BDO KR Patch Notes Apr 12th: New Enhancement system, Bonus stats from GS, AP cap removed, Node war changes



New stat, Adventurer’s Fame, has been added.
  -  The Adventurer’s Fame was introduced as the Combat Power in the update preview which was released this week. We decided to change the term because we did not want the term to look like it is creating a class gap among the players.
  -  The Adventurer’s Fame will be determined by (Main AP + Awakening AP)/2 + DP.
  -  Your Adventurer’s Fame score will only visible to yourself. You can check the stat on the Equipment window.
  -  Tags that indicate how much Adventurer’s Fame score you have are added.
  -  Below 100: Adventurer just passing by
  -  101 to 200: Rookie Adventurer
  -  201 to 290: Unfamiliar Adventurer
  -  291 to 380: Rising Adventurer
  -  381 to 450: Skilled Adventurer
  -  451 to 535: Tough Adventurer
  -  536 to 553: Famous Adventurer
  -  554 or over: Grand Adventurer
  -  The characters will get bonus stats based on their Adventurer’s Fame. The bonus stats will not be written on the UI, but will be effective.

You can check the bonus AP/DP your character has in the Adventurer's Fame UI.



Skill description of Flow: Armor Break has been edited to match the actual skill mechanics.
  -  Great Sword Defense succeeds > while using Great Sword Defense
  -  Enemies who attacked the Warrior > Enemies in front



Fixed an issue where skill description of Absolute: Dagger of Protection did not include any sentences regarding MP recovery on the first hit.

Fixed an issue where skill descriptions of Flow: Rushing Wind and Flow: Heavenly Knot included wrong information about the preceding skills.

Fixed an issue where the Ranger could not use Flow: Kiss of the Wind during the first charge of Tearing Arrow.

Fixed the graphical glitches with Marod Star costume.



Fixed an issue where the Berserker could not use Frenzied Destroyer immediately after Smack Down and Undertaker.

The Berserker can now use Frenzied Destroyer more smoothly after using Shake Off in Awakening stance.

Fixed an issue where the Berserker could use Shake Off consecutively with certain commands when Raging Thunder is on cooldown.



Using Abyssal Flame and Beak Kick after Dark Flame will be easier.



Animation optimization for the Tamer has been done.

The cooldown of Command: Attack has been reduced to 4 seconds.

PvE damage of the following skills has increased.

Heilang’s damage has increased.
  -  Summon Heilang I: increased by 50%
  -  Summon Heilang II: increased by 25%
  -  Summon Heilang III: increased by 20%
  -  Summon Heilang IV: increased by 15%

Skill description of Flowing Water will include the exact number.
  -  Stamina consumption decreases by 50.

The animation of Flow: Leap has been improved.

Fixed an issue where skill description of Stretch Kick included a sentence about MP recovery with the 2nd hit.



Fixed the graphical glitch with the Wilderness costume.



Skill description of Elion’s Blessing will include the exact number.
  -  DP increases by 999 and All Resistance increases by 100%, for self and friendly targets.

Fixed the awkward line in the skill descriptions of Skyward Strike.


[Witch and Wizard]

Skill description of Lightning Chain will include the exact number.
  -  Damage reduced by 15% when the same target is hit. (Damage will not be lower than 40% of the original damage.)

Skill description of Protected Area will include the exact number.
  -  DP increases by 999, for self and friendly targets.

Fixed the awkward animation when equipping Terrmian Coconut and Terrmian Fruits.

More graphics are added when the Witch/Wizard swings the staff in the character creation screen



Using Flame Knot after Aqua Jail Explosion will be easier.

The animation where the Wizard swings his staff in the character creation screen has changed



Fixed an issue where the Striker could not land on the ground properly after getting hit by a skill that pulls or pushes targets.

Fixed an issue where skill description of Endless Fight included preceding skills.



Skill description of Infinite Fortitude will include the exact number.
  -  Grab Resistance increases by 30% for 5 sec, All DP increases by 999.

Fixed the graphical glitches with Owl Horn-rimmed Glasses.



