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Courtney "GlitchxCity" Williams
Content Creator in the YouTube video game community
Courtney, also known as “Glitch”, has been a staple in the YouTube video game community, more specifically YouTube Black since its inception in 2016. While she started with her career path set on majoring in computer science, she was also training to become a military officer for the United States Marine Corps. After deciding that it wasn’t what she wanted to pursue, she turned to the gaming industry and more specifically posting more content onto YouTube. Not only is she known for her video game music compositions, but she has been seen doing various Nintendo-related playthroughs and is very active in the Overwatch Esports community.
  • Voice Chat Off: Working and Playing as a Woman in Gaming

    Conversational in nature, unfiltered in delivery, this panel serves to illuminate the challenges and realities of working and playing in the gaming industry as a woman. Navigating a male dominated field that, historically, has failed to appeal or market itself towards girls of any age has created real obstacles for the women looking to turn a love of gaming into a full time career. This panel discussion followed by a Q & A session will discuss theses issue while providing insights on how to overcome them.

    Emerald Bay
    • Courtney "GlitchxCity" Williams
    • Mandie Roman
    • Skye "Nightris" Bui
    • Susie Kim
    • Giselle Sturdevant