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Neil Duffy
Vice President, Collegiate StarLeague (CSL)
Neil Duffy is Vice President, Collegiate StarLeague (CSL), the largest collegiate esports community in the world. CSL hosts competitive video game leagues and tournaments across over 1500 college campuses in the US and Canada. With more than 39,000 registered student-gamers playing top titles like League of Legends, DotA2, CSGO, Quake Champions and Madden. CSL expanded this year to include 10 PC, mobile and console titles to its roster of game offerings. Neil sits on two advisory boards for accredited colleges with varsity esports programs.
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    Emerald Bay
    14:00 ~ 14:30

    Beyond the Media Hype: An Insider's Look at the World of College Esports

    The growth of college Esports has been well documented by the media and nearly always celebrated as a series of positive milestones. This presentation will take a critical, insider's look at the history, growth, and current landscape in college Esports. We will challenge some of the current narrative and provide guidance for accurately evaluating the collegiate scene as it continues to grow.

    Emerald Bay
    14:00 ~ 14:30
    • Mark Deppe
    • Michael Brooks
    • Neil Duffy
    • Kurt Melcher
    • Donald Marinelli