New items, Ancient Spirit Powder and Caphras Stone, have been added.
  -  You can craft one Caphras Stone by mixing 5 Ancient Spirit Powder and 1 Black Stone (weapon or armor) together via Simple Alchemy.
  -  You can get 10 Caphras Stones by mixing 50 Ancient Spirit Powder, 10 Black Stones, and 1 Black Stone Powder together.
  -  Ancient Spirit Powder and Caphras Stones are obtainable by gathering (mining, underwater gathering, and fluid collecting) and by grinding in Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan.
  -  Caphras Stones are also available from certain daily quests, and obtainable from Narc Magic Sealing Stone Reward Bundle by chance.
  -  Ancient Spirit Powder and Caphras Stones can be looted in the below grind spots. The drop rate is higher in Aakman Temple, Mirumok Ruins, and Red Wolf Village.
  -  Bashim Base
  -  Desert Naga Temple
  -  Titium Valley
  -  Gahaz Bandit's Lair
  -  Cadry Ruins
  -  Taphtar Plain
  -  Basilisk Den
  -  Crescent Shrine
  -  Pila Ku Jail
  -  Roud Sulfur Mine
  -  Aakman Temple
  -  Hystria Ruins
  -  Polly's Forest
  -  Fadus Habitat
  -  Navarn Steppe
  -  Tooth Fairy Forest
  -  Manshaum Forest
  -  Mirumok Ruins
  -  Gyfin Rhasia Temple
  -  Tshira Ruins
  -  Red Wolf Village
  -  Sherekhan’s Grave

The Caphras Enhancement system will replace the Cron Energy system.
  -  The Caphras Enhancement requires Caphras Stones, and will be available for TRI or higher weapon and armor.
  -  You can summon the Black Spirit, choose the Caphras Enhancement menu, and add Caphras Stones to your gear.
  -  There will be a total of 20 Levels in the Caphras Enhancement.
  -  The gear will gain some amount of exp per enhancement, and will get additional item effects when the exp reaches a certain level. If the Caphras Level reaches 20, you can then do Force Enhancement.
  -  When the gear is Force Enhanced, the enhancement level will go up and the max durability will decrease by 100.
  -  If the Enhancement Level drops due to an unsuccessful regular enhancement, only 50% of the Caphras exp will remain.
  -  If the Enhancement Level goes up due to a successful regular enhancement, 10% of the Caphras exp will be transferred to the next enhancement level.
  -  If you fail the regular enhancement using Cron Stones, 5% of the Cron Stones used will be transferred as the Caphras exp.

The following monsters in Aakman Temple will drop Tungrad Earrings.
  -  Aakman Elite Guardian
  -  Aakman Punisher
  -  Aakman Watcher

The drop rate of Yona’s Fragments has been doubled.

The drop rate of the following accessories has been doubled.
  -  Ring of Crescent Guardian, Basilisk Belt, Sicil’s Necklace, Orkinrad Belt, Narc’s Earring, Serap’s Necklace, Forest Ronaros Ring, Centaurus Belt, Ring of Cadry Guardian, Pupil of the Ruin Ring, Gaktum’s Obedience Ring, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt

Nouver and Kutum off-hands have been buffed.

▲ Additional DR for Nouver
▲ AP Buff for Kutum
▲ DR and Monster Damage buff for Kutum

Non-boss off-hand weapons have been reworked. The weapons that are on the left side of the table will have the same stats as the ones that are on the right side of the table.

Giath’s Helmet and Griffon’s Helmet will have different stats.
  -  Additional DR has decreased by 3, and regular DR has increased by 3.

Steel Dagger has been buffed.
  -  Steel Daggers will have 1 DR starting from PRI, and will have 5 DR at PEN.

New types of hides and blood that can be collected in Drieghan have been added.
  -  Yark Hide (can replace: Dinosaur Hide, Lizard Hide, Worm Hide)
  -  Goat Hide (can replace: Rhino Hide, Pig Hide, Ox Hide)
  -  Lama Hide (can replace: Deer Hide, Sheep Hide, Fox Hide)
  -  Marmot Hide (can replace: Raccoon Hide, Monkey Hide, Weasel Hide)
  -  Yark Blood (can replace: Troll Blood, Ogre Blood, Dinosaur Blood, Bear Blood, Lion Blood)
  -  Goat Blood, Lama Blood (can replace: Deer Blood, Sheep Blood, Ox Blood, Waragon Blood, Pig Blood)
  -  Marmot Blood (can replace: Raccoon Blood, Monkey Blood, Weasel Blood, Fox Blood, Scorpion Blood)

Fixed the awkward item description of Golden Dagger.

Fixed an issue where Silk Honey Grass appeared twice on the node Longleaf Tree Sentry Post.

