A guide to navigating Inven Global's Lost Ark database: Rapport, Sailors, and Cards


In Lost Ark, there are several systems that might be difficult to understand fully, but with Inven Global’s Lost Ark database, you’ll be able to get a head start. Here’s a guide on how to access our database regarding Rapport, Sailors, and Cards.


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Rapport, Sailors, and Cards


On our Rapport database page, you’ll be able to find all the NPCs related to the Rapport system. You can search through the database by selecting regions on the top. You can also search specific names, gifts, emotes, music, and rewards using the search bar. 


If you click on the names, more detailed content on the NPC will appear. On this page, you can find the required XP, possible music, possible emotes, and preferred gifts for each NPC. 


When you access the Sailors (a.k.a. Crew) database page, there are several ways to find specific crew members. You can use the search bar, or check the boxes on the top by category. The list can be arranged by speed and resistance. By clicking on a crew member, you can find the detailed acquisition method and their skills, along with their lore and stats.



All the cards in Lost Ark are also in Inven Global's database. There are several ways to search for the cards you need. You can search by Equipment Effects or Collection Bonus, which have more detailed subcategories. Otherwise, you can look up specific cards and card sets as well. More details of the cards will appear if you click on them — how to acquire them, which sets they belong to, and the bonuses you gain when you collect the sets.

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