BDO KR Patch Notes June 7th: Tamer buffs, new HP/MP bar UI added



New Event: Crio’s Favor
  -  From June 7th to June 21st
  -  Fish and get Sealed Golden Treasure Boxes

New Event: Pirate’s Lost Treasure Box
  -  From June 7th to June 21st
  -  Find Pirate’s Lost Treasure Boxes and loot different items from them!

New Event: Facebook comment event
  -  From June 7th to June 13th
  -  Participate in the BDO Facebook comment event and win various rewards.

New Event: Attendance rewards of June
  -  From June 8th to July 12th
  -  Attendance rewards will include Caphras Stones and Horse Awakening materials.

New Event: Special attendance rewards for new and returning players
  -  From June 8th to September 6th



Fixed an issue where Forward Guard was not activated when the following characters were hit while moving backwards.
  -  Ranger, Berserker, Tamer, Musa, Maehwa, Witch, Wizard, Dark Knight, Striker, Mystic, Lahn
  -  When characters are hit by the skills that move a certain distance within a short amount of time (for example, Musa’s Dragon Bite), characters took damage regardless of Forward Guard. The animation made it look like characters successfully blocked the attack, but in the game server the attack pierced through the guard. We are currently looking for a solution for this, and it will be fixed later.

When the following characters are attacked while moving backwards, Forward Guard will be activated when the guard gauge is over 10.
  -  Ranger, Berserker, Tamer, Musa, Maehwa, Witch, Wizard, Dark Knight, Striker, Mystic, Lahn



Balance Strike will hit 5 times instead of 2 times. (PvE only)

The cooldown of Grave Digging has changed to 8 seconds. (All skill levels)

The cooldown of Flow: Slashing the Dead has changed to 6 seconds.

The Warrior can now use Ground Smash by pressing Shift + F in Awakening stance.

Fixed the graphical glitches with Goyen Armor.



Fixed an issue where Spirit’s Shackles inflicted Bound on some occasions.

Fixed an issue where the Longbow was still visible while auto-pathing.



Absolute: Headbutt will inflict CC only with the first hit.

Storming Beast will inflict CC only with the first hit.

When switching to non-awakening while using Devastation, the Berserker will take out his Axes while standing on the original spot.



Heilang: Howling has been reworked.
  -  The cooldown has decreased to 40 seconds.
  -  If you have a target, Heilang will teleport to the target and use his skill.
  -  If you don’t have a target, Heilang will use his skill on the spot where he is standing.
  -  The skill will inflict Stiffness instead of Knockback.
  -  The speed at which Heilang uses his skill has increased.

Absorb Heilang will have Super Armor.

Absorb Heilang V and VI will give the same effects to a maximum of 4 friendly targets.

Command: Attack and Command: Follow have been reworked.
  -  Attack: When the distance between Heilang and the target is more than 5m, Heilang will quickly approach the target to deal damage to the target and on the area around the target .
-  Attack: The speed at which Heilang runs towards the target has increased by 1.5x.
-  Attack: Heilang will deal 1.5x more damage and will not knockback enemies.
-  Follow: Heilang will always appear right next to the Tamer, regardless of distance.

Heilang: Berserk - When Heilang’s Berserk mode is over, Heilang will not disappear.

The distance at which the Tamer can target enemies has increased by 25%.

Legendary Beast Dance
  -  Vermillion Bird: The AoE of spinning attack and the last attack has increased.
  -  White Tiger: AoE has increased.

The first 2 hits of Garuda will deal more damage.

AoE of Flow: Soaring Strike has increased.

The Tamer will take less damage during the “going up” animation of Cloud Stomping.

You can now press F during Cloud Stomping to attack.

You can hold F after the attack during Cloud Stomping to activate Moonlight Strike.

Heilang’s combo will attack the targets more naturally after Beast Rampage, Allround Spinner, Legendary Beast Dance, Whiplash, Surging Tide, Lightning of Earth, and Void Lightning.

AoE of Flow: Intimidation has changed to be in front of the Tamer.