When Reforming a Nouver/Kutum with Reversed Heart of Garmoth, you can check the additional stats that the reformed Nouver/Kutum will get in the item description of Reversed Heart of Garmoth.

In the item description of Magical Manos Processing Stone, the color of the word that indicates the type of Processing will match the color of the image icon of the Magical Manos Processing Stone.
[Event] Ellie’s Small Water Balloon can be sold to NPC vendors.

Additional sentence has been added in the item description of Tears of the Wind: Cannot use after changing character, changing channel, or reconnecting.

The Dragon Slayer weapons can be registered in the Marketplace.

The amount of Hesed Crystals required when crafting the Dragon Slayer weapon has been reduced to 16.

Descriptions regarding Guild Union have been added in the item description of [Guild] Guild Emblem Certificate.



Conquest War Season 5 has begun.
  -  There will be a 3-week rehearsal starting from April 16th. (Details will be announced later.)
  -  Node/Conquest War time has changed. Node Wars will be held from 21:00 to 23:00 on every Monday to Saturday, and Conquest Wars will be held on every Sunday from 21:00 to 23:00. Tax Wagon will depart every Sunday on 19:00.
  -  Forts must be built before 20:00, which is one hour before the War starts.
  -  Annexes can be built before the Fort/Command Post is complete. When the Conquest War is over, the Fort will be removed but the ownership status will remain the same.
  -  In Season 5, the Nodes will be in two types: Regular Node and Domination Node. There are three levels in the Domination Nodes: Domination I, Domination II, and Domination III.
  -  One guild can only own one Node or territory. If a guild owns a Regular Node, then the guild cannot participate in the Node War for Domination I Nodes.
  -  Everyone can go for the regular node, but the domination node must be challenged in order. The Node War for the Domination I Node and the Conquest War will all take place in the same territory, so choose the territory wisely.
  -  For example, if a guild takes a Domination I Node in Balenos territory, the guild will be able to go for a Domination II Node in Balenos. When the guild takes a Domination II Node in Balenos, the D1 Node that the guild used to own will be liberated, and the guild will be able to go for a D3 Node in Balenos.
  -  There is only one D3 Node in each territory. Only the guild that owns the D3 Node can participate in the Conquest War of that territory.
  -  If a guild that owns a D1 Node in Balenos failed to own a D2 Node, the guild can try again on the day when the D2 Node War will be held. However, if a D1 Node War day comes before the next D2 Node War day, the guild must defend the D1 Node or take another D1 Node to go for a D2 Node again.
  -  Guilds cannot go for a node that is in a lower tier. If a guild takes a regular node, the guild cannot participate in the D1 Node War the week after.
  -  The tax will increase as the Node tier goes up (Reguar < D1 < D2 < D3). You do not have to manually collect the tax. The tax which has been accumulated for a week will be sent to the guild fund when the guild takes the node/territory. The tax rule will be the same as the tax rule for Season 4.
  -  When a character dies during the Node/Conquest War, the dead body will disappear immediately and you will not be able to use Medical Kit and/or Resurrection on others.
  -  You will be able to death spectate your allies during your resurrection cooldown. Press F5 to spectate other characters.
  -  See below tables for the details on Node tiers and the day of the week in which the Node War for that specific Node will be held.

Conquest War duration will not be extended when the outer castle gate is destroyed.

The damage that Flame Towers and Hwachas deal to players during Node/Conquest Wars has increased by 50% and 20%, respectively.

Ellie’s Mystical Lake will be a safe zone. (Will return to combat zone when the event ends.)

Fixed the issue where graphical effect of a loot drop was not displayed intermittently when popping Splashy Water Balloon in Ellie’s Mystical Lake.

Most types of damage will be blocked by the Wooden Fence.
  -  However, characters might take damage due to the difference in geographical elevation. Damage from Flame Towers and the following skills will not be blocked by the Wooden Fence.
  -  Blizzard, Meteor Shower, Thunder Storm, Bolide of Destruction, Wolf’s Frenzy, Sea Burial

The time it takes to build the following items has been reduced.
  -  Medium Siege Tower Factory: 15 min > 10 min
  -  Large Siege Tower Factory: 20 min > 15 min
  -  Indomitable Flag Factory: 30 min > 15 min

You can only see the type(tier) of the Lakiahro herbs after starting the mini game.

Premium Characters cannot complete the Level Achievements.

Fixed an issue where other participants’ Black Spirit’a Rage meter would be refreshed when one participant dies during the team battle mode in Arena of Arsha.

