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Min-ki "MadLife" Hong
LoL pro-player
Madlife embodies the term esports “pioneer”. Already a top-tier player when League of Legends was in its infancy, his growth and prestige mirrored that of LoL’s own and his contribution to the game cannot be understated.

As one of the most respected pro gamers, his incredible skills still earn him admiration and respect from his fans.
- Min-ki ‘Madlife’ Hong: Story of a Man Called God in the Pre-Faker Era - [Interview] "You can still shine"
  • Place
    Crystal Cove Auditorium
    11:00 ~ 12:00

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Life as a League of Legends Pro

    They were High School students who chose an unconventional and uncertain future. Then, Pro gamers who became a worldwide stars. Now, veterans who lived through the entirety of League of Legends professional history.

    What is the life of a professional gamer? Madlife and Shy, the once legendary names known by all of League of Legends Esports fans, share their story. Both with eight years of experience competing at the highest level, they now share valuable insights on the beginning, and the end, of life a professional gamer. A must attend to panel for those wanting to understand the full breadth of a pro-gamers career.

    Crystal Cove Auditorium
    11:00 ~ 12:00
    • Min-ki "MadLife" Hong
    • Sang-myun "Shy" Park
    • Susie Kim