Promptness will consume 100 Stamina instead of 200.

Skill description of Promptness has been edited.
  -  Floating on good hits > Floating on good left click hits after Death Line Chase.


[Dark Knight]

Fixed the graphical glitches with Florie Armor and Kibelius Vediant.



Fixed an issue where the Lahn did not use any Stamina while sprinting even after the Stately Dignity buff was gone.

Crescent Pendulum and Noble Sword will not be visible if you press Z, X, C, V after switching to combat stance while mounted.



[Combat] Trina Demolition Axe will deal extra damage to cannons.

Fixed an issue where the amount of required Cron Stones for enhancing some TET items was higher than intended. (If you have already used Cron Stones, the difference has been sent to your mailbox.)

Item descriptions of Asula’s Weakened Magic Accessories will include the drop locations in Mediah.

Regular guild members can put [Guild] Damaged map piece of Afuaru in Guild Storage. However, only the Guild Leader and Officers can take out/use the item.

Item descriptions of Gold Key and Silver Key have changed.

Typos and awkward sentences in some item descriptions have been fixed.

Item descriptions of Talis Helmet, Taritas Helmet, Steel Taritas Helmet, Argerian Helmet, and Zereth Helmet will include the exact number of Resistance.

Item description of [Event] Mystical Golden Egg has been edited so it includes the right information regarding the number of obtainable Cron Stones.



Castle Gate resurrection points have been added to make re-engaging in battle quicker during Calpheon/Mediah/Valencia Conquest Wars.
  -  The castle gate resurrection points for the attacking side and the defending side are located at different areas.
  -  The attacking guild must destroy the castle gate first to resurrect near the castle gate.

The range of Savage Rift Hwacha and Node/Conquest War Hwacha has increased by 40%.

In order to fix the issue where you could not teleport when a friendly Fort/Command Post and enemy Fort/Command Post were close, you will only be teleported at the beginning of the Node/Conquest War when the distance between you and the friendly Fort/Command Post is more than 100m.
  -  Only the guild members who are present at the Node War area will be teleported.
  -  The guild members who are not at the Node War area or in the safe area will not be teleported. You can use the Come Together! button to teleport.

When the Leader Duel Arena is built on every Saturday 20:52, players other than the two duel participants will not be able to enter the arena.

Leader Duel challenge will not be available when there are no guilds participating in the Conquest War in Calpheon/Mediah/Valencia.

Annexes cannot be built within the Leader Duel arena.

The Come Together! function and Node War resurrection will be unavailable unless you are participating in the Node War.

Fixed an issue where Forts were still visible after the Node had been liberated.

During Conquest Wars, cannons cannot be built inside the castle.

Fixed an issue where the aim mark would flicker when looking at enemy Wooden Fences.

New paths to the rooftop of Mediah Castle have been added.

Cooldown on purchasing mounts in the Horse Market has been deleted.

You can now use Grana 14 as Grana Workshop.
  -  New craftable Kamasylvia furniture has been added in Grana Workshop.

Fixed an issue where Workers that have the Advanced Produce Packing Skill did not produce extra products when producing Special Strawberry Crate *5.

Fixed an issue where a Guild Emblem was visible on the mast when you choose Epheria Frigate in Sausan Garrison Wharf.



When World Bosses spawn, you can change servers from the servers that World Bosses don’t spawn. (Olvia server, etc.)

Fixed an issue where Galleys, Epheria Sailboats, and Epheria Frigates could not deal damage to Ocean monsters when a World Boss spawns.

The World Boss spawn schedule has changed.

A notification will be displayed to the players who are near Offin at 23:05, and you cannot use Ancient Contract: Mirumok Watcher to summon Offin after the notification message appears.

The AoE of Guild raid boss Ancient Puturum’s powerful attack after full charge will be displayed in a red circle.

The AoE of Hystria Power Tower summoned by Guild raid boss Ancient Puturum will be displayed in colors other than red.

Hystria Power Tower summoned by Guild raid boss Ancient Puturum will not be visible to members of other guilds.

