Gnarthe Missing Link

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Champion Statics

STAT / LEVEL LV.1 (+per LV up) LV.18 STAT / LEVEL LV.1 (+per LV up) LV.18
Health 540(+79) 1883 Mana 100(+0) 100
Hp Regen 4.5(+1.25) 25.75 Mana Regen - -
Attackdamage 57(+3) 108 Armor 32(+3.7) 94.9
Attack Speed - - Magic Resist 30(+1.3) 52.1
Attack Ranged 175 175 Movement Speed 335 335
STAT / LEVEL LV.1 (+per LV up) LV.18
Health 540(+79) 1883
HP Regen
(per 5sec)
4.5(+1.25) 25.75
Attack Damage 57(+3) 108
Attack Speed - -
Attack Ranged 175 175
Mana 100(+0) 100
Mana Regen
(per 5sec)
- -
Armor 32(+3.7) 94.9
Magic Resist 30(+1.3) 52.1
Movement Speed 335 335

Champion Skill

  • Rage Gene

    [ Passive ]

    While in combat Gnar generates Rage. At maximum Rage his next ability will transform him into Mega Gnar, granting increased survivability and access to new spells.

  • Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss

    [ Q ]
    • COST: No Cost
    • COOL TIME: 20/17.5/15/12.5/10
    • RANGE: 1100

    Gnar throws a boomerang that damages and slows enemies it hits before returning to him. If he catches the boomerang its cooldown is reduced.

    Mega Gnar instead throws a boulder that stops on the first unit hit, damaging and slowing everything nearby. It can then be picked up to reduce the cooldown.

  • Hyper / Wallop

    [ W ]
    • COST: No Cost
    • COOL TIME: 7
    • RANGE:

    Gnar's attacks and spells hype him up, dealing bonus damage and granting him Move Speed.

    Mega Gnar is too enraged to be hyper and instead can rear up on his hind legs and smash down on the area in front of him, stunning enemies in an area.

  • Hop / Crunch

    [ E ]
    • COST: No Cost
    • COOL TIME: 22/19.5/17/14.5/12
    • RANGE: 475

    Gnar leaps to a location and bounces off the head of any unit he lands on, traveling further.

    Mega Gnar is too large to bounce and instead lands with earth-shattering force, dealing damage in an area around him.

  • GNAR!

    [ R ]
    • COST: No Cost
    • COOL TIME: 90/60/30
    • RANGE: 590

    Mega Gnar throws everything around him in a chosen direction, dealing damage and slowing them. Any enemy that hits a wall is stunned and takes bonus damage.

Basic Skin

Champion's Story

Gnar is a primeval yordle whose playful antics can erupt into a toddler's outrage in an instant, transforming him into a massive beast bent on destruction. Frozen in True Ice for millennia, the curious creature broke free and now hops about a changed world he sees as exotic and wondrous. Delighted by danger, Gnar flings whatever he can at his enemies, be it his bonetooth boomerang, or a nearby building.

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