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Mason Mullenioux
CEO, High School eSports League
Mason founded the High School Esports League in 2013 with the mission that esports deserve to be a varsity level sport. Knowing that many students struggle to find a place to call their own in high school, Mason and the HSEL are now connecting them to a community and scholarship opportunities. The HSEL is now serving over 600 high schools across the country.
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    Emerald Bay
    15:00 ~ 16:00

    High School Esports Development

    One area where Esports will most likely emulate traditional sports is with colleges and universities recruiting high school Esports athletes. There are enough collegiate programs nowadays to test this hypothesis. Also, as 9-12 remains regional rather than national oversight, this panel will review the challenges and successes high schools have had dealing with local school boards, especially with increasing resistance to FPS games.

    Emerald Bay
    15:00 ~ 16:00
    • Mason Mullenioux
    • Justin Jia
    • Kurt Melcher
    • Donald Marinelli