Guide: All the ways to fast travel in Lost Ark


Welcome to the Traveling Guide for Lost Ark. Arkesia is a big, big map with a nearly infinite number of POIs. So it’s important to know the best ways to get around. After all, with so many quests, upgrades and rewards up for grabs, the last thing you want is to waste hours upon hours with unnecessary travel time. Let’s take a look at some of the most efficient and convenient ways to fast travel.


Triport is the first way you’ll be able to quickly travel around Arkesia. If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to first go to Prideholme where you can activate your first Triport. Simply walk up to the stone and interact with it. Once activated, you’ll be able to quickly travel back to that same Triport with the click of a button no matter where you are throughout that continent. Remember, Triports will not let you travel between islands. Also, they will cost you some silver each time you travel.

Crystalline Aura

If you want to use Triports without spending silver, you can always purchase the Crystalline Aura from the in-game store. This will allow you to utilize fast travel for free. Crystalline Aura lasts for 30 days before it expires. However, you can always purchase it again. Keep in mind this costs real-world money — about $10 USD. If you’re a serious Lost Ark grinder, you can always opt for the 180-day Aura which will run you about $50 USD.


If you’re a beginner and you acquired Crystalline Aura from the Founders Pack, or you received a complimentary Twitch drop from your favorite streamer, it’s recommended that you save it for later. Once you reach Level 50, Aura is far more useful since you’ll have a better understanding of the upgrade strategies so you can get more use from its travel perks.


Bifrost is an incredibly useful tool for efficiently completing quests around Arkesia. Instead of being forced to relocate to a specific area with a Triport, Bifrost will let you set any location as a return spot. All you’ll need to do is spend some silver. Keep in mind, Bifrost is only achievable once you reach Level 50 and even then you’ll only be granted 1 free slot. Bifrost Keys will let you unlock more slots, giving you even more options for relocation. Once you reach Level 60, you have the opportunity to unlock your first free Bifrost Key. Crystalline Aura also comes into play here. If activated, it’ll grant you an additional 2 Bifrost slots.


Each Bifrost location is saved indefinitely and you can only change a specific slot every 24 hours. Simply open up your Bifrost menu and clock “Move” to change its location. If you want to change it before the time expires, you’ll have to spend 50 Crystals. 


As you near the endgame on the main story, you’ll come across the “Set Sail!” quest. Once completed, you’ll earn your very own ship. This allows you to set off into the vast oceans around Arkesia. Although sailing is quite fun and can even feel therapeutic, it’s not exactly the quickest way to travel. You’ll roughly be moving the same speed as your mount. But sailing allows you to do what your mount cannot, which is move from island to island. You can also set an auto-route for your ship allowing you to sit back and watch as you sail directly to your destination. 


To get the most out of your sailing experience, you should swap out your crew as you embark on various challenges and quests. Each crew member has different benefits they contribute to your ship. 


No matter where you are in Arkesia, you can quickly teleport to your ship by opening up your world map. For a little Silver, hit the “Ready to Sail” button on the bottom left corner of your screen to instantly travel to your dock. Once you’re in the dock menu, you can also utilize the Triport mechanic to fast travel to your activated locations. 

Ocean Liner

If you don't fancy yourself a sailor, or you just don’t have the time to slowly traverse the open seas, you can always hop on the Ocean Liner. To unlock this benefit, look for the Ocean Liner guide along the main story quest which will offer plenty of useful information on how this convenient form of fast travel works. This service is located at many of the major ports around Arkesia so you can dock your boat and immediately hop on the Ocean Liner. 


Once you choose your destination, you’ll have to wait about 30 seconds for the ship to depart. Also, it’ll cost you about 2,000 Silver. In the end, this is a fairly affordable price to pay for fast travel. However, with Crystalline Aura activated the Ocean Liner cost is reduced by 50%. 


Songs are a series of useful tools that offer a wide variety of benefits to your character’s progression. As long as you’re following the main quest line, you’ll achieve most songs naturally. Some of the most useful songs are the ones that allow you to fast travel around Arkesia.

Song of Return

In the capital cities around Arkesia, you’ll notice a blue colored Triport called a Portal Statue. You can set your Song of Return to this area to travel back anytime. Song of Return has the highest cooldown (60min) of all songs. 

Song of Trixion

Traveling back to Trixion is important for getting important upgrades such as your Awakening Skill or when you’re ready to turn in a new Ark. Play this song and you’ll be there in no time.

Song of Escape

When you finish a dungeon quest, or to leave any finite area without a teleport, you’ll utilize Song of Escape to leave the area and return to exactly where you were before. 

Song of Hearth and Home

If you need to get to your Stronghold to start a new Research quest or craft some potions, use the Song of Hearth and Home. To leave, you’ll need to use the Song of Escape. 


Thanks for checking out our Traveling Guide! We hope you enjoy moving around Arkesia.

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