Sights from the Mokoko pop-up store in Seoul


I remember the popularity of the collaboration between Lost Ark and Mom’s Touch [A fast food franchise in Korea — Ed.] last year. It was unprecedented for a collaboration between a restaurant and a game to be such a success. The app servers went down, and fans wandered around looking for the stores that had Lost Ark merchandise left.


Last Saturday, Lost Ark and Mom’s Touch started another collaboration. This time, it was to celebrate Mokoko’s birthday. They had a special menu made just for Mokoko, and a special pop-up store was also prepared.


From Apr. 16 to May 15, the Mom’s Touch store of Yeoksam Garden in Seoul, Korea, transformed into a pop-up store themed with Mokoko. The store was decorated with extra-large Mokoko statues and diverse Lost Ark characters. 


Inven also visited the Mokoko pop-up store, which was filled with Lost Ark players from before the store was even open, and the visitors had to queue to enter. So for those of you who are too far to visit, here are some photos from the pop-up store.


Many Lost Ark fans gathered before the store was even open.
Everyone here to see Mokoko.
Cute decorations all over the place! 
Some stuff was already sold out even before we got in!
 This was the queue card.
...And a cute little Mokoko coaster!
Our first souvenir from the Mokoko shop.
When we got inside, there were Mokokos everywhere.
At the entrance.
A little to do list and checklist.
Lost Ark characters all around.
No wonder there was such a long queue.
 The Mokoko photo zone was on the inside.
A cute little cake.
Cutie cake!
Lil' Mokoko dolls on the side.
...And on the wall too.
Almost bought the Mokoko board.
 The stickers, badges, and figures were impressive.
 Kakul-Saydon couldn't take a hint and snuck in.
 Somehow, we managed to get our meal.
Other characters were here to celebrate as well.
There were still a lot of people queuing even after we got out.
 Anyways, happy birthday, Mokoko!

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