Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds locations and rewards

Lost Ark is causing a positive furor with its recent launch, already peaking as the second most played game in Steam history, and racking up incredible viewership numbers right off the gate. Smilegate's MMORPG offers players a lot to do, including questing, dungeoneering, crafting and, of course, collectibles.


One of the collectibles you'll see dispersed around Arkesia are the so-called Mokoko Seeds. But what do they do and where can you find them?

What are Mokoko Seeds?

In Lost Ark, Mokoko Seeds are a type of collectible found around the world of Arkesia. They are not shown on the map but they can be spotted on the ground in almost all open world locations — look for a green plant bud with leaves on top. Once you find one, stand next to it and press [G] to collect it. Simple as that.


Each region has a set number of Mokoko Seeds that you can collect once (i.e. you don't need to go back and "farm" them). Once collected, the Mokoko Seed is added to your collectibles journal and you can then claim prizes with it.

What do I do with my Mokoko Seeds?

Mokoko Seeds can be exchanged for various rewards of rare and epic quality. You do that by visiting Tortoma in Mokoko Village, Tortoyk Island. At Tortoma's, you can claim an award if you've collected enough Mokoko Seeds. 

You can cash in your Mokoko Seeds at Totoma in Mokoko Village. Source: Inven Lost Ark DB

The rewards for collecting these Mokoko Seeds are:


  • Totoma Card – 50 seeds
  • Kindness Potion – 100 seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica – 150 seeds
  • Vitality Increase Potion – 200 seeds
  • Crew Application Form: Cororico – 250 seeds
  • Stat Increase Potion – 300 seeds
  • Mokamoka Card – 350 seeds
  • Paradise’s Knight License – 400 seeds
  • 15 Eurus Blueprint – 450 Seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko – 500 seeds
  • 3 Shy Wind Flower Pollen – 550 seeds
  • 20 Eurus Blueprint – 600 seeds
  • Crew Application Form: Poipoi – 650 seeds
  • Title: Mokoko Hunter – 700 seeds
  • Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument – 750 seeds
  • Transform: Egg of Creation – 800 seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru – 850 seeds
  • Background: Moki Toki – 900 seeds
  • Masterpiece #32 – 950 seeds
  • Ship Model: Blooming Caravel – 1000 seeds
  • Crew Application Form: Narinari – 1050 seeds
  • Title: Nice Smelling – 1100 seeds
  • Masterpiece #44 – 1150 seeds
  • Mokoko Charm – 1200 seeds
  • Weird Mokoko Emoji Pack – 1250 seeds

Mokoko Seeds locations in Lost Ark

There are over 1,000 Mokoko Seeds all over Arkesia and finding them all is a grueling task. While some Mokoko Seeds are easy to spot, some aren't: they are either hidden behind trees or foliage, or you need to jump into a secret area of the map to find them.


Inven Global's Lost Ark database lists all Mokoko Seeds locations. Take Prideholme, for example, the first town you encounter. You can find all Prideholme Mokoko Seeds locations through the database. Simply go to the Map Library, select a continent (e.g. Rethramis, Tortoyk, Yudia, etc.), then select the region (e.g. Loghill, Ankumo Mountain, etc.) and you will see all collectibles and quests in that region. 


You can even filter out everything that isn't a Mokoko Seed collectible for a clearer view.

Mokoko Seeds locations in Prideholme. The @Click interactive option teaches you how to collect the hidden seeds.


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