Fiorathe Grand Duelist

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    Attack Power

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    Defense Power

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    Abillity Power

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Champion Statics

STAT / LEVEL LV.1 (+per LV up) LV.18 STAT / LEVEL LV.1 (+per LV up) LV.18
Health 620(+99) 2303 Mana 300(+60) 1320
Hp Regen 8.5(+0.55) 17.85 Mana Regen 8(+0.7) 19.9
Attackdamage 68(+3.3) 124.1 Armor 33(+4.7) 112.9
Attack Speed - - Magic Resist 32(+2.05) 66.85
Attack Ranged 150 150 Movement Speed 345 345
STAT / LEVEL LV.1 (+per LV up) LV.18
Health 620(+99) 2303
HP Regen
(per 5sec)
8.5(+0.55) 17.85
Attack Damage 68(+3.3) 124.1
Attack Speed - -
Attack Ranged 150 150
Mana 300(+60) 1320
Mana Regen
(per 5sec)
8(+0.7) 19.9
Armor 33(+4.7) 112.9
Magic Resist 32(+2.05) 66.85
Movement Speed 345 345

Champion Skill

  • Duelist's Dance

    [ Passive ]

    Fiora challenges nearby enemy Champions to dodge her. She calls out a direction from which she will try to strike. If she can complete her own challenge, she receives a small bonus and calls out a new direction.

  • Lunge

    [ Q ]
    • COST: 20/25/30/35/40
    • COOL TIME: 13/11.25/9.5/7.75/6
    • RANGE: 400

    Fiora lunges in a direction and stabs a nearby enemy, dealing physical damage and applying on-hit effects.

  • Riposte

    [ W ]
    • COST: 50
    • COOL TIME: 24/22/20/18/16
    • RANGE: 750

    Fiora parries all incoming damage and disables for a short time, then stabs in a direction. This stab slows the first enemy champion hit, or stuns them if Fiora blocked an immobilizing effect with this ability.

  • Bladework

    [ E ]
    • COST: 40
    • COOL TIME: 11/10/9/8/7
    • RANGE: 425

    Fiora has increased attack speed for the next two attacks. The first attack slows the target, and the second attack will critically strike.

  • Grand Challenge

    [ R ]
    • COST: 100
    • COOL TIME: 110/90/70
    • RANGE: 500

    Fiora reveals all four Vitals on an enemy champion and gains Move Speed while near them. If Fiora hits all 4 Vitals or if the target dies after she has hit at least one, Fiora and her allies in the area are healed over the next few seconds.

Basic Skin

Champion's Story

The most feared duelist in all Valoran, Fiora is as renowned for her brusque manner and cunning mind as she is for the speed of her bluesteel rapier. Born to House Laurent in the kingdom of Demacia, Fiora took control of the family from her father in the wake of a scandal that nearly destroyed them. House Laurent's reputation was sundered, but Fiora bends her every effort to restore her family's honor and return them to their rightful place among the great and good of Demacia.

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