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Hak-jun "Kranich" Baek
Hearthstone pro player
Kranich is a Hearthstone pro player who won the Blizzcon Hearthstone Invitational 2017. He is a globally renowned player with an excellent award winning career, earning many fans and popularity with his distinctive characteristic as well.
- Hakjun “Kranich” Baek: the Hearthstone player who proves that skills matter more than RNG
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    Doheny Beach

    Hearthstone Pioneers Table: What Makes a Casual Card Game a Tier 1 Esport

    Hearthstone's Esports success has many fascinating qualities to it. Not only is it a card game that has made it into the mainstream, but its ability to deliver Esports to such a diverse fan base is simply unheard of. The traditional lines between the “casual crowd” and the “Esports fanatics” aren’t set in stone in Hearthstone, and this talk will explain why.

    Join Hearthstone pro Kranich and Tempo Storm CEO and Card Game veteran Reynad in this unfiltered, unapologetic discussion on what makes Hearthstone Esports tick.

    Doheny Beach
    • Hak-jun "Kranich" Baek
    • Andrey "Reynad" Yanyuk