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Yun-sang Choi
Owner, Team MVP
The booming Korean Esports market wouldn’t have come this far without Yun-sang Choi, general manager of team MVP. He proved that a club team can clearly compete with conglomerate-based teams, and sometimes outplay them.

His management with game teams across many titles is topnotch, and he decided to share his knowledge at this conference.
- Yun-Sang Choi: The Head of MVP Who Has Experienced Triumph in League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and Dota 2
  • Place
    Crystal Cove Auditorium
    14:30 ~ 16:00

    More Than Culture: How Korea Is Fostering the Next Generation of Fakers

    Anyone and everyone knows that Korea is leading the forefront of the Esports Market: they have been for 20 years. However, can they truly explain why? Instead of just accepting that “Koreans are better at Esports” this panel serves to explain the specific and exact techniques that coaches in Korea use to turn young gamers into international champions.

    Learn from four indisputability successful Esports coaches that have managed players and teams in the most competitive environments imaginable. They’ve felt the pressure, lived through defeats, celebrated victories and now they have come to the US to share techniques Korea is currently using to create the next generation of Fakers

    Crystal Cove Auditorium
    14:30 ~ 16:00
    • Byeong-hun "cCarter" Choi
    • Sang-yong Han
    • Yeon-sung "iloveoov" Choi
    • Yun-sang Choi
    • Susie Kim