Harvest amount will not decrease even when the plant growth is 200%.



Grind spots in Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan will be reworked.
  -  The monsters will deal more damage.
  -  “Recommended AP” for each grind spot will now work differently.
  -  “Recommended AP” is the AP that will give you the right amount of difficulty when grinding in that area, rather than AP cap.
  -  These changes were made to give you more fun in gear progression.
  -  AP cap for each grind spot has been removed.

Spawn time of the following bosses has changed.
  -  Muraka and Quint: Saturday 17:00
  -  Mirumok Destroyer Offin: World notification on Sunday 16:20, spawns 17:00
  -  Garmoth: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 20:00

Monsters in Sherekhan’s Grave during the day will move faster when they are hit.

Mutant Troll will be petrified for an hour when Quint spawns.

Monsters will appear around the Rift in Savage Rift.


[Quest and Knowledge]

New quest to get the information on how to craft the Caphras Stone has been added. (Available once per family, must complete [Boss] Witch Hunting first.)

New Knowledge about the Caphras Stone has been added in the Balenos Adventure Journal II category. (Total Energy will not be affected by this.)

The following escort quests will be available again.
  -  Escape from Waragon Cave
  -  Break the Siege
  -  Strategic Retreat
  -  Saving Raiding Party Members
  -  Calpheon Messenger on a Horse
  -  Calpheon Messenger
  -  Plantation Wheat Cart
  -  Wandering Otter
  -  Medic Nichol Baxter
  -  Goblin with Pearl Oyster
  -  A Jester Looking for the City
  -  The Shai with the Herb Basket
  -  The Goblin with a Load of Herbs
  -  Melva Wants to Return
  -  A Horrible Fighter
  -  Lost Grandma
  -  Bring my Colleagues!
  -  Escape from Crisis
  -  Cobweb Delivery
  -  Lost Toya
  -  Lost Weehol
  -  Lost Maum
  -  Please Find Kirre
  -  In Search of Freharau
  -  Back to Glish
  -  Finding the Sister
  -  In Search of Obsidian
  -  Don't Wanna Open My Eyes
  -  Jobs Wanted
  -  Finding Murana
  -  Finding Alugren
  -  Finding a Brother
  -  Frantic Baum
  -  Frantic Gnol
  -  Frantic Cheru
  -  Coward Rovant
  -  Express Delivery
  -  Incas In Danger
  -  Flower Blooming in Ruins
  -  Nightmare Revealed
  -  Traces of Forgotten Cron
  -  An Alchemist in Velia
  -  Alustin's Two Daughters
  -  Clumsy but Exceptional Eileen
  -  Life-risking Infiltration
  -  Memorial Service for the Fallen People
  -  Emma's Nightmare
  -  Pila Ku’s Helper
  -  Among the madness and chaos
  -  Subdue to Unrest
  -  Power of Gold
  -  [Repeat] Meet the Deadline
  -  [Daily] For the Desert Travelers

Awkward lines in certain quest descriptions and NPC lines have been fixed.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Fixed the awkward camera angle when talking to certain NPCs.

Fixed some awkward geographical features in Rumbling Land.

For smoother movement, certain objects in Manshaum Forest have been removed.

Fixed some awkward geographical features in Night Crow Ruins.

Fixed the awkward objects in Garmoth’s Lair.

The Premium Character Vendor will now have Skill Add-on menu. (Only Premium characters can use)

Fixed an issue where some graphics in Savage Rift looked awkward in certain camera angles.

Fixed an issue where the node manager in Longleaf Tree was not visible occasionally.



The following items has been added in the Item Drop Info menu.
  -  Ancient Spirit Powder
  -  Caphras Stone
  -  Tungrad Earring

In the Item Drop Info menu, Black Magic Crystal - Assault has been added under Basilisk Den.

Weight limit warning in the top right corner will not move along the scroll bar in your inventory anymore.

Fixed an issue where an event banner image appeared at the back of the “Recommended for you” section in the Pearl Shop.



When you open a Pearl Costume box, the content will be loaded faster.

Fixed an issue where the guild member was not kicked out when the Leader and the Officer kicks out the same player at the same time.

English voices for the Fairy have been added.

When you are trying to change your character’s appearance within the Beauty (F4) menu, pressing the ESC button will make you go back to the main menu in the Beauty menu.

Voice settings will not affect the Fairy’s voice.