Fixed an issue where Desert Naga Commanding Officers dropped Black Magic Crystal - Swiftness.
  -  Black Magic Crystal (Swiftness, Vigor) has been removed from the Item Drop Information menu for Desert Naga.

Gaktum Warder will return to his original spot when he is too far away from his original spot.

Fixed an issue where Valencia Female Elephant could knock back the character more than three times.


[Quest and Knowledge]

Typos and awkward lines during certain quests have been fixed.

A quest objective NPC has been added near the quest location for weekly quest [Co-op] Defeating Livre.

Fixed an issue where the knowledge hint for Horned Rock Lizard was not properly displayed.

Fixed an issue where the knowledge image card for the Old Moon merchant in Duvencrune was not properly displayed.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Fixed an issue where NPCs would salute the leader of the guild that owns a Node.

Herb vendor has been added in Duvencrune.

Rocky terrain on Weita Island have become more smooth and sandy terrain has been added.
The location of the Node Manager has changed.

Fixed the abnormal color of the water in the sewer near Calpheon castle.

Fixed an issue where some wheels of the wagons in Grana were buried in the ground.



New menus have been added in the new main menu UI.
  -  There will be a total of 16 menus that can be edited.
  -  Change Server and Edit UI menus will be fixed at the top of the menu.
  -  Settings Archive has been moved from the top part to the content part.
  -  Simple Hotkey has been moved from the top part to Info/Convenience part.
  -  Keyword Filter menu has been added in the Community part of the new main menu.

“Known Issues” button has been added in the main menu.
  -  Click on the button to see known bugs/issues that are currently in the game.

A new function where you can see the new type of HP bar that will help you to know how much HP other characters have has been added.

The option can be turned on/off at the Settings-Game-View menu.
  -  The new type of HP bar will not be applied to you.
  -  If a character has more than 7000 HP, the color will go back to Red.

The colors of the skill resources bar have changed.
  -  Yellow (WP): Warrior, Berserker, Musa, Maehwa, Kunoichi, Ninja, Striker, Mystic
  -  White (SP): Valkyrie
  -  Light Green (MP): Ranger
  -  Blue (MP): Wizard, Witch, Sorceress, Tamer
  -  Purple (MP): Dark Knight

Coupon book will not open when you select an item that can be purchased with silver in the Pearl Shop.

Fixed an issue where clicking on “Class” in the Guild Members menu sorted the guild members by family names.

The space between character names and class in the Guild Members menu has become wider.

Fixed an issue where the following windows would not close after closing the world map.
  -  House-craftable items info window
  -  Worker info window
  -  NPC info window

Asula Accessories of Weakened Magic have been added in the Item Drop Info menu of the following grind spots.
  -  Abandoned Iron Mine, Abandoned Iron Mine Rhutum District, Abandoned Iron Mine Saunil District, Abandoned Iron Mine Entrance, Helms Post, Elric Shrine, Canyon of Corruption

The checkboxes for “open one” and “open all” options when opening RNG box items will be bigger.

The word “Guild Size” in the guild menu has changed to “Size”.



When grinding in the Arsha server, item drop rate will be 50% higher.
  -  Description regarding Arsha server in the Server Selection screen has been edited to include the up-to-date information.

Fixed an issue where the system message said you were killed by Quint when you were killed by Muraka.

In the game launcher, a checkbox that says “start the game automatically when patch is done” has been added.
  -  Check the box to automatically start the game when a patch is done.
  -  The game will not automatically start if the launcher has the latest patch. The option will return to the default setting (not checked) every time the launcher restarts.

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Comments :24

Best Comment

  • 4

    level 2 Konokolicious


    its not a passive skill, its a dmg ratio class vs classs that is hidden and was datamined half a year ago

  • 4

    level 4 OpieOP

    When grinding in the Arsha server, item drop rate will be 50% higher.

  • -2

    level 2 Konokolicious


    dk buff when? when dk will deal proper dmg to striker/mystic? removal of retarded jail system in valencia when? PvP Olympics/arena that works automaticly when?

