Lost Ark Mayhem Berserker Guide: Best skills, build, engravings, and leveling


The Berserker has massive damage with high burst and large AOE skills in Lost Ark. With its efficient skills, the Berserker can clear many enemies with just a few skills. On the downside, the cooldowns of his skills are rather long, and the character is kind of slow. However, if you enjoy playing a hard-hitting melee character, the Berserker should be your choice.


The Berserker is one of the hardest-hitting classes in Lost Ark. Both of the Class Engravings for the Berserker are quite good, but Mayhem has much more potential. In burst mode, all damage, attack speed, and movement speed are increased while damage taken is decreased by a significant amount. The low HP may seem like a weakness, but the damage reduction compensates for the weakness more than necessary. You still have to make sure you get out of burst mode when you expect to take massive damage.

Best Berserker build: Mayhem Berserker

Much like every other class, the two primary builds that Berserker has are determined by their Class Engravings. In this guide, I’ll be discussing the Mayhem Berserker.



Mayhem Berserkers can enter and exit Burst Mode whenever they want. Unfortunately, when they enter Burst Mode, their HP cannot go above 25% of the maximum HP. As the HP is locked below 50%, the Deadly Blow Tripod comes in handy.


You’ll need to pursue Swiftness and Crit while playing Mayhem Berserker. You can go 50/50 on the two stats to make it more of an all-around character, or you can go for more Crit to maximize your damage.


Desired engravings for this build are (in order):


  • Mayhem
  • Master's Tenacity
  • Grudge
  • Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Cursed Doll
  • Raid Captain
  • Master of Ambush
  • Mass Increase


An example of a Mayhem Berserker build for a brand new Lv.50 character with 252 skill points will look like this:


Berserker leveling guide

Leveling in Lost Ark is pretty straightforward, but here are a few key skills and tripods that will aid you in the leveling process.

Shoulder Charge

Shoulder Charge is a dash skill that is quite useful in all situations. Usually, only 4 skill points are distributed to this skill, to gain a shield through the Shield tripod. By selecting Excellent Mobility, you can charge a bit further as well. Burning Rage isn't used often.

Finish Strike

Finish Strike is one of the main sources of damage for the Berserker. For the first Tripod, you can choose between Tenacity and Enhanced Strike. If you pick Tenacity, it’ll be easier to control while Enhanced Strike can deal more damage. You should choose Weak Point Detection for the second Tripod — the others aren’t as useful. If you choose Kill Confirm as your third Tripod, the cooldown is increased by 6 seconds, but the output damage will be much stronger. You will want to invest 10 skill points on this skill to be a true Berserker dealing massive damage in the damage dealing cycle.


Whirlwind is a very useful skill that can move around and deal damage at the same time. According to your Tripod selection, it can be used in many situations. As for leveling, Whirlwind comes in very handy before you learn the higher-level skills for the Berserker. You'll want to use Whirlwind until you learn Sword Storm.

Hell Blade

Hell Blade is another skill that deals much of the Berserker's damage. If you connect Hell Blade to use after Red Dust, the critical damage will be maximized. Get this skill to level 10 as soon as possible and leave it there. While leveling up, Training Results should be preferred, and in raids, Leap is more useful. As a Mayhem Berserker, Deadly Blow should be locked in permanently for the second Tripod. 

Strike Wave

Along with Finish Strike and Hell Blade, Strike Wave is one of the strongest skills for the Berserker. You can enhance Strike Wave's damage in all three Tripods. You should get this skill to level 10 as soon as possible as well. Strike Wave will serve you well in all situations when you need damage.

Red Dust

Red Dust is a great utility skill to use before you use your main damage skills. With a proper Tripod selection, you can increase your Crit by a large margin for your following skills. You'll eventually want to level up Red Dust to 10. There's a party synergy on the third Tripod, but as a Berserker, using Red Wave will be more useful.


Thanks for reading our Berserker Guide! We hope you go frenzy while clearing out the dungeons of Arkesia!

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