Fixed the wrong system message that pops up when you click on the “Create Character” button without entering the name.

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  • 4

    level 1 Isteria

    These Node War / Siege changes will kill the Sieges ...

  • 3

    level 1 Petrescu_Silviu


    ONLY 1v1 ?




  • 0

    level 1 starlyn


    nice changes for the offhands. Is tadd shuriken and kunai still the same?

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      Hi, as you can see Tadd Shuriken/Kunai is still the same :(

  • 3

    level 1 Petrescu_Silviu



    ONLY 1v1 ?




    • 0

      level 1 Tash

    • -1

      level 1 NakedToast


      100% agreed ... who and what is going through the dev's minds, it is so stupid. Nice pvp game.. a castle sieging game that is locked to an 1v1, HA! hahahaha.

      Also removing resses, like axes and the 1min CD wasn't bad enough, they want to reduce the actual time spent on the only fun thing about this game. PA and axe plays hurrrayyyy. I think this is it, if these changes stay and come over to EU, I can finally quit with no regrets, knowing they killed their own game.

    • 0

      level 1 Craig_Ogden


      The vast majority of players don't care about or participate in node or siege wars. They are a minigame after thought in a pve based game.

    • 0

      level 1 DC_vs_Marvel


      Maybe guilds should of stopped trying to double dip in T1 and T2 nodes. This would of not happened. They kept trying to take over lower nodes too.

  • 0

    level 1 Jan_Kowalski

    Can You explain more about Adventurer’s Fame

    I see on screen that character has 326 Adventurer’s Fame, but... bonus AP is 15 instead of 10, why ?

  • 0

    level 1 igglezzz


    Conquest War duration will not be extended when the outer castle game is destroyed. - think you meant "gate"

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      Fixed it! Thank you for letting me know!

  • 0

    level 1 Tash

    +1 No chance for "Non Top 10" guilds. 10x100 = 1000 players for real PVP. Huge silver boosts from Castles... 1.2.3... 100 weeks... GS disbalance became HUGE!!! ARE YOU BLIND?

  • 4

    level 1 Isteria


    These Node War / Siege changes will kill the Sieges ...

    • 2

      level 1 Tash

  • 0

    level 1 OpieOP

    All these changes are good tbh. I love to see patches like this.

  • 0

    level 1 Yuhme


    Thanks for the news. It's a lot of change today, do you have more information about the drop rate of caphra stone? (By gathering too).
    How are the reaction of tamer about the animation optimiasation?

    What will be the money gain for the "regular" node war and domination? How will work the one node pessession?

    • 1

      level 1 Yullie


      According to KR players the drop rate for Caphras Stone is 4 to 7 Stones per hour, with the item drop scroll (including both looted ones and crafted ones).

      And there aren't many reactions on the animation optimization for the Tamer =(

  • 0

    level 1 Suyino

    Nice buff to offhands like Black Horn Warrior Bow which were just accuracy offhands before. But I don't know if it will be BiS if you also think about adventurer's fame bonus.

  • 0

    level 1 Ruslan777


    Show some offhands pls after rework.

  • 1

    level 1 xAzta


    Any information on the new Union feature / system? How it works, what's t he purpose?

    Especially now that sieges are just 1v1

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      The Union system was not mentioned in the patch notes, but was briefly mentioned in a press release article written by Pearl Abyss. According to PA the Union feature is a system where two or more guilds that have less than 100 members can unite and fight together in the Node War. A maximum of 10 guilds and 100 members can be in the Union, and it was designed to encourage small guilds to participate in the Node War.

  • 0

    level 1 batsaxsa


    We need info about the union system is if possible, EU and NA is on fire at the moment with all the changes.

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      The Union system was not mentioned in the patch notes, but was briefly mentioned in a press release article written by Pearl Abyss. According to PA the Union feature is a system where two or more guilds that have less than 100 members can unite and fight together in the Node War. A maximum of 10 guilds and 100 members can be in the Union, and it was designed to encourage small guilds to participate in the Node War.

  • 1

    level 1 Konokolicious


    BDO rip since 01.11.2015 when pvp flag system was removed, now sieges

    • 0

      level 1 Craig_Ogden


      Most people don't care when they change pvp features in pve games.