    • -3

      level 2 Konokolicious


      BDO classic when?

    • 0

      level 2 IGabrant


      Do you know how this game works?
      Striker/Mystic are ANTIMAGIC clases, with high magic resistance, they are the counter of all magic clases, so DK will never do a proper dmg to striker/mystic.
      Jail system in Valencia is fine, its part of role and a mechanic that remove some penalties for the PKs, the only server that shouldnt have it is Arsha (PvP server)

    • -2

      level 1 Reuter


      And you think that's fine you monkey? Hard-countering classes with pure passive abilities, instead of combat mechanics thus leaving zero room for outplay?

    • -1

      level 2 IGabrant


      Yeah, its fine, it is how works COUNTER-CLASSES and it is how PASIVE SKILLS works

    • 4

      level 2 Konokolicious


      its not a passive skill, its a dmg ratio class vs classs that is hidden and was datamined half a year ago

  • -2

    level 1 Milen_Genchev

    Have they fixed Wizzard damage as well ?

  • 2

    level 2 Cha-

    new HP bars and tamer buffs, interesting.

  • -6

    level 1 ReymuuS


    Why specifically target Tamer for buff only? Currently I would think Valks and Maehwas to be weaker than Tamers but PA decides to only release a patch with a buff that only targets Tamers? Also since theres lesser amount of class balancing every week, looks like they are nearly done with balancing. DK's aren't weak but their previous playstyle is non existent and are boring as fk to play now. Maehwa are garbage tier and almost absolutely useless. Valks dash 3 times so they exist to only hold block and only counter attack making their playstyle also boring as hell. If this is how they are going to leave the state of class balancing then I guess I'm quitting too. Waited and hoped the game would improve but nope. You really killed the game PA. Good Job!

    • 2

      level 1 flashfree


      They said they'll be buffing classes individually now, I think they'll do mini balances and one major balance on a class each new patch.

    • 2

      level 1 MADDOG


      Tamers stronger than Valks and Maehs??? What shit are you on? I want some of that too. Did you ever played the class like ever? Or you just got beat up by Tamers because you are trash??

    • 1

      level 1 zeedor


      What other class has a limitation on its E buff that causes the character to lose half of its normal non buffed damage and utility when it ends? (To name one of the smallest issues)
      You call these buffs i call them finally beginning to bring tamer up to the rest of the classes level.
      Really you should take this as; Wow tamer got fixes after literally years of waiting? yeah they will fix my class to.

      Have some patience...

  • 2

    level 1 Isteria

    Interesting changes on the Tamers. Let's see when the rest of the classes will get their individual re-work.

  • 1

    level 1 Antonio-Esperos

    The skills of the warrior have lost their relevance. Skills too slow and there is no super armor. This is especially noticeable with a pre -awakening. New classes have a lot of mobile skills and super armor. Pre -awakening of Warriors needs strengthening.

  • 4

    level 4 OpieOP


    When grinding in the Arsha server, item drop rate will be 50% higher.

    • 0

      level 1 Phartona


      Makes the spots more contested and therefor you'll probably make the same of silver. It's just that it favors high geared players.

  • -2

    level 2 thinkcontrol


  • -1

    level 1 Suyino


    Changes are nice but I don't like the skill resources bar color changes. Yellow is such a nasty color to look at.

    • 1

      level 1 Dringe


      I don't quite get this change, the resource bars are already using the colors mentioned.

  • 2

    level 2 LumiNotOP

    Tamer buffs look great.

  • 0

    level 1 Sergio_Sundberg


  • 0

    level 5 meeko

    i like the direction PA is going with this, it is fine to lose SA when every class lose it, sure it sucks to stop playing like superman every 15s, but on a big scale it feels more balanced, however they need to remove PA off Witch/wiz and make it a valk only skill, best heal, best dps, best protection on two class breaks the gvg gameplay.

  • 0

    level 1 Chun_Kung

    I've tried playing every class, I think Tamer is the weakest class in BDO.

  • 0

    level 1 coolflare

    Tamer has become a support class now.

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