A guide to navigating Inven Global's Lost Ark database: Map Library & Nautical Map


Along with the grand opening of Lost Ark, Inven Global's Lost Ark database has also been opened. On Inven Global’s Lost Ark Database page, you can find all kinds of information and data, including a full Map Library and Nautical Map to aid your exploration.


Items and Craft

Skills and Skills Simulator

Map Library and Nautical map

Rapport, Sailors, and Cards

Map Library

On the Map Library page, you can find the maps for each region. On each page, you can toggle the options on the left to show quests, stories, monsters, NPCs, Mokoko Seeds, and so on. If you need to search a specific region or adventurer’s tome, you can simply type it in the search field. Only the categories available on the map will appear on the menu bar.


Nautical Map

On the Nautical Map, you can find each and every continent and island in the Lost Ark world. By toggling the menu on the left, you can show or disable certain islands and ports. Marinas, wandering merchant ships, ghost ships, and gates are also available for toggle. On the top right corner, there is a minimap you can navigate. The map can also be enlarged or reduced using your scroll or the bar on the right.

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