so instead of using a health pot every 3 seconds you can use it every 2, This also cuts the cooldown of mana potions by like 60%

  • 0

    level 1 That_Guy

    I've heard that you can use trash items in order to upgrade the Fairy also, is this true?

  • 0

    level 1 IlIlllIlI


    "can we use regular cooking honey, but like 10 of them, instead of 2 of the top-quality cooking honey?"

    Someone can test it on KR server ?

    • 0

      level 1 Derprume


      Tested. It has to be top quality. Top bid for top quality honey is at 3.5mil

  • 0

    level 1 Code_Zero


    When KR comments for the Warrior/Striker/Musa Buffs?

    • 0

      level 1 Julio_Cesar


      would love that as well

    • 1

      level 1 Yullie


      Hello, sorry for the delayed response :(

      As for the Warrior, players are mostly satisfied with the buffs, especially with the change with Ankle Break's AoE. The buff doesn't change the gameplay significantly, but players say that grinding speed has become faster after the update. The combo that used to be unable to finish off some monsters is now able to completely kill them.

      As for the Striker, players are really happy about Martial Spirit being a passive skill. Some players don't like the fact that the movement speed buff decreased and the skill gives Accuracy instead of Critical hit chance, but overall KR players are very satisfied.

      Some players like the change "The Striker can use Flow: Mass Destruction with A+RMB or D+RMB in awakening stance more smoothly" as well, but other players don't welcome this change much because the Striker will switch to non-awakening afterwards.

    • 1

      level 1 Yullie


      Lastly as for the Musa, most players are celebrating on the update :) The gameplay has become more fun and smooth after the update. Stamina management has become easier, and the increased AoE for One Step Back works great for the Musa.

      Musa mains are especially talking about Flow: Dash Slash a lot. It can now be used with quick slots and the animation delay was greatly reduced. However, the skill is still too slow when using with other skills as a combo and still lacks SA/FG.

  • 0

    level 1 Julio_Cesar


    is there any place to look for the new damage numbers on spinning slash and ground smash? really curious to see if they became decent :/

    • 1

      level 1 Yullie


      Hi :) Here are the new damage numbers for Spinning Slash! PA added the damage numbers a few hours after they released the patch notes and I forgot to update them. Sorry about this :(

    • 1

      level 1 Yullie


      This one is for Ground Smash :)

  • 0

    level 1 monkeyDS89

    Hello guys any one know how much are the sealed box cost on patrigio?

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