  • 2

    level 1 Nutoboni


    those AP/DP/DR/Adventurer's fame changes don't make any sense. they are playing with numbers but they dont play the game. let's increase the gap between players, let's buff ap even more.... it's really what we needed ... kek
    • 0

      level 1 PaulC2K

      @Nutoboni Its probably because they're adding newer & tougher regions, and yet not adding higher tiers of gear. So instead of going from +20/PEN gear to +25/DEC in order to comfortably play in these harder areas, they're basically stretching the existing 'end game' gear to align with the 'end game' content.

      Whatever the solution it was likely to shuffle things up a fair bit. If you constantly make the past content weaker and the new content match the cap, it makes a mockery of things. If monsters just get harder and we can only improve by spending billions on +2ap it likely still wont help. If you give everyone +20% AP and DP than they currently have, the strong get stronger than those below them and the gap increases. No perfect solution.
    • 0

      level 1 Craig_Ogden


      Those changes are amazing. The removal of AP cap alone is great.

  • -1

    level 1 Marcelo_Almeida


  • 0

    level 1 Zixtar

    I'm not sure if making gear score gaps even bigger is a good idea...

  • 0

    level 1 Shinyou

    The offhand changes were very needed in terms of balance, although I'm not sure how the siege changes will play out. I guess we just have to wait and see but just being able to 1v1 on a castle when the castleowners have such a huge advantage doesn't sound right..

  • 0

    level 1 DrChocolate

    It says Dr buff but it's lower? Also loving the tamer buffs as well as the ap cap being dropped i can finally grind properly

  • 0

    level 1 Veroncia


    Oi, random question. Does Mirmouk's drop party loot...?

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie



  • 0

    level 1 Rednova7

    Great changes to offhands and grind spots

  • 0

    level 1 aYoz

    The changes to high end grind content were much needed. Not following the node war changes though.

  • 0

    level 1 LumiNotOP

    Cool changes for offhand. Bit weird siege but we'll see.

  • 0

    level 1 Anita

    then they must change the penalty for leaving the guild, otherwise all will merge into one before the war

  • 0

    level 1 Fr0nky

    I just started the game recently and I created a Tamer its cool to see we are getting buffed. I like using boltwave and jolteave alot too. Thanks for the info!

  • 0

    level 1 ShimrraFiril

    "- Marmot Blood (can replace: Raccoon Blood, Monkey Blood, Weasel Blood, Fix Blood, Scorpion Blood)"

    Fix blood => fox blood ?

  • 1

    level 1 Anex

    The most unbalance changes i ever reed.
    This new bonus gave a lot more advantage to AP then for evasion base class (and classes that have pure evasion offhand) and only disadvantage for DP.
    lets count a little .

    Bonuses for Player A :
    AP= 20 (470++ gear score Adventure Frame) + 127 (AP bonus for AP 269-272)
    DP =85 (564 total gear score Adventure Frame counted with new changes Nover offhand + 6 DP and Giath helm +3 DP transferred from hide DP to normal DP) + 13% (DP bonus for DP294-301); 13% we dint know from what base its count but i think these 13% are totally nothing because we have little numbers but lets think that its taken from DP that will be (165+79+85)*13% = 42.77

    Bonuses for Player B :
    AP= 20 (470++ gear score Adventure Frame) + 30 (AP bonus for AP 201-235)
    DP = 85 (564 total gear score Adventure Frame counted with new changes Giath helm +3 DP transferred from hide DP to normal DP) + 20% (DP bonus for DP 347+); 20% we dint know from what base its count but i think these 20% are totally nothing because we have little numbers but lets think that its taken from DP that will be (217+79+85)*20% = 76.2

    now lets compare
    AP difference :
    for player A : (127/270) * 100% = 47 %
    for player B : (30/215)*100 = 13.95 %

    difference AP between Player A and Player B = 33 %

    DP difference : 76.2-42.77= 33.43 or 7 % from DP scale table

    and i do not understand why we have such huge advantage on AP scale table
    and have only max 20 % DP scale that stop growing at only 347 DP and there is no reason to make more DP that 347 that you will take less and less advantage from it.

    My opinion is if we will make a duel between these Player A and Player B then we will have that Player A have enough attack to kill Player B but Player B cant kill Player A because he will have lack of attack.

    And i think they confuse DP scale table bonus DR with DP scale table bonus DR % , they must do it vice averse
    DP scale table with bonus DR % must scale from Adventurer Frame (total gear score) and DP scale table with bonus DR must scale from total DP , then we will have much more profit from staking DP but then we will have problem with evasion but this is another story .

    thank-you all who reed and support my suggestion.
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