The Speakers at the 1st IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE


The 1st IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE will be held on May 1, 2018, at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) in Orange County, Southern California. Following is the list of the speakers participating the IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE, and more will be added soon.

1. - Jack Etienne, the founder, CEO and owner of Cloud 9 and ‘London Spitfire’ Overwatch Team 
2. - Mike Milanov, COO of Team liquid 
3. - Noah Whinston, CEO of team ‘Immortals’ and ‘LA Valiant’ Overwatch Team 
4. - Nicola Piggott, the co-founder of 'The Story Mob' 
5. - Mark "Garvey" Candella, Strategic Partnership at Twitch 
6. - Yun-sang Choi, the owner of MVP Team 
7. - Sang-myun "Shy" Park, LoL pro-player 
8. - Min-ki "MadLife" Hong, LoL pro-player 
9. - Yeon-sung "iloveoov" Choi, the legendary Starcraft 1 pro-player, Head Coach of Afreeca 
10. - Mark Deppe, Acting Director of UCI Esports
11. - Tae-won Yun, GM, Global Publishing, Super Evil Megacorp
12. - Ryan Morrison, CEO, Evolved Talent Agency | Esports, Player & Digital Creator Agency
13. - Byeong-hoon "cCarter" Choi, former SK Telecom T1 Head Coach
14. - Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles, Overwatch League Analyst
15. - Travis Gafford, former Yahoo Esports Chief Editor/Independent Journalist
16. - Michael Brooks, Executive Director, National Association of Collegiate Esports
17. - Ji "Aaron" Xing, Head Coach of Chinese Esports organization EDG
18. - Sang-yong Han, Head Coach of Jin Air Greenwings
19. - Allan Phang, Allstars Engagement & Internal Branding, People and Culture, AirAsia Group
20. - Kurt Melcher, Executive Director of Esports at Intersport and Robert Morris University in Chicago, IL
21. - Hak-jun "Kranich" Baek, Hearthstone pro-player
22. - Arnold Hur, Chief Growth Officer, KSV eSports
23. - Min-kyu "Ladaa" Kyeong, Inven Broadcasting Director, Inven
24. - Justin Jia, Founder, Youth Esports of America
25. - Greg Street, League of Legends Design Director, Riot Games
26. - Andrey "Reynad" Yanyuk, CEO, Tempo Storm
27. - Ray Ning, Director of N-Game and Product Director for Arena of Valor eSports, Tencent
28. - Kim Phan, Director, Esports Operations, Blizzard Entertainment
29. - Johannes Waldstein, Founder and CEO of FanAI Inc
30. - Chris Cho, Esports, Clash Royale, Supercell
31. - Susie Kim, General Manager at London Spitfire
32. - Jason Fung, Global eSports Director, Alisports (Alibaba Group)
33. - Skye "Nightris" Bui, Content Manager, Echo Fox
34. - Neil Duffy, Vice President, Collegiate StarLeague (CSL)
35. - John Pierce, Founder, Player 2 Studios 
36. - Samantha Anton, High School League Program Coordinator, UCI Esports
37. - Katie Salen, Professor in the Department of Informatics, UC Irvine
38. - Mizuko Ito, Professor in Residence at the Humanities Research Institute, UC Irvine
39. - Mandie Roman, Host & Producer, Game Talk Live
40. - Constance Steinkuehler, Professor of Informatics, UC Irvine
41. - Courtney "GlitchxCity" Williams, Content Creator in the YouTube video game community
42. - Donald Marinelli, Director of Innovation, Inven Global
43. - Mason Mullenioux, CEO, High School eSports League
44. - Tom Turner, Director of Instruction, STEM with the Orange County Department of Education
45. - Tae-hyeok "Kuma" Kang, Business Manager, Inven

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