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Skye "Nightris" Bui
Content Manager, Echo Fox
Skye "Nightris" Bui is the content manager of Echo Fox based out of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. When it comes to creativity and esports, Skye has you covered. She has an eye on creating branding strategy to connect with the community and accelerate growth. Her canvas is to cultivate team and player story lines and her palette is to create raw emotional connections with the fan base.
  • Voice Chat Off: Working and Playing as a Woman in Gaming

    Conversational in nature, unfiltered in delivery, this panel serves to illuminate the challenges and realities of working and playing in the gaming industry as a woman. Navigating a male dominated field that, historically, has failed to appeal or market itself towards girls of any age has created real obstacles for the women looking to turn a love of gaming into a full time career. This panel discussion followed by a Q & A session will discuss theses issue while providing insights on how to overcome them.

    Emerald Bay
    • Courtney "GlitchxCity" Williams
    • Mandie Roman
    • Skye "Nightris" Bui
    • Susie Kim
    • Giselle Sturdevant